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Kate Gosselin Shocked By Jon's Girlfriends

Kate Gosselin Shocked By Jon's Girlfriends

Kate Gosselin wipes a tear from her eye during her first television interview since announcing her separation from Jon in June.

Here’s what the 38-year-old reality TV mama told told Meredith Vieira on Monday’s Today Show:

On Jon’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman (the 22-year-old daughter of Kate’s tummy tuck surgeon): “I was shocked, but those things… to be very honest, that’s his life and they don’t affect me directly at this point. It’s hurtful when his decisions directly affect our children. That’s the hardest part for me.”

On why she still wears her wedding ring: “It’s been there for 10 years and I don’t want to upset [the kids]. They’ve seen it their whole lives and know that it’s my ‘married to Daddy’ ring. When the time is right, I will take it off. I’ve done a trial day here and there.”

On Jon being a very different person now: “Our hopes and dreams had become different. Clearly, his goals are not my goals, so we just needed to work that out. I think it’s very clear that we are two different people at this point, with two different sets of goals.”

Kate Gosselin Shocked By Jon’s Girlfriends

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin heading back to her NYC hotel…

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  • sam


  • hate her

    Oh please poor pitiful me! Hate her..

  • Avery09

    I feel so bad for her. I really do.

  • miapocca

    I admire this women..8 kids,. very organized and with a 9th kid who refused to man -up …she is better off ..have fun kate…life s lessons only make you stronger and yo have beautiful kids…

  • james

    um ah um yea um and um yea um um…

  • susi

    she’s totally going to play the victim in this divorce.
    Jon is a douchebag for going so public about his realtionship with a 22 yrs old drug addict.

  • yuck

    she’s a victim of her own ways & i will not be part of her pity party. i hate that she always says ‘MY KIDS’. very selfish woman with a great pr firm. everyone is always wrong or attacking her. she’s sick!!!!

  • yuck

    manipulative grown woman using her meek baby voice to get sympathy. BARF!!! it’s great those kids have a big college fund but with her genes it might be community college they’re looking at

  • Jesse

    She isn’t 38. She’s 34.

  • Kelsey

    I think it should be “OuR hopes and dreams have become….”

    It sounded weird reading that first sentence Jared.

  • my9cats

    Oh boo hoo.
    Get over yourself.
    You too Jon.

  • Mommy

    Oh, boo hoo. Poor Katie Irene. She is not that good an actress. Her ratings are slipping, get out the tissues and please watch my show. Next up, the Jon show coming to a tv near you.

  • gosselinssuck

    Hey JustJared,
    How come no shots of the bodyguard?

  • Zeiss

    I was starting to feel sorry for Jon, but now I see he is a total douche. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was having affairs. Btw, she’s only 34, not 38.

  • laura

    I have zero sympathy for her (although I do feel bad for the kids.) She made her own bed and now she has to lie in it.

  • martin

    wow. burn on jon…
    i would totally be on her side if she got a new haircut

  • angel

    You spoke too soon – Jon does tell his side of the story some time this week. I’m not sure what channel – maybe E – or what night. The show needs to be removed. This is mental abuse for the kids. They get to have their family’s dysfunctional moments in their lives filmed for all of America to watch – shame on you TLC.

  • tim

    You all keep believing her sad story and when she purchases another house you can feel so sorry for her. I would do the same thing if I was Jon because after being in a controlling relationship that was all about Kate then wtf do you want him to do go grab another old B? Party on Jon, Kate has way more enough money and servants to help out with the kids.

  • amy

    good luck, she seems like a nice person

  • fresh

    yawn—-i could care less about them. Go away.

  • fresh

    yawn—-i could care less about them. Go away.

  • Faith Lynette

    *NO co-incidence that “FAKE” and “KATE” sound so much alike!*. Where was her ‘hussy’ dress–aka ~ short skirt and low neckline/overly spiked hairdo/gaudy jewelry & over done makeup/etc…this morning!? AND what was with that “little girl voice” in answering the questions and dabbing at her eyes. THEATRICS…ALL OF IT ~ SHE DESERVES AN OSCAR!! I’ll tell you where ~ her “handlers” told her to dress more like a “Pastor’s Wife” to come across like THE SELF-SACRIFICING MOTHER / DISCARDED PITIFUL WIFE OF THE YEAR! She doesn’t fool me..or a lot of people! We’ve seen her in action over the last few years!! And how DARE she talk about her brother / his wife trying to make $$$ off her children…**~POT MEET KETTLE!!~**. For someone that insists ALL that she’s done she’s done for her children, she sure mentions “I / ME/MY/MINE” a lot!!! She is what she’s always been to me no matter how many tearful interviews she gives: GREEDY/OVER-INDULGENT/POMPOUS/CHILD EXPLOITING *FAKE* (ohhh–hhh and I’m on no one’s “TEAM”…I despise JON’S behavior/attitude just as much). AGAIN ~ THE *ONLY* INNOCENT ONES IN THIS WHOLE RIDICULOUS CIRCUS (that the media–both tabloids and reputable new’s outlets / and TLC keep “selling” and some of us keep “buying”)—ARE THE POOR CHILDREN! In My Opinion: *BOTH* JON/KATE SOLD OUT THEIR FAMILY/HOME-LIFE/CHILDREN for their selfish motives/desires. I have absolutely NO respect for them…

  • Devon

    Crocodile tears! She dumped him and said he could date whoever, just as long as they still did the show to keep the money rolling in. Now she’s throwing him to the sharks just to give herself public sympathy. Ick.

