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Samantha Burke: Pregnant Bikini Pics!

Samantha Burke: Pregnant Bikini Pics!

Check out the latest pregnancy pics of bikini-clad Samantha Burke, the 24-year-old baby mama of Jude Law.

The aspiring actress is due to welcome their baby daughter Sophia into the world on October 6.

“My tummy is growing!” Samantha wrote on a friend’s online profile. “October is when I am due, so maybe you’ll get to meet the little girly.”

It’s been recently revealed that Samantha was a waitress at Hooters restaurant.

Their company slogan: “Delightfully tacky… yet unrefined.”

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  • Realme2008

    Wow, he sperminated a real classy one for sure!

  • Hey, Jude

    I feel for ya!

  • nina

    Jared…why has your website become so incredibly slow to load over the past week or so? Painfully slow.

  • ivanka

    what? she clearly got pregnant on porpuse.. and she wanted privacy?

  • awt

    This makes a nice tie-in to the Lindsay Lohan Labor Pains promotion.

  • lovey

    wow, how tacky can someone be??? Jude Law will hopefully learn to keep his D*CK in his pants from this.

  • Qat

    Anyone else not convinced that this woman is 24?

    More like a well preserved 38-42?

  • brush yo teefs!

    she’d get the WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM treatment oops jude beat me to it and look what happened

    but seriously she’s kinda hot for being a famewhoring goldigger

    and maybe she worked at hooters cus she needed money then got sick of her job and went celeb sperm hunting HOTDOG mystery solved

    CHECK PLEASE! would that be credit card or cash?

  • brush yo teefs!

    she’d get the WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM treatment oops jude beat me to it and look what happened

    but seriously she’s kinda hot for being a famewhoring goldigger

    and maybe she worked at hooters cus she needed money then got sick of her job and went celeb sperm hunting HOTDOG mystery solved

    CHECK PLEASE! would that be credit card or cash

  • wondertrash

    Jude sure can pick ‘em.

  • brush yo teefs!

    and hooters is a damn fine eating establishment jared u can bring kids u know

  • megan

    She looks dang happy she finally got her meal ticket. She probably punctured a hole in the condom.

  • megan

    Either that or told him she was on birth control. lol

  • me

    Her belly is lying low, she’s going to have a girl

  • gym

    who is jude?

  • ann

    why is this chick so important? She’s pregnant with a celeb’s kid big deal. This should be a lesson to Jude Law to keep it zipped!

  • Patricia

    She thinks she won the lotery

  • commonsense

    Beware boys! This is what happens when you dip your wick anywhere (without protection)!!!

  • CarlaD

    she doesn’t look that young

  • jarrigoni

    just white trash cashing in on 15 minutes of fame..GEEZ jude i thought you had better taste then that……

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Jared, I want pictures of hamlet and Jude only almost daily, please!! no more Samantha, she is so cheap!! Jude is a 100 percent man.. She had been around with guys too, not only Jude.. Thank you, Jared

  • FroFro

    As skanky as Jude Law is, as soon as that child is born he should sue for custody. This bioch is a real winner….NOT! She will be pimping that baby out for every penny she can get out of her. The poor baby doesn’t even stand a chance of normal and she’s not even born yet.

    Run baby Sophia Run!

  • Kitty Kat

    Jared, I realize this is your site and the pics and stories are your call, but ENOUGH of this Samantha Burke person.

    Jude Law is a talented guy so let’s have posts about HIM but no more of the cheap attention seeker he was foolish enough to get involved with.

    I feel sorry for Jude’s unborn child who has such a no class cow for a mother. Just wait until the baby is born and she uses Jude’s name to sell photos of the child.

  • h

    what did she say a few days back? that she doesn’t want to be in the public eye and she wants everyone to respect her privacy? hmmm…

    interesting how half naked pics, that she took herself, keep finding their way to the internet. must be that pesky little picture stealing elf…..right?


