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Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

Miley Cyrus dances around a pole atop an ice cream cart while performing her hit new song “Party in the USA” at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Disney starlet picked up SIX surfboards for Comedy TV Actress, Comedy TV show for Hannah Montana, Music/Dance Movie Actress, Hissy Fit for the Hannah Montana movie, music single for “The Climb” and summer song for “Before the Storm.”

Later, Miley presented the Ultimate Choice Award to Britney Spears because “I’m a huge fans of hers.”

Watch Miley‘s pole-dancing performance go down TOMORROW, August 10 @ 8-10PM ET/PT on FOX.

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus‘ pole dancing party in the USA…

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555 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA”

  1. 1
    anywho Says:


  2. 2
    LINDS Says:

    Very classy for a 16 year old teen idol to pole dance.

  3. 3
    Annie Says:


  4. 4
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    Wow. Not good.

  5. 5
    Christina Says:

    WHY am I not surprised?

  6. 6
    anywho Says:

    I really hope they cancel that show of hers now, but I doubt Disney will do that to their biggest money making “starlet”.

  7. 7
    chloe Says:

    oh god trust miley cyrus to dress like this and dance around a pole. Why doesnt she just move to a trailer park I think she would be much happier.

  8. 8
    ali Says:

    really? though really? shes a role model come on im sorry

  9. 9
    ali Says:

    really? though really? shes a role model come on im sorry

  10. 10
    tina Says:

    Linday 2.0

  11. 11
    sytycdfan Says:

    Oh goodness, why would they allow this?!

  12. 12
    Sarah May Says:


  13. 13
    Daniella Says:

    sometimes i feel like miley asks for trouble, i mean really? those shorts can count as underwear, and on top of that, you’re dancing with a pole seductively. really? a lot of kids who are not yet teens tune in to watch these awards, because all their favorite stars are on, AND the jonas brothers are hosting. hello! millions of 7 year olds are going to be watching this! i mean you’re sixteen! come on this is getting ridiculous.

  14. 14
    Daniella Says:

    sometimes i feel like miley asks for trouble, i mean really? those shorts can count as underwear, and on top of that, you’re dancing with a pole seductively. really? a lot of kids who are not yet teens tune in to watch these awards, because all their favorite stars are on, AND the jonas brothers are hosting. hello! millions of 7 year olds are going to be watching this! i mean you’re sixteen! come on this is getting ridiculous.

  15. 15
    Christina Says:

    It’s mini Britney Spears.

  16. 16
    katie Says:

    she makes me feel physically sick. her and her family are so disgusting and classless. I feel like Im back in 2004 and watching the beginning of the Lindsay Lohan downfall all over again. This girl is trash. Plain and simple. Her mother should be ashamed for letting her 16 year old who already has a reputation for being tacky get on stage infront of millions of people dressed like a teenage hooker.

  17. 17
    anywho Says:

    @tina: :D lol

  18. 18
    ali Says:

    really? though really? and shes a role model wowww.. im sorry but wtf she know shes a role model and stuff and she did a pole dance classy mhm i wonder how people will react to this one

  19. 19
    meganadele Says:

    really?? i’m sorry but that isnt kind image/message she should be sending to her younger fans…..she really isnt doing herself any favors by doing that tv, ppl will talk about how inappropriate that was but then again that is probably what she wants….its a shame really.

  20. 20
    ann Says:

    Ah. Miley’s showing a glimpse of her career in 10 years.

  21. 21
    Christina Says:

    Britney Spears 2.0

  22. 22
    garrett Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens must have been happy there was someone trashier than her there tonight. Must have taken some pressure off a bit for her. She saw Miley dressed like this and probably let out a sigh of relief.

  23. 23
    anywho Says:

    @katie: IKR this is just like the decline of Lindsay or even Britney for the matter too. She is going to be the same way.

  24. 24
    dee Says:

    Super classy, not SLUHTEE at all!!Her little sister is on her way as well!!

  25. 25
    embarrassing Says:

    can’t believe it. Such a trailer park trashy girl, fake and totally plastic, no uniqueness to it at all.

  26. 26
    kt Says:

    HAHAHA in that clip she comes out of a TRAILER haha she must have been like ahhh home sweet home!!!!

  27. 27
    ali Says:

    really though really? like wth is this as soon as one disney person does something some other one has to top it A POLE DANCE MILEY! really shes the most watched disney person and she KNOWS it she getting out of hand.I really cant wait to see how the press and everyone will react to this… im sorry to miley fans and miley but she needs to get her act together

  28. 28
    Ilovejonasbrothers Says:

    are you serious? i don’t even know why disney still has her. she causes way too much scandel with all her racy pics. and wtf is she wearing. like an underwear and exposing her bra i think thats way too much for a DISNEY STARLET. its obvious that little kids will be watching and this is a horrible thing to show kids. how dumb can miley cyrus get.

  29. 29
    vicks Says:

    omg not good for a 16 year old.

  30. 30
    Ashley Says:

    wow this is why I can’t stand Miley Cyrus..she goes around acting all innocent but then she goes off dating older guys, taking pictures of herself that are innapropriate and now pole dancing on teen choice in front of a lot of young girls who look up to her…Disney really needs to choose better stars for their shows instead of picking just a pretty face

  31. 31
    Jenna Says:

    wow miley..really
    nick jonas/all the guys who actually like her…”c’mon”

  32. 32
    Jenna Says:

    wow miley..really
    nick jonas/all the guys who actually like her…”c’mon”

  33. 33
    jo Says:

    Eh. I dont think its a huge deal. The “pole dancing” was for 2secs of the performance and you make it sound as though thats all the performance was about..
    She sounded good, for sure.

  34. 34
    Jenna Says:


    i totally love you :)

  35. 35
    Lucy Says:

    You all are bashing a 16 year old and you’re calling HER classless? That’s rich.

  36. 36
    anywho Says:


  37. 37
    BLA Says:

    her parents must be so proud. see? miley fans???
    can you still say shes classy
    i mean i know shes grown up but what? thousands of young fans are watching this and shes shaking her butts and showing her bra and wearing that shorts!
    shes crazy shes really classless and guess what? she looks like **** and *****!
    i wonder if britney did that when she was 16

  38. 38
    omg!! Says:

    i realy dont think its a big deal !!!!! its part of the performance thats it !!!
    just leave both vanessa and miley alone they did mistakes all people do the only dif. is that people would just couldnt let it go let it go people let it go !!!!!!!!! and she is good live very very good !!!!!!! and please can anyone tell me if jesse mccartney won !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39
    deraj tsuj Says:

    better check that pole for stds

  40. 40
    sHIMONA Says:

    ok i can see why people are angry at this but it isn’ all that bad. She was just trying to have a little fun and make her performance interesting. It’s not like she goes out drinking, does drugs or sleeps with all the guys. I think she looks really pretty, and to all the people having a go at her family, they are such genuine caring people.

  41. 41
    BLA Says:

    not trying to be mean but that performance is really trashy.
    nick must be really proud of her yeah. and Mr and Mrs Jonas. wow they must be really proud of their son’s upcoming wife.

  42. 42
    Christa Says:

    Stay classy Miley. You’re always just so classy. I want some tips.

  43. 43
    emmaa Says:

    Omfg Britney! So happy she looks great
    Nice tribute lol

  44. 44
    Donna Says:

    Man, I don’t care about offending all the 13 year olds of America sticking up for Miley but JESUS CHRIST, she’s freakin 16 years old. 16, 16, 16! They’re still considered minors, it’s the age you can get your license, and you’re still in high school. That’s it! If I had a 16 year old daughter dancing on a pole, i would throw up. you people that say it’s not that bad, don’t realize how bad it is bc you’re not thinkin about the consequences. If a 16 year old is allowed by society to perform on a pole for entertainment purposes, in 5 years i will GUARANTEE YOU, you’ll have 9 year old girls becoming pop stars, dancing on poles. The bar of values in society just keep getting lower and lower and lower…by the time I have teenagers, 4 yr olds will be wanting to do strip teases

  45. 45
    jo Says:


    Its not what it looks like at all.

  46. 46
    delisa Says:

    wtf!! stop singing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47
    rpatzfan Says:


  48. 48
    Santa Says:

    no no no TF

  49. 49
    jen Says:

    hypocrite prudes!!! watch the video of the performance it wasn’t as bad as the pics make it seem!

  50. 50
    missme Says:

    I don’t remember Britney OR Lindsey being this sleazy at age 16. For someone who claims to be such a “good girl” and such a good role model to younger girls, her actions are quite contradictory. Put on some clothes, girl, and date a guy your own age. Oh and while you are at it, maybe take some singing and lessons? Sorry, I don’t mean to sound bitter, but there are so many more talented people in the world!

  51. 51
    missme Says:

    @kt: Omg hahahah, good point, LMAO!

  52. 52
    jjjj-justin Says:

    Shame On This…But It’s Also Though For Her I Guess…She Wanna Be Different And Unique.Dats Like You Wanna Wow Somebody While YOu Are At A Party Or Surrounded By A Lot Of Celebrity…

  53. 53
    kris Says:

    haah wow.
    to her fans.
    you’re looking up to this *****?
    nice role model kids.
    dancing on a pole… REAL CLASSY.

    Keep up the good work Miley ..
    If the whole acting/singing/dancing thing doesn’t work out.. considering you suck at all 3..
    we all know what her back up job can be.

  54. 54
    Emily Says:

    thats why i like selena!!!….. WOOO GO SELENA!!!!

  55. 55
    jena Says:

    gawd…..she sounds HORRIBLE….she can’t sing here at all….and yeah, very classy for her to pole dance!

  56. 56
    jasmine Says:

    people are not gonna be happy about his one …
    really miley, really?
    i mean, a pole?
    do you want people to go crazy over this?

  57. 57
    jasmine Says:

    but i have to admit, her clothes are okay.
    that’s honestly how most teenage girls dress .
    but adding the pole, wow .

  58. 58
    jj fan Says:


  59. 59
    amanda Says:

    **** **** ****
    gosh i hate miley

  60. 60
    amanda Says:

    MILEY IS SLORE(**** and HO)

  61. 61
    amanda Says:

    MILEY IS SLORE(**** and HO)

  62. 62
    Wendy Says:


  63. 63
    LOLA Says:

    yeahh selena won four awards!!!!!!! im so happy!! can’t wait to see it tomorrow!

  64. 64
    Wendy Says:


  65. 65
    Marissa Says:

    Omg you guys are SO STUPID! shes on a cart thing and the pole is actually there so she doesn’t fall because the producers wouldn’t allow it! omg DUMB! get your facts right before you go abuse the sh** out of her! and the pictures don’t actually look like what it is. theres like one of her kneeling down, but so what?! and the rest are of her just holding it SO SHE DOESN’T FALL OFF THE MOVING CART! god, so there people.. your all WRONG, shes not actually that stupid enough to have a pole in one of her performances to look like a ****. its actually there for a reason, for a purpous. what was she ganna do on that small moving cart? she couldn’t just stand there without anything to hold onto, she would fall! and she wasnt just ganna hold the pole and sing and look stupid, it wouldn’t make the performance look lively so she moved around a bit on it, she wasn’t actually pole dancing, thats not what it is.. look pole dancing up on youtube, im pretty sure thats not what miley was doing.. completely different. back off losers, I LOVE YOU MILEY! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  66. 66
    annabelle Says:

    She can’t freeking sing !!!!!! She is just pimped out bimbo by her father and how many idiots supports this “role model”?
    Some of you are really stupid.

  67. 67
    Wendy Says:


  68. 68
    trash Says:

    So, when’s the garbage truck gonna pick her up? Oh and which street corner?

  69. 69
    trash Says:

    And also she has got to be ONE of the biggest hypocrites known to man. I really wouldn’t dipise her as much if she didn’t go preaching around that she is an innocent Christian virgin child when quite clearly she is not.

  70. 70
    trash Says:

    @Wendy: Foreal! Totally agreed.

  71. 71
    Sarah Says:

    A pole.? Really.? Not surprising but on LIVE tv.? Disgust. :/

  72. 72
    afina Says:

    DUDE. theres many other things to put on top of a moving cart for her to hold on! like a chair or a fake thin ice cream cone!! dont call these people stupid. they are right about how inappropriate miley cyrus looked and acted last night. young kids look up to her!! they watch her performances and they wear what miley wears. TRUST ME they wanna do things she does. and this is just not right. pole dancing in front of millions of people in shorts especially when your bra is showing (and she did it on purpose). its true that all american teenagers dress like her but NOT WITH A POLE and not ON TV and in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!
    DISNEY, miley and her parents should be ashamed……. seriously.
    she’s ruining the future of our nation’s young kids.
    she once said, “the only way to stop the media from talking about you is to stop giving them something to talk about”
    maybe she should look up to megan fox. megan is sexy and classy.
    miley is just trashy.
    she will probably make nick jonas take off his purity ring. just saying.

  73. 73
    ellie Says:

    Not only am I concerned for the future of the music industry, but for the generation (that I somehow got stuck in) that will one day run our country.

  74. 74
    annabelle Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we had teenage pregnancy on the rise after all the little Miley’s wanna be’s grow little older.

  75. 75
    Daniel Says:

    Hannah Montana is the best show disney ever had!!! i think miley did a great performance!! A britney style performance = AWESOME!!

  76. 76
    Dan Says:

    @Christina: If she is mini Britney Spears that means that she´s gonna be a great performer and singer!!

  77. 77
    jack82 Says:

    on Good Morning America Miley wore a red plaid blouse and very short shorts; no one said anything about her being trashy then, and the pole was more for stability on a carted platform, not so much for pole dancing, besides the so called pole dancing lasted only seconds. Miley Cyrus is mature beyond her age; you can’t judge Miley by normal standards. She has responsibilities and business prospects lined up… not your common 16 year old… give her a break. GEEZ!

  78. 78
    Nes Says:

    look at miley cyrus’ ugly face in the pic where she presented the surfboard to britney.

  79. 79
    brigitte Says:


  80. 80
    cRAZEE4MILEY Says:


    Read more:

  81. 81
    brigitte Says:


  82. 82
    istar Says:

    really? what was she thinking about when she danced around that pole?

  83. 83
    Angelique Says:

    ****** Cyrus

  84. 84
    Miaka Says:

    She is showing just exactly the business she should be in. Such a Wh*ore. Sl*tty Cyrus

  85. 85
    Gaia Says:

    OMG is this legal? O_o
    Gross and quite ridiculous.

  86. 86
    Janet Says:

    Just what I want to see…a 16 year old dancing around a strip pole. Yuck.

  87. 87
    Cheyenne Says:

    I am so glad I don’t have a tween daughter looking up to this no class trash girl.
    Unbelievable, wonder who thought this could be a good idea?
    reminds me of Brit and her white T-shirt and no bra when she was 16 at the kiddie awards, trashy and trashier.

  88. 88
    dasfasd Says:

    the shorts are ok, but the shirt…wow. very classy to show half of your bra. she might as well dance half-naked. that would be a show.

  89. 89
    Ilia Says:

    Why do kids like this ***** so much? Wow, pure crap!

  90. 90
    Karon Says:

    She needs to be put in a Hefty bag and left on the curb with the rest of the garbage.. …. And she CANNOT sing, it’s like listening to Micky Mouse, or maybe that is Disneys. point.
    What a HORRIBLE role model! My kids are not allowed to watch her anymore. I don’t want them to think that is appropriate behavior. Young girls should not be wearing clothes like that, spinning on stripper poles or spreading their legs. Garbage, just plain garbage.

  91. 91
    S* Says:

    Americans are disturbed by anything and everything!!!
    Get over it pleeasssssssssee!!!

  92. 92
    Babiivfanforeva Says:

    oh god…i used to look up to her a lot.. havent been much lately and hadnt read too much news on her and when today i do i see this…oh my…wow..uhhh no words…not sure wat to say of think :S

  93. 93
    dakota Says:

    That’s something I don’t get about America. What’s up with the whole “I’m a virgin but act like a ****”-thing?? That’s such a hypocritical contradiction. People being conservative yet pimping their underage-babies into barbies that look like 25. So GROSS.

  94. 94
    dakota Says:

    And Disney is the worst child-pimper anyway.. love their cartoons but these child stars.. just too much

  95. 95
    OhDear.. Says:

    WHAt are you Guys TALKING about?! 16 DEF DANCE
    ON POLES, and its fine to wear

  96. 96
    Bailey Says:

    I honestly don’t know how she could do that. Really? I wouldn’t even consider it. It’s so horrible. It shows how classless and ignorant she is. She doesn’t deserve the amount of fame she has.

  97. 97
    Delsy Says:


  98. 98
    Robin Says:

    This girl is classless, she is ordinary looking and so so at singing and has a stripper pole on the teen choice awards, glad I don’t have young girls .

  99. 99
    dakota Says:

    #97: really?? 16 year old dance on poles?? just LOL. and especially in front of a global audience, right.

  100. 100
    Wow Says:

    What’s the problem with Miley ?

