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Michelle Obama is The Good Stuff

Michelle Obama is The Good Stuff

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Malia and Sasha order cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries, and milkshakes from former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn‘s Good Stuff Eatery on Thursday (August 6) in Washington D.C.

“They got the burgers medium,” a spy tells Page Six. “Three starving Secret Service guys were literally standing over the grill as Spike made the burgers, but didn’t eat.” Fellow patrons reportedly had their cellphones temporarily confiscated to prevent pictures from being taken.

Other pictures include President Barack Obama, his mother-in-law Marian Robinson and the rest of the family on their way to Camp David via helicopter Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on August 1 in Washington, D.C.

10+ pictures inside of The Good Stuff Michelle Obama

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michelle obama good stuff burger 01
michelle obama good stuff burger 02
michelle obama good stuff burger 03
michelle obama good stuff burger 04
michelle obama good stuff burger 05
michelle obama good stuff burger 06
michelle obama good stuff burger 07
michelle obama good stuff burger 08
michelle obama good stuff burger 09
michelle obama good stuff burger 10

Photos: INFdaily, Jim Watson/AFP/Getty
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  • hadis


  • victoria #1

    I read on another site that Michelle ordered the cook to fix the same meal to go, so her Secret Service Men could eat their hamburgers and fries in the car. If that is true, it was truely a nice gesture.

  • dabu

    I don’t think the Secret Service guys were standing over the grill starving–they were probably making sure the Obama’s weren’t poisoned.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    how come when it is the first lady it is okay to for her to order cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries, and milkshakes, but when it’s brad and angelina it is not okay? i just don’t get that. can someone explain that to me? please.

  • jenny

    she is really nice, and down to earth, it’s not her fault that people want to follow her and know more about her, she does a lot for people and then she take a break, we get to see the break she takes. yay!!

  • http://justjared always the truth


    How can you be sooo rude. Just because she lives in a place with everything in it does not mean that she is not going to live there and never come out every once in a while. So stop heating and do something good with your live.

  • ms lola

    There just getting ready for the big chow down in Martha’s Vineyard. Understand they are gonna “rough” it through a few speeches in America’s national parks before going on vacation in the Vineyard.

    The Rev Wright of Harvard is already at the Vineyard waiting for his STUPID friends.

    Did Michelle eat BO the dog?

  • Rhonda

    @always the truth:

    That cow has plenty of WH Pasteur to graze on, she even planted a Magic Garden. I’m pleny “heated” maybe you could give less lectures and learn to spell? spelling is good!

  • John

    How can two people who have everything done for them, look so ratty?

    People at the grocery store look better than this FL and kid. Don’t they have mirrors at the WH?

  • Powersaver

    I hope Michelle still get some, after days and months of stress for Obama trying to pass his healthcare bill. Things are happening right, left and centre …

  • bobo

    These are the most beautiful people on the face of the earth.

    Better looking than Brad and Angie

  • Giant

    Is that little girl a midget?

  • Heather ♥

    these people get more publicity for what they wear and what they eat, rather then what they SHOULD be doing.

  • Heather ♥

    i disagree

  • Reality check

    Hey RHONDA – have forwarded your slurs to the FBI. Wait for the knock on your door. Try to put down the ciggie, doritos and beer, and wipe the drool off your face before answering.

  • LuckyL


  • Rhonda

    Hey, I’ll bet all you little Obama “snitches” are busy all day long, since Obama has a new “snitch” site just like the Gastapo in Germany!

    bet you got a ACORN shirt or how about a SEIU shirt, just like Germanys BROWNSHIRTS,

    got your reparations yet? oh, still waiting?

  • marisa

    agreed with heather! this country is going downhill and they’re ‘chillin’ eating hamburgers and fries.

  • sommer

    I can’t believe they confiscated cell phones so people wouldn’t take pictures. And I guess people just let them take them. I would’ve left the restaurant before I let someone else confiscate my belongings. Did they take away the digital cameras too? Ridiculous.

  • lol

    Lots of angry Republicans posting today, it seems.

  • mfrr

    they should be able to get fries and burgers – come on

    but really, what’s up with the daughters hair? yuck wash it damn! or do something, ur the presidents daughter

  • Rhonda


    that would have really ticked my off, I would asked for my money back and LEFT! I don’t ever remember hearing of another first lady having everyones cell phones taken, does any one else?

  • john


    Who says we are Republicans? Read the news! Ain’t just Republicans angry with Obama!

  • Benny’s mommy

    President or no president, this guy and his family is getting on my nerves. He’s on vacation? When does he work?
    Oh, right. I forgot he has his Chicago political thugs do all the work.

  • voe

    @ Reality Check,
    My, my, did Obama order snitching on gossips too?

  • haley

    Cute kids!

  • http://justjared always the truth


    I think you need to fix your eyes if you really believe that.

  • http://aol Patti

    I thought she cut her hair.

  • You must be joking….

    This family is a stinking embarassment. They run around with unkept hair and rediculous clothes. And they’re treated like celebrities to boot! They probably confiscated the other patrons cell phones so they don’t get a picture of the first lady shoveling food into her mouth like a feild hand. Totally embarassing.

  • http://justjared always the truth


    Again with being rude when it comes to you. Why would you call her a cow. I am sure that you are the cow that needs to call everyone else a cow to make you feel better. Why is it any of your problem if the get a something to eat outside of the white house? And the other thing I was not lecturing anyone I was just pointing out your rude comments. And yes I can spell I was just too taken back by your rude comments that I did not read through what I typed. Besides just because I mistyped one word does not mean that I can’t spell.
    So again go do something good with your life.

