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Beyonce is Samantha Thavasa Sexy, Solange is Still Bald

Beyonce is Samantha Thavasa Sexy, Solange is Still Bald

Beyonce and her younger sister Solange Knowles promote the “Samantha Thavasa & Disney Handbag Collection” at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel on Monday (August 10) in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan.

Solange shaved her head last month “to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair.”

America’s Best Dance Crew will be featuring Beyonce‘s music in next Sunday’s episode (August 16). Beyonce will even address each crew via taped personal messages. Can’t wait!

25+ pictures inside of Samantha Thavasa sexy Beyonce and Solange Knowles

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beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 01
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 02
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 03
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 04
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 05
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 06
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 07
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 08
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 09
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 10
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 11
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 12
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 13
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 14
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 15
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 16
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 17
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 18
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 19
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 20
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 21
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 22
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 23
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 24
beyonce samantha thavasa solange bald 25

Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • jenny Shimizu

    Yeah, but she’s the one with the bigger photo isn’t’ she? Ha!

  • -

    beauty and the beast

  • a.

    Ha! I laugh my ass off! Everyone is talking about Solange´s bald head, but take a close look at Beyonce! She has a wig on! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • rockon

    Beyawnsay is such an overdone, fake everything, overexposed, blah! So-lame actually looks decent with the make up. What’s the matter they can’t land reputable US endorsements? Snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Jason

    I can’t believe the jealousy, on this site. They look amazing, and you know it deep down but hate to admit it.

  • Jason


    So what if she is wearing a wig, she probably looks a dozen times better than you, because you felt the need to point out something negative. It shows you feel threatened. Your cruelty will only make you feel better for a while. Lol.

  • mandarin_dreams

    Whats with all these black chicks buzzing all their hair off lately

  • Realitycheck

    Hardly call Solange bald being as she has a head of perfectly normal short hair, bald is no hair at all last I checked

  • ********

    How can she be bald? She’s got hair

  • bodyroxx2009

    Solange looks like those tranny freaks on the jerry springer show when they get their wigs pulled off during a fight LMAOFFFFF

  • a.

    Oh oracle Jason, so you know how I look like? LOL

  • black

    This girl, Solange, looks better with the “bald” style.


    That comment about black women and bondage????Come on now, every women takes hours and hours to finish the damn hair.

    How racistic.

  • becca

    I think she looks GREAT! beautiful.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    I don’t like both of them.
    Is it just me or does it seems like beyonce can’t do anything by herself. Because just think about it, at first she was kelly and mechlle and now she has those two girls dancing with her on all of her recent vedios. I think that she can’t be left alone or else she would go crazy.
    Hey, just a thought. And remember go out there and do something good with your life.

  • T

    Solange is not bald! She looks beautiful with her short natural hair.

  • Rita


  • anon

    Solange is NOT bald. I love woman who are confident and brave enough to step outside the norm try a new look…especially in such a competitive industry. I applaud her for doing it and think she looks great. Beyonce’s look is too predictable and beauty queenish.

  • anon

    BTW Im not jealous of Beyonce. The last time I heard so many comments about being jealous was when I was a teenager. Adults can have opinions. I do agree some are offensive which is probably a sign of maturity and IQ level not necessarily envy.

  • hello

    why does she insist on being her sister’s shadow go to college get a real job get married and raise good kids thats what u should do solange

  • Tip

    Beyonce won’t dare shave her head. Her performanes are all about hair & booty shaking. Solange looks ok but she can afford to cut all her hair off cos she’s not that famous.

  • me-mysely-and-i

    Solange looks not only beautiful but she also glows all arround. Her hair style is sleek and cool and it takes a real beauty with loads of self confidence to wear this look.

    Like the saying goes… beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…i sincerely behold hers as there isnt any doubt that the girl is beautiful.
    You can hate her ,its a matter of choice but you cant deny the simple truth that she is lovely both as a young girl and especially as a mother.

  • breathe

    Yeah baby let those naps out, Beyonce ought to do the same, let those naps breathe baby, let your inner blackness come out..don’t ya know black is butiful lol. The same way you are proud of your big hips big thighs and big a$$ be proud of your nappy hair. Trying to look more white is not right, I guess Solange got the memo.

  • girlygirl

    Wow they are both so beautiful! Beyonce is a goddess for real!

  • Jen

    They are both beautiful women but I am not feeling Solange’s hair.

  • Anita

    Beyoncé is so beautiful!!!!
    I love her!!:)

  • Anita

    Beyoncé is so beautiful!!!!
    I love her!!!:)
    I can’t wait the VMA!!:)

  • bellA

    She has a pretty face and not too many people can pull off that hairstyle. I think if she dyed it would better.

