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Kristen Stewart: Spiky Skirt at Teen Choice Awards

Kristen Stewart: Spiky Skirt at Teen Choice Awards

Kristen Stewart goes super sharp in a spiky skirt at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 19-year-old Twilight actress was wearing Rock & Repulic‘s “Roma” dress, featuring a daring plunging v neckline and edgy spike skirt. Kristen also wore Jerome C. Rousseau black peep toe ankle boots.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart wearing a spiky skirt at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/Getty
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# 1

awesome as always :)

# 2

how does she sit down?? o.O

# 3
alexanderina @ 08/09/2009 at 8:53 pm

she looks cute

# 4

she cleaned her self up !!!! : >)

# 5

haha that skirt makes me laugh love her though

# 6

strange and that’s why i love her but i agree how does she sit?

# 7

awwe, she looks cute : )

# 8

She looks stunning… wow. If you guys want to see an amazing gallery of the Cullen household and La Push Reservation – – there are so many good shots of Bella, Jacob, Edward etc…. I LOVE Kristen stewart F all the haters..

# 9


ewl! what was she thinking…that wouldnt look good on anyone!!!

ewl! what was she thinking?!?!?! that wouldnt look good on anyone!!

she looks pretty but her outfit is minging,<3

OMG that looks creepy:Dlol..
she’s a bit weird.haha

KristenRULES!! @ 08/09/2009 at 8:58 pm

she looks so HOT!

i think she looks awesome.

krissy-poo what were you thinking with this outfit? *sigh* still love u bb but how are you supposed to sit?!?pleased with the hair…and my gawd LOVE THE SHOES!!!

I love Kristen, but WTF?

& does she not know how to pose or summin ? she looks so fridged and dont know wth she is doing ;S.

Wtf is she wearing?!?! Jeez,girl. You have money! STOP SHOPPING AT THE THRIFT STORE! Still like her though.

Ohhh, i love the outfit so much.
&& her of course!!!!

One word: FUGLY

love it, hove her
she looks clean
she looks fab!!!
she looks beautiful.
go rocker girl

It’s the first time that Kristen looks good since she cut her hair. It’s really good. :D

confusedlife. @ 08/09/2009 at 9:01 pm

kristen must take a bra before an award !

aww. she looks good. the skirt is…strange.. but that’s her style!
I can’t wait for her old hair back! I’m not liking this mullet!

the shoes are amazing

she looks stunnin(‘:
Ima huge fan :’D

She is totally rocking her outfit. She looks great. Hope she wins something….and of course, lets hope she sits next to Rob, lol. Go Robsten.

Zanessafanx13!!! @ 08/09/2009 at 9:02 pm

She is going to start bleeding from those spikes when she sits down! Haha i luv Kristen and her outfit is like rocker chick. I luv her shoes and hair!!

Usually I don’t like her, but love that outfit.



She looks SO fierce@


she looks like a goth trying to go prep. I love the skirt but the top is a dont.

She better not be high when i see her on monday @ fox. >.<

eww horrible dress.. horrible.. shoes n horrible everything.. i love her as an actrees but she looks really taky in the red carpets

She looks great!!!

She looks really PALE. Really poor choice of clothing.

I love Kristen Stewart. Shes an amazing actress and the roles she takes on always suprise me. But I do have to say this was not her best look. I think with her regular hair it would have been good but this was just not that great. I still hope she wins and I still love her. But really. If the rumors and gosspi is true and she is dating Robert Pattinson shouldnt she look her best in front of him? Krisetn is really beautiful so she should dress beautiful. SHe has a shitload of money so its not like she couldnt afford something kick-ass looking. She still great for Rob, an amazing actress, and awesome! I do admire her courage!

she looks soo frickin good!!!

