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Taylor Swift Pranks Keith Urban With Kiss Costumes

Taylor Swift Pranks Keith Urban With Kiss Costumes

Taylor Swift and her band play a hilarious prank on Keith Urban during their concert last night at the Sprint Center on Saturday (August 8) in Kansas City, Missouri.

When Taylor was supposed to come out and sing during Keith‘s “Kiss a Girl,” she and her band rocked out to the song wearing costumes à la rock band KISS.

Taylor tweeted about the practical joke, saying, “Pranking is a must. How about rushing his stage during ‘Kiss a Girl’ dressed like this? It went down.”

15+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift pranking Keith Urban with KISS costumes…

Taylor Swift Pranks Keith Urban With KISS costumes

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taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 01
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 02
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 03
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 04
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 05
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 06
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 07
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 08
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 09
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 10
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 11
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 12
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 13
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 14
taylor swift pranks keith urban kiss costumes 15

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Nick

    I’d take Taylor Swift over a supermodel any day. She’s gorgeous and has a great sense of humor.

  • eLIZZY

    Taylor is so cute :) i love her and her music and her jokes. she is amazing and u can so tell that she is down to earth. i mean come on :)
    GO TAYLOR! :)

  • feeR

    wannabe be joe jonaas´…

  • amy

    awwww taylor

  • Rachel

    haha! she’s awesome XD

  • daisy

    Ummmm….You have it wrong though. She was not supposed to come out & sing with him on Kiss A Girl. It was a total surpise to Keith. She came back out & sang with him on Somebody Like You. BTW/Nicole Kidman was there as well.

  • lynne

    Bring it T-Swizzle!

  • luvd80s2

    @feeR: No, Joe Jonas couldn’t even pull this off! Go Taylor, beauty, humor, smarts and Joe Jonas is a douche with no talent!

  • juddy

    FANTASTIC!!! so funny.

  • gold baybay


    You’ve got an obsession with TS I’m guessing? Joe Jonas may not have any talent, but the dude’s rolling in the mula unlike you. Mula = Money by the way. And what do you mean he couldn’t pull this off, ever seen him try? To me, Taylor Swift is not a very good singer. She should’ve just decided to become a song writer.

  • oy

    awwhhhh i love taylor swift!! i’ve seen quite a few of her video blogs on twitter/facebook, and she’s so funny! she’s got a great sense of humour, and she’s an amazing singer and songwriter!
    love you taylor! :D

  • Tay

    @luvd80s2: I agree:)

  • feeR

    he’s been pulling off the costume thing the whole tour!
    joe is handsome funny beautiful .. and let’s be honest nobody knew about taylor until the 27 second phone call..

  • wft

    huge ts her!!!!

  • Mari

    OMG, this is where we are right now? Kiss’ the joke ?? Oh, Taylor Swift, sweety, YOU are the joke!!

  • flutters

    LMAO. That’s hilarious. Taylor sounded absolutely dreadful when she had to sing though. It’s too bad because she can be funny and she can write songs.

  • aBBY

    I was there last night and this was so lame. After the song was over she and her band took too long getting off the stage so Keith and his band had to wait before starting the next song. I also saw Keith in Omaha and I know that he starts the next song immediately. I know it sounds small, but it totally disrupted the rhythm of the show. It’s like he was building momentum with each song as the crowd was getting more and more blown away by keith’s performance and then Taylor killed it. But what really annoyed me was that she came out a second time during Keith’s set when he was singing “Somebody like you.” That is his best song and the finale to his concert and she added nothing by being out there. She was only a distraction.

  • luvd80s2

    @gold baybay: Taylor is great and the CIA should use Joe Jonas impression of Beyonce’s ” Single ladies” video as their method of torture, they be talking in a minute!

  • dani

    It was a rude thing to do. Not at prank level. I’ve also seen Keith Urban in concert. Each song builds on the last for momentum. Her little “prank” probably threw the whole band off. That is rude, unprofessional, and a child’s play.

  • miss usa

    @aBBY: totally agree that it would throw the show off. Now everyone has it right on video that Taylor can’t sing. She has to depend on all that hair slinging trashcan stuff as a distraction to her singing. At CMAfest the thousands in the crowd had awesome artists til she got on stage, everyone was so bored with her act. They were actually plugging their ears and couldn’t wait to she left. The only ones that liked her were 8yr old little girls.

  • Patti

    I wasn’t there and only watched the YouTube, but I thought it was a cute prank. If this disrupted the rhythm of the whole show, that is odd. Keith has always been able to “go with the flow” and figure out how to make things work. That’s what professionals do.

    I think most people enjoyed the prank … I hope Keith did too.

  • Sandydandy

    Taylor is a cute kid and that’s the extent of it. I saw Keith’s concert in Philly and suffered through Taylor’s histrionics. Keith has a terrific show and for Taylor to show up and disrupt it showed she is getting a little self-important for her own good. If she’d done this to some of the other headliners on tours, I’m afraid she’d have been in serious trouble. Keith is good natured to a fault, but bet Ms Taylor will be signing all contracts from now on stating no interrupting the show. It might be a better idea is she concentrated on her own act and especially the weak voice.

