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Jennifer Aniston Smiles Sweetly

Jennifer Aniston Smiles Sweetly

Jennifer Aniston shows off her pearly whites to co-star Gerard Butler while filming their upcoming film, The Bounty, in New York City on Friday (August 7).

Watch where you’re putting your hands under Jen‘s skirt!

The 40-year-old former Friends actress opens up in the latest issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, saying, “My friends love coming over [to my house], because they get fed. It’s the best restaurant in town!”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston smiling sweetly…

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jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 01
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 02
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 03
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 04
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 05
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 06
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 07
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 08
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 09
jennifer aniston smiles sweetly 10

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  • LALA

    SHE LOOKS GREAT i love her
    haters gooo 3 2 1

  • allspice30

    The woman that has her hand up Jen’s skirt…..well you can see her crack!
    This pictures made me laugh
    Jen looks good though!

  • tawi-tawi

    it’s amazing how posts about Jennifer always follow Brad+Angelina’s ones lately :) good move.

  • ladams

    I can’t wait to see your movie. It looks like it will be great. I love watching the film being made. I also enjoy seeing your cast and crew having fun at work instead of being treated like underlings. I can tell they enjoy your company. No Diva fits from you……..

  • chloe

    she’s FUG & full of BOTOX & fat injections!
    sexy? LMAO

  • I know

    Oh God that Adams apple on her is HUGE

  • K.G.

    And so the hate begings…

  • Tiara

    I bet the haters hum I mean Angelina’s s.u.c.k.e.r.s who worship her more than their own parents or Gods, are gonna comment this thread like hell. HA! You know, this is actually helping Jen’s career people =) Keep hatin’, good for her. Same for Angelina or any other celebrity you hate on. Where are you my fellows?!


    That is one ugly b!tch. A face only a mother could love. My bad, her own mother knows she is hideous.

  • Beautiful!

    Thank you, Jared. You are the best blogger. I love those picture as they look to be having fun working together. I can’t wait to see this movie. Gerard looks quite dashing after he got over the jet lag.

  • Janey

    She looks like she’s having such a good time! I think she really likes working a lot, she seems so happy on the set.

  • Sally

    @Beautiful!: I so agree. They look to be having a lot of fun working together. Great!

  • bee adam fan


  • Sally

    On putting hands under Jen’s skirt, now “the haters” can realize that the white misterious thing they saw in a pic is part of her microphone, as I already told before and posted the link in the last thread. They’re so silly!

  • Nick

    What a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent woman

  • nikomilinko
  • jade

    I love these pictures. This movie will be really good and I’am looking forward to seeing it. I agree, they are sure having a good time working together.

    Thanks Jared, for this thread.

  • Sally

    @TRUTH HURTS.: Do you feel happy when you distorts the things that people said? Her mother NEVER said she is hideous. Not even close. You’re so cruel when you try to manipulate the information. It’s so awful to do that. But you should know: people, in general, they aren’t stupid. We read the same interview that you did. So… I would say “nice try”, but in fact it’s so foolifs that I’ve to say: bad try. We’re smart enough and the only thing hideous here is your hate and jealous.

  • Brad

    Let’s all have a drink to Jen!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    pic 4 is really cute, not because of gerard but her hair looks really cute
    i dont understand why she is constantly in that outfit, is her character always dressed like that, or r they still on the same same which i think has been going for months?
    regardless she still looks nice

  • jade

    Hi Sally,

    Keep up the good work, of sharing Links and pictures of Jen, with us fans!

  • so true

    I bet it is a lot of fun at Jen’s house – good fun, good company and good food – it’s obvious she eats not like some skeletal actresses.

  • tolakersfan

    He’s wearing the same shirt so they must be filming a lot with the two of them around the same time frame for moive.

  • Sally

    Hey guys, “the haters” are already trying distort the things… they never tire of being fools. But let’s ignore the hate, with so many great things happening to Jen. And she deserves it all. We have a lot to talk! :)

  • Stardust

    Oh god, haters, get a life PLEASE> And stop carrying it over into other threads. Idiots.

  • Sally

    “Not too long ago, Jennifer Aniston narrated a book with her father, John, and now they have won a parenting award!
    Loukoumi’s Good Deeds received the iParenting Media Award in the 2009 “Outstanding” category.

    The book is based off of a true story that involved a cleaning lady named Daisy who works in the same office as author Nick Katsoris. Daisy was voiced by Aniston and gives Nick a pair of gold cuff links because he says “good morning” to her every day.
    The father daughter duo’s CD will be released October 24th on National Make a Difference Day. Proceeds will go towards Aniston’s favorite charity, St. Jude Children Research Hospital.”

  • jenny

    i bet the guys do love going over to her house , we all know they get feed, wink,wink, every guy in Hollywood have been in her bed. too many to count, plus she is lonely, she has no one else, no family, she keeps making/buying all these same type movies, when do she have time for friends? she must have read where someone said she have no home life and here it is, she has friends, what a surprise.

