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Kathy Griffin & Levi Johnston Hold Hands At TCAs

Kathy Griffin & Levi Johnston Hold Hands At TCAs

Kathy Griffin and her Alaskan teenage date Levi Johnston hold hands on the grass carpet at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

Kathy, 48, joked about her relationship with the 19-year-old father of Bristol Palin‘s baby, saying, “Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when he’s in his igloo and I’m in my Hollywood tower.”

After dining at Katsuya together, Kathy said, “Spooning with Levi (my new very serious lover/boyfriend) now. D List season finale is tonight. Coincidence? Of course not.”

Levi is also in town for a Vainty Fair photo shoot.

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  • me

    Why is there?! Shouldn’t he be at home taking care of his BABY!

  • susi

    I didnt know she’s a PEDOFILE! Eeeek.

  • J

    next she’ll be bangin Gary Coleman

  • Rocky

    I think it’s just for publicity. They’re both news who*es!

    I don’t dig her comedy — she does nothing for me, so I don’t give a cr*p about either one of them.

  • Rocky


    His X takes care of the baby, not him. They don’t live together. He’s too busy pimping himself to the media.

  • rachel

    Wow, they look so dumb.

  • Denise

    Two losers!
    KG is so unfunny, she’s disgusting.

  • nik

    It’s good to laugh every once in a while. She is by far one of the funniest ladies on Television today. Go Kathy. And I’m not even Gay!

  • meagain

    #6, That’s the point, Kathy wants the paps to take pictures of the absurd, it is hilarious, can’t wait to see this episode of her show I am going to lmfao.

  • Rhonda

    just think of the women that would be after Todd Palin if the divorce rumors were true.

  • crawstonwaffle

    ok, regardless of what you think about these two as people (attention wh@res), you gotta admit, this is pretty funny! And relaaaax people, even I hate these two and I know this is a joke.

  • Nick

    ahahahahh she’s hilarious

  • All Women Stalker

    GAWWD. Such famewhores.


  • Catalina

    What has become of our society? Jon Gosselin and his teeny boppers and now Kathy Griffin with some unknown from Alaska who is trying to profit over destroying the former Governor of Alaska.

    This is NOT news and I find it appalling the amount of stories that are written about these good for nothing losers. Shame on you for printing it and shame on me for even coming to these sites.

  • melopy

    so FAKE

  • bella

    @Rocky: agree

  • ********

    Ewww…she’s old and he’s nothing to look at either:{

  • ivanka

    @susi: agree

  • a realist

    Lighten up people, and pull the stick out of your asses.

    Look at the light side of life every now and again.

    They are just having fun.

  • dirty denise

    I love his curly hair.

  • Iggles

    Lol. Kathy is hilarious!

    Sadly, I think Levi is hot.. Well after all the drama in Alaska I hope he had a fun, relaxing time in the lower 48!

  • fifa

    duh @susi: you stupid cow!!! does your mommy know your on her computer? its a publicity know what publicity is? its advertising. like how do you know about the toy in your happy meal box!! get it now little girl..lesson over now. shooo! now go play with your bratz dolls.

  • lol

    Best fake couple EVER!

  • Halli

    Kathy Griffin is fearless. She’s crazy! haha

  • erin

    A perfect couple. A hag and a skank. You figure out which is which. I think I just threw up in my mouth!!!!!

  • rats ass

    Oh Come ON……….she knows what she is doing……and its funnier than hell……oh and the word is Pedophile….if you cant spell it, than how can you possibly know what it means……LOL… people kill me!

  • C


  • erika

    This kid is being used by everyone on the left, and guess he is too clueless to figure it out; or else, he does not care.

  • Rontex

    Kathy’s effing hilarious and I hope that Levi visited “her lower 48″ if you know what I mean…

  • !!

    Catalina: Levi Johnston didn’t “destroy”
    the former Governor of Alaska; Sara Palin did a pretty god job destroying her own career.

    With that said, this is all meant to be a joke, say what you want about it, but only idiots believe that they’re really in item.

  • gigi

    She used to be edgy and funny. Now she’s just sad. Watched her show this season and it was just one peni$ joke after another. Lame.

  • Gale Forcewinds

    I edo not like and agree with Palin,bu Iloathe this boy. He needs to be in school.Earning money.Taking care of his kid.Growing up.
    Teen girls, he is the reason you don’t get with these boys. You don’t don’t want to be attached to them for life..

    Teen boys,many good teen boysmade a mistake by getting some awful teen girl preggars and these boys have ruined their lives.

  • lakers fan in boston

    they were perhaps once of the most useless ppl at that show
    all that platic surgery and she still looks ugly, what a f’ing shame
    why that loser, levi, got invited, i have no idea
    they might have invited sarah palin as well

  • Sandra

    Haha, love you Kathy. Go get yourself some of that hot piece!

  • rage96

    The next Demi Moore – Ashton Kutcher… NOT!!!

    More like some half-ass K-Fed – Mutant Cougar Brittney!

    Wait, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, just typing that. ….ew!

  • aktmcc

    This is the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS people….are we TRYING to corrupt our youth? What’s the deal? Miley Cyrus pole dancing…Vanessa whatever (High School Musical) known for nude photos….and ADULTS…old enough to be grandparents…yes…even the Cameron Diaz! People…I can see trying to sell in a bad economy…but please…our children are watching…learning…and they will hold you accountable someday soon!

  • aktmcc

    This is the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS! Are we TRYING to corrupt our youth? Miley Cyrus pole dancing, Vanessa (HSM) know for the pictures she takes…and ADULTS…old enough to be grandparents…it’s sick….the children are watching….they are learning….and someday soon….they will hold you accountable!

  • kymomto2

    2 wrongs do NOT make it right. That’s just creepy.

  • Uptown

    I’m shocked that no one else is bothered by the attire Levi chose to wear to this event. Seriously Levi. We are NOT going to church. A least you could have worn a more fitted suit. OVERDRESSED and FAILED big time at his first big red carpet event. Oooppss. Maybe the RNC was his first red carpet premiere. I mean, that whole night was a joke and an absolute disaster.

  • Chris

    Oh please, spell me that Kathy Griffin !!! that’s a teenager right there. You don’t use larry king show as meduim to annouce to the world about your date with your suppose son.

  • stacey

    Sarah Palin is so jealous!

  • Rio

    Its a Joke, really people!…

    LOVE her xD

  • michelle

    She’s such a cougar, isn’t she??? Seriously Levi (idiot of the idiots) would do anything for attention???

  • Vanity

    I didn’t know Kathy was popular with the overpriveledged ungrateful and untalented young Hollywood crowd. I bet half of them think they’re doing the crazy d-list girl a favor by being in the same area as her.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks good