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Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger Fly To Spain

Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger Fly To Spain

Renee Zellweger and rumored flame Bradley Cooper catch a flight together to Spain via NYC’s JFK airport on Saturday (August 8).

The Case 39 co-stars are reportedly still an item. They were first spotted on a date at an Italian restaurant in June and recently have been meeting up at Bradley‘s Tribeca hotel, the Smyth.

On Thursday, Bradley was seen leaving a West Hollywood gym with his trainer.

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger flying to Spain…

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Credit: Anderson/Vila, Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Flynetonline
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  • toto

    first ,

    guess jen fuming now ..why her why her

  • Dieter

    Jared!!! I absolutely love that. I wank on Rene’s butt on a regular basis !!!

  • The Comedian

    I’m so disapointed
    This is all he could get ? among ALL the women in the world he had to date this one ?????
    Réne Z ??? Brad, K’mon you can do better ? can you ????
    Time to pull yourself up mate ;-)

  • diana

    You see. Maniston is not his type. Maniston is such a loser, no man wants her. Even Brad was just with her because he is too nice.


    You are the man, Bradley Cooper. We all knew that you were smart. Renee is a beautiful , classsy woman. What a contrast from CHIN. I’ve nerver heard Renee say anything mean about her x-husband..

  • manLESSton, I likely

    Mugly and Huvane must be sh!tting their pants. he he

  • gay is not ok?

    Looks like Bradley Cooper decided to do a little bearding.

  • ISMA

    @The Comedian:

    you mean someone like ” jen”

    sorry he is just not that into her

  • karen

    Awwww good for Bradley.. a woman that does not whin about her life and the fact aht she is “lonely”.. no wonder he ran for the hills..

    Well Bradley watch out.. the Jennatics will be here soon to talk about you and Renee.. see that is just what happens.. I don’t think any man wants to deal with Whinny and her nasty fans..

    I hope if it is true that Bradley and Renee have a great time together for as long as it last.. Both are single..

    I just think it is great he ran away from the Jenny poo rumors.. I was curious. Has he had any press conferences denying that he is dating Renee.. hmmmmmm

    just wondering..

  • lol

    Atleast we now know that he can be bought. He tries to stay away from ashtray mouth as possible. It’s ok, Gerard Bloatler is enjoying the publicity and the pay. Lol

  • aislyn

    @KARLA: Who was her ex-husband?

  • chelsey

    Wow he is a freakin pimp. Just pick one dude.

  • lol

    atleast we know he can’t be bought. he tries to stay away from ashtray mouth as possible which is good. it’s ok, she still has gerald bloatler who’s enjoying the publicity and the pay.

  • amy

    seems as if BC ain’t that much into JA after all…oops

  • Felicity

    I mean COME ON Brad!!
    Renee is incredibly UGLY. You’d think he could get a prettier girl.

  • pattycakes

    I like Renee as an actress and she seems very sweet and down to earth, seems like she would be a nice, great gal to spend time with, she stays out the spotlight, seems drama-free. So glad to see that Bradley is picking personality over PR and drama (i.e. dating Jennifer), makes me think more highly of him.

  • RollsEye

    I get this feeling that we will see photos of Aniston sometime this week appearing to be romantically involve with Butler, laughing, arms around each other and the usual game she poses as if she’s vey happy just because these photos came out. Just wait and see.

  • HockeygurL

    @The Comedian: I agree @aislyn: That country singer Kenny Chesney

  • The Comedian


    Neither Jen nor Rene

    They are all dating each other in Hollywood, as if there was only this two fugly women ..
    Or as is they were trophy !! come on, Trophies ? seriously ? as soon as you’re famous this 2 appears

    I’m sure there is ANYBODY much more gorgeous than this Jeniston and this Renezllegger

    Bradley, I used to like you a lot, now I’m not…

  • junebug

    Good for him, he didn’t get sucked in by Aniston’s PR games and went for the down to earth gal. Just watch, Jennifer will be posing in a bikini or hanging all over Gerard within the next few days LOL, she wlll be DESPERATE to convince everyone that she is sexy and happy and doing just fine.

  • docomo

    she looks really, really good

  • LuckyL

    Lol, a blond he will date



  • the bruiser

    First off, Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler are JUST FRIENDS, people! Get over it. Second, Bradley and Renee did a film together and could also just be friends. There has been no major announcement about the 2 of them actually dating. And third, Renee Zellweger looks like a duck that has just sucked on a lemon.