  101. 101
    lily Says:

    ok thats so wrong, why would you have even a reference of a pole dancing skit at a teen awards thing, im 19 and even i think thats wrong on so many levels. ick who’s her management?

  102. 102
    lily Says:

    ok thats so wrong, why would you have even a reference of a pole dancing skit at a teen awards thing, im 19 and even i think thats wrong on so many levels. ick who’s her management?

  103. 103
    julia Says:

    COME ON! its ok, i dont like Miley either..

    BUT so what with showing her bra?! WHATEVER everybody uses it, or already saw it.. its not THAT bad

    now, the SHORTS are SOOOOOOOOOOO SMALL.. and she’s not even hot to use it!!! she doesnt even has nice legs to show.. EWWWW!

  104. 104
    Quinn Says:

    @lily: Her mom’s her manager.

    She’s becoming druggie-thrashy-Sl_tty Lindsay Lohan + Britney Spears 2.0. Even her sister, who’s NINE, becoming like her.

  105. 105
    Riley Says:

    No wonder she ended up with a stalker. This is completely inappropriate for a 16 year old child.

  106. 106
    Jenny Says:

    Trashy. And number #107 is right. That girl is disgusting and inappropriate, and then wonders why she has a stalker. I’m sure he isnt the only stalker either. Don’t her parents get it? Or are they just using her as a cash cow?

  107. 107
    Tia Says:

    Oh please Miley is awesome and she is just doing her Job leave her alone and let her live her life.

    Miley you rock.

  108. 108
    Tina Says:

    You people are so awful I watched the video and Miley didn’t even spend a minute on the Ice cream cart and everyone is saying she did a pole dance. Miley is awesome and her performance rocks. Get over your jealousy and dislikes.

    Miley Fan forever she rocks so haters get a life.

  109. 109
    Jayda Says:

    Oh God why?
    shes 16 years old!

  110. 110
    Vay Nay Nay Says:

    That girl’s expression in picture 6 says it all.

  111. 111
    Celebritywatcher Says:

    I’ll skip that party!!!

    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions @

  112. 112
    blah blah blah Says:

    What has happened to her?
    Lots of people making bad choices for her, obviously.
    I did not see a lot of “talent” going on in this performance.
    Her voice is not great and her dancing was pretty lame.

    Too bad.
    ps. The Michael Jackson hat trick is far from her replacing the King of Pop.
    Dream on.

  113. 113
    claire Says:

    wtf is wrong with this girl? pole dancing at 16 seriously?

  114. 114
    Lola Says:

    A 16 year old doing a pole dance. That feud she had going about those photos in Vanity Fair, the photographer just totally won.

  115. 115
    LoveLeeR Says:

    Miley is just a teen and she can have really stupid idea. But come on, you can’t only blame her for this pool dance, BLAME THE PRODUCERS OF THE SHOW AND HER DAD for allowing this!!!!!
    Poor girl, they’re going to kill her reputation once and for all.

  116. 116
    kim Says:

    Excuse me but pole dancing at a teen awards show? Hello – wrong!

  117. 117
    Kim Says:

    Shame on Teen Choice Awards…

    Her parents should ground her till she’s 18…then she can go on to become the trashy performer she is trying to be…she is a role model to girls who want to be like her…she should be ashamed of herself! Her parents need to step up to the plate and be parents!!

    Way to go Billy Ray!! Another accomplishment to be proud of right up there with the mullet!

  118. 118
    Mileyfan Says:


  119. 119
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    you white people will build up the most ugly, untalented, whoriish biishes. it’s ridiculous. LOL
    don’t need – looks, class, or talent – to become a star in white america. hahahahahahaha..
    little annoying fugly-fish-faced bish got millions of ugly easily influenced little girls wanting to be just like her – priceless.

  120. 120
    AJ Says:

    EWWW! thats so gross. I can’t stand her.

  121. 121
    tiffany Says:

    can somebody tell how holding on to a pole for 10 seconds is “pole dancing” ? Honestly u haters blow stuff way out of proportions

  122. 122
    vanessa Says:

    All I have to say is …GET IT GIRL! haha I’m so proud of her for gettin down like that!

  123. 123
    Tip Says:

    Steal the show Have millions of people talking about you the day after. Mission accomplished. She has great PR!!

  124. 124
    Kara Says:

    She didn’t even really do anything.. oh and Vanessa is definitely more trashier than her.. Miley doesn’t pose naked or kissing other girls!!!!! You all make a big deal out of Miley but dont with people who actually more trashier and less classier. I don’t get people these days.

  125. 125
    gREAT ROLE MODEL...nOT Says:

    I cannot believe that Miley would pole dance and wear basically underwear on TV. Come on, show some class.. You are such a role model to so many young kids… What is this teaching them? I would NEVER and I mean NEVER let my daughter out of the house dressed like that!

  126. 126
    Amanda Says:

    And then she’ll go apologize for this and say she didn’t know it was a bad example. If she wants to dress/dance like this then she should make music that targets older people and move on from her tween idol status because this was inappropriate.

  127. 127
    Danielle Says:

    I couldn;t agree with you more

  128. 128
    Amber Says:

    that’s the point. pole dancing isn’t her job.
    being a role model for little kids is her job, so don’t even say shes just doing herjob. that’s far from it, kiddo.

  129. 129
    Steph Says:

    terrible!!! she has ZERO class… she should take a cue from Alexis Bledel…

    check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage

  130. 130
    Steph Says:

    terrible!!! she has ZERO class… she should take a cue from Alexis Bledel…

    check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage

  131. 131
    Steph Says:

    terrible!!! she has ZERO class… she should take a cue from Alexis Bledel…

    check out my Teen Choice Awards fashion coverage

  132. 132
    what a ho Says:

    People who say that wasn’t pole dancing need to grow a brain, it’s obvious what it is. When a 16 year old kid dresses in sequined undies and does this sort of thing, it appeals to and encourages pedophiles. She’s just a kid. If she wants to turn into a ****** ho she could wait til she’s 18, since she’s a Disney kid and lots of really little girls idolize her.

  133. 133
    Mommy Says:

    Very classy, her parents must be proud, cha ching, cha ching.

    All she needed was that fat ***** Kim Kardashian to come out and have guys pee on her. Great role models for our teens!

  134. 134
    Topdog Says:

    that’s exactly the problem, isn’t it? she’s 16, and young girls are watching this show. no pole should have been part of the prop during her performance. it doesn’t matter what she did with it for how long. the audience is still impressionable youngsters.

  135. 135
    Jen Says:

    how could they allow that. A 16 year old on a pole during the TEEN choice awards in those shorts , a bunch of kids are watching this. For heaven sakes, this girl is so trashy and the show is worst for allowing this.

  136. 136
    Kelsey Says:

    This is of the nast…miley cyrus is 16 YEARS OLD and should not be using a stripper pole at any of her performances. This is clearly wrong. Unless she wants to give people the impression that she’s a ****.

  137. 137
    Re: christina Says:

    Britney didnt act like that until 18 or 19 years old. Not 16!

  138. 138
    leah Says:

    prudes on here this is the only way to make it the world and for her to move away from disney. whats the big deal she has clothes on. ease up you go girl.

  139. 139
    eryn Says:

    hmm, that thing that she stepped out of, what was that supposed to be? it sort of looked like a house from a trailer park? maybe its mileys new home.
    i really dont understand why she hasnt totaly flopped yet. i mean, litle girls are still alowed to watch her on tv and listen to her music.
    hasnt she; posed almost nude pictures of herself on the internet?
    posed nude for a magazine?
    dated a much older guy?
    and now pole danced on tv?
    i dont think that many parents are all that approving when it comes to these things.

  140. 140
    bellA Says:

    Classy . . .it proves that Disney stars are bound down the road of Britneys fallout.

  141. 141
    Angel Says:

    Well after watching the video, I’m glad to see she didn’t really get dirty with the pole. she did the one signature move, but that’s about it. Regardless, she’s only 16 and if her parents aren’t going to tell her “No” then someone else needs too. She’s 16, and doing what typical 16 year old girls do. They are bombarded with images of ****** ho bags and sex, so they imitate that in order to be “attractive.” However, most 16 year old girls have parents to tell them “No” every once in a while. Or “No, you can’t go on stage in front of millions of TV viewers in short shorts, a ripped t-shirt with a sheer bra underneath, and dance with a pole.” So, it’s too bad she doesn’t have enough common sense and respect not to do such things, but it’s REALLY too bad that no one is guiding her in the right direction. Sex sells, so I can understand her doing such things in a couple of years, but letting her do these things at 16 is giving her a bad reputation.

  142. 142
    elementsofblindess Says:

    Its not that she pole danced. SHE DID NOT. She just STOOD there.

    BUT she was not dressed nice. Showing as much as possible is not cool! esp for a 16 yr old! esp when you have MANY MANY little girls who look up to you!

    Miley Cyrus is not classy at all. And that is why people “attack” her. If she dressed appropriately (not for her fans but mainly for self respect and modest issues) she’d be near perfect.

  143. 143
    me Says:

    OMG!! WHY?!! are they doing this at the TEEN choice awards? 8 year old girls watch this show! 8 year old girls who for some reason look up to Miley Cyrus and they let her POLE DANCE?!! What is the world coming to?!!

  144. 144
    jobie Says:

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the white trailer trashpole dancing wanna-be ***** out of the girl. Another Disney mistake…*shamed* She shouldn’t be on anything “teen” any more.

  145. 145
    amy Says:

    she has nice teeth

  146. 146
    bey rocks Says:

    OMG are u kidding me? she looks like a stripper and she is just 16 AND a disney star! great role model!

  147. 147
    cutie pie Says:

    WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED????? and ewaht she is doing is not dancing,, she cant dance strutting around on stage and acting like a hooker is not dancing! her voice is annoying and if it walks like a duck call it a duck Jamie Foxx!! good looking out!!

  148. 148
    Mileyfan Says:

    Wtf?! guys it’s not that bad… miley cyrus is not a britney spears 2.0 ! Her performance was great well… sort of… but the singing was good! What’s so ****** about this?! It’s just pole dancing what’s so wrong about it?!

  149. 149
    Quinn Says:

    @Mileyfan: How about the fact that she’s a 16 year old wanna-be “role model” for all the little kiddies that (sadly) idolize her? She’s pretty much sending out the “HEY KIDS LOOK WHAT I CAN DO. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. LETS ALL DANCE AROUND STRIPPER POLES AND ACT LIKE SOON TO BE SLU.TS!!” message. :/ And yes, she is Britney 2.0… maybe worse. Actually, yeah, she’s way worse.

  150. 150
    Jon King Says:

    I really don’t get this. A show watched mostly by kids….why the need for that act here? If she wants to dance like that, that is her busines, she has MTV and numerous other outlets. Why on earth did that act need to be done on that speciic show?

  151. 151
    Courtney Says:

    I can’t believe they let her get on that stage with boyshorts and her bra exposed, dancing on a pole. Who thought this was a good career move?

  152. 152
    Vicki Says:


  153. 153
    Courtney Says:

    @leah: It’s not prude to be disgusted by the fact that a 16 year old girl who is a role model, whether or not she wants to be, is pole dancing on an award show that will be watched by many of her young fans. What kind of message is that sending them?

  154. 154
    ******** Says:


  155. 155
    Sabrina Says:

    Teen Choice Awards and Disney have become por*n shows pedophiles… sorry, but that’s what it is in the end.

  156. 156
    Trystan Says:

    miley had a wonderful performance, so she performed on a pole- shes a teenager!!!!!! Leave her alone!!!!

  157. 157
    getoverit Says:

    Seriously people, get over it. It was part of her performance, so stop judging her. It’s not like she was stripping on stage or anything. It’s not such a big deal

  158. 158
    ivanka Says:

    ew miley, what a “great”role model, super classy btw,

    the next lindsay or party girl

  159. 159
    Lucy86 Says:

    Why are people being so judgmental about Miley? Geez, I think she’s very pretty, talented and a hard-working person. I’m not a fan of her, but I have to admit that the girl is super cool.

  160. 160
    Lynny Says:

    It’s almost like that young girl watching in the pic on the left even knows something ain’t right.

  161. 161
    Isabella Says:

    I always knew she was white trash. What did you expect after all those semi-naked pictures of her popping out sometime ago. It would not surprise me to hear there is a sex tape out there too. TRASH I tell you. At least she has fixed her crooked teeth.

  162. 162
    mileyisawesome Says:

    miley did an awesome job..gosh people need to leave her alone..she’s growing up,she’s freaking turning 17 this year,she’s leaving disney pretty soon and she need to get out there and be a teenager..miley is awesome and that was a great performance….

  163. 163
    mileyisawesome Says:

    leave her alone..she’s growing up,she’s freaking turning 17 this year,she’s leaving disney pretty soon and she need to get out there and be a teenager MILEY CYRUS ROCKS..ILOVE HER AND IM 14 YEARS OLD..SHE DID AWESOME!!!!!!

  164. 164
    ashley Says:

    AHAH i love her, but the girls face, it the cover picture, on the left, in the back says it ALL

  165. 165
    anon Says:

    She suck on singing so at least she has new job to do.. pole dancing and look at those widened legs, gross!

  166. 166
    Isabella Says:

    And why the hell are the parents not (legally) held responsible?? They should be charged for indecency exposure of a minor – or something like that. You can’t pimp out your teenage girl and get away with it? What’s wrong with us, America!?

  167. 167
    tanya Says:


  168. 168
    makeila Says:

    What a bisexual ****!

  169. 169
    anon Says:

    Re: christina @ 08/10/2009 at 11:32 am
    Britney didnt act like that until 18 or 19 years old. Not 16!
    Right you are.

  170. 170
    TheSPiritRoom Says:

    Miley Cyrus is nothing more than a big fat disgrace

  171. 171
    izy Says:

    whos surprised?

  172. 172
    Ember Says:

    Good lord, what is going on here? Stripper pole, Very little clothes. She is 16!!!!!! I am not a prude, but this is completely disgusting and inappropriate for a young girl who has young children looking up to her.
    DISNEY, START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! HER PARENTS NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS AS WELL!! Get a grip folks, this is not what we want our young kids to idolize. Even my 11 year old had enough sense to ask me ” Why is she dating a 21 year old underwear model?” Thank god I instilled sense into her. But she will NO LONGED watch this tramp, no way! Garbage is all she is. Tramp and a wh*re!!!!

  173. 173
    Disgusting Says:

    The few people on here who are okay with a 16 year old child pole dancing need to remember that pole dancing is done by age 18+ strippers in seedy nudie bars, and this kid is a minor, who would never be allowed in. It’s disgusting to see a kid spreading her legs to the pole. Miley is glorifying stripping when she does this.

  174. 174
    Annie Says:

    She certainly likes to spread her legs doesnt she. Where are her parents??????????? Garbage, nothing but garbage.

  175. 175
    anonymous Says:

    Are you serious? I couldn’t even believe the headline. For the people who say that it wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t even that long or provocative, you gotta be kidding! She shouldn’t even be dancing next to it! She’s got little kids looking UP to her and who try to follow her dance moves, etc. And for the people who think people should give her a break, I’m sorry but I’m not gonna do that because she made the choice to become a famous singer. And with that comes a lot of sacrifice and responsibilities.

  176. 176
    kris Says:

    I love how her fans want to be hears so badly because they need to defend this girl so much for all the mistakes she’s doing in her career that they constantly need to type in caps lock.
    it’s not helping, in fact it makes the fans look even more immature than they already are for still defending this trashy girl..
    And no not every teenager is a s kank like miley.
    Not every teenager in america is wearing a white think tank top with a black bra and a short skirt.
    it’s sad that people look upto this bimbo.
    if she were to fall off the place of this earth tomorrow
    i honestly believe that it would make the world a better place.

  177. 177
    alexkziel Says:

    She is the next Britney Spears…and that is not a good thing.

  178. 178
    laura Says:

    God!..what parents allowed for money !!!!!!!!

  179. 179
    . Says:

    ok….. listen ppl i know miley should not be doing this.. but u gotta look at the BIG picture..

    how many of u are teens and understand how hard it is being 1

    how many of u r teens and have pole danced during truth or dare

    how many of u have skinny dipped

    and how many of u have made mistakes??

    miley is amazing…. it was ONE second and she got right off… i feel she knew it was wrong to what she did and im so happy she won!!

  180. 180
    Marcella galeotti Says:

    OH WOOOW,SHE ROCKED ,MILEY IS SO AWESOME, AND SHE KEEPS GETTING BETTER,Miley, don’t care about those stupid people, they’re jealous ,LOVE YOU, xoxo

  181. 181
    Marcella galeotti Says:


  182. 182
    Stephanie Says:

    you people do know that she doesn’t pick out her outfits. She also doesn’t coreograph her dances. So before you go bash Miley, why not bash whoever picked put her outfit and coreographed her dance? I mean seriously folks, most of you are rediculous. Miley is my hero, and I’m going to support her through everything. Some people need to learn that she’s not a “****” or a “*****”. I doubt any of you know her in real life to judge her like that. So kindly shut up.