  • enoughalready

    Now Solange is EDGY with an edge look, not edgy with a whorish look.

    Solange looks beautiful in them pics and #4 you probably think Rihanna can sing?

    Beyonce has earned her respect!!

  • amy

    Wow, she looks great!

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    Black women have the right to do whatever they want with their hair! Like all other women so kudos to these two beauties. I fyou want to go bald, or short hair: do it! If you want to have a weave like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears do it! If you want dreads like Lauryn Hill and Whoopi: do it! If you want a short style likek Michelle Obama: do it! Black women should be given the equal right to do what they want with themselves as every other woman. If I had a black woman’s hair and I looked as cute as Solange, I’d go for that look. Fabulous! And yes, most women don’t look like Beyonce and Solange. Everyone on these blogs know it. And these girls are living a charmed life beyond any of our wildest dreams. KUDOS!

  • Eva


    I think you meant RACIST… Damn most of you guys can’t even write your own language…SAD!

  • Eva

    How the hell is making an offensive comment a sign of maturity and IQ level (high or low?) That was just plain stupid!

  • um

    Solange does not have the right face and head shape to pull off a bald look. She needs hair.

  • sarah

    #34, actually she does have the right face, she resembles alot of the women in Africa who have short hair. It’s easier to maintain short nappy hair. If I had nappy hair, I would definitely not wear a weave I would just let it flow naturally.

  • ava

    Who can’t be beautiful, if your beautiful full head of hair is fake, you have

    a personal trainer, stylist, best skin care products and world famous

    dermatologists, plastic surgery to make your nose slightly smaller, lipo

    your legs and a@@. ah I’m beautiful please give me a break…… and the

    hair I thought some of it was hers but to see that the whole thing is a wing

    , sad… Britney Spears should call her hair people.


    Sologne is beautiful! This haircut suits her very beautifully :) Her comment is being taken WAYYY out of context, her reasons for cutting her hair seem more personal/out of taste rather than a Black/race thing, just chill people.

  • Bee Sisters

    Beautiful Women!!!
    Solange looks a little uncomfortable in the eyes…. Like she is still not too sure of herself without the hair!

  • statingtheobvious

    I love Solange’s hair. Natural. Better than wig wearing Beyonce.

  • sam

    how fake is Beyonce, and it’s funny that the media talks about white chicks and their hair extensions like Britney , JLO, Logan, Paris but you never hear that Beyonce wears a wing.

  • anne

    People are saying that it’s no big deal that Beyonce wears a wing, as if she isn’t famous for having throughout her career great, long big head of hair, that’s like saying Angelina would be the same without her lips.

  • ladybug

    she is not bald you dip$hit

  • leslie arnelle

    Those are some hard working beautiful ladies right there…God Bless them both :)

  • Gale Forcewinds

    I like Beyonce.
    Solange,the lesser sister(Baraba Stresiand/RosalindKind NatalieWood/ Lana Wood, Cher/GeorginaLaPierrer,etc.)
    would do way better in doing something out of show business.
    About her hair,it is okay on her.
    If she likes it and is secure in it,then wear it and STFU!
    Funny saying that about some Black women in their hair,because her sister,who has nice hair,wears a front lace weave.

  • readabook


  • lakers fan in boston

    beyonce looks alright, the dress looks nice on her, it’s her extensions/weaves bothering me, they remind me that she probably looks like her sister does now

  • sdfsdfsdf

    Yea becuase that hair is really all beyonces LOL
    it’s a WEAVE PEOPLE!

  • jaye

    Solange shaved her head last month “to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair.”

    Read more:
    lol@the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair . Having hair is bondage? She must not own a dictionary or know how to google. I guess that means she’ll wear her hair like that the rest of her life or else she’ll put herself right back into bondage. I hope this isn’t a dig at her FAMOUS sister; I’m sure she knows she wears weaves. A lot of celebrity wouldn’t leave home without them lol. I guess celebrities of other races are in bondage to their hair too. Solange, Solange, get some talent maybe you could get attention that way.

  • just sayin

    Why do black women have so many issues with their hair, so what if it’s kinky..own the MF. I don’t think weaves look good on anyone it’s so fakey especially on black women becuz you can usually see the kinky hairline than a whole lotta straight hair, it looks kinda nasty. Own your naps ladies!!! Solange did the right thing she looks really natural and cute, not a fakey wannabe.

  • Kelly

    What the heck, she isn’t bald! She has hair!

  • katelyn

    i love beyonce, she’s so cute and nice