  • O_0

    fake tear…

    nice try kate gosselin

    but u FAIL.

  • Caroline

    Oh, get out the pint of ice cream for the pity party.

    This woman is such a bullshitter. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.
    She could care less. She is so over Jon. When she got out the Kleenex,
    I thought she was portraying a soap opera star.

  • Donna

    Bottom line, Kate’s goal is making sure the kids are somewhat protected. Jon’s goal is getting as many female companions as much as possible. I used to be in his side, but I really see him as a very selfish man/boy child that has no directions whatsoever even at this stage in his life. Don’t like Kate much either, but if you put two and two together, this jerk is all about him and nothing else matters. He is a definate definition of a loser I mean the things and actions that he has done for the past few months is unexcusable and unacceptable. He is only in it for himself.

  • George

    I think Jon is really stoned or buzzed 24/7 because how can he go after these chicks? Hey bud you left a babe for the chicks who actually looks the the Phillies hat that you wear. I hope you’re happy with Barbora, lol. Good luck dude, but I think you really blew it this time.

  • Reality bites

    Holy Baloney – Drama Mama Kate Gosselin couldn’t even squeeze out a real looking tear ? No wonder she didn’t get nominated for an emmy. Gotta at least try to be real on a reality show. Poor kids.

  • Denise

    What a LIAR!! And how many times did she say “um”???

    She is just out to remind the people stupid enough to believe her, to watch her floundering show.

    She can’t stand for anyone else to profit from her kids.

  • Rhonda

    I think Kate and TLC are SHOCKED to see America is not buying Kate’s victim status. I do believe the show was going on with Kate plus 8 but people dislike Kate far mor than they do Jon.

  • jenna

    when she is talking about her brother and his wife, she says “they decided to take their fame, and go elsewhere…and, essentially, make money off of my children.” isn’t that exactly what she’s doing?!

  • please woman!


  • gosselinssuck


    66 in the first segment, 50 in the second.
    Give that bitch a talk show!!

  • gosselinssuck


    Jon is on E! News tonight at 7pm (full hour’s worth) and 11:30pm. On something or another on E! again tomorrow-not sure when/time. If you go to E! Online, you can ask Jon a question.

  • Charlene

    I watched in HD on 65″ TV. Her eyes did not redden or fill with tears and nothing trickled down her cheek. She faked the breaking voice and dabbed at dry eyes. Also watch her eyes very carefully, how they shift around to the left, a subliminal tell for when someone is lying, frequently.

    Even though Jon has come out against his former SIL and BIL on the issue of stopping the show (and hence, Jon’s lavish lifestyle), he substantiated the same story re: the marriage breakup and the timeline. So it’s 3 to 1 against Kate’s version. Not to mention Kate was the one who threw her brother and SIL off the show two seasons ago, yet now implies that their estrangement is something new.

    The woman is either a pathological liar or been coached to say what she said and didn’t stop to think through how easily the world can spot the lies.

    Finally, about Viera not giving her a pass, I disagree. Her “tough” questions were scripted to allow Kate to deliver her prepared answers. Obviously Kate knew ahead of time what the questions would be, and stipulated what questions were off-limits. The proof is the last thing Viera did was promote tonight’s new episode. It was all a PR-engineered plug designed to drum up viewership. Each time TLC has manufactured scandals and fed the tabloids to boost ratings it worked for one show, and then dropped like a stone the next week. Last week’s resumption after hiatus generated less than half the viewers of the divorce-announcement show. People tuning in to the show now are looking to see these two dysfunctional tabloid stars in action, not a litter of screaming kids running amok in mundane scenarios. This is not the same audience that came back faithfully week after week back when they still believed Jon and Kate had faith-based values.

  • cookies

    How could she not think of anything she would change looking back at the marriage?? How about the way you spoke to Jon & the way he was abused and treated for 10 yrs??

    How about the freakin’ show!??!?!

    Kate is a liar, a bad one. I don’t feel sorry for her OR Jon. I feel sorry for the kids. The ones who have are exploited on TV, who won’t have a dime left when their parents are done with THEIR money.

  • bella

    @laura: completely agree.

