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Jon Gosselin Uses Paparazzi Camera

Jon Gosselin Uses Paparazzi Camera

Jon Gosselin turns the lens onto the paparazzi, firing back at paparazzi with a 500mm camera lens from his front yard on Saturday (August 8) in Reading, Penn.

The next day, Jon was seen withdrawing a wad of cash from a Sovereign Bank ATM before heading to lunch.

A new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 titled “Beach & Kitchen Reveal” airs @ 9PM ET/PT tomorrow (August 10) on TLC.

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Credit: Alequin/Adao; Photos: INFdaily
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  • J

    who is his flavor of the week this week? Hailey? Kate 2.0? The kids’ dentist? lol

  • kiddo

    Nice Idea. Didnt JFK jr. shoot them with a water psitol? lol

    too bad Jon’s kids probably bought the camera.

    ANd now that paps will be even more brutal to him and the ho bags.

    Kate is playing it smarter. sit in the front boringly with the kids. little picnics. No hoot n hollering.

    Maybe he doesnt want custody of the kids, just the cash.

  • Michelle

    ***YAWN*** Boring!

  • jasmine

    Once again, Jon is out spending money and not spending time with his kids. He has limited access to the children now – yet he takes off and leaves them with a sitter whenever he can. What message does that send the kids? Daddy’s here for the filming, then he’s outa here!

  • camm

    Now he is a pap?

  • ally

    fatass. hate him

  • wally

    Irrelevant Douchebag

  • leave

    just leave them alone

    john is stupid
    but kate really cares about the kids
    u dont see her going out with 3 different girls
    the show is awesome and u guys are all haterzz


    he looks suited for the career of the creepy stalkerazzi…

  • Kari

    He’s sooo retarded. (and such a fat asss…)
    I wish he’d move to Hawaii, to be with his family. Maybe the papz wouldn’t give a shitt about him there.

  • dundies

    LOL im the only one who finds this funny

  • Jaded

    I wish I could afford to spend $10,000.00 to “annoy the paps”. It’s not like he needs a camera and lens like that for any other reason than to say to the photogs look what I can buy.


  • Gagstastic

    yeah the kids bought him that camera!

  • terry

    he thinks he’s funny. he thinks he’s amusing but he’s too stupid to realize that the paps may be laughing at his antics to his face, but they’re really laughing AT him, not with him. they think he’s a pathetic loser, but he’s too stupid to realize that he IS the joke. the JOKE is on HIM.

  • liz k

    Good for him! I wish more celebrities would do so.

  • Kami

    used to be cool but now hes a DOOOUUCHE!

  • kate plays mom on TV

    Why are we making fun of Jon because he’s overweight? 60% of Americans are OBESE. You guys are getting really petty. I’m sure all of you can stand to lose weight too!

  • cookies

    This isn’t only Jon’s fault. Kate plays mommy on TV too, except TLC is on her side. She left Jon in Oct 08, yet she is pretending everything is all on her. She has MANY people to help her..production assistances, personal assistances, nannies, organic cooks, kraft services, gardners, pool cleaners, body guards. Can she even care for these kids without hired help (outside of an occasional babysitter)????

    This women doesn’t live like any “single mother” ive ever heard of.

  • cookies

    @cookies: I forgot to add she also has millions, single mothers generally struggle financially.

    Kate should be ashamed to stand up and say she struggles….pathetic.

  • christine


  • lakers fan in boston

    douchey as always
    the sad thing is i actually think he bought that camera
    just so he could probably use it this 1 time
    what a f’ing loser, nothing worse than a dumbass with money
    spending most of his money fast right now and he’s gonna get raped soon with child support

  • aIMEE

    hey guys, slow down. can’t you see he bought that telephoto lens so he could take pics of his kids in North Carolina, all the way from NYC? he’s just another loving dad….with a tiny tiny penis.

