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Jon Gosselin and The New Nanny

Jon Gosselin and The New Nanny

Jon Gosselin and his new nanny/friend, Stephanie Santoro, take care of his eight kids at home on Friday (August 7) in Reading, Penn.

Stephanie, 23, is a cocktail waitress at Jon‘s favorite sports bar and is an aspiring model. Looks like Jon is hooking Stephanie up with some free Ed Hardy shirts!

On Thursday afternoon in upstate NY, Jon was seen hanging out with girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. Hailey recently exclaimed, “We’ve always been together!”

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin and the new nanny…

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  • wutthefug

    Yeah we can see where this whole nanny/friend thing is going. She sure knows where to get attention these days to achieve her modeling dream… Jon looks disgusting btw.

  • blueyedkelli

    REALLY?? A cocktail waitress as a nanny? From a bar that Jon loves to hang out at? What a DOUCHE he’s become. Good role model for your 5 daughters to look up to, “Daddy when I get older maybe I can have my boobs & ass all hanging out for tips from groddy old dudes like you.”

  • realityfan

    And Kate is ok with this? I’d be willing to bet she’s having a fit and this gal will not be around these kids for very long.

  • lollipop

    I can’t believe women are fighting over this douchebag. I guess people these days will do just about anything for their 15 minutes of fame…

  • blah blah blah

    White trash, hello?

  • barron797

    Jon is a total douche bag.

    How rich is this dude? And what the hell is his appeal? All of these trashy girls are clamoring to be with this loser.

  • JuneBelle

    What a complete fug douche bag. Kate busts her ass and he hires a freaking cocktail waitress nanny.

  • Riley

    “aspiring” model or actress usually means “famewhore”.

  • LuckyL

    Oh God, just waiting for the cheating scandal to happen.

  • susi


  • http://Justjared style1

    Does he think he’s sexy because he’s not

  • http://Justjared style1

    Does he think he’s Mr. sexy because he’s not

  • loyal

    Kate needs to get this worthless good for nothing out of their lives. This is something the courts will agree with you on, Kate. Bringing these people into the children’s lives will only hurt them. A bar waitress he just met? Even if the girl is good as gold, you don’t bring people into the children’s inner circle you don’t know extremely well or have references and back ground checks done. Jon is acting like he is 15. Cut him off like dead wood. I used to like him but now I despise him. He is not helping raise these children, he is hurting them. Where is their father? He is chasing anything that can’t (or isn’t smart enough to) flee. The kids can’t count on him so goodbye to Jon, Kate.

  • Dakota

    i love the expression “aspiring modell/ actress”, what an euphemism for famewhore.

  • Faith Lynette

    Let’s be honest here, from what we’ve seen reported (even “if” SOME of it is exaggerated)…not to mention the things that have gone on that we HAVEN’T been privy, to ~ NEITHER Jon/Kate are blameless in the shambles their marriage/family life has become in their “quest” for fame/fortune. AND–while their main concern should be their children at this point ~ they continue to play out this “circus” in the public eye, because they just can’t give up their quest for $$$$ and being in the limelight!

  • Dee

    Awww look it’s take your kid to work day.

  • Excuse me?

    A cocktail waitress/nanny? One would think that with EIGHT children he would hire a woman with YEARS of child-care experience, not a 23-year-old whose only experience is setting a drink down without spilling it.

    This guy is such an uneducated dolt. Just a fat pig and a jerk. I used to feel sorry for him because Kate was so emasculating, but now I’m starting to see the real John and it’s not a pretty picture.

    Poor kids.

  • olivia

    my goodness hes putting on weight daily.

  • again

    I apologize to Kate for all the negative things I thought about her as I was watching J & K plus 8. Now that we see the real Jon I can see why you were always screaming at him.

  • bella

    LOL. . . new nanny. What nanny wears short shorts and a low cut top white trash top???? Really. OMG I feel bad for those kids. STOP DOING THE SHOW. The parents are so money hungry . . .i doubt the kids will see a dime of it.

  • jmo

    Nanny and body guard must code words for the parents are sleeping with now. I am sure the kids all get it.

  • qwerty

    Oh wow… when Kate sees this girl she is going to KILL her ex-husband! Over and over, Jon is really asking to have his parental rights taken away. I mean whenever you see Kate with the kids, she is always taking care of them, and the people that she hires probably have to have background checks, CPR training, the whole bit. And they look a LOT more wholesome than this piece of trash.

  • Catalina

    Totally understand why Kate Gosselin threw him to the curb. He’s worthless ! I’d dump him too.

  • Twin Mom

    Jon is such an undeserving father. This house sharing/rotating thing is not going to last long at the rate he is going. I can’t believe with his impending divorce case that he is consistently acting this way. Does he even want his children???????

  • barbie

    At least the Nanny/friend is looking after all the children. Where’s Mom, what’s she up to? Why can’t we see what she’s doing in her ‘ free’ time….

  • barbie

    And the nanny/friend is hardly wearing anything more ‘ trashy’ than what we normally see Kate wearing. Anyone remember that blue bikini, with Kate’s surgically-enhanced bosom barely contained…….

  • sasha

    From the looks of his gut are we so sure Kate had the eight kids? Keep workin it sperm donor!!!

  • mela

    twin mom, good point- does he not have a lawyer? any lawyer would tell me to quit acting like this.

    it’s just disgusting that he brings around these wh*res around his children. 3-4 different wh*res in last4 months? absolutely disgusting he brings them into his “children’s home”.

    god I really hope Kate puts an end to this because this is absolutely harming her children. perhaps she’s letting Jon get away with this for now, so she can document it and slam him in court.

