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Christina Aguilera: Black Eye Baby

Christina Aguilera: Black Eye Baby

Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman go shopping at La La Ling children’s clothing store on Saturday afternoon (August 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The couple brought along their 18-month-old son, Max Liron, who wore an oversized pair of sunglasses to cover up his black eye. Poor little guy!

Christina was recently asked if she has any issues with paparazzi now that she has a family. She told AP, “We moved into our new house about a year ago, but since I started working on the record, I have a studio in the backyard. . . . It just has been so perfect for me to just wake up in the morning, put on my flip flops and sweatpants, and just go back in the studio and pretty much get into my creative cave and zone out that way, so it’s been really convenient. So the paparazzi have probably been upset with me. I know they told my husband, they’re like, ‘Is she ever going to leave the house?’”

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Halli

    I could easily make a joke about this but I won’t.

  • donnerstag

    thikids looks ever so … so … hmmmm

  • e.lis

    I love her T-shirt

  • Nolwenn

    He looks like his father, unfortunately :)

  • Annie

    Not cute. Thats mean. I wonder what happened.

  • Annie

    @Nolwenn: Very unfortunate

  • Chanel

    @Halli: I want to hear the joke

  • Sally

    Cute babe!!!

  • t

    @Halli — Haha. I have so many things to say too. But I wont because he’s only 2!

  • hello


  • Audrey

    He starts to look like Chrstina!:)
    Btw, she looks gorgeous!! I LOVE her, and Max is cute!

  • roosta


  • mick

    um, wow he’s one ugly kid.

  • nikomilinko

    the boy looks like Pumuki

  • maddie

    what an ugly brat …

  • naomi

    if jayden or s preston were the one’s with black eyes, there would be like 1000 post from angry people writing that britney made those!

  • zxc

    He is year and half so it’s not hard to imagine what happened. He started walking, etc.
    BTW I don’t care Britney at all.

  • kasia

    to naomi, yeah that was my first though too
    sorry to say that but he’s not cute at all and he’s not getting cuter
    Max isn’t a copy of his dad I think, he has Christina’s eyes, hair but his face expression is all Jordan’s
    And he seems to be so absent, when she tries to pick him up his arms should go around her neck. Weird.

  • TawMaw

    These celebrities have the ugliest babies. I’m thinking, they must have had SO MUCH plastic surgery.

  • Faith Lynette

    ….{{in my best lifeguard voice}}


  • qboy

    she is soooo great

    i love her

    go go xtina

  • Ashley

    this is not the first time I saw a pic of the baby with bruises on his face…. the first time was a party of another celeb baby’s b-day, and he had a bruise on his head.. poor lil boy…

  • qboy

    the boy is a cute boy, he got this expression in the eyes, he always stares at the paparzzi camera, that’s amazing cuz he is only 2 and since the beginning !

    well the 3 of em make a great family, happy marriage, happy wife, happy child, happy career, what more does she need ?????

    I love you , plz dont ever stop christina

  • ness17

    omg, he is the spitting image of his father
    unfortunately he didn’t get any of christina’s genes

  • pout

    his eyes are beautiful! when he’ll grow up he’ll look way cuter for sure! All those who think he’s not cute, post a photo of u when u were 2 so that we can share jokes!

  • Riley

    The husband is fugly!

  • cj stjohn

    There are no ugly children in the world…they are always beautiful in someone’s eyes…don’t be so mean..he’s adorable…

  • Tazina

    He’s not bad looking. His chin is a little weak but he can always get an implant when he’s older.

  • blah

    People should really be care who they have children by.

  • ?

    No he’s not a cute kid, sorry n all, but he’s just not! My friend’s son is the spit n he’s not cute either. Sweet tho. He’s older, bout 7, so poor little Max aint gonna grow no cuter!

  • Naomi

    It s true that ugly babies turn into beautiful adults and beautiful babies turn into ugly adults

  • qboy

    you guys make me laugh !

    discussing about wheither he is or not, so interesting subject !

    iam glad christina has a strong support arround her, cuz with ppl like you it aint easy to hold on !

    christina go to work we want an album !!!

  • @Naomi

    Umm, no, actually it’s not..don’t know where u heard that but it’s not true! A child with jug ears is always going to have jug ears, a child with a huge, round head is likewise etc, genetics starts in the womb and this kid got a duff set, that’s all.

  • Poor Kid

    He looks retarded.

  • wendy

    God are some of you serious? You are judging how a 2 year old look’s, calling a two year old boy, ugly and retarded? Actually its YOU who are the ugly ones, sad pathetic pieces of s***!!!!

  • shaylin

    max liron has christina eyes and hair and jordan face expressions overall cute baby and he was an adorable newborn perfect little family cant wait till she have more so the ones on here sayin the baby is ugly kill urself wait till beyonce have a baby wit king kong jayz

  • Brenda

    Leave the kid alone, all you warped minds.

  • boomboompow

    They are an ugly family.

  • me

    fuuuh I was worried that’s a girl/ And that’s boy! YAY! I am not scared anymore!

  • bella

    @pout: LOL agree.

  • Jen

    omg how can you call him retarded and ugly. He is just a baby and in his parents eyes he is probably the cutest kid ever which is what matters.

  • Cute Boy

    #25 – Agreed with you~ :)

  • meme

    He Looks Like Chucky :S :P


    #27 – exactly. All children are beautiful to me in their innocence. It’s the adults who are ugly. I hope he’s not suffering abuse – sadly, that’s the first thing I thought. He looks so unhappy – poor boy.


    #27 – exactly. I hope he’s not suffering abuse – he looks so unhappy; it’s tragic.

  • teri

    Poor little guy must have fell to get that shinner. Kids are so clumsy and they fear nothing so taking risk daily is normal. I couldn’t even imagine the JP children having an accident like this because they wouldn’t be so forgiving.

  • fantomette

    one of the ugliest celeb kids… does he ever close his mouth ?

  • kathy

    they all have three different hair colors…the first thing that popped in my head was EDWARDS COPPERHEAD ON LITTLE MAXY! how cute. and does he have green eyes?

    (twilight guys ya’ll know where im going with this)

  • noodle

    SO CUTE<3
    Poor baby.

  • saraaa

    I think he is cute. Im sure he will be one handsome man :)