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Chris Pine: Sun Visor Sexy

Chris Pine: Sun Visor Sexy

Chris Pine keeps the sun out of his eyes with a pair of shades and sun visor as he strolls back home on Sunday (August 9) in Silverlake, Calif.

The Star Trek actor, who turns 29 later this month, was also seen downing a bottle of smartwater in Silverlake on Saturday (August 8). This is Jennifer Aniston‘s limited-edition smartwater bottle, with 5 cents of every bottle sold going directly to Action for Healthy Kids.

Below is JJ fan Meg with Chris after his last performance in his play Farragut North.

10+ pictures inside of sun visor sexy Chris Pine

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chris pine sun visor 03
chris pine sun visor 04
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chris pine sun visor 06
chris pine sun visor 07
chris pine sun visor 08
chris pine sun visor 09
chris pine sun visor 10
chris pine sun visor 11
chris pine sun visor 12
chris pine sun visor 13

Credit: John Shinn; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, GSI Media
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  • melopy

    i looooooooove him

    can’t wait te see him in TCA i hop he will wing something

  • limey

    So sweet!

  • SAN

    HOT!HOT!HOT! Really “Pine Sol”



  • me


  • me


  • John L. Shinn III

    I took some of the pictures of Chris Pine (above) last Saturday. Not only is he hard to work with—this guy acts like a “Hollywood Diva.” I’d rather work on Katherine Heigl or Kate Walsh—or even Zach Quinto. But Chris (I suspect he’s gay though there’s nothing wrong with that) thinks he’s some really big Hollywood star/diva!

    Check this picture out:

  • happy

    what do u mean hard to work with? because he won’t take pictures? just asking…

  • caseysayshi

    i agree with happy. Is it because he really is hard to snatch photos of or is is just that he tries to get around taking his photo shot. I don’t blame him but its a hollywood business and a fact of life for that job. you want the cake, you need to be able to handle making that cake.

  • Johanna

    Not saying that you are full of it John, but, if someone was taking pictures of your car and apartment building and you were a celebrity, wouldn’t that bother you? You are NOT taking pictures at a scheduled photo shoot. It isn’t an official publicity function correct? You are following him on the street right? That wouldn’t slightly annoy you?

    I know that these celebrities seek fame and such so they have to expect it, but, isn’t that going a little far? Taking street pictures are one thing, from afar that is, but if you are hounding the guy who most likely won’t have the freedom or anonymity much longer if her blows up isn’t very cool.

    So since you are speculating that he is gay (which I will admit, I would buy, but so what) is that why you are trying to follow him? Hoping he slips up and is seen with another dude, or anyone else? Sounds like you have another motive here. Again, I understand that they should already know this is what happens with fame and fortune, but, they deserve a private life too. A stress free one at that. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Just sayin’

  • Deb

    John, you never said why he is hard to work with. You took pictures of his car and the front of his house. How does that make him a diva? My daughter and I met him twice during his run at the Geffen Playhouse and he was so polite and sweet to us. He even introduced himself to us. I’m sure its not pleasant for anyone to be followed around by obtrusive paparazzi and we don’t really need to see pics of his car in his garage! Who cares?! As far as being gay, I highly doubt because he’s had many girlfriends, but again…none of our business! Leave the guy alone!!!!

  • whatsakeygrip

    Wow – John Shinn – you just proved why Chris Pine doesn’t like you or the other paps. You’re a douche. I like how you throw unwarranted gay speculation around, just cause you don’t like the guy. You are not only stalking this guy in person, you are following him around on the internet. No wonder he tries to avoid you. Pine should really get some security – trying to live like a normal person is not going to work with people like you around. Great job showing his house, license plate, and where he lives. If some psycho hurts him – are you going to apologize to his family?

    Oh – and I know a lot of people who worked on the crew of the latest ST – everyone who worked with him says he is a dedicated actor, a great guy and very professional.