She looks nice :]

she look very ugly

sorry for kristen fans but her dress is worst thing i ever seen

Fernanda Hübler @ 08/09/2009 at 9:21 pm

she is hot and beautiful! I love her!

omg omg omg omg omg omg …………………..
she does not looked stoned
this is probobly a once in a
life time thing we might not see
her like this again…….

omg omg omg omg omg omg …………………..
she does not looked stoned
this is probobly a once in a
life time thing we might not see
her like this again…….

that is an ugly can you be a fan of hers and pretend that outfit looks good…it’s tacky.

come on! she looks horrible!! the clothing, the hair, everything! I know you guys love Bella, so do I, but Kristen is so weird!!!

ilikefamousguys @ 08/09/2009 at 9:26 pm

I think the skirt was to keep RPattz at bay during the show. LOL.

drunkabella @ 08/09/2009 at 9:26 pm

needs a stylist because shes style-clueless.

amazing actress is that a joke? she has the blindest fans. Boring girl. What a horrible looking dress or whatever that thing is. Well at least she tried and didn’t show up in jeans, poor girl though, so many great clothes and she chooses that thing? LOL

well at least her hair isnt fug styled like but the dress has got to go

lucyhale'sfeet @ 08/09/2009 at 9:33 pm

Her shoes are so ugly!

All right for those who are asking why we love Kristen let me break it down for you bobble heads. We do not decide what actresses we like by their clothing its about their acting, hence the name actors. Yes this was not her best choice but really I have seen worse. She isnt ugly either. If she was ugly Robert Pattinson wouldnt give her the time of day. She needs a different wardrobe yes but stop bashing on her acting and calling her ugly. I personally admire her. Shes brave enough to wear this. Would you be that brave? Let me spell it for you: NO YOU WOULDNT!

I love her !
She looks nicee..!
is her style..*_*

seems kstew is geting all the attention now huh? gorgeous as ever. rocker badass. joan jett so much huh?

Wow, she’s actually cleaned up and not wearing those jeans and nasty tee’s…the outfit does nothing for her. She needs some fashion advice badly. What Rob see’s in her I will never figure out.

loveee it. (:
good goin’, kris!

I think it’s really time she gave up on the whole ‘rock-chick’ thing. Her outfit is hideous and that hair is god-awful!!! And really, considering how much she gets paid & who she works with….. is it THAT hard to crack a proper smile???????

Kristen looks HOT! Love the whole outfit. Wow… her legs are gorgeous!

Am I the only one who’s noticed that she had nice legs? She’s working that outfit it’s very her. She did what she could with the hair it looks good I think.

wow …the people here are really blind that dress is HORRIBLE, i dont care what her fans said ;she really look bad
she is not an ugly girl but she really need a stylist
sorry but she looks like a ********* *****

Wow she actually looks good. lol. I was wondering what she was gunna go with that hair…. haha. Love the outfit. She looks awesome :)

how can a person had soo bad taste in fashion?,
it is soo hard try to use a normal dress and not look like a w****
i hope that she soon end that movie and change that horrible hair

she looks ugly

She looks so pretty! Her hair looks good tied up :o)

frejamacarons @ 08/09/2009 at 10:32 pm

her hair looks so ugly.


She annoys me soooo much. She can’t act and that new hairdo of hers really doesn’t look good on her.

oh god.
there’s always going to be people that say she’s always on drugs just because of that ONE picture they saw of her smoking weed.
get OVER IT! it was once, and it’s not like she’s the only human that smokes weed.
my goodness.

she looks stunning!!
she’s not a girly girl and she has a cute casual yet edgy outfit to show that off.
Her hair looks great! and it looks like its up and clean.
she looks beautiful when she dresses up for actual events !

She looks pretty.
Thank God she didn’t leave her mullet down.

I like it! It’s different, it’s stylish and dressy. Anything is better than her painted on jeans and knotted at waist t-shirt ensemble. Thankfully she did not wear tennis shoes with this skirt. She is so cute, rebellious and thin she should experiment with new styles more often.

Im always amazed at the level of negativity thrown at this girl, other actresses look like sh** neres this girl looking AMAZING tonite with her own style and u people still hate her. OMG u guys are such hypocrites Rob could walk arouod unwashed “OMGhes dreamy” poor Kristen has 2 be critiised for everything, she is gorgeous here yet u hate her fugly really not one part of this girl is ugly and RPatz adores her! shes sexy, stunning and you guys are HATERS

are you people serious?? she looks dreadful!

are you people serious?? she looks dreadful!

twifan cullen @ 08/09/2009 at 10:59 pm

ong, i love her outfit especially the skirt

She always looks manly to me. Don’t know why.