  183. 183
    linda Says:

    ok people stop trashing her!! gawd theres still gonna be more people supporting her and it’s not like she’s gonna read any of this! stop wasting your time leaving rude comments. that was a really great performance. the pictures made it seem worse than it actually was. gawd she was only standing on the ice cream cart. it had wheels! she needed it to balance!!! and she bent for like a second. all teenagers wear short shorts people! even when they’re dancing! guess what? i’m a dancer! we wear short shorts to our classes all the time! we have to.

  184. 184
    linda Says:

    @kris: they’re shorts if u havent noticed.

  185. 185
    waterbaby13 Says:

    goodness. miley is turning into the next britney/lindsay!

  186. 186
    kristine Says:

    seriously. i wouldn’t want my 16 year old cousin dressing like that. and come on…a pole?!

  187. 187
    Marylynn Says:

    WOW miley….. why do you putting yourself in these situations? Sure it was only for 2 seconds for those of you who say its no big deal, but its the sight that will be imprinted in the minds tonight of all her fans. If this was a 25 year old than it would be a bit sexy ( i wouldnt think so but im trying to make a point) but NOT from a 16 year old, thats sick.

  188. 188
    Marylynn Says:

    Well you know what? SHE CAN SAY NO!

  189. 189
    julie Says:

    Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Her nine year old sister Noah was photographed last week in full makeup posing with a stripper pole and dancing around it. Nine freaking years old! Wonder where she gets it from?

  190. 190
    bajka Says:

    miley looks so pretty so she made other show soo???everybody will dissaprove her or what???!!!! she is so funny and sweet girl and nothing did not change what ever she takes drogs or drinks alcohol not???!!! she only make music and dancer show and she looked cool!!! what ever you never made thing which looks bad ??!!!???!! she is 16 year old i am 14 year old and i am so bad person i already meeted with all bad things :(((and i am not proud of me but what my life is simply worse than by miley cyrus and YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT YOU !!!!so come on pole dance what is bad of it???!!??? it is just dancing nothing other!!! … nearly everybody is worse than miley and all you guys know it :((( so YOU FINISH ALLOW MILEY!!!!!! OK???!!!!???

  191. 191
    bajka Says:

    miley looks so pretty so she made other show soo???everybody will dissaprove her or what???!!!! she is so funny and sweet girl and nothing did not change what ever she takes drogs or drinks alcohol not???!!! she only make music and dancer show and she looked cool!!! what ever you never made thing which looks bad ??!!!???!! she is 16 year old i am 14 year old and i am so bad person i already meeted with all bad things :(((and i am not proud of me but what my life is simply worse than by miley cyrus and YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT YOU !!!!so come on pole dance what is bad of it???!!??? it is just dancing nothing other!!! … nearly everybody is worse than miley and all you guys know it :((( so YOU FINISH ALLOW MILEY!!!!!! OK???!!!!??? miley is so cool and help girl !!.. :))))

  192. 192
    bajka Says:


  193. 193
    k.r. Says:

    The outfit and the dance moves are completely inappropriate for a 16 year old…this coming from someone who’s the same age as Miley.

    I babysit 2 5-year-old girls. They’re both obsessed with Hannah/Miley and yes, they DO try to dance like her. It’s disgusting.

    I’m sure Walt Disney is rolling in his grave over these so-called Disney “role models”.

  194. 194
    Leena Says:

    You guys remember when her dad had that interview and he said I raised my kids to grow up with class, and they wont turn out like the rest of the stars?! What a lie that was!! Come on you think she would be careful after those pictures let out over the wbe. but NO! lets make our self be more of a ****!!! Well I personally hate miley with a passion but come on LITTLE KIDS watch this I say someone grow some pelotos and cancel the girls show to teach her a lesson!! Disney would not have let this happen….I mean the real Disney before all these ***** and man ***** took over!!! Even though i hate miley with a passion no one should have to grow up being known as a **** but if thats what she wants then so be it……..”****

  195. 195
    Mauilver Says:

    What else is new??
    she’s just going to keep on doing this stuff..

  196. 196
    sytycdfan Says:


    She has the right to say “No, I don’t want to wear that. I don’t think it’s the best idea to dance this routine in front of a young audience. I have kids looking up to me, and I want to be a good role model to them.”

  197. 197
    Gale Forcewinds Says:

    Point prooved by the kids (TWEEN QND TEENS )here who are saying ,she made the show,leave her alone,it was not her fault and the people who choergraphd this and put the costume on her are to blame,etc.
    Miley is in charge.Her folks support and approve behind her all decisions like pole dancing,and of course sleeping with a 21 yr.oldman,the Annie Leibovitz shot,and the rest.

  198. 198
    Kylie Says:

    I don’t think she wants to be in Disney anymore

  199. 199
    lalala Says:

    Miley is almost an adult now. If she wants to be a stripper, so be it.

  200. 200
    Miley=pathetic Says:

    where is her father? How the hell is being compare to Britney a compilment. The woman is an embrassment, she has no talent, she a complete hot mess who can’t take care of her kids or self. Her father should be perpare for her to get marry for an hour, Rehab for drugs, sleep around, psychward and pop out kids that she can’t take care of. Shame on Miley and Britney . She should want to be like women who are great role models like Hilary, Beyonce, oprah, Angelina , women who are makeing a difference in the world but sh ewants to be like trashy spears.

  201. 201
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    it’s not like she’s actually stripping
    more like just touching the pole, would have been very inappropriate if she were actually doing things with the pole yet it’s still pretty bad
    i just think this gives her stalker more motive for him 2 like her
    she’s a loser, not a bit interested in her

  202. 202
    MARCELLA Says:

    Another problem girl is comin’ up. Maybe like la Lohan or like Brit. ‘Good’ example for the kids.

  203. 203
    natalie Says:

    seriously i cant believe she did that shes like 16 wow hannah montana is a **** good thing im not a fan i seriously cant believe she did that like seriously wat kind of message is she sending to her youner fans

  204. 204
    Taylor Says:

    honestly, this is not that bad. wow she danced with a pole. i think everyone her age does that with friends just having fun. she probably just had the pole up there to hold her balance so she wouldnt fall. cause if you notice she was holding on to it pretty tightly. so give her a break. she growing up. i love miley cyrus and i thought she did amazing. and her outfit is ute and its age appropriate. at least shes not showing her stomach or her chest area like her back up dancers so leave her alone.
    love you miley. congrats on all the awards you won

  205. 205
    listenuuuppp Says:

    She did it because she knew it would bring her alot of attention. Look this thread has over 200 posts! That’s what she wants. She isn’t that talented and she needs to do something to keep getting attention. She is doing what Madonna did for years and that’s “shock” people into paying attention to her. Only difference is that Madonna had TALENT to back it up. Billy Ray Cyrus should be ashamed of himself.

  206. 206
    Laura Jade Says:

    why am i not surprised? she’s meant to be a role model for little girls and when they see this, they’re gonna think it’s alright to do that. it’s obvious that she’s gonna end up like britney or lindsay (no matter how much she says she won’t).

  207. 207
    casey Says:

    good for you miley. all the press a star could ask for. that’ s what its all about. Parents don’t seem to mind if their young impressionable kids following in the footsteps of a 16 year old that lives with a 20 year old, who takes semi naked photos and now dances on a “ice cream cart pole” at a kids show. the more she does, the more famous she becomes.
    keep it up miley. you will continue to be the best and most famous role model on earth . keep shakin your money maker, exposing your money maker and keep on crankin out that cash. yeaaaaaaa miley1!!!!

  208. 208
    Marieme Says:

    I can’t stand how Miley is being raised and this is such an embarassment, but why is she getting so much hate and a skaaank like Vanessa with all her trashy photos gets all the love? This is a bizarre thing.

  209. 209
    lol Says:

    this is redonkulous. you’d think that out of all the children in america, the disney channel could find starlets that won’t go off and embarrass them. i’m not a fan of either demi or selena, but at least they’re not going around POLE DANCING on t.v. i just wish disney could find more role models for kids – just some plain (but talented) girl/boy from a good family, with good morals. no bullshit promise ring ****, just some normal, down-to-earth kids.

    i don’t really understand the appeal of cyrus anyway. maybe that’s just me.

  210. 210
    Kitt Says:

    She’s getting worse and worse. Soon enough her contract with Disney will be over, and we’ll see her doing more ****** things. I see a playboy cover and sex tape in the future!

  211. 211
    Leslie Says:

    Really people I wouldn’t even consider what she did pole dancing. all she did was stand on that ice cream stand and hold onto the pole. Seriously I think all ya’ll need to get a life because honsetly she didnt do anything. All she did was stand there and sing

  212. 212
    Amelia Says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I thought she was my role model im 11 now this is to sexy for her! SEXYNESS IS FOR LINSAY LOHANS AND BRITNEYS SPEARS AGES OLDER ONLY WTF I ALMOST FELT SO CLOSE TO HATE HER NOW WHAT KIND OF CELEBRITY STAR IS SHE? I BET ONLY ADULTS CAN WATCH HER THANKS TO HER guess what??? my parents didnt let me go to a jonas brother’s concert near me and they think just because their boys!!!!! wow great discrimintion and miley cyrus-tca awards she wore a above knee skirt which my parents think is sooo wayyy beyond my limit to wear short shirts !! jb ar ebetter than miley GO JB DEMI AND SELENA!!!!!! HOW COULD U MILEY??? ALOT OF KIDS WATCHED THAT AND POLE DANCING IS ONLY FOR 18+ audience and 18+ to do that! CURSE U MILEy Ur just a super short skirt wearer and cleavage bearer the trashier star i like u so much i really wanted to meet u but guess what? I think the jb’s selena gomez and demi lovato are better 16+ year olds than u u just treat uself like ur older u maynot be a kid and celebs can do what they do but this is way beyong including posing in seductive photos!!!!!!! ur 4th on my list now! yes i agree to everyone and im am very furious *hisses* ( this is what i do now when im super furious) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE MILES U SUPER SHORTSKIRT WEARER AND CLEAVGE BEARER AND ROLE MODEL-NOT! USED TO BE NOOW NOW HAHAHAH ;( :( :O I WISH SHE NEVER DONE THIS!

  213. 213
    irene1234 Says:

    She is amazing!!!! Love her!!! She is a performer guys grow up a little bit and stop hating! She is a person not a role model and she is having fun singing her song for her fans!!!! Come ON!!!

  214. 214
    jj Says:

    ew ew eww
    i understand she wants to look hot, but wearing immodest clothes is not the way to go! especially for the uh, self proclaimed “Christian” girl who says the only reason she’s in hollywood is because of God
    would God be happy looking at her pole dance and ****? iunno :S

  215. 215
    tracee Says:

    yeah, 16 year olds might pole dance, but not in front of the stage in front of millions of kids!
    can’t believe her mom and dad actually let her do this. have a little class!
    srsly, this thing is too much for television.
    why do people actually like her?? her voice is raspy and she can’t sing. she isn’t a good role model either. her songs sound the same, and her acting is horrible compared to demi and selena
    ******* you miley :)

  216. 216
    gabbielovesyoux3 Says:

    she is a *****.
    great rolemodel. *note sarcasm*

  217. 217
    i'myerpersonalstalker! ja-kay Says:

    okay i’m not hating on miley but she shouldn’t being doing this!I’ mean seriously miley!What are you doing with your life!I know she growing and 16 but she doing a kids show!Kids are watching this i ‘m a kid and i seem very disappointed now vanessa hudgens hater should rethink this! yea she 16 but most pole dancers are 20 or something

  218. 218
    kat Says:

    i just watched her perform like a minute ago.
    i guess the pictures were taken at the worst times but she still sorta looked like a hooker up there (booty shorts, high heeled boots, black bra showing, chains)
    & it was kinda weird how after a performance like that she thanked “god her father”.

  219. 219
    pshhhhhh Says:

    that wasnt even pole dancing! she was on an ice cream thingy and the pole was obviously there so she wouldnt lose her balance and fall. she definitely shoulda thought about that though, and realized people would think things, but in her defense its amazing how people see one picture and jump to conclusions.

  220. 220
    BELLA♥ Says:


  221. 221
    i'myerpersonalstalker! ja-kay Says:

    and the thing is i am giving miley a break but think about the kids!and if you have a little girl and she wants to be like her and end up doing um this!that would be awkward!little kids sneak ends and watch these i’m not hating on her or bashing on her! but i’m not sure that this fits for her!i don’t even want to be rude!She has little kids supporting her! AGAIN I”M NOT BASHING HATING OR WATEVER YOUR GONNA SAY!I DIDN’T CALLED HER A **** AND SOME OF THESE PEOPLE AREN’T PROBABLY BASHING ON HER THEY’RE JUST SAYING WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?!OR WHY DID SHE DO THIS?!AND SOME FAN DOESN’T SEEM TO APPROVED!!IAND PLUS DON’T BOTHER REPLY BACK TO ME !CAUSE I DON’T WANNA GET IN A HISSING FIGHT!

  222. 222
    cawk Says:

    haha she thought a unbrella pole was a stripper pole. i guess she just assumes your supposed to dance on every and any kind of pole

  223. 223
    chelsey Says:

    Im shocked she looks at Britney Spears as a role model. Really shocked. LMAO! Pole dancing, REALLLLLY?


  224. 224
    selena Says:

    it really wasnt a pole dance i just got done watching it and i was there to help her stay on there and i did like her preformance but i think it was wrong because of her being a star on disney channel for kidds! and they were watching and little kids do not need to see that.

  225. 225
    Gen Says:

    her parents must be so PROUD of her.
    I’d like to see her fans stick up with her now. SHES ONLY 16. SHE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT.

  226. 226
    tyratlc213 Says:

    how come her dad allows her to wear those kind of clothes.she is so gross, cause who would wear something soooooooooooooooo grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wierdo..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. 227
    diva Says:

    It was obvious that the entire Miley performance was a tribute to Britney Spears. The video tribute to Britney showed Britney dancing on the pole and having red hair in her music video. Mileys back up dancer, which miley ripped the hat off of, had red Britney hair. And miley doesn’t get to chose what she wears and does on stage, people do that for her. It’s all about publicity. This performance was meant to raise heads but also have an excuse to use later. And disney doesn’t care what she does, her tv show, movies, and concerts have racked in millions. Thats all disney cares about.

  228. 228
    DemiFan Says:

    For the ones saying being a role model is her job, Is being a role model is what’s getting her 5 #1 albums. the highest grossing tour with the Jonas Brothers, The number One Kid Series? NO! MILEY IS GETTING THAT! HER JOB IS TO BE HERSELF SO LET HER DO THAT ! AND WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO BEFORE YOU LOOK AT THE FRICKEN PICTUERS and if you want TRAILER TRASH, check out that B!TCH who was around the arm of an 21 year OLD NAMED ZAC EFRON and THEN TALK. Have YOU SEEN HER LATEST SCANDAL? And yet TEENS LOOK UP TO HER NAKED ASZ!

  229. 229
    lisa Says:

    i just don’t get it…..she can’t sing, dance or act and is ugly to boot. why is this girl famous?

  230. 230
    shabalabadingdong Says:

    wtf miley cyrus is such a *****
    she has so many younger fans that look up to her and she is teaching them to be ******

    what a disapointment

  231. 231
    Stephanie Says:

    @Leslie: I agree!!!!!

  232. 232
    gA skal Says:

    Don’t judge others, before judging yourself. God will judge us. Not humans judging humans. Miley knows this. But do you? If you were famous and you made the slightest mistake and it was posted to the net. Would you want criticism blasting at you? Most definitely not. The final judgement will be upon men very soon. And Noah’s Ark will now, only be in Christ alone.

  233. 233
    shania Says:

    omg miley was so hawt! all you wenises sayin’ she belongs in a trailer park? back off and get a life shes just doin her thang ! awwwww yeaaahhH! shes just bein miley!!! <33 love ya miles!<3

  234. 234
    shania Says:

    omg miley was hawt!! all you wenises sayin’ she belongs in a trailer park? back off and get a life she’s just doin her thang! she’s just being miley!! love yaa milesss <3333!!!

  235. 235
    Miley Says:

    Please Leave Me Alon Thanks And Thanks

  236. 236
    Miley Says:

    Please Leave Me Alon Thanks And Thanks

  237. 237
    ohnoshedidnt Says:

    This girl is on her way to posing in Playboy and being an all around mess. Pole dancing! That one just blew me away. She’s 16 and her parents were right there watching like it was no biggie. not good

  238. 238
    HIHI Says:

    wow miley…. great message for young kids…. it’s hosted by the jonas brothers and 6 year olds are watching this. your parents should be ashamed of you, and your dressed way to inappropriately for a role model for younger children.

  239. 239
    annabelle Says:

    I don’t get it. Why would someone let their daughter act like this, specially in public. Her father looks sleazy, maybe he has some pedophelia tendencies. Her mother is in it for the money. And her younger sister? It think she will be even worse. Both of them can’t sing. But now we know they can invest their money in to fancy strip club and Miley can be the pole queen.

