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Rachel Bilson: Bardot Babe

Rachel Bilson: Bardot Babe

Rachel Bilson is led through the paparazzi by a gal pal Jill Stonerock as they leave Bardot lounge in Hollywood on Thursday night (August 6).

The 27-year-old actress was there to celebrate pal Josh Schwartz‘s 33rd birthday. In the pictures below, Josh is wearing the blue/red plaid shirt and is holding his wife Jill‘s hand.

Josh and Jill were married in September 2008 and had Rachel serve as the the maid of honor at the wedding.

Who else was there for Josh‘s birthday bash? Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford and Melrose Place‘s Ashlee Simpson. (Josh created Gossip Girl and The O.C., which helped launch Rachel‘s career.)

15+ pictures inside of Bardot babe Rachel Bilson

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Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, WENN
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  • Nick

    She’s gorgeous

  • jade

    LOVE her and her outfit!!!!

  • Frankie

    Seriously, what is going on with her hair?, does she just not brush it anymore?.
    Now I am also fed up of seeing Jill everyday too, I’m guessing she doesn’t work either.

  • @1

    Ugly short legs, and another inch up and she does not need a dress or shorts.

  • i

    I guess Hayden is busy building a house for this gorgeous, talented, high in demand, hard working, Oscar winning actress!? He is the bigger loser than she is if he is with her. At least she is moving up in life by getting him, what is he getting out of this relationship except of embarrassment?

  • jade

    Rachel is talented and gorgeous.

  • marissa

    she is never with hayden anymore. hmmmm

  • S

    Not together on pics does not mean not together in private. Actually, we dont know much about them.

  • @S

    nice relationship, he sleeps with her but does not attend parties of her friends, what is she a paid wh***?

  • funkey

    God looks like she has had one to many to drink guess she can’t truly get away from her old OC crew and the party life they lived. Who in their right mind thinks she is talented better have their head examined please she has done nothing but press out a poor ass relationship, copies a designers clothing line and on and off wears this so called engagement ring to get attention. When she wears it that is the first thing people are introduced to when you grab her pictures her ring. She loves getting mileage on that little number.

  • funkey

    add to it the outfit makes her look like some street walker the skirt is like so short you can almost everything on display. Gee wonder if lover toy likes the fact his so called fiance is dressing like a two bit hoochie momma,

  • Gasol_fan16

    You took the words right out of my mouth Funkey! Bravo!!! Thank you.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    this chick gets more attention on this site (and this site only) than most of hollywoods a-listers.

  • Gasol_fan16

    You took the words right out my mouth Funkey! Thank you and Bravo!! Your awesome!

    I will say her hair is starting to look like Scary Carrie’s mom’s hair Janice’s. Does she actually use a hair brush anymore? Plus. Rachel looks sh*tfaced ya’ll to even give a cr*p about her appearence let alone looking to get some nooky. I think Hayden is no where around or we would have seen him by now in the last ahem….. 3 weeks Rachel has been around media pressing it up. Some tweenagers love to daydream. Sad but true.

  • lexy

    Rachel Bilson on JJ – surprise, surprise!

    LMAO!! Can’t she get a valet to park her car – why does she need this Jill person to carry her to the party? Let’s face it – if Jill wasn’t holding her up she probably could have walked in without being recognized. It’s not like she’s Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears….or even K-Fed.

  • anonymous

    @jade: No she’s not, but she desperately needs people like you to keep thinking that way, it’s all she has left in her life.

  • anonymous

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: Yes, it is only this site, go to any newsagents, pick up any glossy and you’ll rarely find a mention. Some associated celeb sites mention her once in a while, but usually reserve their attention for more important celebrities. She’s trivial and this is the only exposure she has at the moment. Does make me wonder why and how she gets featured here so often when most can’t be bothered to feature her at all?

  • @s

    Could be he doesn’t even sleep with her, there’s nothing to suggest that their togetherness has a sexual basis, could be just platonic….

  • megann

    her hair looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g. and also, her outfit rocks. I am sorry, but do those of you commenting know anything whatsoever about fashion or style? perfectly straight hair is disgusting, and her boots are hot.

  • ana

    @megann: you’re so right!

