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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Lunch Date!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Lunch Date!

Taylor Lautner arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday (August 6) after flying via an Air Canada flight from Vancouver.

Other pictures include costar Robert Pattinson grabbing lunch with friends and on-screen love interest Kristen Stewart at a West Hollywood restaurant on Friday (August 7).

Pictured below: Taylor grabbing dinner with costars Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Elizabeth Reaser in downtown Vancouver on Thursday (August 6).

20+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s lunch date…

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99 Responses to “Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Lunch Date!”

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  1. 51
    Ami Says:

    you guys are PARANOID!!!
    in these picture theres completely ZERO chemistry between those two. Nobody is touching anybody, he is just waving his arm telling something..
    If they were looking different directions you’d say they’re so cutely hiding their love.. I think you need some kind of mental treatment :O

  2. 52
    t Says:

    LOL at all the cigs … Makes me wanna start smoking! Haha

  3. 53
    um Says:

    Lunch? No. Ciggies and drinks? Yep! Way to go, Rob and Kristen.. be healthy!

  4. 54
    DAISE Says:

    @Jannie (no.13)

    How does she have no sense of fashion? – She’s casual and comfortable in what she wears and doesn’t feel the need to succumb to the pressures of society dictated by superficial appearances. Moreover, there are plenty of those out there who think that if they shop at certain kinds of places or wear certain kinds of clothing, that they are being fashionable – they are not. They are simply sheep who have been persuaded to think they are fashionable so that they will spend more money in an attempt to maintain that status – rant over……

  5. 55
    Jess Says:

    I feel like peeping tom watching the pics of Rob and Kristen…

  6. 56
    twilight lover!!!!! Says:

    O M GGGGGG rob and kris are amzaing together i cant get enough of then

  7. 57
    lily Says:

    Love Kpatzz! Their adorable together. She’s awesome . Stop hating on her you jealous fangirls and get over it already. Rob is off the market and you never stood a chance with him anyway. Be glad Kristen makes him happy. Their a great couple. Very down to earth and not hollywood. Good for them .

  8. 58
    blah Says:

    I cannot stand these two. I used to like Rob. Pat, but now he irratates me. Hes cute and sexy but he wants to go after some scrub ( Kristen Stewart). She doesnt even look like she takes baths. Or uses perfume. Who in their right mind would want to chase after a mess like that?

  9. 59
    tonya Says:


    how the fvck can you compare Kristen with Paris Hilton? Are you so consumed with jealousy that you resort to bashing Kristen this much? She has a job for a start and is very successful. She is not a fame *****, she had no idea Twilight was going to go so crazy. She dresses like any normal non bimbo 19 year ols. Cute and casual. I dress like that does that make me have no fashion sense? And Kristen obviously likes her hair and i think she looks cool with it. She’s so pretty she can pull off anything. And she makes Rob very happy so get over your craziness u horrible person

  10. 60
    Kimmy Says:

    What the heck is wrong with you girls? Are you that envious and jealous of Kristen to say such awful things about someone you don’t even know?Hasn’t it occur to you that maybe the reason why Rob is crazy about Kristen is because she is different from your average Hollywood Barbie doll plastic? KStew is like a breath of fresh air from your all the tanned, nip and tuck, superficial ****** out there in HW. There are way too many of those. She dresses like your average 19 yr old girl with sneakers, jeans, and T-shirt and you guys act like it’s a crime. Not every girl likes wearing caked on make up and high heels everyday you know. And don’t you dare compare Kristen to that Paris STD. The only guy KStew has ever been with before Rob was Michael.
    Frankly, I think Rob is the lucky one to have finally won Kristen’s heart after chasing after her for so dang long. Be happy for him for Pete’s sake.

  11. 61
    Bella19 Says:

    Aww, they’re so cute together. Come on guys, I LOVE Rob but I know he was never going to be mine. I’m happy for him because I really think Kristen makes him happy. He likes down to earth girls and he has always had a crush on her so yeah, he deserves it. I don’t like her acting in Twilight but she seems pretty cool. At least they have a lot in common like music, books, and just hanging out, not glamerous things and clubbing like the other HW stars. I have a feeling he might be off the market for a while since he waited so long for her. Oh well, I’ll be waiting. LOL

  12. 62
    Misty Says:

    Honestly, I dont know what rob sees in kristen! she is so man like and unsexy. what the hell is she wearing on her feet? she would have been bearable if she could act, but she is terrible at that too. when breaking dawn if filmed she will become history.

