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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan: Matching Tattoos!

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan: Matching Tattoos!

G.I. Joe star Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan pose for pictures outside their New York City hotel earlier this week.

Chan recently revealed that he and wife got matching tattoos that spell out “side by side” in Balinese. Jenna‘s ink is on her left foot, and Chan‘s is on his chest, under his left rib area.

“It was a joint decision,” Chan told People. “We always wanted to get a tattoo of something together. We wanted to do something symbolic. It was in one of our vows to each other. We took it from that.”

Chan‘s new movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opened this weekend on top with $56.2 million. Did anyone watch it? Sienna Miller made one hot Baroness!

25+ pictures inside of G.I. Joe stills…

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Credit: Frank Masi/Paramount Pictures; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • ru

    The movie might have opened big but it generally SUCKED.
    None of these actors can actually ‘act’

  • london

    i loved GI JOE, very entertaining.
    sienna miller was HOT!

  • gaeljet

    pretty entertaining

  • H

    channing can not act at alll …i saw his movie fighting …and was sooooo bad worst movie of the year by far !!!

  • lol

    he tries to be hot but fails and her wife is fug

  • wendy

    So this guy claims he hates the tabloids and all the invasion the actors recieve these days, yet he talks about every private dreail of his life with People?

    God they are all the SAME, hypocrites pretending to have any set of morals!

  • Nick

    I loved the movie myself – it actually made $100M worldwide – – Pretty decent! Julie & Julia did well too but A Perfect Getaway tanked..

  • Jolietta

    Just so stoopid, why her left foot, side by side in balinese, are these two children, idiots.

  • dundies

    side by side in balinese, are these two children, idiots.

    LOL i hate when people get a tat, in a language they probably dont speak

  • TP

    I agree..
    Channig can not act at alll

  • loyal

    I saw the movie with my grandson. He loved it. I thought it was fun, of course it would be with a 7 year old, I knew it was an action flick going in. Had never seen a movie with Sienna Miller, she is just beautiful and did a fabulous job. Young Mr. Tatum was adorable, very handsome. Am sure he will be the next hot thing. It was fun and very exciting. Lighten up you people. Geez you people need to get a grip.

  • Toledo

    The best thing about this movie’s release is that I wil not have to look at that howrecking trash bag Sienna Miller anymore. BTW she and Balthazar, married father of four, were seen together at LAX so all that “we’ve broken up” crap was yet another lie from her.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    I heard the film sucks, I won’t be going to see it.

  • Michaela

    Marlon looks HOTT!! lol

  • susi

    Storm Shadow rock!!!

  • susi

    Lol I only watched this movie because of Lee Byeong-heon. Even though all the action is going on, I was yawning through out movie.

  • Mythical Creature

    That is soooooo incredibly sweet!

  • Karma

    Movie sucked balls! Sienna who? Freakin’ cliche and can’t act! Everybody did a crap job.

  • Les

    How incredibly trashy. Matching tattoos, gag.

  • zend

    love sienna here. everybody should stop thinking here as homewrecker and think of her as an artist. she did a great job as baroness here and she, storm shadow, & ripcord steal the show here.

  • Ria

    An artist? Nobody in that GI Joe crap is an artist. They all took the job for the freaking check. I would be embarassed having this movie in my resume.

  • Go Joe

    The movie was fantastic for a popcorn movie as it had various elements to enjoy as a cheesy blockbuster hence is No.1 in the box office (hopefully, there for a few more weeks), seriously who listens to critics anyway, go watch the family friendly film.

    Regarding any bad acting what did you expect it’s G.I. Joe, if Channing Tatum was bad so were the other actors point of G.I. Joe (see cartoons)??????

    Hey, Channing Tatum and the other actors went with the script they were given, so don’t blame him (he did his best).

    Furthermore, there was nothing wrong with Fighting (it recently won an award in Italy for the Director), just a learning step for Channing Tatum.

    This guy has only been in the industry for a very short time and still building up his profile including his acting skills so give him a break (it’s only a film).

    I tell you what he must be getting famous all the negative press and so much for the support (out of the window, well hell no). I suppose they have to find something as he comes across as a really nice guy (hopefully, that won’t change).

    We like stars at a certain level but when they became famous we start knocking them down – why (can’t you just be happy, you watched a film and leave it at that, some people can’t even see to watch a film so appreciate everything).

    How many leading Hollywood actors like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jan Claude Van Damme, but to name a few are great actors in terms of acting ability but have had long and lasting careers???