  • Mythical Creature

    @FroFro: You make a really good point. That is why I would be terrified getting pregnant by a celeb (as if that could even remotely happen) but anyway, they could totally sue you and take your baby away from you! If more men celebs sued for custody and made the mothers pay them child support or just plain got primary custody, women would be much more careful about getting pregnant. I watched a lifetime movie once where this rich couple, the woman couldn’t have a baby, so the man slept with some young college girl and then tried to take the baby from her to give to his wife. Creepy (shivers).

  • Halli


    Word. This chick is not 24.
    She looks like she’s pushing 35.
    And got knocked up on purpose too. Classy.

  • deraj tsuj

    i really don’t think this is news anyone cares about, why do you keep reporting on this?

  • Shakirakitten

    Is this person tasteless or what? Imagine taking a picture of yourself in your bathroom with your toiletries behind you and posting it on the internet! It is unbelievable to be so lowbrow and white trash style. I could not even imagine the embarassment of doing such a thing.

  • -_-

    She totally wanted to have his baby! It’s obvious.

  • bailey

    wow these pictures reaaaaaaaaally shows she wants privacy.

  • matt

    Who is this chicken?

  • Joan

    Hmm..wonder if she perhaps tampered with the protection so this would happen. Becoming famous for being infamously money-hungry. Jude Law should certainly obtain a DNA test post-haste once the baby arrives before signing any declaration of paternity/birth certificate. She’ll milk him for all he’s worth and use the child to manipulate funds. Bag her–tag her–then trash her.

  • Nell

    Nicki Aycox says Stroke a man’s dick, you get him for one night. Stroke a man’s ego, you get him for life.

    Memorable quotes for the movie “Perfect Stranger (2007)”

  • sweetie_89

    @h: you’re so right… I mean she probably imagined some vanity fair or playboy shoot as she took them pictures, although she had to take them herself (like the mirror pictures *not so cool*
    but why for god’s sake isn’t she just staying away from public? it would make it easier to believe in her story of accidental pregnancy

  • black


    The baby is not even born yet, and she´s already using it to promote herself.

    ———————Those Hollywood people really have no soul.

  • lola

    She wants privacy and then wh*res her pics around? Fuggy nobody! You need to gather up some class for your future child Samantha and Jude needs to make his dealings with this who-rah strictly cash related!

  • leofan

    I thought she wants her privacy???over this time …

  • Claudy

    Maybe someone should explain the word PRIVATE for her because I think she didn’t get it!

  • Riley

    This girl has no idea how hard it will be to raise a child. Let this be a lesson boys, always wear a condom. In fact, wear two. And there is no way she is 24!

  • liverwurst

    Man, this girl has always been BIG hasn’t she? Poor Jude, he’s having a girl baby with this gold digging heffer.

  • Thessayist

    We deliver you nothing but the best @ Check it out for yourself. You have to admit it is a revolutionary service.

  • Shyen

    This b|atch trapped Jude Law!

    Jude Law was too trusting and had sex without protection even when she said she was on birth control.

  • Shyen

    And she has some big thunder thighs… Lord, how did Jude Law fit through all that?!?!

  • lollipop

    Im laughing at these comments. Since when was Jude Law ever high class. lol He loves orgies…..He apparently loved her enough to do the tango with her…..and he cheated on Sienna with the nannie so when did Jude become our Lord, Saint and Saviour. lol

  • Jeff

    I still can’t see her as a 24 year old. She does looks like someone who knows perfectly well what she’s doing.

  • Sam’s a loser

    Samantha actually leaked these pics online herself (classy, isn’t it?). They’re from her own private Photobucket account! Pathetic.

  • Leigh

    oh my god how classy she took these pictures of herself, wow! she is so into jude for his cash she is not 24 more like 44

  • kay

    Jared, why didn’t you include the pic where she’s smoking a ciggie? Just wondering.

  • blah

    First she was a nobody, now shes all we hear about.. I guess we should all just open our legs for Jude law and we too will become a actress

  • lala

    tramp pretty much sums it up