  • vainjain

    Wow John Shinn III…you have just shown why so many celebs don’t like you guys. For some reason, I remember you posting about Zachary Quinto & how you were carefully not to intrude upon too much. But now you’re calling Chris Pine a “diva”? And to post the link to that photo is just wrong! Truth be told, I shouldn’t have looked at it but I was expecting to see a vid or something of Chris in full “diva meltdown” to support your claim. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pine but from what I hear, he’s a really nice guy. So why not just leave him be. Were you waiting behind a dumpster or something to get a pic of this guy as he was trying to live a normal life? I mean really! I feel badly for him. Unfortunately I guess he’s “fair game” due to his career choice but imagine if you were in his shoes. How would you feel????

  • wowusuck

    Hey John Shinn – aren’t you the same pap Chris Pine told to f**k off after you snapped him having lunch with his ex-girlfriend Beau Garrett? (who he was with for a long time – oh and she is an actress and a Revlon model – so yeah – totally gay)

  • mrandmrssmith

    John Shinn – you are disgusting. You harass him and then call him a diva and gay because he doesn’t appreciate your vileness? You intrude on his privacy. You are scum. Karma is on its way to you.

  • Stacie

    I totally agree with most of the other comments. Who ever this John Shinn is just seems like a complete jerk. Chris is the sweetest guy, I EVER met. The one time I did meet him he was completely nice to me even though I was the one bothering him.I just DO NOT believe this John Shinn fellow. I love Chris . He’s so Dreamy and Sweet.

  • frenchdogblues

    Please. Chris was such a gentleman when I met him, and anybody I know who has met him says the same. Maybe he is only a diva to people who stalk him and photograph him? Gee, I wonder why he wouldn’t like you John Shinn.

  • Jenna

    “(who he was with for a long time – oh and she is an actress and a Revlon model – so yeah – totally gay)”

    In all fairness, that means nothing. Gay men get married and have kids just to keep it secret, but they still mess around on the DL. Especially in Hollywood. Not saying it’s even remotely true, but many of those Hollywood celebs swing both ways.

    And I do have to be honest. He’s NOT being hounded the way he will be if he becomes huge. He won’t be able to just walk down the street and such when he really makes it. If he doesn’t like it, then he should leave and put his degree in English to good use. It sucks that all celebs are hounded, but they chose this line of work…so they need to deal with it. I don’t feel sorry for him for that.
    It comes with the job.

  • notright

    Jenna -
    Lots of celebs are in the closet – but there is no evidence or even rumors besides the above speculation of this pissed off pap that this guy is gay. He had girlfriends before he got famous and cast in movie roles. And believe me, models usually don’t beard for any length of time – especially if a guy is not famous yet and they are not going to get anything out of it. This guy is obviously just pissed off because Pine probably yelled at him and/or is not making his life easy.

    And no one signs up to have their place of residence on the web. Any actor or famous person should expect attention and paps -but not attention that endangers them. Taking his picture on the street or in a cafe is one thing – showing where the guy lives is another.

  • John L. Shinn III

    the reason why i started working on Chris Pine was because i grew up watching his dad and eric estrada on the TV series CHiPs. I like his dad. On most of the stories i work I try to be discreet and oftentimes celebrities do not even know i was there and that i just took their picture. With Chris, the moment he leaves his apartment, he would drive out of the alley like a maniac ( I hope he doesn’t run over somebody one of these days). He does not have to drive away like that because I’m not going to risk my life and that of pedestrians. There’s no reason for him to drive like that. Even when he gets his morning coffee from across the street of his apartment, Chris would dash across the busy street and not use the pedestrian lanes by the 7-Eleven. There’s no reason for him to even act like this. The closest I got to him was about 50 feet away. I try to give him space. If he keeps it up we (paps) can make his life miserable everyday of his life.

  • notright

    “If he keeps it up we (paps) can make his life miserable everyday of his life.”

    You’re threatening him now? You are a gem. If you wanted to prove you are not a douche – FAIL.

    And you already have posted the building where this guy lives. followed him to his door, taken pictures of his garage, etc. What are you going to do next – break into his house? Jesus.

  • Deb

    You said it notright! Epic fail!!! John, you are no better than a stalker and you should be treated like one! You heard from all the people who legitimately met him. He treated us with respect. You don’t deserve his respect!