  240. 240
    wow. Says:

    haha, so blown out of proportion. because she drops it low once beside a pole shes suddenly a pole dancer? haha yea okay people.

  241. 241
    4thelulz Says:

    Hahaha, wow. Watch the video, that one of her crouching is the most sexual move she does. WATCH OUT! Hell, the pole is only as tall as her anyway.

  242. 242
    annabelle Says:

    Hey wow,if you consider how many very young girls look up to Miley and this was broadcasted all over, so yes it is out of proportion.Her parents should be ashamed.
    Yes they laugh all the way to the bank ,obviously nothing else matter to the. Only money.

  243. 243
    Jade Says:

    Ok. I do feel some of the things she did and wore in this performance was not right for the teen choice awards but come on. Miley Cyrus is groing up and you guyys cannot expect her to be a little Disney princess all her life. She is branching out to other age groups. Do you think 16 17 and 18 year old still watch Disney or dress/ dance like Disney characters do?? Come on everyyone give it a rest. Miley is fine. Let the girl live alittle..

  244. 244
    Vendora77 Says:

    well wht do i expect her dad let her go out woth a 20 year old boy idot!

  245. 245
    chANTELLE Says:


  246. 246
    jasmin Says:

    miley is slutee she is doing that because she think she 21

  247. 247
    Regina Says:

    I can not believe people think of her as a role model. There is no way in hell I’ll continue to let my little girl watch her on tv or buy anything Hannah related. This is so sad how fast this girl has turned from sweet to ****** in less then 2 years.

    Pole Dancing? Give me a break. I guess this is the way she will be making her money Post -Hannah Montana. Hmm, I knew it would be a matter of time before someone had her out on the stroll for that money. I guess it was sooner then I thought.

  248. 248
    Britt Says:

    jeez who knew that a lovely christian girl could dance on poles too. :O

    and her parents sat there and applouded this wow good for them clearly they should write a parenting book too just like britney spears’ mother happened to do :P

  249. 249
    Ariels Says:

    OK seriously..i am getting so freakin sick of ALL these teen stars!!!! They are all so dumb. lets go back to the old days when 16yr olds had class and kept their clothes on

  250. 250
    CAroline pedrozza Oliveira Says:

    Britney Spears?

  251. 251
    CAroline pedrozza Oliveira Says:

    Britney Spears?

  252. 252
    lina Says:

    i was watching the TCA and when i saw her performance, my jaw DROPPED! i am loving the song and ive listen to it 50+ on my itunes count and seeing her performance hasnt changed my opinion of the song but i didnt imagine her dance moves to be like that. I AM A FAN OF MILEY but her performance has SHOCKED me BIG TIME! and BOOTY SHORTS?! wows! i mean she is growing up and her parents were watching!!! NOW IMAGINE how the music video would look like!

  253. 253
    barbara Says:

    ii don’t know.. im mean is kinda bad.. but at the same time.. we.. she’s old in offf too know what’s right from wrong! so let her do what she wants.. if she wants to be known as a “stripper” and kind of a prostitute.. let her be happy!

  254. 254
    Ville Says:

    Umm… where’s the news? There was hardly anything sexy in that video.

  255. 255
    Scruffy Puffy Says:


  256. 256
    aLEXANDRA Says:


  257. 257
    Nancy Says:

    boycotting anything to do with this SLUTBAGGGG. never letting my kids watch DISNEY after seeing their stars, britney, christina augilera, jaime spears, now this doucebag…

  258. 258
    JAIME Says:

    she sold her soul to the devil. her father should be sent straight to HELLLLL NOW!!!

  259. 259
    Vivienne Says:

    next up: masturbating on stage in her lil shorts as daddy plays his guitar on the bed ……

  260. 260
    Bev Says:

    Hey Miley crusaders on here, it’s understood that she is a sixteen year-old girl and is trying to cater to a broader audience and is allowed to make mistakes and blah de dah (I’m a seventeen year old girl, and I’m hardly perfect nor do I claim to be), but when you’re in the public eye as much as she is and your audience primarily consists of little tweeny boppers who idolize the hell out of you (e.g. my seven year-old baby sister, eleven year-old cousin, and all of their friends), it is IMPERATIVE that you keep your image classy and clean lest you distort the youth’s views on femininity and sexuality. True, it was not a full-out pole dance, but a myriad of other objects could have been used as a stabilizer on the icecream cart and she sure was dressed for the part of an expensive streetwalker (those shorts were some glorified panties if I’ve ever seen any.. and cute fully exposed bra Miley). I would not mind so much if all these little girlies didn’t look up to her and she didn’t make such hypocritical and insincere comments about her “Father God” and pleasing her parents and being an exemplary role model and whatnot, but really. Lindsay/Britney 2.0 indeed.

  261. 261
    Annie Says:

    You think that’s bad, check out her little sister with the pole before the show! That family is f*cked up.

  262. 262
    Mama Hughes Says:

    I hate to say it, but she seems to be showing a glimpse of her future becauase she compromised who she is to sale music…trailor trash pole dancing to support her daddy. I pray she wakes up soon!

  263. 263
    iBelieve Says:

    Oh my gosh…FAIL. now all the teens are gonna go pole dancing! YAY…not.

    so much for being a role model -.-

  264. 264
    Jenna Says:

    Well everyone who is a parent here we have the power to keep our children from watching her. We need to boycott Teen Choice Awards if they are going to allow that kind of act!

  265. 265
    Lori Says:

    one word, Trashy. whats next MIley, playboy?, strip clubs?, your a disgrace to the teenagers in America. You need to get a grip on the reality of what messages you are putting out there to other kids your age. ACT like the kid you are or grow up and quit embarrassing us all.

  266. 266
    fify Says:

    i’m not suprised.. she look like a trash dancing around like that.. come on!! teens and kids are watching it! i hate her..

  267. 267
    ajin jude Says:

    I liked the change in the lyrics in which she gave tribute to the pop king

  268. 268
    tina8 Says:

    wow is she really that stupid?? she had to know that thousands of young kids are going to be watching this and yet she still dances like a **** on a pole… why she’s so popular i’ll never know.

  269. 269
    what ever!! Says:

    First of all… She was dancing AROUND a pole she wasn’t GRINDING the pole… and to even compare here to linsday lohan… how shallow are you?! She isn’t getting DUI’s and she isn’t club hopping… and she isn’t wearing skirts with no underwear on… or checking into rehab… so to compare her to that is beyond me… maybe ya’ll shouldn’t be so quick on judging people… well, i guess everyone is intitled to their own opinion…. mine is… if you don’t like it DON’T WATCH IT!! simple as that! Moving On!!

  270. 270
    ughmiley Says:

    Ugh I always knew she was a ****, but this is even big for her.. If tyhey don’t cancel her show now wow!!! Okai this is way overboard

  271. 271
    ughmiley Says:

    Ugh I always knew she was a ****, but this is even big for her.. If tyhey don’t cancel her show now wow!!! Okai this is way overboard

  272. 272
    miley rules Says:

    ok you have to at least see the video and when you do you can clearly see she is not pole dancing she just bends down and u call that pole dancing? thats nothin compared to that! paleez people, dont be gettin mad over stupid ****!

  273. 273
    anna Says:

    i think this is so stupid because she is a role model what does she think she’s doing honestly?
    her little sister is doing pole dances as well. She isn’t helping her image. yea some people might say other people are worse who aren’t celebrities but nobody cares about those people, shes a celebrity and is always in the public eye. she already took those pictures of her self and now she does this. her parents are just like britney spears. funny thing was when they said she was giving the award to britney i was like a **** giving another **** the award duh of course.

  274. 274
    sydney Says:

    That is a typical teenager it is not the end of the world she is still a wonderful girl and she is very talented.

  275. 275
    Yo54Pop Says:

    This chick get’s away with murder..She dances on a pole in shorts that are basically underwear and everyone just says I still love her,She’s so hot,Or it’s just harmless fun.But if Vanessa or Demi pulled something like this they would be called a ****.
    There’s nothing great about Miley honestly I could find someone on the street who has more talent then her.

  276. 276
    nathaniel popoca Says:

    miley looks hot in that picture of her pole dancing and miley is also my bff so people talking about her being a bad role model please shut up if you disagree with me email me at and miley i feel really bad every one is making fun of u but u did awesome last night incredible job love always nathaniel popoca

  277. 277
    maggie Says:

    Okay, yeah the whole pole dance was like for 5 sec, or what ever but still is it appropriate for a teen choice awards? thats a no. This song is about party in the U.S.A not christina augilera’s dirty album.
    Yeah the whole dancing isnt a big deal, but you have to understand that there are young viewers, yeah shes trying to branch out or w.e but we all know she;s trashy and its something that we all have seen. The performance was honestly horrible and she had a track playing along with her. Lastly, those shorts are super short, i dont know why they would let her wear something so damn short, little kids probably seen her really small, skinny ass. She’s going to be old news really soon.

  278. 278
    Conservative dad Says:

    I’m a conservative dad and watched the entire video. I quite frankly don’t see what the problem is. She didn’t slither around the pole or do any provocative moves. She held the pole while she danced. There’s a HUGE difference between stripper moves and what Miley was doing.

    Her ourfit was also in line with what kids are wearing. Go into Abercrombie or Hollister and tell me what you see for girls shorts. They are NOT long. They are short shorts. That’s in style now folks.

    Give it a rest and giver her a break!

  279. 279
    Jennifer Says:

    She is not pole dancing!! she is holding onto a pole to keep her balance.

  280. 280
    Jennifer Says:

    She is not pole dancing!! she is holding onto a pole to keep her balance.

  281. 281
    katyjane89 Says:

    What the f***!!!! Classy?! I don’t think so!!

  282. 282
    Stephanie i. Says:

    -Okay she did not pole dance, i saw her performance all she was doinq was holding on and performing her song….. Everyones makinq a big deal bout this, so what shes 16; Shes trying to show shes not a little girl anymore, yes shes a role model to younger girls but everyone has to grow up so she cant always worry but the younger ones, thats the parents job. [*oh loved her outfits]. So stop talking trash and
    saying shes another britney or lindsay…goshhh. This is my opinion
    so dont even start saying im wrong and crap. :]

  283. 283
    chase Says:

    so many little girls love shes the reason little girls nowadays act like that i mean seriously she looks like a hooker

  284. 284
    Stephanie i. Says:

    -Okay she did not pole dance, i saw her performance all she was doinq was holding on and performing her song….. Everyones makinq a big deal bout this, so what shes 16; Shes trying to show shes not a little girl anymore, yes shes a role model to younger girls but everyone has to grow up so she cant always worry but the younger ones, thats the parents job. [*oh loved her outfits]. So everyone should stop talking
    trash and comparing her to britney and lindsay….gosh. This is my
    opinion so dont start saying im wrong and crap. :]

  285. 285
    Megan Says:

    It’s not that bad. So what… she’s growing up and trying to move out from Hannah Montana and making a name as Miley Cyrus. So what if she used a pole, it’s not like the rest of the performance or the song was sexual or racy so it shouldn’t receive this kind of hate.

  286. 286
    lol Says:

    i’ve known worse 16 year olds who are high school role models :/ tsk tsk

  287. 287
    classic Says:

    I gotta say.. my jaw dropped when i saw this performance. For someone who lives for the Disney channel, this was a little overdone. I have seen worse, but at 16 years old as a role model, especially at the TEEN Choice Awards .. the short shorts and bra hanging out is a little much. However, can’t say I’m completely surprised. It is and always was pretty obvious she’s going to be the next Lindsay Lohan. The most priceless moment of it all was her parents standing and clapping at the end of the performance. Wow.. feel proud mom + dad!! She wore those short shorts well.

  288. 288
    wendy Says:

    i really liked her perfomance, i mean, the girl has to grow up someday. its better than pretending ur some sort of angel but behind ur fans ur really crazy. and this new song is amaaizing.

  289. 289
    anne Says:

    congratulations miley, u are a woman -rs.

  290. 290
    nickthegreek Says:

    Soooooooooo hot!

  291. 291
    Eric Says:

    oH!! Miley it’s great really… i love her… well bye

  292. 292
    awful!!!!! Says:

    My daughter will no longer watch anything Miley is on, and will not to buy her clothes, or any product she is endorsing. It is a shame that she would rather show the trash that she has become, than be a respectable role model for girls. Britney and Lindsay, move over, here comes Miley.

  293. 293
    miagirl Says:

    i dont think it is possible for shorts to get much shorter than that, how ******!!!!! like, that is just painful to watch, SHES 16, not that its very appropriate to dance like that at any age, but still, she needs to get her act together

  294. 294
    Eric Says:

    oh!! the song is really amazing… and Miley is a great actress, a good singer…
    your performance in the TCA09 it was great…
    well bye

  295. 295
    Jennifer Says:

    I bet Disney is real happy for her to be such a good role model. What happened when Ellen came out about her being gay? Disney cancelled her show. Do you see Disney cancelling Hannah Montana? Yea right!!! What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander huh?

  296. 296
    where are miley's parents? Says:

    I understand that she is a “starlet,” but she is also 16! So all the more reason for her parents to guide her to make better choices. I say this with all hopes that they, themselves, aren’t the ones guiding her down this ****** road she’s currently on. She’s got plenty of time to be sexy in her 20s. 16 DOES NOT equal sexy…Nor should it ever! But she did get it right on the button when she first emerged from that trailer at the beginning of the performance. I give parents today, raising teenagers, a lot of credit.

  297. 297
    Just plain nasty Says:

    @Karon: that is a very good one i am 16 and i don’t go to strip clubs and oopen my legs liike that that nast and especially when you do this in front of kids under 16 who just watch this perticular award show to see HER! WHAT REALLY PISSED MEEHH OFF IS THE FACT THAT ON HER TWITTER I GUESS SHE HEARD A LOT OF PEOPLE COMMENTING THAT SHE IS JUST ANOTHER BRITTANY SPEARS….WELL GUESS WHAT SHE SAID:
    what kind of romodel says that. she is nothing but garbage right now to me. she needs to clean up her trampy hooker act and find her true 14 year old spirit when she was good cuz rite now she is nutin but GARBAGE parents should NOT let there kids watch her really. she mite be a growing girl but mabe she shuld take herself out dee media nd get her act 2gether. umm her outfit was ok but showing of the bra is just plain nast no one wants to see that. it was terrible. i dnt no who she is tryin 2 impress but acting like brittany spears aitn goin do her no good what soe ever. she needs to sit down some where and get her act together I DNT CARE HOW LONG SHE WAS DANCIN ON DAT POLE WHETHER IT BE 10 SECONDS OR 2 SHE WAS DOIN IT ND HER Y7 YEAR OLD FANS WHO JUST TOONED IN TO THE TEEN CHOICE JUST 2 SEE HER DON’T NEED TO BE EXPOSED TO THAT. parents are now warned nd no who there children look up to now hopefully i dunno but she needs 2 get dat act togetha

  298. 298
    Just plain nasty Says:

    @Karon: that is a very good one i am 16 and i don’t go to strip clubs and oopen my legs liike that that nast and especially when you do this in front of kids under 16 who just watch this perticular award show to see HER! WHAT REALLY PISSED MEEHH OFF IS THE FACT THAT ON HER TWITTER I GUESS SHE HEARD A LOT OF PEOPLE COMMENTING THAT SHE IS JUST ANOTHER BRITTANY SPEARS….WELL GUESS WHAT SHE SAID:
    what kind of romodel says that. she is nothing but garbage right now to me. she needs to clean up her trampy hooker act and find her true 14 year old spirit when she was good cuz rite now she is nutin but GARBAGE parents should NOT let there kids watch her really. she mite be a growing girl but mabe she shuld take herself out dee media nd get her act 2gether. umm her outfit was ok but showing of the bra is just plain nast no one wants to see that. it was terrible. i dnt no who she is tryin 2 impress but acting like brittany spears aitn goin do her no good what soe ever. she needs to sit down some where and get her act together I DNT CARE HOW LONG SHE WAS DANCIN ON DAT POLE WHETHER IT BE 10 SECONDS OR 2 SHE WAS DOIN IT ND HER Y7 YEAR OLD FANS WHO JUST TOONED IN TO THE TEEN CHOICE JUST 2 SEE HER DON’T NEED TO BE EXPOSED TO THAT. parents are now warned nd no who there children look up to now hopefully i dunno but she needs 2 get dat act togetha

  299. 299
    Karen Says:

    If you think that was pole-dancing then you are all-the-way crazy. She did not wrap her legs around the pole. She did not swing out of the pole with her thighs. She sang and swayed beside the pole, holding onto it with one hand, presumably to stop herself from falling off the cart. Major over-reaction, people. Major.

  300. 300
    John holmes Says:

    Disney was probably pushing her to do this

  301. 301
    jone Says:

    she’s a role model for younger girls and here she is pole dancing on tv. that’s gross and trashy. her parents must be proud of their teenage daughter.