  • @megann

    You obviously don’t or you wouldn’t make such a dumb a** comment about straight hair! All types of hair have their own beauty when healthy, nutured and looked-after. Rachel’s hair style is bog standard, can’t be a**** to do anything nice with it, type of hair style. It’s not fashion, it’s laziness and to a friend’s party or what have you, she should have made a bit of an effort. She’s let her friend down and she’s let herself down. When invited to a party ppl usually make an effort to look their best. It shows respect and that you care enough about being invited to make an effort. She’s made none!

  • Crap addict

    I think they both be two druggies…too buzy getting high to work/dress nookie..just the sweet smell of ganja..

  • kim

    She looks great!

  • D list loser

    What is it with her lately wearing streetwalker clothes and being seen out every single day (without fiance?) This time she looks half wasted and her friend Jill almost carrying her. I’m starting to wonder if that announcement of the engagement being still on is total garbage but speculation fueled press interest the whole over two years of this ‘relationship.’ This a truly desperate woman who wants to work but hasn’t got the talent and her looks are deteriorating.

  • Does anyone?

    Is it just me or does anyone think this is one seriously strange relationship going on here? I’m in a relationship, have been for a few years now, and I can’t think of any do where we haven’t gone as a couple, you know, it’s like a couple thing. You get invited to your pals do and you go as a team, yeah. Did he not get an invite? Do none of RB’s pals like him? I wouldn’t go to a do where my best buddy/lover weren’t welcome? What’s going on here?

  • tea

    Absolutely agreed.

  • Does anyone?

    Bside why would I wanna go w/o him? We’re buds n I love him, I like to show him off to my pals, you know, coz he’s such a sweetie! If he couldn’t go then I wouldn’t. I’d say, hey, we can’t make it 2nite coz of such and such. Man, all you lot can say what you like, but I just think it’s so freakish that they don’t do like normal couple things together. It’s not right. Love is love is love…it means being together, a team, a duo, best buds and huggy smoochy things.

  • me

    Why should you all care anyway what she ‘s doing ? Its seem to be nothing for the last past weeks. Its seem she has went on with her life with other people than hayden and his family.So i guess its alright for not to wear the ring anymore. That’s concludes the issue about that. That she can go out and hook-up with other guys if she wants too. Also about the house it didn’t take that long to build it NO.5 and S. S you need to stop being on herside all the time she don’t need people feeling sorry for her. Don’t you know when you don’t won”t to wear a man ‘s ring that’s its over. Her rep didn’t have to say nothing but let people think and let it go away.Hayden is not with her and don’t think he would stay in hiding like that someone could seem him by LA. This is attempt for Rachel to broke-up with him slowly and without question her about it. This is the life rachel wants she never want to marry hayden in the first place. These are the people rachel wants to be around >( her own kind) Hayden will never fit in her world right now..All she did was use that engagemnt until she got tired of doing it.That’s where not wearing the ring come it. Rachel just want jill to feel sorry for her because got she got busted with another guy two monthsand hayden probably find out about it.I always noticed when Rachel was withother guys hayden never around her..Hayden was just one of her boyfriends like the others.Cause if was her main boyfriend she wouldn’t be going out like she has been doing.Need to just close this chapter. Cause these pictures shows that ‘s what she really want in life.Maybe jill can hook her up with a guy she would like to spend time with. How many time can we see her going to parties and having lunch all the time.She’s looking for another guy or something(freedom fo do what she wants to do) and its not with hayden.I can see her going to one party but these are too many

  • lexy

    Maybe HC encourages her to go out b/c he’s hoping she’ll meet a guy more like her. Now that Spence is married though I’m not sure how that will happen but then again, look at the other media whore at this party – Ashlee Simpleton! Perhaps Rachel’s going to follow her lead and get knocked up.

    HC might be like Pete W. – all that keeping it real stuff is a joke – at the end of the day he wants some T&A. Why else would Pete have married Plastic Woman.

  • shanda

    We will hear or see something about her again next week.She don’t know how tell us about what ‘s really going on with her and Hayden right how.And it won’t be pretty and that’s why she going out to parties ans lunch with other people cause she’s hiding something. Wasn’t she with jill last year this time..Rachel don’t know how to let go the past.she need to grow and act her age instead of doing the same oh thing.Don’t she know she’s not getting on gossip girl.?This is not saving her with the lie she want us to believe about the ring thing. Need to step up and tell us the truth. Its over.That’s what I’m saying no25.