    Hopefully, Channing Tatum will grow as an actor (do better) with each film (he was great in Stop Loss and A guide to recognizing your saints).

    Funny enough, I also think Channing Tatum gives a good performance in the Dirty Dancing Cinemash which is currently on Youtube – very funny.

    By the way, the matching tattoos very sweet indeed for a couple in love (hopefully, their marriage works out for them) and at least they didn’t write their names?

    So conclusion, whether you liked G.I. Joe (watch it first before you make a decision) or not, hopefully a new star is rising and good luck to him and the others of G.I. Joe!

    Go Joe!

  • Destiny

    Oh god I loved it !! I love Channing in everything, and his wife is so LUCKY!!!

  • rach09elm


  • commonsense

    Did you guys watch the same movie that I did?!! It was the dumbest shit ever!!!! It was painful to watch, the acting was atrocious even for a mindless action flick. The best part of the movie was the fight scenes between the two boys.

  • Seven

    It’s Marlon Wayans who’s the real hottie here. Wow! He’s never looked better and he’s always look good. What a tight body on Marlon!

  • zara

    I absolutely loved the movie!
    Channing is so hot and sienna miller was fabulous in the movie, that was one evil baroness!!

  • Rocky


    ITA!! It was non stop action from beginning to end! Sienna rocked that tight outfit and she did a respectable acting job. She played one mean chick! Soooo much better than Transformers! Now THAT was a money that sucked!! Why that stupid movie made so much money is beyond me!! Hope they don’t come out with a Transformer 3!

  • Rocky


    Marlon was GREAT! His comedy was well placed and not silly. Body was ‘rockin’.

  • Rocky


    Who ‘He’? What wig? None of the men wore wigs.

  • Rocky

    @Go Joe:


  • Rocky


    Oh please! Get over yourself. If you were in this movie and it made the money it’s making YOU’D HAVE IT ON YOUR RESUME!

  • Shanti

    I bet it is in SANSKRIT tattoo…

  • jenn

    forget about Channing Tatum and others.

    It’s Sienna Miller who steals the show!

    She’s really beautiful, cute, attractive, talented. wow…

    Jared, more Sienna, please.

  • loveforfour

    Saw GI Joe on friday and I loved it. The different story lines helped make the movie. I’m surprised it didn’t make more here in the US because my local theatre was packed even at nighttime.

  • Gee


    A theatre packed on a Friday night!??! Omg, that just doesn’t happen anymore!

  • jj

    OMG, I loved the movie, I don’t know why everyone’s so negative. I have to say, after all the negative press for Sienna, I wasn’t really excited for her role, but she was HOT as the baroness. She did a really good job. And so did Channing. I loved the pairing between them. I think the movie was awesome. Action with a bit of romance. The romance could have been hyped up a little more, but it was awesome. This movie definitely went above what I thought it was going to be. I went in the movie reluctantly and came out amazed. :) I’ll be looking forward to seeing Sienna more and I hope Jenna and Channing stay together cuz I’ve loved them ever since Step Up and have been rootin for them. I think it’s cute that they have matching tattoos. :)

  • Kendra

    I dont know what everyone’s problem is.. This movie was FANTASTIC! Channing Tatum & Sienna Miller did a wonderful job. This is by far one of my favorite movies of the year. And I, for one, think Marlon Wayans did an incredible job for this being a serious role. He managed great presence and brought a bit of comedy to the film. Overall, a movie that everyone should give a chance! I’ll be looking for it on DVD in a few months.

  • Sally

    “Channing Tatum stops to sign autographs for fans before heading out for a flight at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday. The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra star topped last weekend’s box office with his blockbuster action flick.”



    He’s gorgeous, isn’t he? And so is his wife. Cute couple!

  • flash

    I don’t see any tattoo on that pictures. Anyway, I find the idea sweet. I am not against partners matching tattoos. it’s romantic, I think.
    The movie was not bad. I suggest to watch it at the cinema, though, cause without special effect (which are only appreciable in front of a huge screen) there’s nothing left too see.

  • akiyo

    GI JOE was a great movie. at least me and all of my so many friends love it. it was really good. you see, when you watch the movie for your entertainment you can really see how good it is but if you just watch it to look for some spots for you to criticize the actors and the movie, well it will really look boring . it is really great. channing can make a good action star specially with his physical characteristics.he’s even great in dancing ! i love him together with his wife jenna! nyahahaha! love it !


  • suppress your appetite

    Great pictures.

  • rob


  • dj

    I just don’t like channing’s wife.How could he fall for her?I don’t like her face.