  302. 302
    meesh Says:

    Gotta remember this was choreographed by somebody else and the pole was added in by somebody else, and shes only dressing like any other 16 year old would want to, and she did get put in this by yet again somebody else, so i think maybe cut her a little slack
    and just because her dance was racy, doesn’t mean every one who watches the hanna montana show will copy her
    cut her some slack

  303. 303
    beth Says:

    It’s better Miley lets out her steam on stage than go around drinking and getting caught DUI, or banging every other guy, worse than having her picture taken naked. She did the pole dance for a few seconds and her clothes are so harmless compared to what teens her age are wearing in the streets. Yeah, Britney and Lindsay were so behaved (?) at 16. But where did that get them? Rehab and behind bars.

    Miley is earning millions of dollars, making wonderful music, movies, and shows, and she has a wonderful family. She’s not pregnant nor under probation. I guess it’s safe to say that she’s still well-rounded. Congratulations Miley!

  304. 304
    beth Says:

    @Just plain nasty:
    I am a parent of a 10-year-old girl and I don’t see anything wrong about Miley’s performance. My daughter wears short shorts, she’s not a celebrity so nobody really cares. We saw Hannah Montana the Movie and I like the message that it sends across to the viewers. That she’s thankful for the Britney comparison shows her respect for Britney inspite of her shortcomings. Britney is a hard working entertainer who was confused for awhile but has hopefully recovered. That Miley is still proud of her should be regarded with pride, we make mistakes and forgiveness was not so hard for Miley.

    To the 16 year old girl who wrote an earlier comment, just focus on the goodness of people. Set aside the hate and the ridicule, and your world will be a better place. My daughter likes that Miley shows who she is and what she wants, being transparent and not a Disney puppet. As long as she focuses on the good things about Miley (her talent, love for family, fashion, hard work, her respect for others), that’s fine with me.

  305. 305
    --------------- Says:

    woah now i can finally cal her a slaught

  306. 306
    keila Says:

    now i can finally call her a slaught and have a reason

  307. 307
    Vyvybooeybaby Says:


  308. 308
    omggg Says:

    she could have sat on the ice cream thing instead of standing and she have to do that dip come on people look at the performance it was ****** and she needs to take the consquences if she wants to be an adult

  309. 309
    scott Says:


  310. 310
    scott Says:

    @Just plain nasty: BEFORE YOU PAST JUDGEMENT PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!! IT’S BRITNEY SPEARS B*^#H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. 311
    lt Says:

    Well, can you honestly say you never expected it? Britney Spears…innocent, then dirty. Christina, nice, then dirty. It seems as Miley Cyrus is trying to act more mature, and show that she is “sexy”..not just a disney star. I personally think it was completly inappropriate. Shes 16… and a role model to ALL young girls out there. Now what? “Mommy I want short shorts and a pole so i can be like Miley!” …Its people like this that make young girls act much older than they are. Then they get raped. If I was a parent…and my daughter loved Miley.. I’d be furious. She took it too far with the pole. And half the moves she does seems kinda “seductive” dont you think?

  312. 312
    lt Says:

    Well, can you honestly say you never expected it? Britney Spears…innocent, then dirty. Christina, nice, then dirty. It seems as Miley Cyrus is trying to act more mature, and show that she is “sexy”..not just a disney star. I personally think it was completly inappropriate. Shes 16… and a role model to ALL young girls out there. Now what? “Mommy I want short shorts and a pole so i can be like Miley!” …Its people like this that make young girls act much older than they are. Then they get raped. If I was a parent…and my daughter loved Miley.. I’d be furious. She took it too far with the pole. And half the moves she does seems kinda “seductive” dont you think?

  313. 313
    nicole Says:

    She is a teen and at that age they want to b sexy and show whatever, but thats when her parents are suppose to guide her, teach her to not act that way, and sure as heck not sit there and promote it. I love Miley, my daughter 10 loves her, but she knows and asked me about the Vanity fair pics…she heard from girls at school. Sad she isn’t giving more respect and thought to those who have made her famous. These girls look up to her and she knows that, but she also wants to be grown up and her Dad has let her act that way. Sickening what buck does to a parent!
    Ugh anyways I do not believe for a second that pole was for her to hold onto. Strippers use it for balance too, and they also drop it like its hot the way she did as well. Too many similarites and its awful. Hold on miley, use it to stay standing, do not use it to grind an ice cream cart in front of million little girls. If you do not wanna be a role model, then don’t go on shows and stage at all. You know your a role model no matter waht, that shows that dance was all for realing in the new age group, young men who want you. I think shes done with the kiddos!
    Brittany num 2 here we come.

  314. 314
    Person Says:

    Oh come on people. She dipped down once on the pole that does not make it pole dancing. Stop calling her a **** when we all know at least two thirds of regular girls today are *****. At least no nake pictures have been posted of her like a high school musical icon we all know.

  315. 315
    nicole Says:


    Two thirds of girls these days are s____ts? Your definitly a guy and bet your first in line for her tickets to any s___tty show she does in the future. Get a life, these post r from parents who actually care about their kids. Bet you don’t have one child, or you’d be outraged too! But If you r a parent shame on you for that comment.

  316. 316
    elizabeth Says:

    bahaha. ;]
    even though i don’t like miley, that song is pretty catchy.

    i mean everyone sways their hips sometimes, right? :p

  317. 317
    chantanna Says:

    OKay after all this [the pictures,the videos, now pole dancing] why are people still liking. I HATE HER!!!!!!! I sirously hopes she gets kicked off.Dont worry miley we will be great we were before oyu cam into the business. :)

  318. 318
    Katy Dee Says:

    You can take the girl out the trailer park but u cant take the trailer park out the girl. SMH. I wanna be her publicist just so i could GET Paid 2 Do Nothing

  319. 319
    jaydee Says:

    wow she was not where near pole dancing…. when i hear that she pole dance at TCW i was like OMG i cant believe that she is only 16…. but when i watch the vido i was like is that what every is calling pole dancing wow….. i could not stop laughing when i watching because i could not believe everyone is getting work up over nothing at all! and for the tight short shorts what girl doesn’t wear short shorts…. im surprised yall did say anything about her bar hang out of her top “ohh no Miley Cyrus is showing way to much skin”… all i have to say is get over your self’s!!!

    And im 16 and i have seen movies with pole daning it and this doesn’t evern come close!!!

  320. 320
    samantha Says:

    totally innapropriate for such a young girl, but i really love that grey fur vest, anyone know where its from??

  321. 321
    cas Says:

    she looks hot and i love her.
    just coz shes hot and dances hot dont mean she a ****.
    at first i was kinda like uhmm? but i thought about it and relised why should she be put under a microsope coz shes famous. because shes a role model? well kids shouldnt want to emulate her but look up to her and be inspired, MILEY DOES THAT !! FOR ME ANYWAY.
    and the only reason i questioned it in the first place was i was being jeleous. i relised thats not a good way to be. so i am happy for miley and all fame and success and i love her outfits her dancing, her personality her heart and the world is truly a brighter warmer place for having miles. hard to imagine my life without miley in it because she does mean so much to it. P>S personally i think the pole was just to hold onto more than to be a pole. and the pictures that are on the news(i am in australia) make her out to be way worse because someone took a **** at the moment she bent down. MILEY I COULDNT HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER PERFORMANCE, and remember for every 1000 that hate you there are 10 000 that admore you and love you.

  322. 322
    cas Says:

    @chantanna: i still love her and i always will. dont try and pursuade me or change me or lead me a certain way. dont do that to anyone. i like her along with million MILLIONS of others. let ppl have their own opinion you dont like it? dont watch it, simple as that. forget miley and move on. but i wont bcoz i support her. YEAAHHHHH MILEYYY, go babe. ROCK IT.
    its not even bad ITS HOT.

  323. 323
    Sunshine Says:

    Oh, boy. Listen I’m going to say straight out: I LIKE Miley Cyrus. She’s an excellent singer/dancer/actress, and I like her because she is very considerate (yes. she is.) and enjoys life. I will also say that dancing on a pole does NOT mean your a). career will be there in ten years and b). mean she’s a stipper/pole dancer/etc, it purely means this dance was DESIGNED for her!! Her dance teacher was the one who most likely designed the dance – as with her others! I would also like to point out that not just seven year olds watch Hannah Montana. I know numerous people who are over 16+ the LOVE Miley. I myself am fifteen and love Miley Cyrus! She is a great role model for young girls like me, and she knows how to get what she wants. Maybe she has made a few mistakes in the past but if people can forgive other people, why can’t you forgive Miley?! It’s not like she went on purpose and said “Oh, I’m gonna dance on a poll and dress in seductive shorts to get thousands of bad comments on one teeny-tiny post.” Also, why should Miley go live in a trailer park just because of a few bad things? Do you see Paris Hilton going and living there? Do you see Vanessa Hudgens? Britney Spears?! C’mon people .. this is getting ridiculous with all the hatin’!

  324. 324
    Natalia Says:

    ok. i have done musical theatre before in boston, like the wang center, the opera house.. all that stuff. NOW. i have been in the sound of music, bye bye birdie, and chitty chitty bang bang. IF THE PEOPLE I HAVE WORKED WITH HEARD THIS. they would be absolutly APPAULED. that is NOT singing. thats YELLING. not to mentoion the dancing. now im not saying she cant dance. but she has to remeber she is on DISNEY CHANNEL. little kids watch that. she cant be thrusting herself to and fro. if anyone agrees. please let me know.

  325. 325
    lily Says:

    Miley is such a **** and her parent’s are not doing a good work her parent’s just kiss her ass.

  326. 326
    Obam Amabo Says:

    This is disgusting and crosses a line. Thinking of how Miley has misused her position as role model to little kids makes me ill. What in the world does she think she’s doing presenting herself as a hooker and sex pole dancer? Hello???? No more Miley Cirus in my house. Disney should fire her NOW. I wouldn’t let the trollop in my home or near my children….what an evil influence she has become….

  327. 327
    jhon Says:

    i want to see here nakad

  328. 328
    roxy Says:

    thats just wrong !!!!! i wonder what is she going to do when shes 18

  329. 329
    Haters Says:

    It is so easy for you fake a** ppl to judge Miley… when anyone of you would do anything to be her Haters!!!!!!

  330. 330
    Kristie Says:

    shes’s a ‘teen idol’? i mean a stripper pole, and four-five other teenage whores behind miley? is this the teen choice awards, or the adult video awards. absolutely digusting and classless. miley and her parents should be ashamed of that. SHES 16 FOR GODS SAKES. Classless and disgusting. She’s the meaning of trailer park TRASH

  331. 331
    wow!!! Says:

    WOW!! Miley how dumb can you be!?! you sob bc ppl call you trash and talk **** about you, maybe bc its the truth. You say you dont deserve it and then you POLE DANCE!! are you stupidd?! You are a terrible role model. Nick Jonas is not gonna be happy about this one. And i sware to god if you hurt Nick, i will hunt you down and destroy you and Im not even kidding.

  332. 332
    wow!!! Says:

    @Natalia: I totally agree with you!!

  333. 333
    Jackie Says:

    That is not even proper pole dancing you know if it’s Miley Cyrus people will do or say anything to make her look bad

  334. 334
    Cat Says:

    The problem is not Miley Cyrus, the problem is the fact that her parent will ***** her out like this just so they can make a buck.

  335. 335
    Michelle Says:

    wow, what a role model to young teens.

  336. 336
    Natalia Says:

    lmaooooo. its true though

  337. 337
    Natalia Says:

    ok i just noticed that if you look at the pictures of her on the pole.. the girls who are behind her watching are like “what the hell ?”

  338. 338
    otisbadodis Says:

    i honestly dont care about this. i mean it honestly could’ve been worse.. miley is an amazing actress and singer. so she can pole dance all she wants . there are still people out there that like her

  339. 339
    ugh Says:


    Yeah give it 5 months! Shes a **** capital S. She needs to get a life and shes a brat I mean she knows shes being watched infront of millions yet she still does this its sad!!

  340. 340
    LuckyL Says:


    How many believe this chick is NOT sexually active?

  341. 341
    carrieee Says:

    I feel really sorry for this girl and all of the negative comments she has been getting from this, but I also think that it was a really poor chose to be pool dancing at the TCAs. Miley Cyrus is a Disney Channel star and without Disney and all of their fans she wouldn’t have any fans and be where she is today. So I feel like she needs to slow her roll because she is in the media often, and there usually negative things. So if Miley wants to keep her audience she needs to stay in a kid friendly age group. Me being 16 her performance at the TCAs were a little inapporiate to me too. Miley I live you but I just think you need to chill a little and be that sweet lovely girl Hannah Montana that you play on Disney.
    Peace & Love <33333

  342. 342
    Женя Says:

    I Live in Rossi! And there to Miley Cyrus treat very kindly! I непонимаю why because of short shorts, you consider as its prostitute!? We had Madonna and Britney Spears and acted and in more dresses!
    Miley Cyrus well done

  343. 343
    Rachel . Says:

    Wow , this disappoints me , she pole dances , wears shorts that are to short , and wears a vest with only her bra under it . People are going to talk about it , and then she’s going to end up apologizing for it , then it’s going to be okay ?! Well , I don’t think that they should let her off so easily like they did for her with the Vanity Fair photos .

  344. 344
    michelle Says:

    I’m sure the pole was put on the top of the ice cream cart as a support device since the cart was rolled around…otherwise Miley might have fallen off the moving cart. People read into stuff way too much.

  345. 345
    xoxo Says:

    guys ur the ***** and strippers ok !! lets see how that feels ***** !

  346. 346
    Nesie Says:

    @deraj tsuj: HAHA Rite thou!

  347. 347
    Nesie Says:

    Okay, so the shorts aren’t bad for a hot day or Sumthin but for the TEEN CHOICE AWARDZZ??? Seriously? R U TRYIN TO TEACH TEENZ ABOUT BEIN A **** AND DANCIN ON A POLE? AT 16?!?!?!? Really I’m not tryin to be Mean or Anything but this was bad! Worse than Her racy Photos She had! SHe Needs to wait Til she’s Older then she can do watever she wantz! Not while she’s with disney! Soon they’ll have to put the rating up on her show who knows wat she might DO? Srry Miley but Seriously? Plz Stop for the kidz and fanz sake?!?!!

  348. 348
    Noelle Says:

    Are you freaking kidding me!? I’m starting to think Miley is pulling all this stupid **** on purpose. First the Vanity Fair, then the cellphone pictures, the 20 year old boyfriend, now this. Her “shorts” should be classified as underwear, you can see her bra, and even though she wasn’t grinding on the pole, she slid down like she knew exactly what she was doing. Just watch, in a couple months she’ll be the new Jamie-Lynn Spears.

  349. 349
    Noelle Says:

    Are you freaking kidding me!? I’m starting to think Miley is pulling all this stupid **** on purpose. First the Vanity Fair, then the cellphone pictures, the 20 year old boyfriend, now this. Her “shorts” should be classified as underwear, you can see her bra, and even though she wasn’t grinding on the pole, she slid down like she knew exactly what she was doing. Just watch, in a couple months she’ll be the new Jamie-Lynn Spears.

  350. 350
    Lucy Says:

    Say what you want but no sixteen year old girl should be allowed to pole dance at a TEEN AWARDS.This should never have been allowed.
    I guess this is the only way she knew how to get rid of the Hannah Montana thing. But she looked like a total prostitute!

  351. 351
    Laughingteen Says:

    Okay well first off, I have to say that you people are ridiculous. That was hardly a pole dance. So she did a little squat? Big deal, its not like she was hanging upside down or naked. She’s a 16 year old girl having fun, leave her alone.

    And as a teenager, I’m suggesting that you fix the problems in your own home before you go and attack celebrities or anything else thats out of your control for that matter. I see things from your little girls that you would never expect. So while you’re sitting at home on your couch, watching the disney channel and thanking god that your daughter isnt like cyrus/britney/hudgens etc., they’re out partying and being well…15, 16, 17 year old kids, im sure you wouldnt call them a trashy **** though would you?

    feel free to email me about it, i live for this (yes, i am 17, if you hadn’t already figured it out)

  352. 352
    Slute Says:

    She is nothing like Britney, Britney can sing, dance and act. Miley CANT! and plus, britney isn’t a **** either.. when miley is; ONE MORE THING.. Miley is not a rolemodel AT ALL!