  • Sally

    @jade: Hi Jade, how are you? Every time I read something new and interesting about Jen, I try to share with you here. I’m glad that you like it. Good night and see you, dear!


    Hey, Jenhags, please show me the amazing picture of THE CHIN. The one I am talking about is the one with her/his wang hanging from his/hers legs. WTF. is that? Inquiring minds want to know. I’ll bet Gerry has not seen it. Wonder what he’s going to do when he sees the picture. RUN, RUN , SEE GERRY RUN. this is so hlarious. I FEEL SO SORRY FOR THIS BIT–CH. NOT,NOT,NOT. . HAHAHAHAHA

  • Claire

    wow, love jennifer aniston..she’s so great.


    yep it’s true, she buys men and lots of surgeries. the same people here who claims Angie’s fans are hateful was just at brads threads spewing their hate, hypocrites much?

  • LuckyL

    Lol, she can cook?

  • Dread not

    Jen is sexy as all get the hell out! Childrens books, acting, charity, feeding her friends, is there anything that this woman CAN’T do? Let me save Brangie Moonies the trouble, “yeah, everything except hold onto a man!” Haha, ha, haha, ha, ha. She’s saving herself for me, okay? Yeah, I wish.

  • myriem

    la moche jennifer

  • jen is the best

    wow! gorgeous pics. jen and gerry seem to have so much fun on the set. cool! she’s amazing and he’s great too. hot couple on the screens.


    where are all her paid posters? come on tell us how good looking she is, oh! and what a great actor she is, not! make your money! i don’t trust anything that she wins, she buys everything to make herself look more valuable then she actually is, poor little liar, you are not fooling a soul, not even your few fans.

  • sh_kandar

    Childrens books yeah big deal as you said children books not children

    acting biiiiiiiiiiiiig laugh

    charity biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig laugh

    feeding her friends… do you count this as a big thing .

  • you can really tell

    You can really tell that she’s had a Botox treatment lately. Wrinkles at the beginning of the movie (particularly those on her forehead) have mysteriously disappeared.

    Despite what this woman’s fan’s will say, you don’t age backwards. She does not look 30 at 40. I wish she and her PR team would take note that excessive exposure to the media will expose these little treatments each time they “leak” where she’ll be and when. It’s doubtful as they think she sells movies and all she does is enduce eye-rolling in most thinking people. These tactics will fail to sell a movie and poor thing, can’t get any “acceptable” leading man to agree to another contract relationship.

    She barely pulls off 40 and is she lightening her hair so much to prevent the gray from showing? It’s not working.

    She’s overrated, overexposed, and soon, will simply be over.

    But not before she embarrasses herself completely with the nightmare of her next picture. I almost feel badly for her. Almost.


    this trick is so fake, someone called her the bed hopper, the best description so far. stop trying to BS every one. she has more johns than Paris Hilton, why don’t that get mention?

  • jesus

    — Ugly —

  • Tim

    Why if anyone says anything against St. Jennifer they are haters? What are we in High School? Come one, she is not perfect, looks great in some of the photos and looks quite unattractive in others. Her face does look a bit puffy or like she is using too much botox or tanning. These observations don’t make me a hater, rather maybe more objective than the fat, ugly dumped dogs that so worship this aging slag. ;)

  • Lidia

    She is so beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the entire world. She is so kind and good, the kindest woman in the whole world. She is an amazing actress, the best actress in the entire world. She looks so good for her age, what is she 18? Her movies are the most popular in the world, everywhere she goes people weep and cry to see her radiance. I think maybe she is the second coming of Christ. I love her, I worship her, I love her, I worship her….

    Sorry…I guess I drank the JA Kool-aid.

  • Sally

    @JEN BUYS MEN/SURGERY: I can talk for myself: I never spread any hate in any thread. In fact, I don’t hate Angelina nor Brad, as I already told before. So, I guess not everyone does it.

  • Steve

    JA is the symbol of the dumped woman. She is an icon of hope for all the ugly, fat, dumped sows of the world. I bet if every JA fanatic submitted a picture to this website, we would see how unattractive and unloved her fans are. Go to a JA movie and check out all the ugly cows in the seats stuffing their faces with popcorn and candy hoping to find love…

  • Lucy

    I don’t know how can she does it. Aniston is better each day. So pretty! And she’s funny, smart, honest and warm too. A perfect 10.

  • OMG


  • OMG


  • Brads a Boozer

    JEN BUYS MEN/SURGERY @ 08/08/2009 at 7:54 pm yep it’s true, she buys men and lots of surgeries. the same people here who claims Angie’s fans are hateful was just at brads threads spewing their hate, hypocrites much?
    Is that all ya got. You better go to the Greenday thread and round up some help.

  • nnpl

    Work it Girl, hook him in!!!

  • Brad’s a Boozer

    Drink one to AJ Brad!!!!