  • mela


    the parents take TURNS watching the kids. Kate is not there when Jon is there and vice versa. Except, when Kate is at home, SHE watches the kid and doesn’t bring around any sketchy men into their lives.

  • ErinKatefromPhilly

    Oh Puhleezeeeeeeeeee, all PR crapola. Let’s all run around in front of the paid photographers who never seem to catch anyone going to or from the house. Why didn’t they follow Kate to the airport or Jon and his friends leaving the house? Because they are paid to sit in front of the garage area to take pictures so that Jon and Kate can be front page news. What a joke. If I visited, you can bet my butt would be in the beautiful pool, not the garage.

  • Janie

    Are nanny’s wear slutty clothes these days when they are on duty?

  • Reality bites

    The show’s ratings fell 61% which has got to be scaring TLC and Jon and Kate. What better “scandal” to get people to watch the show than accuse Jon of doing the babysitter? Please people, wise up. You are all being played, and sadly so are the kids who could use a break from their parents IMO.

  • linda

    Is this not the same, cocktail waitress who slept over earlier this week? How low-class… Seems like he needs young women around him ALL the time for his ego.
    Can someone explain why he is always throwing the Hawaiian/Surfer ‘hang loose’ greetings with his fingers?

    He looks like a 12 year old who’s mommy is not watching and he wants to show everyone who cool he is.

    Oh, Yeah…. That really the story with him.

    I wish a reporter would interview his Mom, I would love to know what she thinks of her idiot child. Obviously, he was spoiled and never grew up and thinks he’s the center of the universe.

  • Carly

    I remember way back in the earliest episodes Kate was interviewing nannies through a nanny agency. She was being impossibly fussy beyond reason. No one quite fit the bill and she was being very, very selective. What happened? Why would she allow Jon to bring home a cocktail waitress, dressed like a tramp to care for her children (and screw around with Jon) in her absence? Something isn’t quite right…perhaps this is all a publicity stunt to increase viewer ratings.

  • Jean

    Now I can see why Kate was such a bitch….this guy is a total slug and he’d make anyone into a bitch.

  • Rhonda

    he’s a man with money and these girls will fight over it, don’t shoot me, just stating a fact. Have seen young women fight over a guy who treats them like crap. Have seen girls fight over a guy who is unemployable! Work with young women (20-30) they are smart,together and then some worthless guy comes along and they throw everything away.

  • Rhonda


    Imagine alot of the church groups who supported and helped this family have now split.

  • flo

    Here you have a single mother doing what she can to work and provide for her kid, there are not many jobs where can you take your kid with for the day and work while they sleep at night. the kids seem to be happy with her and its adorable to see them helping the little one with the bike.

  • Rhonda

    For all the Moms losing their minds about this, the kids look well cared for and they don’t look as miserable as they do when Kate is around, so lighten up, the girl is fine for helping with the kids, she is as dressed as Kate.

  • terry

    it’s jon. he’s such a sleaze that he makes everything sleazy. oh, isn’t that cute that one of the kids is helping with that cute baby? sure, but jon’s around so there’s something dirty about the woman he chooses as a “nanny,” there’s something wrong about his presence there, with the kids, and it’s because of his public displays with hailey, and kate 2.0, and michael lohan.

    he made himself dirty through those public indisretions, and that doesn’t just wash away because he’s home with the kids. it just makes people worry about the kids.

  • kelly

    If she does not work out as a babysitter Jon can always hire her to be his bodyguard.

  • Virginia

    Really? She looks that bad to you guys for her age? I get that she isn’t dressed in office attire or a nanny outfit, but her little girl is dressed well and to me the G kids are benefiting from at least interacting with other adults and other children aside from the ones brought onto “the set” to pretend to be their friends.

    I don’t care if Jon is fatter. I don’t really care if Khate thinks her trunk legs look good or her hair is pretty. I care only about how the kids are being treated and looked after day by day. I’m still on team G kids. And to a lesser extent Team Jon.

  • Sylvia

    Well Jonnie boy take my advice to your heart. All the advices that your family, friends, bimbos, or even your lawyers are giving you have gotten to the place where you are at. THINK FOR YOURSELF for once. Do you actually want to replace all the bimbos, drug addicts, so called friends, and girls with personal agenda with a wife who maybe be stern but still stable and beutiful and kids that America has fallen in love with? If you don’t change now you will regret many of the decesions you have made now due to the outside influences for the rest of your life. I still don’t think you think for yourself, but I trully hope you wake up one of these days and smell the coffee.

  • ivermom

    I can see why Kate had to boss this man around, he is nothing but an overgrown child!! What a horrible excuse for a father he is. It is time to grow up Jon!!

  • anon

    The kids seem happier and more relaxed with Jon. That girl isn’t dressed any worse then Kate does. How’s come the paps don’t follow Kate on her days off? Afraid the public will see her with the body guard?

    Both parents, TLC and every pap, website needs to quit exploiting the Gosselin children.

  • Dee



  • Reality bites


    Amen to that!

    It is odd that none of the paps are following Kate when she isn’t working, oops, I mean taking care of her kids. She is sleeping somewhere when it’s Jon turn to stay in the house. We know Jon has a condo in NYC, where is Kate’s?

  • ally

    jon needs to drop the big mac combo meals and run a lap or nine. if he insists on showing his douche self in public so often then he might as well lose the pot belly and the double chin.

  • anon

    im just wondering if they actually do have college funds for all 8 of these kids? or are they just spending all that $, because it really looks like by the end of this year there will be no more jk+8 on tlc

  • the Ugly truth

    Jon did not break up with Hailey, he just told Katy that he did so she would have sex with him and date him. LOL