She looks horrible, really bad. That thing she is wearing looks horrific, her hair looks like crap, the only thing that looks okay is her make-up. Completely with you CHRISTINE i also think the girl is doing drugs and no not pot im talking hardcore drugs. And no KRIS its not because of the pot picture look at her interviews of a couple of years ago to the comic con ones of this year it looks like she went from using pot to using hardcore drugs. The symptoms are all there before she could talk semi coherently and somewhat intelligent sounding and now you cant understand what the heck she is talking about. Its too obvious that she is using more hardcore stuff now. And dont give me the whole she is shy,awkard stuff please she always has a hard time talking about a book that is written for kids, its not hard stuff describing her character or talking about what goes on in the movie i think my cousin who is 7 could talk about that way better than Kristen. its not rocket science, she really needs to get help and dont want to see her end up like Lindsay and going all phsycho looking for Rob the way Lindsay does with Sam. Hopefully somebody will her the help she needs.’

This is what i think, its my opnion. I hope im wrong and she is not using hardcore drugs but i doubt it.

I wonder how it must’ve felt to sit down. Looks painful! :/

close, but no cigar kristen. is that a wifebeater underneath?

She’s drop dead gorgeous and edgy! Take that – Megan Fox and some KStew haters. She’s Rob’s girl and so proud of it. She makes the other girls look like “trying twihard” to be hot. Kristen does without the fake boobs, big hair and fake lashes.

My god..this girl doesn’t need much make-up!. Her skin is flawless.

I hope she comes out as a lesbian so the groupies can shut up.

Celebritywatcher @ 08/09/2009 at 11:50 pm

Cute skirt but she should dump Rob.

Check out my celebrity psychic predictions @

kristen mcfadyen @ 08/09/2009 at 11:52 pm

she looks amazingly beautiful like always. She’s the complete breathtaking package. I love that she has her own style and she rocks!!!!

I love that no matter how famous or rich she get she doesn’t let that change her style or personality.

She’s just this is me, screw you if you don’t like it.

I n f a m o u s l y C o o l @ 08/10/2009 at 12:18 am

hahahahahahahahahaha.. ugly ass retardd.

just sayin' @ 08/10/2009 at 12:27 am

she looks like a lesbian.

Lola, you are entitled to your opinion, but here is mine:
maybe you do hardcore drugs and thus you know the symptoms and know how hardcore drug users act. Mind you, K-Stew hasn’t been subject to this kind of media frenzy/scrutiny until recently (due to the success if Twilight). So unless you’ve been under extreme media scrutiny like K-stew has, you shouldn’t talk and/or throw around such harsh accusations.

I know plenty of adults who cannot speak coherently and btw. your 7 year old cousin should not be reading the Twilight series (particularly breaking dawn), IMO.

Lola, you are entitled to your opinion, but here is mine:
maybe you do hardcore drugs and thus you know the symptoms and know how hardcore drug users act. Mind you, K-Stew hasn’t been subject to this kind of media frenzy/scrutiny until recently (due to the success if Twilight). So unless you’ve been under extreme media scrutiny like K-stew has, you shouldn’t talk and/or throw around such harsh accusations.

I know plenty of adults who cannot speak coherently and btw. your 7 year old cousin should not be reading the Twilight series (particularly breaking dawn), IMO.

I bet she wore that needle skirt so she can twirl around and kill any haters (i.e. all the girls in the audience).

BLECH! She looks a bit better in the face, but holy mama! She totally needs a real Alice to dress her. I wonder if she was all twitchy like she was at Comic Con.

EW! WTF was she thinking?

What a fun and funky skirt. I dig it. Don’t think I would want to wear it because it looks uncomfortable, but cool nonetheless.

i am so proud of her she looks amazing from the hair to the dress I AM HAPPY SHE GLAM HERSELF UP LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER…o i wonder what rob say and good question how did she managed to sit…who cares I so happy to see her in this new light yay 100 points for her love kristen and i hoped she and rob sat together and nikki all the way in the back of the role

She looks pretty a lot better than she’s been looking lately. She’s a crappy actress and from what I see of her in interviews she has the personality of a wet dish cloth but maybe she’s different behind the scenes?