  353. 353
    Karon Says:

    She likes to spread her legs…DISNEY FIRE HER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  354. 354
    Rebecca Says:

    lol worst ..
    atleast lindsay didnt do the dirty **** when she was

  355. 355
    kool Says:

    well at least shes making more money than all you people who talk trashy about her. yall are the ones who has nothing better to do with ur life so you just go after celebrities what a shame. you people are all scum bags id like to see were you people end up in life probably a no where just sitting at home still talking $hit about celebrities,and yet what she does with her personal life is nobody’s business but hers. but oh well you people say all what you wanna say low life’s at least im not that way

  356. 356
    jenna Says:

    ok why the hell do ppl let her do this she is SIXTEEN not TWENTY parents hello ground her do something stop letting her paraid her self around like the ***** she will be. And i knw this is a little stupid be aside from the slutness i did like the song not her singing it bu ti liked the beat and the lyrics

  357. 357
    lol Says:

    even though you really wouldn’t consider that “pole dancing”, it’s wrong on so many different levels. her outfit makes it worse and even more inappropriate! what do you think catches all the pedophiles eyes out there??? and my favorite part of ALLLLLL is how her parents especially her dad got up and applaused her with big smiles on their faces. i seriously got sick to my stomach!!!

  358. 358
    charmed Says:

    They are cancelling it after one more season !! :)

  359. 359
    awesome Says:

    so…she wants to be a member of the pussycat dolls…

  360. 360
    naomi Says:

    i have one word for you….****……i’m not saying she’s an actual **** but she’s acting like one and she’s gettin there !

  361. 361
    francesca Says:

    wow just wow.
    hasn’t anyone else realized this sooner?
    like her trashiness i mean.
    it started with all those racy pictures…seriously what 14 year old takes pictures of themselves like that!
    this performance is just proof that her career is going to follow the paths of the great lindsay lohan and britney spears.
    honest to god if you can see her fat fold in her sides and the cellulite on the back of her thighs then her outfit is far too revealing.
    and it really bothered me that she thanked everyone for calling her “the next britney” and “couldnt have asked for a better compliment”
    um news flash hun that aint no compliment!

  362. 362
    cassie Says:


  363. 363
    Rachel . Says:

    @kool: I don’t see why you’re saying that everyone on here has no life when you’re doing the same exact thing , but you’re trying to stick up for Miley . So you should not even be talking .

  364. 364
    Vicky Says:


  365. 365
    Aron Says:

    **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    next: lap dancing in a g-string on her daddddy’s lap.

  366. 366
    annabelle Says:

    Aron, what do we know? Maybe that is already hapening. Who knows what they do behind the closed doors!!!

  367. 367
    ALEX Says:

    ” I CALLED IT “!

  368. 368
    RICHARD Says:


  369. 369
    Jennifer Says:

    she was born from TRASH and will remain TRASH. the whole dysfunctional family is garbage.

  370. 370
    lORILEE Says:

    disgusting on every level! my kids are never watching Disney again.

  371. 371
    vIVIENNE Says:

    Tthe street corner is where this s k a n k belongs. She would be RAPED in that GETUP.

  372. 372
    Augusta Says:


  373. 373
    Devon Says:

    jaime fox knew what he was saying because he saw it all happening.

  374. 374
    PETRA Says:


  375. 375
    ai Says:

    she can’t even sing well

  376. 376
    guest Says:

    She will be getty a boob job soon and posing for Playboy. I will not be surprised.

  377. 377
    jenna Says:

    shes on her way to BRITNEY SPEARS STARDOM….o joy
    im not surprised

  378. 378
    really Says:

    You people need to grow up and quit beating up on Miley. There was not enough dancing around the pole to even consider it pole dancing.

  379. 379
    miss match Says:

    somebody needs to send this trashy h0bag to Iraq

  380. 380
    Kellllly Says:

    Exposed of Bra
    Booty Shorts W/ Heels
    Pole Dancing
    Lady Gaga Wanna Be
    Looking Like The Next Britney

  381. 381
    jennifer Says:

    i would bang that ass off hers soo hard ***** hell look at her man in thoes hot pants ahhhh dnt worry me 16 is well. ***** hell tho i jus wnt 2 eat her puccy. an bang her ***** nice ass

  382. 382
    Mileyhater Says:

    I wish!!! They are getting sooooo dumb!!!! and they extended the episode limit for her and!!!! they r gonna have a season four!!! but it is only 11 episodes!!!! that is stupid!!!!

  383. 383
    tomax Says:

    I’m single. Any of you ladies want to go out with me?

  384. 384
    MikeB74 Says:

    I did not see the whole preforance but what I did see there was nothing wrong with it. Miley looked so Hot! She is older now and she thought it was time to do a more adult dance. Leave her alone this was the Teen choice awards Teen not kids. Her image with Disney is different then it is outside of Disney. I asume she tought she needed to break away from her kid image and she was right. Not only did Miley look Hot but the preformance was Hot as well. Finally don’t rip on Vanessa Hudgens also her image with Disney is also diffent then it is outside of Disney. They both can’t do kid shows and movies forever.

  385. 385
    MikeB74 Says:



    Miley I had no problem with your preformance. I thought it was if I may say so Hot and you looked Hot as well. So just ignore the negative comments and focus on the good ones. Besides those other comments are no worth reading anyway. Just keep up what your doing your great! One more thing tell Vanessa Hudgens I think she is great as well!

  386. 386
    matt Says:

    hey all of you who think bad about her she didn’t hardly do anything and she is not like britney spears plus she didn’t dance seductive at all at this event plus her parents would have done something about this if they thought it was wrong so let this crap go she is a great singer and person for what i have seen and heard and she is only going to be 17 soon leave her alone i mean damn all i hear is this crap so screw all the ones who think bad about her miley im on your side completely

  387. 387
    Holly Says:

    the uproar around this is ridiculous. everyone seems to be competely overreacting to something which has been hyped up by the media and latched on to by all those who wish to destroy this girl and all she has worked for. sure, i’m not the biggest fan of miley cyrus or the new school disney franchise, but loosen up a bit. it was not a pole dance, she used the pole to steady herself on top of the ice cream cart. at one point she bent down to be closer to her obviously adoring fans, and this image has been used to suggest that she’s a ****. it’s pathetic. she wore hotpants and leather boots. dear god, you could see her legs! someone arrest her! what is this, the middle ages? i suggest that all you ignorant idiots examine what the real issues are here. you people are complaining about this when children as young as twelve can be legally married in the USA? that’s sick. those kids are being exploited. miley knows exactly what she is doing, and i applaud her for pushing the boundaries of what is seen as acceptable. she’s 16, she’s not a child anymore.

  388. 388
    Cris Says:

    To all Tween and Teen parents: go watch your kids instead of spending so much damn time online complaining about how a 16 year old is not a good role model for your child, You’re the one raising your child, not Miley. And another thing Miley was not pole dancing, just ask your husbands’.

  389. 389
    a fan. Says:

    Miley is MY role model, not just because she’s with Disney and all those things, but cause she is one of the stongest people ever. If I were her, I would proably be crying by now with all the hate she gets. And the thing is, Miley doesn’t, when there is a rumor about Miley, she clears it up, or something bad happenes, she just lets it pass, cause she knows life’s good and everything’s gonna be fine. Why are you hating on Miley, just to make yourself feel good. Come on, bring on the hate, see if I care, you’ll just be wastin your time when you could be partyin, hangin out with friend & fam, playin sports, livin your life!! Do that, not this.

  390. 390
    a fan. Says:

    @guest: you just wish that would happen

  391. 391
    a fan. Says:

    @guest: you just wish that would happen

  392. 392
    Miley's an idiot Says:

    Miley Cyrus is stupid and should be ashamed. plus he father shouldn’t of let her. He acts like a little 16 yr. old boy himself..and if Nick Jonas is getting back together with Miley then he’s a pervert,,and will be the best daddy of 2009. They all should be praying to God for forgiveness cuz the public won’t forgive them for what she has done.I hope you read this Miley cyrus. your a disgrace

  393. 393
    matt Says:

    all of you need to stop she didn’t do nothing wrong plus i am the same age she is i was born dec ,1,1992 and i saw the vid so she sang by a pole who cares plus mileys parents wouldn’t have let her done that if they thought it was bad miley don’t listen to this stuff you are great don’t listen to this bad comments ok

  394. 394
    Meagan Says:

    Wow, that’s it? People always try to make headlines juicer… She does ONE dip, and the rest of the time, she’s holding on the the pole so she doesn’t FALL… Come on guys… Really?

  395. 395
    Tracy1974 Says:

    I’m no fan of hers and even though I’m adding to all these comments, that performance really doesn’t deserve all this attention. Kylie wears sexier outfits and everybody loves her, Christina Aguilera once pushed boundaries and is very succesful in what she does and Madonna gets the opposite end of the stick and she is far to old yet all are role models. Miley Cyrus is harmless, appears pleasant and is what the industry wants. As for the pole dance!!!!! That was no pole dance, it was there to keep her steady and that was obvious, besides pole dancing requires skill and we are talking about Miley Cyrus. And shame on all those who feel pole dancing is something to be shameful of. Pole dancing is fun and you have to be extremely fit, strong and flexible to be able to this. Too many people trying to make a negative about this.

  396. 396
    Candi Says:

    You guys are obviously biased. All the comments I see about her performance are negative. What about the fact that she obviously worked very hard on this choreography? Besides, why aren’t that many people commenting on this. It obviously comes to show that this is not a big deal or the press would have jumped all over it by now.

  397. 397
    Abbi&Alex Says:

    Miley is a hooker, asking for guys around her feet. she is becoming more like a striper ,then when she out of money she will be a prosteute. Maybe she should just get pregnant w/ Nick baby and She will be so like brittney spears abanding her kid and just leaving it w/ nick . Then she will be like anna nicole smith overdose:` Honk Honk a burning luv

  398. 398
    Nav Grewal Says:

    Who cares if she pole daced(she didnt) she was soo hot and lokked soo good

  399. 399
    Rae Says:

    I’m not really surprised, either. I mean, I kinda saw this coming but still. This is horrible and is not sending a good image to the countless little girls watching this!!!! She obviously didn’t think/care about being a role model to these girls. Gosh.

  400. 400
    Brittany Says:

    What a sad little *****. :( Seriously, honey, class it up. You’re going to be a sad little joke by the time you’re twenty. And practically zero of my age-group even pretend to like you. Quit now, count your millions and close your legs.

  401. 401
    astronomius Says:

    well, you know from watching the video that the musical number is clever, slick, intricate and commercial… but so what? all that’s missing is sweetness, but it’s all just sour to me. i feel a knife down deep in my belly, that came from a trailer park in Tennessee.

    it also smacks of arrogance, see, because Miley knows exactly how this will affect the bulk of her young fans, parents of her fans, and it is very clear she wants to destroy her “Hannah” fan base before she moves on to the next phase of her career. and somebody must figure we are really stupid or really immoral not to see through this; it can’t be Disney (Disney always gets blamed when Miley foists her shenanigan on the public) because Disney doesn’t want to lose Miley’s fan base…

    Miley’s parents get blamed, too, especially when they were seen giving her a standing ovation after she finished the number. i don’t think they’re blameless, since she is still a minor, but the bulk of the blame should rest on Miley.

    the dance Miley danced in this number is technically accurate for an actual stripper’s dance, almost move-for-move, without her removing any clothing… so, the lame excuses of a pole to hold onto and not fall off the ice cream cart, a pole that an umbrella is supposed to fit into, don’t hold up at all.

    whatever advice or instinct Miley followed, to engineer her own demise at Disney, is not working and will only further alienate her from her fans.

    and Disney Channel? well, all of their programming is a sick pleasure to me now, because i can only take so much of Miley before i gag.

    thanks, Miley.

  402. 402
    pumpkinpie Says:

    hahaha sorry that made me laugh.

    but i mean the “pole dancing” was not the worst thing in the world (just because it was for like 2 seconds) i mean if i were her i would not have done that, especially with millions of little girls (and boys) watching her. now the shorts though ok i didnt think she had pants on when i first saw her :/ i thought it was a undershirt or something those are WAY to short to have on with heels.

  403. 403
    astronomius Says:

    my ire isn’t just from “pole dancing”… it’s about this and all the other pranks she pulled that got released into the media over the past few years, and we enjoy them. i just want to have my say, though, because the public celebrates madness and (borderline) crime from celebrities; just ask the police.

  404. 404
    KyleJ Says:

    wow….are you guys serious?
    she wasnt even pole dancing…did you not watch the video?

    serious. wow..
    grow up.
    she was standing on the moving cart and used the pole to keep her balance. she did one inappropiate move with the pole and it was hardly anything…after that she used it to keep balance. the clothes werent the best to be wearing, but what 16/17 year old girl hasnt wore something like that?

    people need to seriously grow up and stop bashing celebrities.

  405. 405
    horselover Says:

    she is not pole dancing she just skwat down to her fans and went back up to hang on and not fall off will it is moving

  406. 406
    RIOBABY Says:


  407. 407
    Izzie Says:

    I think everyone’s overreacting to the pole. She was basically just clinging to it most of the time, and she only actually used it to dance for one drop. That was it. And seriously? Most teenage girls wear shorts like those, especially in the summer. You walk out the door, and (at the least) there’s already three girls wearing those shorts.

  408. 408
    Kat Says:

    i really think miley cyrus has gone far enough. my little sister watches her shows, and is greatly infulenced by her actions. this is just not suitable, disney should have taken her off air and ripped her contract in the first photo scandal. i know that shes only sixteen but how many sixteen year olds get the opportunity to be famous and blow it like that? have you ever seen gabriella chilmi dance around a pole? or has she ever taken all her clothes off, whipped out a camera and took pictures of herself? this is really getting too far!

  409. 409
    mileyfan Says:

    get a grip people its not like shes dancin naked is it nd how can u class that pole dancin just cos ur jelous of her doesnt mean u ahve 2 b nasty about her get a grip losers party in the usa best song eva xx

  410. 410
    Steph Says:

    Wow you people are pathetic she did one dip & held onto the pole for her balance. You wonder why stars get the way they do its because dumb people like you pick apart their every move their ever outfit shes got talent stop being jealous bc she makes millions & you dont.

  411. 411
    SOMEONE Says:


  412. 412
    SOMEONE Says:


  413. 413
    vicky Says:

    come on shes not REALLY pole dancing just holding on to a pole with her HAND nothing bad! its fine for little kids cuz they probably dont even know wat pole dancing is!!!!

  414. 414
    jenny (the observer) Says:

    i hate miley and i might like her also
    who knos

  415. 415
    Sassy Tequila Says:

    She didnt really like do all the **** stripper pole dance. she just held on to it……in the video.

  416. 416
    jim Says:

  417. 417
    Jackson morris Says:

    I dont care what she did she is hot and she can do what eva she likes. I am 16 and heaps of girls do this everyday who are my age. Not much different

  418. 418
    Music coach Says:

    First of all, the girl has entertainment talent but has little singing ability. This was a live performance and fortunately her voice was covered by the music. The song was a horrible vehicle to showcase her abilities anyway. As for the pole dancing- it was a blatant attempt to make her appear older and sexier, to set the stage for her future direction. She was awkward and I didn’t see her dancing at all during the rest of the song except for a few hip pops. I think it’s possible she may have been pushed into this as she didn’t look completely comfortable with the ice cream cart maneuvers. I think Daddy Billy Ray is getting exactly the attention he wanted for his little girls and himself. 16 Year old girls still do what Daddy tells them to do- to a point. I’d like to hear what Momma has to say.

  419. 419
    mimi5677 Says:

    are you serious. thats not pole dancing. thats the problem with this country. everyone is in everyones business. so she’s a celebrity, that doesnt give you the right to protest and take away her show. Now if it was brittany then yes, lock her away. But on the other hand brittany was a good 16 year old. Go figure. I know so many 16 year olds that do worse things and there parents dont even know it.. you guys start all this trouble for what? just because you can. get a life leave her alone. her dad approved thats all she needs and he’s a good dad

  420. 420
    mandabear Says:

    this isnt even pole dancing shes like holding on while she sings in my opinion so she dosent fall. i think its kinda funny however yes she is a idol for young girls like 6yrs and older but she did keep her show clean compared to what u would see in a bar. besides mabey this is the miley side not the hannah montana side?

  421. 421
    Lawl Says:

    How does nobody notice how horrible her singing is?

  422. 422
    Hmmmm Says:

    At no point did I really see her pole dance, she hung onto the bar and did a dip… Lol I did that all the time waiting for my bus back in school :P. Also by no means am I a miley fan just see nothing wrong here.

  423. 423
    belinda Says:

    @katie: your trash just for talking about a 16 year girl that way. you should show a little more class than that.

  424. 424
    jonathan Says:

    Come on everybody, granted that what she is doing is a inappropriate for someone of her age. But it’s also not her responsibility to keep everything she does in check. Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she has to watch on egg shells. If you don’t like what she’s doing with her life, don’t let your kids go to her concerts, don’t buy her products, let your little girls know that this is not the way you think a woman should behave.

    I’m so tired of hearing everyone put their two cents in about some famous person doing something they don’t approve of, and screaming about it because they let their kids idolize these “stars”. Well I have news for you, “stars” are people just like you and me, and if you want your children to mimic someone famous as opposed to teaching them to have a mind of their own. Than at least introduce them to someone who did something great to get famous, like George Washington. Not someone who gets paid millions of dollars to dance around a pole while singing a song.