  • tongue in cheek

    @Does anyone?: Well thats you and your relationship and what makes you both happy. She’s different and they may run their relationship differently according to their needs. I married a guy that would be home with me 7 nights a week. I didn’t want like, a navy guy that would be one on the boat. Well turns out he was emotionally unavailable anyway and I wound up psudo single in the relatioship anyway. Taught me that I could probably be good at being a wife of a navy guy or any other guy with a demanding career as long as he was emotionally available when I *did* see him. So you just gotta figure out who you are and what you need then run your relationhip accordingly. Whats not right for you may be right for someone else ya know?

  • tongue in cheek

    Young relationships can work out but usually don’t. Usually one person can’t keep up their end of the relationship or they choose wrong because they don’t know themselves let alone what they are looking for in someone else. Some people do though. Such as people who know what they want to do with their lives at a really young age and make it happen. Even if one person knows themselves and can follow through on a committment it takes both people knowing themselves and following through. Usually doesn’t happen.

  • f you

    she is shiit faced, what fiance lets this happen?

  • what for

    Fiance is a very heavy drinker and does pot, chain smokes, so he wouldn’t care if she goes out and gets blasted but it’s obvious he can hardly stand to be seen with her. We only rarely see him at all and it’s usually not with her or if it is with her, he’s out there on a job, and press /cameras are part of the job. This is a couple that has nothing in common anyway, she’s so colorless and stupid she just parrots everything back that people say to her or that he’s said to her.

    Girl should stop wearing black so much it looks bad on her. She’s getting too old for the harshness of the black and she doesn’t have the legs or the height to wear skirts up to the crotch and not have it look completely sk@nky. She should also GET A JOB but that might be hard. I can’t figure out exactly what it is she does.

  • @30

    What’s coming out? The fact that HC is gay and he decided to come out of the closet? I sure hope so this stupidity has gone on long enough.

  • jessica

    O que esta puta tá fazendo aqui de novo?

  • liz

    career? Rachel has a career?

  • koko

    i guess this means that adam and josh are not friends anymore.they used to be close .anyone know more about this subject.

  • liz

    What she is doing today? Just Jared will post later, she in a restaurant, shopping, another nightclub, motel…

  • liz

    she is using the ring?

  • jess

    For me, Rachel and Hayden split but she do not want to disclose that and continues using the ring for to draw attention.

  • liz

    she’s not an actress? she seems a prostitute with that dress. Maybe she dressed well for someone having sex with her and give her a job LOL

  • Soph

    She just looks like a normal girl whose gotten absolutely wasted to me, I agree though that the dress is rather short, here’s hoping she’s got shorts underneath it! And Hayden might not be the partying type, or they’re one of those couples who are like “You lead your life and I’ll lead mine” you know? So they don’t end up being bored to death of each other.

  • deraj tsuj

    these girls look Drunk!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s looking a little rough honestly
    ugly ass boots and the dress is boring, nothing special
    im just losing my taste for rachel fast, she’s becoming another irrelevant person

  • Celebritywatcher

    She’s cute but insecure.

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions @

  • @soph

    Um, think u may have a point, there! She seems to have a very aimless and unstimulating life style. I would find her life style positively stagnating if I were the one living with her. However people who don’t like a person’s chosen life style tend not to like the person as it’s all part of the image. If he doesn’t enjoy being with her then he probably doesn’t enjoy her and shouldn’t be with her. ‘You lead your life and I’ll lead mine’ philosophy is the philosophy of two people who don’t care enough about each other to get involved with each other’s differences in character and embrace them. If two people are so emotionally detatched from each other why bother being together at all. It just becomes a joke..
    Sounds like he has to be either drunk or stoned to be with her, certainly he looks like it. I’ve known that happen before….

  • Jolietta

    He dont luv her, boy oh boy, its so written all over his face. He looks at her like she’s a piece of crap he just stepped in, lol, and she’s too dumb to pick up on it ; )

  • ?

    @lakers fan in boston: So very true

  • why

    talentless and boring.