  • mrandmrssmith

    John – You’re a typical piece of crap who tries to justify their disgusting behaviour by blaming the person refusing to tolerate your crap.

  • pretty

    Oh wow – Chris should get a restraining order against this John dude. What an asshole!!!! Why don’t you leave him the F*ck alone?!?!?!?!

    And sure 50 feet away, right?!?! You’re A LIAR!!!

    Since you’re threatening him – I live 10 minutes away from his apt. and IF YOU KEEP harassing him, I will personally FIND YOU and beat the crap out of you and your loser parasite friends! LMFAO!! I bet you’re ugly, it shouldn’t be hard to find you … AND I WILL FIND YOU!!!!

  • vainjain

    @John L. Shinn III: Sorry to say but it seems like you’re already doing that. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be bothered. Can’t you guys give the poor man a break?

  • Banks

    He’s a celebrity. Deal with it. Besides, he knows that he is going to be followed especially since they obviously know his routine. If he is so bothered, why is he still going to those places where he knows they will be? As much as it sucks, these keep him out there. Like others have said, this is nothing. If he becomes a major star (Which is what HE has chosen to do) it will get a million times worse. Period. If he doesn’t like it or can’t handle it, get out. I believe the possibility of the gay thing too. There is just something that is off. Most celebs are indeed in the closet. Doesn’t mean a damn thing and doesn’t change the fact that he’s a damn good actor, but Girl friends and wives mean nothing in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he won’t sell in Hollyweird if he is as the fems love him, hence why so many of them have to keep it on the hush. But who the hell cares overall? John, you wouldn’t by chance be a jilted male lova would ya?

  • Cp

    The pap/stalker issue aside for the moment; we are one sick country when we feel the obsessive need to speculate on the sexual orientation of a celebrity before assessing their talent…or safety for that matter. Who cares!!!!? Why do we need to speculate, why do we need to know? I am a female and think Chris is a very handsome and talented actor, but I don’t expect to marry him, so what difference does his orientation make!? I want to enjoy his hopefully long film and stage career!
    The other issue: paps are pretty much akin to stalkers. They have their place, but it should be solely on the edges of scheduled red carpet events, not imposing on someone’s personal life! Just saying!

  • http://n/a Stylo

    @Banks: Why does he keep going to places where he knows photographers will be?? You mean, like his HOUSE? And his favourite coffeeshop?? You’re saying he should change everything because a bunch of stalkers can’t or won’t leave him alone?


    JOHN SHINN IS NOT ONLY A STALKER, HE CAN’T ARTICULATE THE SIMPLEST ARGUMENT. John, that’s because you have no argument YOU LYING GARBAGE. You’re grasping for straws. And you idiots who think actors become famous want to be stalked, bottle your own bitterness from being a bus driver. Actors want to act. If they become famous, that’s great, but they never asked to be stalked. This parasite said he would “make his life miserable” because Chris drives quickly out of his apt. That’s because Chris doesn’t want anyone to KNOW WHERE HE LIVES A$$HOLE. That’s your substantiation for him being a “diva” and “gay”? GET LAID AND GROW A BACKBONE YOU’RE BITTER THAT YOU ARE THE LITERAL MEANING OF A PARASITE. YOU HAVE NO LIFE. YOUR LIFE IS BASED ON STALKING PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVES. Haha PATHETIC. Don’t buy gossip rags because it supports this garbage.

  • videos of victoria silvstedt

    must see

  • Johan

    @John L. Shinn III:

    This is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve read all week. You should perhaps try to make an honest living instead of hunting people down for photos.

    I don’t get how ppl can do this and claim that “the actors chose it”.
    Do you even know what being an actor IS? It’s about art, about creating something.
    Not about being chased by photographers!
    You don’t choose to become famous, not if you’re a real actor.

    Go chase someone who wants it instead, there are plenty of wannabe-celebs in town. Pick someone who actually wants to be a media wh**e.

  • depree

    ohh Pine , you’re so fine. @Deb : you’re so lucky, n I’m jelous