  425. 425
    Lillian Says:

    Lol I get it. She’s a teen this is what teens do, but NOT at a freakin NICKELODEAN AWARDS SHOW! Dude, I do the same things but I wouldn’t give any little girl the impression that doing it is okay at their age.

    The sooner they’re exposed to it the sooner they’ll become *****.

  426. 426
    olivia amparano Says:

    I can not believe she did that!! I am a big fan of hers and she was like a role modle to me i can not beleive her!!!! I mean i only 11 and i know its not right to do that!

  427. 427
    olivia amparano Says:

    ok well i didnt see the video till now so it didnt look that bad well except 4 the shorts i mean comeon who whould wear shouts that short?? well i mean the dance was ok she only went down once its not like she was on that pole 4 the whole time! well she is 16 so its still not ok but its her desion on what she does not ours but I would “NEVER” do that if i were a role modle to lots of little kids and even adults i mean her parents should “NOT” have let her do that but whats done is done… so lets just leave it alone

  428. 428
    Cassy Says:

    SO Classy right. im sorry but for some one to look up to her they must be blind because she looked and acted like a **** who got it good. why would you let that on a tv show?! let alone to be a role model for my generation i am truely disgusted by what my little sisters have to look up to. is she incouaging the new generation of girls to dress like tramps and open their legs up to any guy? its wrong that her father aloud it and let her go with it is even worse!

  429. 429
    vic gibeault Says:

    um wow your seriously complaining about that she bent down and stood up theres no pole dancing involved people maybe relax a little and rememeber shes a teen and she was just having fun maybe even just a thought worry about something that actually matters like i dont know theres currently a war goin on maybe that might require just a little more attention or global warming or the economy or maybe that guy at your local factory bieng forced into retirement after that maybe mileys actions might merit a afterthought lol

  430. 430
    rofl Says:

    LOL anyone see the South Park Episode where Disney came under fire for promoting sexual subliminal messages (Jonas Brothers). This is a prime example, lol btw im 16 too.

  431. 431
    starvin marvin Says:

    @embarrassing: ***
    just shut up

  432. 432
    Jenna Says:

    oh yeah she really worked that pole. she stood next to it for about 30 seconds. people need to quit acting like she was acting like as stripper!

  433. 433
    Twinkey Says:

    wow people are so stoopid so if i go down in a pole its called pole dancing alrdy so hw bout firemen dey SLIDE DOWN

  434. 434
    eddings1 Says:

    I absolutely see no problem with what she did. if she was wrapping her legs around the pole or dancing more seductively that would be different. but come on people she basically just stood beside it and held onto it. Guys I have seen pole dancing and that was not pole dancing. grow up and focus your attention on things that matter.

  435. 435
    girl Says:

    isnt miley supposed to be a role model for children..what is she teaching them wear little shorts that show to much and do a nice striper pole move..yeah thats what i want my kids to look up to and do..miley let the fame go to her head and she will be just like britnay in a few years, messed us and a **** (owh wait shes almost to the **** part)

  436. 436
    Ginners Says:

    That wasnt even a pole dance! I expected somthing horrible! The pole was probably just there for stability, she doesnt like to fall/be droped… Granted, the one up and down might have been a little ******, but honestly it wasnt that dirty.

  437. 437
    lisa Says:

    Are you serious…why are people complaining about her pole dancing??!! she didn’t even do anything with the pole, she was holding it to keep her balance not like she wrapped her legs around it and swung upside. Get a life really.

  438. 438
    vic gibeault Says:

    would you rather she was dressed as a nun and sang amazing grace

  439. 439
    Steven Says:

    oh get off her a$$. Shes got it, she will flaunt it. I dont think that the “pole dancing” was inappropriate. I would let my kids watch it. she is not setting a bad example. people just wanna find something to complain about and she is a good target because she is so popular. so just get off her a$$. No matter who your all feel she as well as others will continue to do things like this, mainly for attention yes, but dang it, its a great song and you need to at least commend her for doing a good song that is just so her. GET OVER IT AMERICA — WELCOME TO THE NEW GENERATION OF KIDS!!

  440. 440
    Steven Says:

    and come to it. Blame the kids of today’s parents. its is just like the police. They speed and not get in trouble, we do we get in trouble, nothing will stop them EVER. You have to blame the parents of todays kids because they are the ones buying the clothes for these kids. not the makers of the clothes that people like Miley Cyrus or Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Promote. DONT BUY THE CLOTHES AND YOUR KIDS WONT BE JUNIOR WHORES!!!

  441. 441
    lordhines Says:

    lol @ all the jealous ***** who wished they looked as good as 16 yo miley. pooor old bats. no one wants u anymore. so dont hate. maybe try going to a gym or something.

  442. 442
    Devlin Carr~ Says:

    Let me start by saying… I have never seen a bunch of narrow minded idiots in all my life! I have been a DJ in topless bars and if Miley was pole dancing, let’s jst say she didn’t pass the audition. About the only thing that would have gotten her money was… being a 16 year old standing by a pole! Yes I said it STANDING by a pole. I sure didn’t see any so called dancing! i think a lot of people need to find better uses for their own insecure lives and leave our entertainers ALONE!

    Thank you,

    Devlin Carr~

  443. 443
    POLEDANCer16 Says:



  444. 444
    POLEDANCer16 Says:


  445. 445
    POLEDANCer16 Says:


  446. 446
    KIKI Says:

    Oh come on shes a teenages and we just want to have a bit of fun don’t we, no one would care if she wasn’t famous just leave her alone and let the girl have a bit of fun like the rest of us do.

  447. 447
    Sarissa Says:

    wow what a great role model she is for all the lil kids who look up to her
    and of course brits her role model where do think she gets it from

  448. 448
    OMG Says:

    Omg i would hardly call tht pole dancing. All she did was hold on to a pole.Now how many pole dancers u see jus holding on to a pole..Thts ridiculous all u guys have nothing better to do then trash talk miley.You guys jus need to get a life..

  449. 449
    OMG Says:

    Omg i would hardley call tht pole dancing now come on guys how many actual pole dancers do u see jus holding on to the pole? You dnt cuz they actually do stuff all miley did was hold onto the pole. Yea maybe she went down on the pole but i wouldnt call tht pole dancin since thts all she did. You guys r so rediculous tlkin trash on her like tht. You guys jus need to get a life and stop tlkin smack on her.. Im pretty sure all u guys have made a mistake and if u havent u will and if u have u dnt hear ppl talkin smack on u do u probably not..So y do it to her?Shes only human she isnt perfect and neither r u..

  450. 450
    fsafasfsaf Says:

    get a fuc*** life dont be jealous cus a girl like her can be more beautiful and sexyier than a 20 year old woman. HATTERS i would prefer daiting this hot asss 16 year old than a 20 year old hot woman.



  451. 451
    ... Says:

    I am not even a fan of her but I mean come on. Poledancing? You can’t say that was poledancing. It was shimmying around a pole, which apparently still sets an example for thousands of kids (yeah you’re probably right there. But Noah and that pole? That is actually just swinging around a pole, I remember doing that myself as a kid, purely because it made me dizzy. No dirty comments on that!) and therefore she could’ve done something else like sitting down on the ice cream truck. And those short shorts? I know people are saying teenagers wear them, but they wear shorts that are at least 2 inches longer than that. Shorts that short are designed to be underwear.

  452. 452
    ... Says:

    I am not even a fan of her but I mean come on. Poledancing? You can’t say that was poledancing. It was shimmying around a pole, which apparently still sets an example for thousands of kids (yeah you’re probably right there. But Noah and that pole? That is actually just swinging around a pole, I remember doing that myself as a kid, purely because it made me dizzy. No dirty comments on that!) and therefore she could’ve done something else like sitting down on the ice cream truck. And those short shorts? I know people are saying teenagers wear them, but they wear shorts that are at least 2 inches longer than that. Shorts that short are designed to be underwear.

  453. 453
    waz up Says:

    lmao *****. . when will she LEARN lol =D

  454. 454
    Lilly Says:

    I like Miley but I have to admit that that was a little too much.
    About the pole, she wasn’t pole dancing, the only reason she was holding it is so she doesn’t fall down, that was a stability pole. But the shorts were really too short! The shirt wasn’t really the best choice either, you could see her bra… :s
    That was definitely too much.

  455. 455
    mhmmm Says:

    Would you want your 16 year old doing exactly what miley does?

  456. 456
    mhmmm Says:

    only 16, what is to come next?

  457. 457
    ashely Says:

    Britney Spears 4.0 BETA©

  458. 458
    Brittani Says:

    @anywho: @anywho:
    arent all teen popstars or actors like that? i think most of them are….miley is a bad influence to children and them children wanted miley cyrus to be their role and now wat did she do….something a little kid doesnt wanna be…a !

  459. 459
    qwerty Says:

    I didnt think it was that bad tbh.
    You’re all just makin a huge fuss of nothing.

  460. 460
    drehood Says:

    “i realy dont think its a big deal !!!!! its part of the performance thats it !!!
    just leave both vanessa and miley alone they did mistakes all people do the only dif. is that people would just couldnt let it go let it go people let it go !!!!!!!!! and she is good live very very good !!!!!!! and please can anyone tell me if jesse mccartney won !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read more:

    You have got to be kidding me. Please tell me that you’re a pre-teen, please tell me you are. Because if you’re even close to being an adult, that line of thinking is sad.

    Part of the performance? Yeah, that’s true but guess who the majority of the folks watching her performance is? Yeah, tweens and younger! Those are exactly the types of folks you do NOT want to see crap like this! Yeah, people do make mistakes but when you’re someone who has this large a stage to operate on and have made some very questionable decisions in the past, when do you get to the point where you say “ok, the first X amount of times was a mistake, this one’s crossing the line!”? You can’t just keep giving folks a free pass; this is so obviously inappropriate considering her age and, more importantly, her audience’s age. Please, don’t make excuses for this little girl; her parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing her to make these sorts of decisions on such an on-going basis.

  461. 461
    jonasbrothers214 Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she is NOT a **** and people think that she is one ya’ll LOSER!!!!PLUS THEY HAD THE POLE SO THE MOVED THE ICE CREAM STAND SO SHE WILL NOT FALL AND SHE WENT DOWN ONE TIME AND CAME BACK UP DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  462. 462
    lala Says:

    omg i only like the part when she trys to do micheal jackson good job not whats her problem liek seriosly shes a ***** who lets her do that

  463. 463
    lala Says:

    omg i only like the part when she trys to do micheal jackson good job not whats her problem liek seriosly shes a ***** who lets her do that

  464. 464
    annerklaternini firh richerhs Says:

    i felt SO emmbarased watching this with my mum and 7 year old sister, even how she was dress not just the dancing. oh gosh. bad move and i was a fan untill NOW

  465. 465
    qtpieee Says:

    wow, what a whorebag, why doesn’t Disney cancel her show? She’s a terrible role model!

  466. 466
    iluvselenagomez Says:

    omg i luv brittney spears but miley is becoming a **** n her sister is tryin 2 follow she already has shown her breast 2 the world(literally) lindsey lohan follower she gonna hav kids soon i bet with a 25 five yr old tht her father introduces 2 (just like her first over aged ma) i hate da ****** i’m i cant not say tht wen i’m tlkin nbout her

  467. 467
    selena gomez fan Says:

    i kno rite shes very bad at singing there r sooooo many talented people out there but there poor shes rich as hell and has no talented except 4 bein a ***** seriously cause she gets paid 2 do tht i still like her tho

  468. 468
    Your momma Says:

    Are you serious?! Has anyone seen this actual video or are you just jumping her sh!t because she has more success at 16 or better yet had at 14 than you will in your entire life? She held onto a pole while on a MOVING cart!! That is hardly a pole dance, the only thing that even somewhat resembled a dance move would be a dip that she was doing before and after the pole as well but nobody had a problem with that. As far as the shorts go I have seen girls younger than that wearing shorter and skimpier clothes than that way before Miley made it. Girls were wearing that when I was in high school almost 10 years ago, but I guess that was Miley’s fault too because she was such a horrible influence that she corrupted kids 10 years her senior when she was 6 years old. Get a life people, I can’t believe anyone other than those with serious self esteem issues becoming offended or actually outraged by that performance. Janet Jackson can flash a titty during the Super Bowl but let Cyrus hold onto a pole while on a moving cart 4 feet off the ground and everyone gets mad because their husbands got a hard on for the first time in years and now your jealous because you didn’t cause it!! Jesus is coming people, get on your knees and open wide!!!

  469. 469
    Your momma Says:

    My 4 year old spins around a pole to make herself dizzy at the playground. That’s it, you people have convinced me. I’m going to lock her in her closet until she repents for her whorish sins!!!! Holy ****, she takes a bath…. NAKED!!! Oh Christ what do I do? Does anyone know where they make chastity belts like the medieval days?! It must be all Miley Cyrus’ fault, I’m suing Disney, Billy Ray, and while I’m at it all of Appalachia!!! Anyone have Johnny Cochran’s number in heaven, or wait he was a lawyer so he had to have lied at some point so his number in hell?!

  470. 470
    Allysha Says:


  471. 471
    asdddddddddddddddasdfsdds Says:

    you guys dont know avout
    what ur talking

  472. 472
    asdddddddddddddddasdfsdds Says:

    you guys dont know avout
    what ur talking

  473. 473
    lori Says:

    you rock……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  474. 474
    heather Says:

    Maybe I missed the part where she “pole danced” I mean yes there was a pole but she wasn’t grinding on it. As far as her being a role model she is also a entertainer if you are offended by what she does turn your head.And what does it say about you as a parent monitor what your kid watches.

  475. 475
    TJ Says:

    She’s a teenager with too little talent and too much of daddy’s money. I just don’t understand the appeal. She can’t sing. She can’t dance. She’s pretty, but there are a lot of pretty girls out there. If it wasn’t for who her daddy is, her music career would begin and end with a karaoke machine.

  476. 476
    julia Says:

    shes not pole dancing.

    she has to hold on to this pole while the cart is moving.

    calm down everybody; shes not dumb.
    why would she pole dance at the teen choice awards??

  477. 477
    princessofmars Says:

    Seriously, she did one freakin dip. She wasn’t pole dancing. She was using it for balance. As for the short shorts, every young pop star wears short shorts at one time or another. I don’t think she did anything wrong. My daughter loves her and I will continue to let her watch her. Miley didn’t do anything wrong.

  478. 478
    Zehra Says:

    Miley looks cute and her new look suits her! <3
    And i dont care about what ppl think about her pole dancing…
    I know its a big difference!
    Shes a cleb. she can do anything she wants
    ily <3 miley!!


  479. 479
    casey Says:

    she´s olny doing it for more attention! stop commenting about her or she will really be the next britney…poor girl…

  480. 480
    Feli Says:

    Ok, talk about everyone freaking out… She did one little bump on the pole. Ya maybe I think it was a bad choice. But man guys. It’s not like she was licking it in skimpy underwear, humping and twirling all around. 95% of her time spent by the pole, she was holding onto it as she was pushed around. No matter what, not all role model’s will be spotless. They’re only human. She’s also at an age where she’s trying to be good, but fit in at the same time. Cut her a break and don’t freak out until she’s actually done something like Lindsay or Brittney.

  481. 481
    Jasmine Says:

    I’m soooo tired of people sticking up for Miley. I use to like, but she needs to get real and realize she’s suppose to be a role model. I’m fifteen and have more class than she obviously thinks she has. Where’s her dad when he’s needed? The shorts were inappropriate. Don’t get me wrong, I wear short shorts all the time. But of course I wouldn’t wear them in front of a crowd of young kids. It’s obvious that she needs a new crowd. She’s only sixteen, not eighteen. I don’t care if she is a “celebrity”, she’s somebody’s child and her parents need to step up and say something. This song “Party in the USA” has brought out who she really is. Don’t say you’re doing your job because if you are it’ll probably be gone because parents won’t want their kids to watch things like this. But yeah, I’m very disappointed. So far Selena hasn’t turned on us.

  482. 482
    Grace wombo Says:

    Miley cyrus is a sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! I can’t believe that nick actually dated her! She is messed up. She’s going to be the worlds famous hooker just like britney spears!

  483. 483
    lindsey Says:

    leave miley alone!

  484. 484
    Charlotte Says:

    I feel bad for the guys having to lug her around on that ice cream cart… yeesh Miley.. ever heard of the word MODESTY? Hah. Didnt think so! I mean, did you SEE her outfit and the way she pole danced?! We dont need another Brittany Spears in this world. Gosh Miley, go live in Antarctica for all I care. She needs to realize that she has little 7 year olds lookin up to her. I cant believe her family ENCOURAGES that kind of behavior. That disgusts me.

  485. 485
    jesse Says:

    i dont think she knew what was going to happen it all was a huge misunderstanding

  486. 486
    Rosalieheartshorses Says:

    I was also shocked to hear that a load of very old men were coming to her concert,while Billy Ray stood behind not giving a ****.