  • tpass

    How do all of you know that Jen is the one that wasn’t willing to play his game. Look at all the women he has “dated” then said we’re just friends (Cameron, Molly Sims, Jordan Brewester sister, and so many more. He loves publicity.

  • cooooookie

    he needs to go back to girls like his ex, isabella brewster who are grade A lookers, and not grade E lookers like Rene. come on! he can do so much better!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate her, her face just gives me the creeps
    i still think she’s one of the ugliest actresses in hollywood

  • *&#^%

    ok i LOVE YOU BRADLEY COOPER SOOOO MUCH but you can get prittier..but whatever makes him happy right guys?

    hey cute couple bradley cooper and katy perry???just came to me lol???

    anyways bradley def. puts the sex in sexy haha love him and him gourgess self

  • karen

    see…………. it did not take long for the Jennatics to come out with the attack.. I wish some of you would go back a bit and check out what they were saying about Bradley when they thought he was dating Jenny poo..Bradley was the MAN then.. so hot, so cute, so sexy.. he and Jenny poo would have the cutiest kids.. What a sexy couple. and on and on.. remember when some tab said that Jen and Brad had hooked up in DC or somewhere, and Bradley came out quick and fierce and said it was a LIE.. and again another tab said they were seeing each other quietly.. Then YET again Bradley said HELL NO.. notice… Jenny poo has said nothing. You would think she would want to stop the rumors. I mean why would she want people to think she is dating this man.. hmmmm… and if she is not come out as say no.. that way it will not interfer with his social life.. Even in her new mag. interview I don’t recall anyone saying she denied the rumors.. I have to admit I didn’t buy the mag and have not read it. .. Now again let me admit you would have t tie me down to make me spend a penny on it.

    Now they are calling Renee (who has done nothing) all kinds of names.. Saying she is ugly. That Bradley could do better.. LIKE who.. Jenny poo.. so now it is trash Renee.. Call her names.. all in an attempt to support Jenny poo.. Shame that every other woman has to be attacked in order to make Jenny poo seem desirable.

    and to the poster who stated that Gerry is having a good time with the rumors.. so right. he is making her look like a loser and a joke. Making fun of his dating her every chance he gets.. Her fans are just too stupid or dense to see that she is a joke now. But as i said they will attack him now and poor Renee.. all because this man did not want her nor did he want the world to associate him with her..

    Look at her past relationship.. her fans are still on that hate cycle 5+ years past.. No wonder Bradley is saying NO.. who in their right mind would say YES..

    Renee is cute, unique and different. She takes on lots of roles and is a diverse actress.. something that can NOT be said about Jenny poo.. so stop attacking Renee… Bradley is a grown man. He has ” been out” with both women. .Maybe this men knows something Jenny poo’s fans don’t.. maybe she is not the “cute friend” and perfect one.. Maybe Jenny poo is a turn off.. Tate Donavan said she was high maintenance so maybe guys don’t like or want that..


  • the bruiser

    And how many relationships has Renee had? JIm Carrey, married to Kenny Chesney for about a minute, Dan Abrams Joshua Pate, Jack White and on and on and on. Every single Hollywood female has had dozens of men. Cameron Diaz ring a bell? And she has never been married. So don’t talk crap about Jennifer.

  • listenuuuppp

    Tate Donovan said Jen was high maintenance? In other words, she demands respect and fidelitiy. Some men just don’t like that…

  • the bruiser

    And once again, Bradley and Jen are JUST FRIENDS. When they had dinner together, the paps caught pics of them and said they were dating which is was not true which is why Bradley said they WEREN’T DATING but just friends. Same thing with Gerard. They work on a film together and everyone things he’s dating Jennifer. Sheesh, can a woman have male friends without the press saying they’re dating? Get a life people.

  • Joke

    whether they are a couple or not it doesnt matter.. the fact remains that cooper just not into that nippleston. so what if renee is not pretty at least she doesnt flash fake nips around like some other actress..

  • GAGA

    ROTFLMFBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from

    Bradley Cooper: I’m Not Dating Jennifer Aniston
    The Hangover hunk is griping to pals about the rumors that he’s dating the Friends star
    -Kelly Will

    Bradley Cooper is getting a little irritated by all the press reports that he is dating Jennifer Aniston. Friends of the blue-eyed Hangover star tell me he is definitely not involved with Brad Pitt’s ex-wife and has been venting to them about being linked to her.

    “Bradley and Jen went out for one dinner together in New York in June. They were caught on camera leaving the restaurant, but that was their one and only date,” his pal says. “Bradley is a nice guy and he and Jen are acquaintances. He thought they could chat over dinner and they did.”