  • BriBri

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!!!! they like family time

  • BriBri

    @hadis: what?

  • You must be joking….

    Well I guess the girls don’t have to have their hair done now that the election’s over. No need to look like decent folk that represent the country now that he’s won and is the Pres. These girls looked lovely when he was running for office and his wife cleaned up nice too. Now she can’t even do something with her hair or clothes. Unless of course she’s wearing some totally retarded dress with a long coat over it with a big wide belt under her boobs to show some non existant cleavage and fat waist. Never has a first family continually gone out in public looking this bad! NEVER.

  • what

    @You must be joking….: just because she’s the first lady doesn’t mean that she’s a freaking cyborg. she’s a normal lady and does normal things like going out for a burger and fries with her kids. Why would she dress up to go get a burger?

  • You must be joking….

    always the truth
    how come when it is the first lady it is okay to for her to order cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries, and milkshakes, but when it’s brad and angelina it is not okay? i just don’t get that. can someone explain that to me? please.

    You REALLY need to get off this site and get a life. When you have to refer to those two buffoons on a thread about the first family it is indicative you are obsessed with those two. I thought you loonies only pulled that crap on Jen threads (and JP threads of course) – but the Presidents thread??? You need help.

  • You must be joking….

    They look like they’re dressed for a trip to Walmart and they’re getting into a Presidential helicopter!! Are you blind, the youngest looks like she got off the playground making mudpies. And a grown woman (ahem…FIRST FRIGGIN LADY) going out in public, not to mention a photo op on the lawn, should keep her hair a little nicer. Why do I feel as if this is gonna be the norm now that he won office. They darn sure didn’t run around looking like this when he was running for office. And, I defy any of you to prove me wrong on that. We’ve been hoodwinked, haha.

  • Neil

    Rhonda @ 08/08/2009 at 2:39 pm

    White “crackers” are always so tasteless.

  • Neil

    You must be joking…. always the truth….
    You two both sound like a matching pair.

  • Rhonda

    @always the truth:

    Excuse me, did someone put you in charge of something?

  • Rhonda


    its still a free country Neil, so don’t have white crackers, go have some peanuts, or graham crackers, or cheese crackers or anything you want.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    There’s too much partying for the president and his wife.
    People are unemployed and Obama should be working 24/7 to make sure things are done.
    It’s really inappropriate to party so much all the time, when you were elected to help others and so many people are suffering now.

  • bee adam fan

    Yes America, accept it, you have a President of color. And yes a family of color heading to Camp David while your little snot nose trailer park kids play at Piggly Wiggly. Ooops sorry. No matter what you say, can’t change the fact that they are there with their Harvard educated selves. Btw, Malia can be a supermodel if she wants. At that age, that tall and pretty already. The guy has been President since JANUARY! Six months and we want him to solve all the problems of 8 years of dumbness. Seriously. People are funny. Either way, he is President. Period. I am off. Let the haters have their fun. We, in educated cities, are satisfied. Healthcare for all!

  • tawi-tawi

    well, if everyone is talking about clothes they are wearing, have anybody noticed that Barak’s trousers are ripped near the pocket :) and he is wearing a belt that is about one thousand years old…yeah, great image for the President of America!

  • Benny’s mommy


    LMAO — the “leader” of a powerful country. How embarassing. And don’t give me “What, that’s never happened to you?” Maybe– but I don’t have people fawning over me 24/7 and/or doing my laundry.

  • Rhonda

    @bee adam fan:

    who said anything about race? YOU! people just said they wear ugly clothes, need to go on a diet and wash their hair! Is that racist?

  • g!na

    @tawi-tawi: lol. omg! good eye! rip in pants & belt that looks discolored & old! OBAMA’S ARE SLOBS!

  • JESS

    COULD SASHA’S SHORTS BE ANY TIGHTER? Her shorts are very short & tight for her plump body! Malia needs someone to fix her rat nest of hair!

  • christine

    LOVE LOVE THE OBAMAS! God Bless the Obamas. CNN’s low grades of Pres. Obama is just stupid. Or shall I say their guests’ grades. I’m sick of these stupid polls. And let’s go through with Obama’s Healthcare plan and SEE how it goes. I am 100% a supporter of all of President Obama’s decisions. He’s got guts. Let’s see how his plans work. He can’t please everyone! Clinton & Bush did that and where did that get them? I think if you limit yourself by what others think, you will fail or become nothing above and beyond. Surprise people. Jared did that. Who knew a dorky looking asian kid from Columbia Univ. would help change history when it came to celebrity blogs. And boy does he look dorky! Did you see his photos? Man, oh, man….
    LOLOL….. just playin! (He’sprobably gonna edit or delete this now).

  • bee adam fan

    yes, rhonda, I SAID IT! Why? Because since the campaign and up to now, I watched – since I am a well informed American citizen, countless videos of people htinking the world will come to an end if we have a President of color in the white house. I saw the tapes, I saw the documentaries, I read the nasty comments so yes I SAID IT. Yes, I did. And don’t worry about these girls’ hygience. They went from Africa, Russia, France, met the Pope, etc all in one Summer vacation with their Harvard educated parents. They have seen and will see more of the world than most kids will see in a lifetime. And they will meet extraordinary people and they know already have to navigate casual and formal. Cause they are meeting regular folks and heads of states. So calm down. Don’t worry about them. Figure out how you are going to send your snot nose little brats to Junior college instead. The Obama girls are just fine. Don’t hate. I’m off. I give you now full permission to go back to being moronic. It’s all you have: a blog to attack little kids. Bravo to you! Your life is really full.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she’s fugs but she does have decent style
    her oldest daughter reminds me of that kid from high school musical