  487. 487
    Taylor Says:

    I can not believe that my favorite actor / singer would dress AND dance on a pole – thats only for people that go to nigh clubs

  488. 488
    Marc Boisvert Says:

    I just saw the video, Wow great Performance, “The pole dance Scandal” Please People wake up, It was use has a mean support for a mobile platform as a safety issue, Message to Billy Ray, be proud of Miley, you are a winner & your daughter is your legacy.

  489. 489
    cazzie Says:

    wow are you serious?!?! werr are her parents when shes doing this i cannot believe they would let her do this guess they just care about the money more then their own daughter thats pretty sad

  490. 490
    nana Says:

    OMG she is such a **** i meen she is a role model for little kids and pole dancing and i think that she thinks that shes sexy (NOT)

  491. 491
    emaraima Says:


  492. 492
    emaraima Says:

    I reckon she`s just grown up and yea I want lie she was pretty silly what she did its done we can`t go back and its part of grown up and she cant always be a role model to every one its just how it is and its not that bad the shorts are ok wearing a bra under a jacket is fine if you go to a beach some girls would do that I reckon people need to leave her alone its not fair on her and yea its pretty bad for the little kids to see her like that but she would`nt hert any one shes still that kind person you would meet so I reckon she`s done some stupid stuff but shes learnt from that so just leave her alone in peace.

  493. 493
    miley fan Says:

    how can she do this shes only 16 and why do she have to wear short pants her manager must be really wierd .

    and where is her parents!y do they have to let her do all these bad things.why dont her parents ground her!
    I know that miley is growing up but she is acting like a spoiled brat.

    wheres her parents!

  494. 494
    k.a. Says:

    miley is sexy naughty bitchy.. as we can see she love the way she’s doing and it isn’t nice at all to see this 16 year old dancing on the pole.. why disney allow their talents to be like this..

  495. 495
    k.a. Says:

    miley is getting sexeir naughtier bitchier.. yeah right she’s a britney 2.0 shes getting all the way there.. why is disney allowing their talents to be like that, and it looks like miley love the way when she does it like that…

  496. 496
    selina Says:

    she aint pretty lmao

  497. 497
    drooglkoot Says:

    i think lots of people who are 18+
    are gonna like it when she hits adult hood

  498. 498
    cammy Says:

    your right live her alone she is just learning soon she will learn from her mistakes so leave her alone you ******* i bet u do it too but u dont say anything

  499. 499
    cammy Says:

    leave her alone she will learn from her mistakes i still like u my fan so all u ******* stay back

  500. 500
    tdgfhgfhjfgh Says:

    i dont no why she did that, i luv miley but thats pretty disturbing.

  501. 501
    Hi Says:

    MILEY CYRUS ROCKS THE WORLD!!! i no thats not good the last few concerts she gave but i still love her, i hope she doesnt lose her fans. i will still give her another chance to fix things hope she can. remember people fame is hard!!

  502. 502
    Hi Says:

    MILEY CYRUS ROCKS THE WORLD!!! i no thats not good the last few concerts she gave but i still love her, i hope she doesnt lose her fans. i will still give her another chance to fix things hope she can. remember people fame is hard!!

  503. 503
    derick Says:

    hahahaha next student of paris hilton…..=)) or britney, or lindsay =))

  504. 504
    Liv Says:

    OMG you all need to calm down and get a life! The pole is there so she won’t fall, and btw I don’t think moving your body downwords without your body even touching the pole is considered pole dancing. And why do you care what she wears I’ve seen worse. If your daughter starts pole dancing because of this, than she needs SERIOUS help! most little girls don’t even know what pole dancing is, so just chill. So she made a tiny mistake with her shorts, I don’t think a pair of shorts are going to ruin anybodys life! my little sister loves Miley Cyrus and wouldn’t wear a pair of shorts that small just because miley did. If this performance diturbs you, than what’s your definition of disturbing?just leave miley alone and move on with your lives, that is if you actually have one( you must not if you have to trash celebrities online).

  505. 505
    Erica Nash Says:

    U r no inpiration 2 me u suck!

  506. 506
    Erica Nash Says:

    U r no inpiration 2 me u r a stuck up *****!

  507. 507
    Erica Nash Says:

    @ann: True dat

  508. 508
    Erica Nash Says:


    U go gurl! U need 2 be my friend on my myspace!

  509. 509
    abodi Says:

    just see nice site

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    abodi Says:

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    abodi Says:

    nice to see

  512. 512
    immab east Says:

    @Daniella: this is so pointless. what you have said is sadly true. where are the parents and why does she feel the need to do this? and on DISNEY!!!! as said on the cloak: “can you believe this robert? my childhood is being raped in front of my eyes…” this would have never flown when i was young…

  513. 513
    Robert Says:

    I don’t like Miley never did however kids like Miley and all I can say is Miley you sluhhtt think of all the kids you have let down and think of which way you have steared your young fans who have watched this. even though I didn’t like Miley I believed she could be a role model for young kids but yesterday I seen a girl dressed in the same clothes dancing round a lamp post and when I asked what she was doing she said copying Miley. Miley dont forgot the yound audience!!!

  514. 514
    mary Says:

    Ugh…okay, the music vid itself was bad enough, with Miley and all those other girls in the background dancing like strippers, but THIS? It’s ridiculous, disgusting, horrifying…pick your adjective. Honestly? I just lost every ounce of whatever traces of respect I had for her in the first place. It’s depressing to think that girls idolize her. They watch her vids, performances, movies, TV shows/appearances, whatEVER–in the hopes that they can be just like her. Hopefully this makes people think about what their kids are watching. Miley, this is for you, from a fellow teenager: Just STOP. Grow up, put some ACTUAL clothes on, get out of the limelight, rethink the image you want to project to your fans. Please. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

  515. 515
    Francesca R Says:

    Miley’s primary job is not being a role model to children.
    It’s just unfortunate that she happens to play Hannah Montana who IS a role model for children.
    Miley is a 16 year old girl, 16 year old girls wear tights tops and shorts all the time – it’s normal nowadays to dress like that.
    It’s only uptight parents who seem to have a problem.
    And as for “poll dancing”; I’m not sure if there’s something like this in America but in England people get poll dancing lessons from ages 16 and up because it’s GOOD EXERCISE not because you want to do it as a living or because it might be “******” and face it, if people were really so offended by what she does people wouldn’t vote for her to win all these awards she has.

  516. 516
    jakethesnake Says:

    Just imagining how warm and tight her ****** is. I’m 17 so it’s okay.

  517. 517
    yellow journalism, anyone? Says:

    honestly people, she barely even moved when she was holding on to the pole. she was holding on not to fall while they moved her around. so she kneeled, big deal! when I heard this story I thought it was this hardcore dancing. I’m not saying she’s a saint but this honestly does not deserve such attention and it does not make her a “trailer park trashy girl”

  518. 518
    suppress your appetite Says:

    Wow that was the lamest pole dance of all times, she needs lessons :d

  519. 519
    joshua Says:

    i think miley looked super sexy when she dancing on that sexy pole and i think her outfit is hot and i wish i could squeeze her boobs!

  520. 520
    SEX Says:

    wtf! i think she looks scary but i think she would be sexier if she took and clothes off!! i would love to have sex with her!! o baby!! just thinking about it makes me want to hump and kiss her all over!!!!!!!!!! if she was my girlfriend then i would have sex with her everyday!! ohhhh man!!!! i want to suck her ****** and boobs!!!! i wanna rub my face right into her sexy ass butt!!!! i want to sqeeze her boobs till they pop!!! i wish i could touch her everywhere!!! i wish i could drink her pee and hump her with my ass and into her face!!!


  521. 521
    lauren Says:

    i think miley is super sexy and has sexy boobs but i think she is being a big biotch.

  522. 522
    Andréa Says:

    Actually, I don’t really understand why people are getting so worked up about this. She’s 16, she barely does anything with the pole, and she’s singing about partying. If any of you remember how you were when you where 16 I bet some of you would like to poledance, and party. It’s crazy that you guys are thinking she’s not classy because of this. Especially since she’s barely doing anything with the pole.

  523. 523
    courtney Says:

    you are a nice person

  524. 524
    Emma Says:

    Well, honestly she’s a teenager now. And technically if you watch the VIDEOS instead of the pictures she’s not exactly “pole dancing” she’s just holding onto the pole and singing. The pole by the way is too small to be “pole dancing” with. Shes older now and it’s hard for her to always be the goody two shoes. Give her a break. I’m not a miley fan at all but speaking generally, shes a teen. This is what most teens do. Just leave her alone.
    She’s not a bad person, everyone’s just listening to the media which doesn’t potray the positive sides. Think about it. Honestly, you guys are all being negative. She’s a good person, trust me I know. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a life of her own.
    She’s not another Britney, she’s Miley. A TEENAGER, Be proud she’s not pregnant.
    If that pole wasn’t there no one would be thinking these things about her. Be realistic. Every single teenager does something like this EVERY single one. You may not see it but what do you think they do when they’re alone?
    Let it be and calm down. Media is just biased and fake. not all but most.

  525. 525
    stephanie Says:

    WOW dat doesn’t surprise me …..i mean shes always been a bad role model u no DESTINY HOPE/MILEY hopefully GOD can really,really,REALLY foregive u……. I no he will cuz no matter wat he forgives anyone My Q is y do u do dis do u want 2 grab ppls eyes or wat….I think u should give a

  526. 526
    Rose Says:

    I don’t think she is the problem. Its the parents who let there kids watch her or these awards shows that’s the problem. She is there to make money and that is exactly what she is doing and children are paying the price. Turn the T.V.’s off then she and others like her will no longer be there…lol

  527. 527
    ninna Says:

    … no comment … W niley 4ever… I love them!!!!!!!! W Jonas Brothers they’re the best 4ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  528. 528
    tg Says:


    I think that everyone is making a huge deal of something that is not such a big deal.THAT IS NOT POLE DANCING!! She pretty much just held on to the thing I mean give me a break kids see more watching the MYV awards than this young lady could ever show in her concerts!! GIVE IT A REST!!

  529. 529
    shilboi Says:

    come on guys
    shez ***** hot man nd she duznt ave to be no role model
    if she is comfortable wearin this sexxy stuff nd struttin her stuff then let her. i dont see why she has to be some stupid role model. leave her alone!!!

  530. 530
    getreal Says:

    Oh come one you can see from miles away that she’s using the pole just for support! Stop being so mean and do it yourself before you give some bad coments

  531. 531
    mido Says:

    i mean ….inever thought this little cuty hannah becom sleazy caus i’m from middle east and hannah its just make an blows in here
    its like the rule model 4 every single kid and even more than 18 peapols
    im a big fan and now i’m shoked
    we know miley had a dirty history these days from entertainment tonight and the insider and inside edition
    thats all miley like a mini britney

  532. 532
    mike Says:

    okay it definitely is not a huge deal. first of all, this 16 year old star did not make all these decisions herself. Somebody in charge of her said here Miley – stand here and do this and wear this. If youre gonna blame anyone, blame that person. it is not a huge deal anyway. get over it.

  533. 533
    ash Says:

    i hate everything about miley!
    just look at her dressing sense! what’s she wearing? only her innerwears along with a small,tight,thin,transparent,cut from sides top which is revealing her stomach,her pan*y and her b*a.i just feel like slapping and punching her on her face! it’s inapproriate for a 16 year old to wear such things and it’s even more unfair for miley to do that coz she is a disney star and she pretends to be a good girl.
    some of her fans seem to be quiet about this since they know miley has done wrong while the rest of her fans have started to defend her again.
    i sumtimes wonder what do the kids really like about miley?most of the time,she is involved in scandals like these,wears revealing clothes everytime,dates guys older to her,mocks fellow co-stars on youtube….is this what they appreciate and worship her for? if yes,then miley’s fans are all really really cree*y! they do these things themselves and hence,support celebs like miley and vanessa.

  534. 534
    This is reality Says:


    No one is going to let this up. in reality a 16year old dancing on a pole is not “cute” Young Children look up to her. what do we want 2015+ the be slutzvill usa? no so sotp her before things get worse. or lets just hope for a zombie apocalypse then no one will care <3

  535. 535
    John Duerksen Says:

    Miley is one hot tamale

  536. 536
    Brittnay Says:

    You know, everyone issaying what a shocker. I was surprised it hadnt happened sooner.

  537. 537
    wow Says:

    @Marissa: Yeah. Don’t get on the cart. Problem solved!

  538. 538
    dylan Says:

    that is not pole dancing

  539. 539
    maris Says:

    Sorry to all the fans.
    Mily pole dancing.
    She is mad.
    I heard she had sex with a pillow.

  540. 540
    maris Says:

    Gros Mily.
    I dont know why you pole dance.
    P.S. My girlfriend told me to tell you that our child hates you know that she found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  541. 541
    Natalio Ohanna Says:

    I wish Miley would come to Western Michigan University where I am teaching and dance on my pole. It is big and hard for you Miley!

  542. 542
    Kimata Says:

    Nothing that bad happened. Sure it’s not like Miley but I think she was doing what her dad told her to. She 16 now, no duh things might get alittle crazy but I mean there are 13 yearolds that ARE strippers. Heck most 5 year olds know what strippers are. I don’t like it but I just think that not everybody needs to bash her just because of one preformance and a couple of pics. Just leave her alone. She won’t crash and burn like Linsey or Brittany. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s not like she did anything but get up there and go down once.

  543. 543
    carly Says:

    To the people that thinks its okay for her to act like this, its seriously amazing to me. Like it doesnt matter if she wasnt swinging around on it, she was on a pole!!! its disgusting to think people are okay letting their kids watch her. Even though i don’t know her personally as a peformer shes making herself out to be a real big ***** & if i didnt know her at all my first thought would be the same thing. Shes 16? Come on. Wheres the miley cyrus that first came out? She needs to start acting more maturally. Good Job miley cyrus! Just what we need another little ****** performer. Get real.

  544. 544
    IcyKiss Says:

    Wow I’m Kinda Shocked To See This “Child” Doing This,I’m A Mother of A 5yr And She Used To Watch Her Shows pfft No More,And Billy Letting Her Go Out With A 25yr? I’ve Lost All Respect..I Won’t Listen Nor Watch Anything From Both!!! Good Luck Brittney erm Miley

  545. 545
    inamullahkhan Says:

    oh god trust miley cyrus to dress like this and dance around a pole. Why doesnt she just move to a trailer park I think she would be much happier.(sent me your 20 beautiful songs when you personally like.

  546. 546
    laughing_at_childish_behaviour Says:

    not even danced around the pole…….geeze she grabbed the pole then dropped then got back up……………..ooooohhhh my call the celeb police…so sad to see that others who have nothign better do to and more then likely never even been inside a strip club to consider that a pole dance……….

  547. 547
    soso90 Says:

    there’s no so much of it 8-| she just walikng around that pole…this is not a pole dancing folks 8-| what the hell? you like to judge people for every mistake, don’t you?…you are sooo grosseeeee..not miley…and by the way ;;) I’m not even a fan of her…but I really thing that you don’t have any bussines just to stick your dirty nose in other’s bussineses 8-|

  548. 548
    Autumn Says:

    Are you serious? This is what people are flipping out about? That’s NOT pole dancing. It looks like it was just there to help her balance. I’m not defending her outfit, maybe that was a little much, but still you people are acting like she was giving lil wayne a lap dance while wearing a bikini or something…she’s not a ****.

  549. 549
    lolmao Says:

    ****! >:D

  550. 550
    Himlen är oskyldigt blå Says:

    Thanks for this post

  551. 551
    Kelsey Lynn Says:

    rly guys? rly? yea thats pole’s only there so she doenst fall off the table while people are pushing it around! think about if the pole wasnt there…? she would fall right off! and yes.. shes singing a hit song… what do you normally do when you sing??? dance possibly? so she was dancing big woop, and pole dancing is when you wrap your leg around the pole and swing around etc… her leg didnt even touch the pole! and shes been famous since she was what? 10? 11? so im proud of her for not doing drugs and havin pics of her drinking or having sex… so leave her alone and quit spending your free time loading and commenting on videos of miley! the only reason that you care is becouse shes famous! and a disney star! i love miley! and her outfit isnt perfect… but hey shes not kissing a girl or in a bra and undies only is she? hmmm…. no!! so go get a life and leave her alone! shes innocent and gorgeous and kind and a good role model! i hate all of these gay websites and pages about how miley’s a ***** and a bad infuence on children because shes not any of those things! most of these pics were taken by paparazzi everywhere at just split second bad timing… so get a life and leave miley alone!!!! gosh you people are crazy…

  552. 552
    martin Says:

    MOBIL 24208019,FYN

  553. 553
    martin Says:


  554. 554
    miley hater Says:

    wow gross what kind of romodle is she?

  555. 555
    miley hater Says:

    wow gross what kind of romodel is that? im mean come on kids still look up to her and miley is teaching kids to be like that i mean come on give it a rest she’s a b**** i cant beleived i iked her!!!!

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