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Vanessa Hudgens is Girl Scout Gorgeous

Vanessa Hudgens is Girl Scout Gorgeous

Vanessa Hudgens attends a special screening of Bandslam for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles at the Harmony Gold Preview House and Theater in Hollywood on Friday (August 7).

The 20-year-old High School Musical star received a special badge to become an honorary Girl Scout!

Vanessa and co-star Aly Michalka, were inducted into the Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles for their energy, leadership and heart that exemplify the Girl Scout spirit.

30+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens getting girl scout gorgeous…

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vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 01
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 02
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 03
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 04
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 05
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 06
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 07
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 08
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 09
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 10
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 11
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 12
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 13
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 14
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 15
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 16
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 17
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 18
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 19
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 20
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 21
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 22
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 23
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 24
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 25
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 26
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 27
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 28
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 29
vanessa hudgens girlscout gorgeous 30

Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • ru


    and LOL @ hudgens being a scout girl with indecent pics all over the web

  • bee adam fan

    what is this dress? it is blinding.

  • marisa

    OMG look!—–> She has clothes on!!!

  • babYG

    GO V!!!

  • Athenais

    She ‘s pretty but I don’t like her dress

  • adfds

    she’s pretty but the dress isn’t flattering. it doesn’t match with her, and it makes her look like she’s gain some pounds.

  • Liv

    I kinda suspect that the leak of her photos were meant for PR, since her new film doesn’t look attracting at all.

  • emmaa

    Doesn’t she feel like hiding after what just surfaced (again)? I have nothing against the girl but isn’t she embarrassed?
    I’m guessing some of the photographers taking these shots were yelling out to her “so what do you have to say about the photos!” Who knows?

  • yeah right

    trash like her make money and buy their own houses while honest people can’t make more than $7.25 an hour

  • hil

    I love her so much
    go Vanessa!!!
    you r so beautiful OMG:)

  • ryang

    shes hot but not worth talking about, her and effron can go take a long walk off a short pear lol

  • chri5tin3

    @yeah right:

    you have no right to call her trash over a MISTAKE. she is HUMAN.
    she actually EARNED her house because she worked for it. its called a JOB. her job just happens to bring in more money than a regular job and am i bashing her? no. congratulations to her. dont blame her for your lifes mistakes and imperfections. she looks gorgeous by the way.

  • marie

    She is so beautiful and the haters can f%#@OFF

  • the_boyfriend

    She looks bigger by the day, seriously what is going on with her?
    and that dress, on her, doesn’t help.

  • jona

    vanessa is so go baby v ……i am here to support you i am youre #1 fan i hope someday you wii visit philippines

  • jona

    i ;love you so much vanessa so keep it up

  • jona

    i love youre dress!!!

  • Karen

    Well, well, well, where to begin…
    You are trying to make a cute little insult which is older than I am—which is pretty old—and you can’t even spell.

    #9–yeah right:
    What’s your problem? You make no sense. Vanessa has a job in an industry that pays well. She isn’t living off you or me, she makes her own money and so yes, she can BUY her own house. What’s wrong with that. You are someone else trying to make a cute comment but failing badly.

    Why should she be embarrassed? The pictures that everyone is buzzing about—in case you didn’t know—are from OLD. She is actually younger in some of them than the one that came out in 2007. The person who should be embarrassed is the little vindictive wench who aquired them by less than honest means and then published them. Also, the press and photographers were told not to talk about the situation and given Vanessa’s lawyers are going to sue any website running the pictures or any blog, etc, I think people understand this time is going to be the last time this person is going to be able to try to hurt Vanessa with these pictures. I have a feeling that this person is going to get his/her just due very soon as TMZ says this person was tyring to sell the pictures to the highest bidder. So someone knows who it is.

    Apparently you don’t think very clearly or you are not very familiar with Vanessa Hudgens. Let me try to enlighten you a little. She doesn’t need this TYPE publicity. She took a really big hit the last time these pictures popped up. This would only bring her negative attention. Since she is pursued everywhere she goes by the paps, she hardly needs anything to give her or her movie publicity. Given this is a movie about high school teens I seriously doubt this is what she would use to gain attention to herself or the movie anyway. Plus, if you were the slightest informed about the movie you would know it has gotten glowing reviews from some of the most noted—and harshest—critics. Some are saying it could be a real sleeper hit. So, maybe you need to rething that comment your made.

    ru and marisa:
    I believe I’v covered everything already concerning your comments.

  • chri5tin3


    about time someone wise said it.

  • confusedlife.


    lmfao that made my day ! hahaha=D

    why everypost of her on JJ ?
    cause because she was nude again ?!
    people are so simple.
    if you’re nude,you’re famous…!

  • Karen

    Now, about the weight thing some of you people seem to be worried about:

    She is training and working out for her new role she will have for a Zac Snyder film called Sucker Punch. I’m sure we will hear more about what is going to be expected from her role in this film in the coming weeks. But it is certain that whatever the producers and director have in mind they will achieve that in the next couple of weeks because the movie starts filming within a month and all the girls in the movie are training right now. Within the next week Vanessa will be going to Vancover where some of the girls already are and have been training for a while. However, Vanesssa just got done filming a movie within the past couple weeks and then had to promote her new movie Bandslam before being able to go to Vancouver

  • chri5tin3


    she was actually originally on JJ before the junior site so you can eat your words now.
    by the way, have you ever heard of “High School Musical”?
    it is actually a multi-billion dollar production and Vanessa Hudgens just happens to be the lead.