ARE YOU SERIOUS? why are ppl saying its horrible? WTH? did u see MEGAN FOX AND MILEYY EWWWWWWWW. now those are tragic situation there….kristen iS GORGEOUSSSSSSS. smart and talented. this is freaking ORIGINAL. LOVEE IT. LOVE HER. anyway JANET u dont know ****. crapppy actresses are vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale. OK THOSE ARE CRAPPY ACTRESSES. gosh!!! KRISTEN IS TALENTED. AMAZINGG. DONT MESS WITH THIS CHICK. no matter what u haters think….at least she has one thing u dont have : ROB. haha. suckeeers. :)

reporter: who are you wearing?
kstew: Fruit of the Loom and something i picked up at the hardware store…

Helen walsh @ 08/10/2009 at 1:46 am

oh my god you guys are so shallow. “if she is dating rob shouldn’t she be looking her best?” SERIOUSLY? are there woman in this century that think like this? that she has to wear what he likes so that he’ll like her more? what if she likes this, which she probably does? i wouldn’t rock it, except for the shoes, but is has kristen written all over it! it’s so HER. i can’t picture her wearing a hayden panettiere dress (which was horrendous). her face looks so great, her hair is really good as well, and her skin.. well, dont get me started on that.

and all the hate on the hair is only because she looks less like bella now than she ever did. she’s not bella. and personally i love her natural hair, i prefer it, but this one fits her personality so much better. maybe a little less mullet-y, but black and spiky? so her.

Helen walsh @ 08/10/2009 at 1:51 am

and if you look the close up you can see she’s growing her eyebrows back now that shooting has wrapped! haha, it’s so funny to see this because i always see these actors at red carpets and they aways look so flawless, not one spot, one hair that shouldn’t be there… and that’s not possible, right? i mean, they cant tweeze everyday!

naree uk. @ 08/10/2009 at 2:04 am

She looks beautiful. She looks good. I love her so much.

Oh, she look good. and very beautiful. we love her Kristen.

Kristen looks good. and looks clean. and beautiful…..

i actually kinda love her outfit lol!
and she looks amazing as always<3
wonder what rob thought O.o
cant wait too see them sitting next to eachother tmmrw night at the awards!
wonder if they went home together?
anyway her hair looks cool and she look very clean and beautiful. heard she won bestactress YAY!
team edward<3

Woah!! I like her style, she looks awesome

love this girl!! Kstew totally rocked it!

OMG SHE LOOKS AWFUL!!! I know the hair’s fpr a part but couldn’t she have worn a wig??? plus the dress is bizarre, she looks so emo over all, she now belongs in the adams family

123123123 @ 08/10/2009 at 3:11 am

I want that skirt!!!!!! :D

she’s really the only one who could pull off this look. i saw those shoes from the side in another pic, they are the ****!

jjjj-justin @ 08/10/2009 at 3:32 am

Kol.i like her style.keep it…though there are so many ******* around

Love her, love the dress and OMG she’s heels =)

what do people see in her? she’s just gross look at her legs…they are disgusting

is she a closet dike?

I love her outfit!!! It’s special :-) she is a natural beauty!

the skirt is cute but I’m not feelin the white tank or the loose black thing over it. Overall, I think she looks pretty good. She’s smiling for once which is nice. I just wish he would get some extensions or something for her hair.

Also, the shoes are hot!

babe_luv_ya @ 08/10/2009 at 6:19 am

For once she looks clean! For once her hair rocks! For once she smiles! But the dress is awful

wow. she looks good with her make-up all done up like that.
not so crazy about her skirt, but ah well.
she looks good like that tho.

wow. she looks good with her make-up all done up like that.
not so crazy about her skirt, but ah well.
she looks good like that tho.

I dont realy like her new style I prefer before but I always love her !!!

good to see her smile for a change!

lovee her, she is gorgeous!

Kristin M @ 08/10/2009 at 9:25 am

I honestly don’t get this at all. In all honestly, in my opinion, she isn’t pretty. I mean, when they glam her all up for photoshoots for Twilight, she’s passable but outside of that photoshoot, she is ugly. She has horrible fashion sense. I mean, at the VMAs, she wore this weird dress, and wore it like a homeless person. Hair all messed up, looking like she had scoliosis or something. She doesn’t wear her fashion well.

I honestly just don’t get it. Twilight won all the awards it was nominated for. Its a book about a vampire that can’t f**k a girl and some werewolf that wants to boink her too or something…ok…

This girl has no style whatsoever.

Aren’t those roach clips?

Althought it was not her choice to cut her hair for the movie Runaways, this is the first time in awhile Kristen has pulled off the Joan Jett hairstyle. I think she totally rocks the entire outfit while making it her on style.

I don’t know why people think this girl looks stunning because I think she looks pretty gross. Her hair is nasty, her skin is too pale, that dress is hideous and she stands like a guy. I can’t wait until all of this Twilight crap is done and over with so that I can stop hearing about it everywhere I go and seeing the two ugly stars everywhere.