  • Eva

    @Faith Lynette:

    It’s hilarious how you get so worked up over a stupid TV show… pretty pathetic, but funny

  • omg

    she seems so scripted.

  • Virginia

    If any tears were shed (and I doubt there were), they were because the Today show doesn’t pay for interviews. This cold-hearted woman couldn’t care less about anyone but herself. In truth, I don’t think she cares that she’s rid of Jon; she just resents having to take out the garbage (as if she really does it). She’ll have those children working for their living inside the house even when cameras aren’t running just to save herself from doing things. I don’t know that any so-called mother other than Casey Anthony has made me so physically ill. Too bad the interviewer wasn’t willing to follow the lead of some bloggers’ questions.

  • Kentucky Derby

    And they are off, Seabiscuit is in the lead, but Barboro is closing, but Seattle Slew is coming close. It’s gonna be a photo finish folks. Jon, you really are an idiot, dummy, loser, pathetic, and most of all immature of a human that I have come across. And I’m not even a fan of this show. Think about your kids and the damages that are done to them.

  • BTW

    Give me a break! This woman deserves an Oscar! After all the years of showing us what a bitchy woman she is, she has all of a sudden become a victim. Whatever….. She never answered any questions directly – she does have a great PR firm. What a manipulative woman.

    Flip side, I do agree with John, she is a great Mom. He never throws her under the bus with comments but she never holds back when it comes to him. She chose him to be the father of their kids, love him for that because without him you wouldn’t have what you have today…. you money pit!

    I feel so sorry for the kids! John – get rid of the 22 yr. old – you don’t need any more kids!

  • tears

    i agreed .. BTW
    it’s really SAD…….
    poor kids

  • terry


    where have you been? jon’s been talking and talking to whoever will listen. since the end of june there’s been a people cover with the whorefriend, an intouch cover saying that kate is to blame for the breakdown of the marriage, he’s talked to the paps whenever he can. the jon show has been ongoing for weeks. and now he wants rebuttal time on the only interview kate’s done since june – he is so desperate to be liked that he will jump through hoops – even though nobody likes him, because his behavior is appalling.

    kate did her best to not trash the piece of trash that will soon be her ex-husband. she cares about her kids and she’ll get through this. in the meantime, jon’s working on getting crabs from one of his “dates” and putting on another hundred pounds to complete the ugly look he is so desperate to maintain.

  • gosselinssuck

    I don’t think pimping tonight’s show on the Today show will do much to boost the ratings. The episode is a reveal of their *free* kitchen remodel. Nothing scandalous to see except it was attained through the exploitation of their 8 (count ‘em 8!) children. I wouldn’t (and haven’t) tune in if it were the only show playing on all 200 channels.

  • Benny’s mommy

    Are any of you over the age of 40 and rearing children? Looking at the show it was always Kate and 9 children. Good bye, Jon. Grow up. Kate, good for you, I hope you find happiness with your children. Pray that none of them have your ex’s brains.

  • Faith Lynette

    @ Eva

    Well..we all have our *passions*…seems YOU got upset over MY RESPONSE .

    SERIOUSLY, THOUGH–as a MOM/WIFE/ADVOCATE FOR CHILDREN (I’ve worked with children under different circumstances for over 35 years) IT’S THE KIDS THAT AND HOW THIS WILL AFFECT THEM THAT BOTHER ME…WORRY ME..AND “get me worked up”.

    PATHETIC…NAH, I’ve been happily married for 33 years to an exceptional man/husband/dad, have 3 productive/beautiful/well-rounded and giving children, own my own successful computer graphic business, am blessed with good health/good friends/and a great extended family. Now—I’m done explaining MY LIFE to you, as I didn’t throw myself (nor my family/children) out in the public eye on TLC for all the world to see and comment/form an opinion on! THAT BEING SAID: I ‘am’ entitled to my opinion of you are entitled to your opinion about MY opinion about KATE. Here’s some unsolicited advice: why don’t you form your OWN opinions about the topic at hand…and stop badgering other people for their’s! THANKS *SMILES*

  • penny

    Kate is about one thing, money. She had a choice, continue with the show or save her marriage……She is being coached on everything she says and does….so much for anything being real. Jon was a fool for not leaving back in October and calling her out. He has to learn to watch what he says and does, she always twist it around to her advantage. She made it clear again, that she wants to be a permanent resident at the house and is going to go after full custody and keep all the money. She dumbed her own parents, her brother and sister-in-law, a best friend when they crossed her and now Jon. Jon needs to be careful, she’s not finished bashing him just because they are divorcing. She did that when they where “happliy” married, the claws have yet to come out. She’s gunning for him.

  • Kookabear

    takes two to tango…. they are both equally responsible here. she is just choosing to ride the pity train for all its worth.

  • anon

    @Caroline: Please dont give her any ideas or the networks…