  • daisy

    Sounds like some people may be a bit jealous of Taylor. No she is not the best singer but a lot of singers “prank” each other on the last shwos of tours. it is liek a traditon. Kenny Chesney did it to Keith one time with dancing kangaroos! It was a one time thing & it was dang funny! The singers need to have fun too & Keith & the boys & the peopl who work for Keiht all thought it was funny! Keith knows how to handle things when things come up he didn’t anticipate. Keith & Taylor know each other it isn”t as if two strangers were touring together. And what the heck with all the Jonas Bros. talk they were no where near that show & Taylor was well known before Joe Jonas. She will probably be around after the Jonas brothers fans get older.

  • daisy

    Have you ever heard of Brad Paisley? He always does pranks to the people he tours with. One time Taylor, & Kelly Pickler came out during one of Brad’s songs in “ticks” costumes. Jack Ingram was dressed as an exterminator.

    Taylor is so not going to get into trouble for this.

  • grass

    For those that are bashing Taylor for interrupting their precious Keith Urban concert, this has been the most unexpected. creative entertainment put into one of his shows in a long time. He does the same old same old every show. Pranks are a typical thing to do on the road – deal with it. If Keith can’t handle an interruption on the stage, he isn’t that much of a professional.

  • daisy

    grass, do you see every show Keith does? You must have a ton of money then because Keiht doesn’t do the same show every night. But some things do have to be planned for technical reasons & set list reasons. That is a fact you have to deal with. I was at one of his show on the Love/Pain tour where he did 5 songs in the encore. He certainly didn’t do that every night.

  • Mariana

    I bet Keith loved the suprise and, so as Taylor, he has a huge sense of humor what made everything one of the funniest concerts ever!

  • Butterfly

    The video showed the true talent of Keith Urban. With the big prank, he did not miss a beat!! The man is phenomenal. I bet he was good with the prank; it has been said he has a wicked sense of humor. If you cannot laugh a bit in life……how sad!!


    @luvd80s2: He’s got more talent in one finger than you do in your whole body! Leave Joe alone. He could pull it off. If he wanted to.

  • joy

    Was cute but Keith never missed a beat. He probably thought WHAT THE HECK and just kept playing to make it through.

  • brianna

    Keith and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland did an absolutely amazing version of You’re the Reason That God Made Oklahoma the night before in Tulsa.  Two great singers singing a great country song.  It’s a shame that these theatrics of Taylor are getting all the publicity.  Keith seemed amused by the stunt and even offered up the mic to her, but I”m guess he was thinking “is she gonna let me finish my own damn song”.

  • just love

    Keith must have loved it because he already has it on his site, that tells me he loved it to put it up riight away. How funny. Taylor really had to do some planning for those costumes and you can tell Keiths band loved it as well all of them are laughing in the video. This is great PR for both Keith and Taylor, it will be talked about for a long time.

  • kitty

    What amazed me more than anything was Keith’s ability to go on with the song almost as if nothing happened. Talk about focus.

  • Eff-off

    @gold baybay: Isn’t Joe Jonas the one who sings like he’s constipated and is trying to pass off bowel?
    Taylor Swift is Amazing… Joe Jonas is just trying too hard.
    Looks like a girl too. And probably has homosexual tendencies, which would explain why he’s making his rounds around hollywood. He breaks up with a girl cause he’s afraid that if he stays too long he’ll be expected to bed her…hahahaha

  • team_kaye

    i watched this video because taylor was in it not because of keith urban. And as for disrupting the flow of the concert … PLEASE !!! he must not be a very good performer if he cannot get back into the flow after this small prank ! HUH !

    Taylor Swift ROCKS !

  • Tazzie

    That bitch is stupid


    KEEP UP THE GREAT MUSIC TAYLOR AND YOU WILL GO EVEN FURTHER THAN YOU ALREADY have. God Bless you. and keep writting more great songs for us!!!!!

  • mee

    ok guys were all sitting here defending taylor and joe like it matters they can fight their own battles their both very good musicians and who are we to judge weather they broke up or not who cares its really not that important tons of people break up everyday i dont see anyone fighting over them soo cant we all just keep the peacee. :]

  • Samantha samooj

    I can’t believe anyone could have something bad to say about Taylor,I mean she seems like such a great person,she’s sweet and funny and isn’t one bit like the 16 year old pole dancer we saw last night(if ya know what I mean)T.S u rock and my friends and i love u!!!

  • http://myspace TIFFANY

    hahaha thats sooo funny.i love you so much and you musci. i wish i could meet you so bad. you are my rolemodel. i think the next person you should prank is the jonas brothers that would be even funnyer!!

    your friend,
    Tiffany peterson

  • http://myspace TIFFANY

    omg that is the most funnest thing i have ever seen. taylor you are my rolemodel i love you soo much. and you are so pretty keep it up.. i think the next person you should prank is the jonas brothers. haha that would be more funny!!

    your friend,

  • lee-Tucson

    haha, Taylor better watch out if all these musician/stars get together to do the paybacks of paybacks. She better laugh though!

  • Lara Coimbra

    My god!! I love KISS!!
    Taylor and her band was so great there!

  • suppress your appetite

    Thats sooo funny! Love this!