Kristen looks AWESOME!!!!!!! Only she could pull off that cool spikey dress!

amazing as usual <33

the dress is totally cool, especially for a girl playing Joan Jett!! Though she needs to fix that hair, it’s such a mess…

Check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage for more…

the dress is totally cool, especially for a girl playing Joan Jett!! Though she needs to fix that hair, it’s such a mess…

Check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage for more…

love her!!!!
look at those eyes!!!
yay baby Stew with us now, not Joan jett anymore)

That dress…eww. Her hair…ewww. Do not like the color. Seriously, she can be a lot classier.

@omgee: I was thinking the same thing . . .OUCH!

I love her style
she look great…..
she is the best actor this years :)

I don’t like it…but she never wears anything stunning. It’s always bland…just like she is.
You know there’s something wrong if someone can wear this outfit and still be BORING.


U r the weirdo here ….
get away, im hunting ya down …

she looks good and pretty

She rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssss

beautiful ………………………………….

She actually looks cleaned up and happy here! She could have picked a better outfit that would have flattered her body more but she also does go for odd, funky styles. I find she look so young in these shots

I usually try and reframe from making negative comments about people as I am not so good looking myself, but there is absolutely nothing attractive about this girl.

Zanessafanx13!!! @ 08/10/2009 at 2:25 pm

@just sayin’:
How do you know what lesbians look like? Do they have a certain look?!

she looks beautiful.

I hand it to her… the girl doesnt give a **** what you think.. she prob saw that dress and was like ” thats pretty bad ass, im gonna wear it!” and i agree her hair looks the best it has since she got that damm haircut. I hang it to her again though she had the balls to chop it all off.

I think she looks great here!

damn those closeups r ugly
horrible choice of outfit on a horribly looking girl
i use 2 find her 2 be cute, now im thinking i was way 2 in2 her

jesus juice. @ 08/10/2009 at 6:38 pm

lol she looks clean for once
not really feeling the outfit it doesn’t suit her
but i give her props for trying

I think that she looks great! It’s not an outfit for the Oscars but it’s perfect for the Teen Choice Awards! She had to get an outfit that went with her Joan Jett hair!

I think that she looks stunning! She didn’t sell out she’s herself but put together!

b!tchesbehatin @ 08/11/2009 at 12:21 am

B!tches be hatin because shes with Mr.Rpatz

wow. she totally looks pretty

LOVE THE DRESS! She’s my fave actress bcuz she’s like SO different from like vanessa anne hudgens or ashley tisdale. LOVE HER!

really, really, really looking amazing here

couldnt she look more original and lovely! she’s just so fresh looking with a whole lotta attitude! great skin & smile

ookei. people know already she is wierd.
but not THAT wierd. i mean. that dress is just. yuck :|
she has an intresting personality but her outfit. its devastating. srsly

totaltwilighter @ 08/11/2009 at 8:55 pm

illlllllllllll!!!!! that is an ugly outfit why didnt she just were a trash can wouldve been better her hair is also ugly she looks like pink!!!!!

her hair looks better than it has in a while , but I hate the outfit!

LOVE HER SHOES. she’s beautiful. and i usually LOVE her outfit choice- different and edgy and rocker like. but this one is a bit weird… how does she sit?? and i really don’t like the tank top inside either. don’t like this outfit sorry.

She looked great! The hair will grow back She’s awesome!

I like Kristen Stewrt and how she is very individual and unique. Its good to be able to have the confidence to wear different things not many people wearr.
She definately pulled this outfitt off (:
I would of never knew this outfit could workk but it does!

love her..hate the SKIRT!

leanne babii xx @ 08/15/2009 at 4:27 pm

oh :o d skirt….not so gud hun :(
luv ye t bits but wat wer ye tinkn??
on d udr hand u do hav ur own style (converse nd d dress) AWSOME!!!
totally inspired me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

little bit toning up of your posture dear and you look just absolutely great!!
and little confidence doesnt hurt much and it will makes you more appealing……

I think its cute and different. I really have stuff like that in my wardrobe but I would try it.

kristen stewart soy tu fan aunke me caigas un poco mal solo son selos porke estas con robert pero x.ojala no sea cierto lo ke dicen ke estas embarazada plis no .los kiero mil a todos.bye

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