  13. 63
    kristen mcfadyen Says:

    Kristen seems to be wearing an oversized shirt. The most tell-tale signs are the sleeves and collar. I think it might be Rob’s. I remembered seeing pics of him wearing the same kind of shirt. Kristen knots her shirts but clearly it’s her size and not like in these pics that are way too big…take a look guys, what do you think? I think it’s great if they are a couple, they are so hot so look at and very true to themselves. I’d take Kristen any day…she’s hot and breathtakingly beautiful!

  14. 64
    choooooo Says:

    He’s recently told UK’s OK! Magazine that he’s not dating Kristen and that they’ve never been dating. “No,no. I’m young, free and single.” that’s what he said ^^ He likes being single I guess. lol

  15. 65
    Michelle Says:


    I really hope you’re being sarcastic. Her acting is HORRIBLE and she’s far from “lovely.”

  16. 66
    Jen Says:

    Are those the only clothes Kristen has? and that girl is so ugly besides not knowing how to act. How she got cast as Bella will always mind boggle me. If Kristen and Rob are dating for real, I could care less, it is their life, however I would then know that Rob has very bad taste and he is such a cute guy, he deserves better. They both smoke too? eww.

  17. 67
    dorich Says:


    I can read body language and their legs are touching, and kristen is on the edge of her seat, to get close to each other. Normally people would sit next to each other, but by them sitting complete opposite of each other, shows they want to be together but can’t. How sad…:(

  18. 68
    dorich Says:

    Caitlyn you are the reason they can’t go public with their relationship. The “people” want them to be apart so people like you will continue buying their products, Because if they “were” together you would be unhappy and not buy their, fan clubs, books, etc…
    Hey I know how you feel, if I thought I could have a chance with him, I would so be stalking him…Ha

  19. 69
    dorich Says:

    What ever happen to the day when you made sure you looked great, when you know you are going to see “your man”. gosh can KS find something else to do with the knotted t-shirts. You know now that I think about it, RP is alot like that too, so maybe thats the attraction between the two. They both don’t give a crap about how they look!!
    How cute is that!

  20. 70
    kath Says:

    I really do not think they are dating god cant to friends of the opposite sex just enjoy each others company without everyone thinking they are dating and i really do not like her hair or her acting and as for twilight i think i will stick with the books way more entertaining.

  21. 71
    Helen walsh Says:

    @Sosad….: really, i’m no kristen stewart psycho but even i can tell that paris hilton and her couldn’t be more different. paris is a fame *****. kristen is fame awkward. and you really shouldn’t mess real life with a movie. why you’re not looking forward to this movie anymore? it doesnt have anything to do with the actor’s personal lives.

  22. 72
    Helen walsh Says:

    now… the aero shot is creepy.

  23. 73
    Helen walsh Says:

    also.. i dont see any confirmation in these that they are together. i dont know if they’re not either. but this is nothing. last weekend i went to the movies with my ex and our little siblings. if i were famous, that would mean we were together again.

    and kristen and rob are no different from me, she is my age, we do the same things, but they have the spotlight on them.

    really. they might or might not be together, just as i might or might not be with anyone. they would probably admit it if they were, if they didn’t have all the gossip around. knowing the little i know about their personalitites, they could be denying it just for fun, so they wouldn’t feed the paparazzi more – can you imagine their lives if they assumed it? they would have no lives!
    or really, they can be just friends. really good friends, why not?

  24. 74
    Helen walsh Says:

    and everyone goes on and on about hwo she has no fashion sense whatsoever. what is fashion sense for you? dresses and high heels? that’s not a fashion sense, that’s doing what vogues tells you to.
    WHY does she have to dress up, wear make up, heels? she wears what she likes and what makes her comfortable – that, for me, is a real fashion sense. so what if everyone else doesnt like it?

  25. 75
    mariana Says:

    ilvoe this couple but PLEASE come on! leave them alone! like if theyw anna date let them date! paparatzzi are over them a lot; that’swhy they run; or are kinda afraid to go out together! please come on! leave them alonee

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