  • http://blablabla Abbie

    YOU GO, KAREN!!! These people are so narrow-minded, about time someone told them these things. Now whether or not they read it or not, or return with more bashing, it feels good to know for someone who supports V like me, that there are other people out there who can see beyond all this shit. Let them haters burn.

    YOU GO, VANESSA! And thank you JJJ!!! <3

  • confusedlife.

    not everypost.
    she was here just when she is w/ zac efron.
    yes i did.and i hate this children movie.

  • sharon

    Gorgeous!!She is really beatuiful!!!Love her style!

  • sharon

    You are really great!!!

  • Marie


    If you hate it then why immerse yourself into a post about her by not only commenting, but replying back to other comments. Having an opinion is one thing. By all means, go right ahead. Everyone is entitled to what they think. Coming back to reply again and again though.. ?

    & no. she didn’t just come up when she was with Zac Efron. Most posts had them together but thats only because they WERE together. Some other posts only had one of them. (This, of course, was before Just Jared Jr)

  • heat.

    i love how her dress kind of matches the event haha. Love her smile, she looks so adorable!

  • nikomilinko
  • maeli

    love u baby v

  • vanny

    love her <3

  • honey

    no, shes here cuz shes famous

  • slllluuuuuuuttttttt

    she looks fat. and she is a sl-t and so is her sister.

  • ciara

    Girl Scout award ? She ain’t no girl scout as per her second round of pictures for publicity. Her actions are so transparent and yet her cheerleaders once again come on this site and laud her praise and make excuses for her bad behavior.

    The part that amazes me is that she really isn’t that good of and actress and her attempt to seem mature enough for big time roles come at the expense of her being willing to once again compromise her body for those photos. She talks like an angel but is just another trashy phony who will do anything to make money.

  • Smart one

    just so you know vanessa

    Double dare means when one is dared to do something and dares the darer back to do it with them

  • pam

    Amazing move miss trampolina. take off your clothes for the world another time to promote yourself when people are just about ready to forget about you and your HSM pals.
    . Brilliant move miss slutgens…fame at all costs.

    And what the heck is she wearing? Looks like the dining room tablecloth. she is turning into a joke.

  • bob

    Aw, the little girl scout is out selling her cookies again. hope she rings my doorbell.

  • Crystal


    Exactly what proof has been submitted that this is an underage picture? That’s just an easy way to have the photographs removed from prominent gossip sites. This is not the best press when your fans are pre-teens (and gullible individuals lacking developed reasoning skills and who will eat any PR tripe that doesn’t burst their pretty pink bubbles). This new movie will certainly NOT be blockbuster of any kind and alienating this fanbase whose cashflow is largely dependent on parents (you know the people who generally frown at teenage nudity) is not good.

    From my perspective, Vanessa enjoys posing nude, but is unfortunately too stupid to appreciate the consequences of doing so. It’s not a MISTAKE. It’s a CHOICE. It’s called having true (though arguably personal) details of your personality exposed.

  • Tiptoes

    I love how upbeat and happy she looks in this event.

    Go, Karen, Go ! Some people here have no inkling on what is legal or not and their posting show their ignorance of the news and the legal issued. I won’t dwell on the OLD news as some posters are doing here; Van’s lawyer and management team has pretty much issued a statement on this and all other sites including the sleazy TMZ, x17 and other outlets have respected this and moved on to other news. The only people and nuts who don’t get and keep up with it are the haters and delusional fans who want to bring down Van and ZV. Sorry folks, its OLD news.

    Moving on, can’t wait to see Van in the TCA !

  • Thessayist

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  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    looks great
    love your sorrisso

  • Thessayist

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  • sharon

    Haters need to get a life!!

  • go sox

    @Crystal: Technology has proven that these pics were taken in 2006. Just so your ignorant brain gets that. Yes, she made a “choice” to take those pics in 2006, IN THE PRIVACY OF HER HOME, not to be seen by anyone. She regrets that choice, and SAID SO two years ago. YOU need to understand that was an invasion of her privacy, and illegal. She has already dealt with that “choice” and has moved on with class and dignity.

    As far as the movie, it has gotten GREAT reviews, and will be successful, despite small-minded people like you. It is a GREAT ensemble cast, has GREAT music, AND a good story with a good message.

  • go sox

    How fascinating that as soon as Vanessa’s name is mentioned here, all the lowlife slither out from under their rocks. You people need to get a life and find something else to spew your hatred at. This young woman at least works hard, is gorgeous, has had the same BF for over 3 years, doesn’t fall out of bars at night, and has a huge heart. Why you find that so hateful is beyond my comprehension.

  • susan1

    She’s Gorgeous!!
    WOW! Wed.the 12th it will be in uk theaters!
    can’t wait.
    i love you much vanessa!

  • slllluuuuuuuttttttt

    well, i mean please she is the biggest wh-re, she takes her first naked pics in 2005, only 16 years old, then a year later decides to take new naked pics = thats not a mistake, thats a whor-sh choice she made. please when the first ones were leaked she should have deleted the second bunch jsut to be on the safe side.

    she is just a fat bitch who should be embarrassed.

    her parents should be embarrassed!

  • blah

    I love that dress!

  • dee

    i use to think she was cute and mature and all that but after seeing those pics….. to slutty for me now

  • pita

    Honoring Girl Scout!
    Congrats! Vanessa No matter what i support you all the way.
    Don’t let stupid people bring you down chain up!! vanessa.