  • christine

    Kate said she STRUGGLES??? JESUS HAVE MERCY! Do you know what “STRUGGLE” is? STRUGGLE is when you have NO money, with even ONE DISOBEDIENT kid, TRYING, TRYING, TRYING to buy clothes, food, school supplies & even TECH products such as a simple computer so your kid can get out of the same dilemma you went thru in life. ON TOP OF THAT, making sure the kid doesn’t get into CRIMES. She CRITICIZES her GOOD husband when there r women out there with NO husbands! She CRITICIZES THE HELP when the rest of us have NO help!!!!!! I mean this woman has NERVE!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SICK OF HER.


  • Reality bites

    Jon didn’t have to buy a camera lens. The NC film production company that produces the show for TLC probably let him borrow it. They were there today filming because it’s Jon’s turn to play dad to his 8 kids. Kate is laying low somewhere else. Maryland? NYC? Where is Kate??

  • dory

    Kate was in Austin, Tx giving one of her pity me speeches yesterday. Maybe she was mobbed and beaten by her fans after she refused autographs.


    Oh – this is his career du jour! Photo journalist! He is such a bright guy with such bright ambitions.

    Both Jon and Kate should be reported to CPS.

  • Sue

    He’s now a pap – smear.

  • sue

    Love Kate, Hate Jon.

  • hahaha

    Who is that big dude standing behind him with the loud shorts?

    Could it be his new lover?

  • statingtheobvious


  • tiktok

    I can’t believe these paps would go so far as to snapping a pic when he is at a bank and withdrawing money . That could be a safety issue right there cause then some random person knows the type of bank he goes to and etc…
    We as a public should be smarter than this to believe what the tabloids and certain types of media are feeding us . It’s sad that people buy tabloid mags when they should figure out most if not all are just lies to keeping selling stories and selling out celebs .

  • Splash News


  • TLC sucks

    Does anyone actually read the title of the pictures? It says “Jon Gosselin Uses Paparazzi Camera”. He borrowed it, did not buy it. Try reading the whole story before posting.

  • Tina

    I read about Kates today show interview. Yeah right, she stated Jodi & Kevin (her brother) are just making money off her children. Kate, brain storm-what the hell are you doing? And you are their mother, a sick individual you are. Fake cry on the show and then all smiles and shopping to spend the money you make off child labor. Hope they slap your ugly face one day. By the way you are aging 10 fold. Rush back to Hailyes day and get him to give you the one over like Hailey gives Jon each night except you need the surgery. Stupid Woman, you did all this to yourself, the kids will know it one day. Mommie kicked dad out so she could keep us working on tv and making money for her. Daddy just wanted us to have a normal private life. Mommie wanted to use us for money. How sad, how lame, what a bitch you are. Keep on spending Kate, the money can’t love you back. How lonely you must be using and being used by those who you buy out. Even you own children. Heard about how you was a bitch aftter the today show. Damn sure believe it to. Real strong woman you think you are. You are just a selfish coward!

  • Tina

    @Reality bites:
    Probably laid up with steve while she abandones the kids to jon and the babysitter. She does not seem to want to be with them anyway unless she is there acting for the camera. Girl, she has shopping to do after the acting job on the today show. She has to spend the money her children made her before they grow up and get some of it-Ha Ha! She is playing everyone for more freebies and wanting them to understand she has to work her children, if not she would not be able to spend all the time and send them places in limo’s and planes and she might have to really work herself. What a horrible person she is. Her day to pay is coming when the kids all relize the truth of mommie dearest and what she has done to the whole family and all for money at their expense-their lives. One day she to will just be a statistic, she almost already is. Crash and burn is what she is headed to with all this she had inflicted upon herself and her family. Karma is a bitch! Darma is even worse. Jon will come through for the children, Kate will not-All IMO.

  • Heather

    Kate, try struggling to pay your mortgage….Try not having $45,000 an episode.

  • suppress your appetite

    n1 !!!