    Contrary to a story in the National Enquirer that claimed Brad and Jen met at L2 Lounge in Washington D.C. on July 18, the friend says, “They did not meet up there for a rendezvous and Bradley doesn’t have any more plans to meet up with Jennifer.”

    My sources claim that it is actually Jen’s people that are spreading the rumors about her dating Bradley Cooper and they’ve even been linking Jen to her current co-star in The Bounty, Gerard Butler.

    “The secrets are being leaked by Jen’s team,” the insider says. “Bradley is totally not cool with it and wants his personal life to be left alone so that fans will focus on his work. He is making every effort to put a stop to the Jennifer Aniston rumors.”

    A further sign of just how much he wants to avoid being linked to Jen: He even made his publicist release a statement denying that he and Jen met up in the capital.

    To quote Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, that was way harsh.

  • Alex

    I see he went with the one that would cause him less drama. Good for Bradley Cooper.

  • jules

    Karma is soooooooooooooooooo accurate!

  • Leandra

    Bradley might have wanted a grown women lol not a 40 year old women that’s pretending to be 16 and have her pr team alert the media every time they step out the door.

  • Orchid

    15 Felicity @ 08/09/2009 at 5:28 pm

    I mean COME ON Brad!!
    Renee is incredibly UGLY. You’d think he could get a prettier girl.
    Renee is not ugly, and she must be fun to be with.

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    @the bruiser:
    Just friends my AS*… This evil jennipoop and her evil PR will pull any trix under the sun to make people believe that JA + BC + G B = ITEM… :lol:
    yyyaaayy… suck it Anusstain!

  • Rick

    “The secrets are being leaked by Jen’s team,” the insider says. “Bradley is totally not cool with it and wants his personal life to be left alone so that fans will focus on his work. He is making every effort to put a stop to the Jennifer Aniston rumors.”
    Unlike Jen who wants her fans to focus on her private life instead of her work. Any one with a brain knows to stay away from Jen who will use any one. I think B Cooper made a good choice.

  • martin

    he gets around.. seriously, who is he NOT with?

  • Pat

    I like Brad Cooper more and more every day

  • Pat

    I like Brad Cooper more and more every day.
    Jen really should stop spreading lies.

  • petra

    glad he is with renee, because renee is fun and does not have the insane agenda and trip that jennifer aniston lays on every guy she dates. she lays her trip about marriage and kids on the first or second date, and obviously they run fast.
    jennifer aniston, sadly your therapist died, but it is time now, to get a new therapist and get into deep work in therapy, take a break from men, and when ready, get into a slow relationship. maybe then, you might possibly have a relationship with a man that works and get your goals.

    bradley cooper is a player and so is renee zerwelleger, so why dont the two of you just play together. have fun and keep it light !

  • crazy haters

    Lainey Gossip

    If there is anybody who hates Jen it is her and the loons allways believe her so she said this:

    Coop works out
    Bradley Cooper was spotted in West Hollywood after hitting the gym yesterday in what looks like the same outfit he was wearing in Vancouver last week. He shaved. Looks good, non?

    Some bottom feeding rags are still reporting that he and Jennifer Aniston have something going on – she’s been in New York and he in LA, seems unlikely, but the interesting angle in all of this is that a few insiders are speculating that it’s actually his team that leaked the tip that they went out for dinner that night and, for a change, not hers, to capitalise on the success of The Hangover, and as a last minute push for the Green Lantern which eventually went to Ryan Reynolds.

    Coop plays that game too?

    Everybody plays that game.

  • jenren

    Why are you all arguing over which actress should get bradley cooper. He’s not a catch to any woman, because everyone in Hollywood knows the man is gay, he will date any woman to exploit what little fame he got with the hangover movie. The thing with Renee is just another staged studio romance to promote their movie that’s coming out, it is not real they are actors.

  • Susan

    They must be shooting or working in their new movie (39). I can’t wait to see!

  • SuperSenyorita

    Bradley denied the romance rumors about Jen Aniston and Denise Richards but he never denied the rumor with Renee!


    you broke my heart, bradley

  • kathy

    this is amazing, but makes me dizzy -.-’
    by the way, actually jen and renee are talented actress they both look so classy and kind (for me) but they’re still different, jen’s hot and renee’s cute. but if i must choose one of them, renee’s the answer shes sooo low profile and down to earth, no matter what everyone says about her. hope you two find what you want! oh yeah and bradley too.

  • me

    I thought Jennifer Aniston and he were ‘happily talking,” which is code for “He’s just not that into you.”