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Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

Miley Cyrus dances around a pole atop an ice cream cart while performing her hit new song “Party in the USA” at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday afternoon (August 9) in Universal City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Disney starlet picked up SIX surfboards for Comedy TV Actress, Comedy TV show for Hannah Montana, Music/Dance Movie Actress, Hissy Fit for the Hannah Montana movie, music single for “The Climb” and summer song for “Before the Storm.”

Later, Miley presented the Ultimate Choice Award to Britney Spears because “I’m a huge fans of hers.”

Watch Miley‘s pole-dancing performance go down TOMORROW, August 10 @ 8-10PM ET/PT on FOX.

Miley Cyrus: Pole Dancing Party in the USA

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus‘ pole dancing party in the USA…

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Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ; Photos: Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/Getty, Kevin Mazur/WireImage
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  • lakers fan in boston

    it’s not like she’s actually stripping
    more like just touching the pole, would have been very inappropriate if she were actually doing things with the pole yet it’s still pretty bad
    i just think this gives her stalker more motive for him 2 like her
    she’s a loser, not a bit interested in her


    Another problem girl is comin’ up. Maybe like la Lohan or like Brit. ‘Good’ example for the kids.

  • natalie

    seriously i cant believe she did that shes like 16 wow hannah montana is a slut good thing im not a fan i seriously cant believe she did that like seriously wat kind of message is she sending to her youner fans

  • Taylor

    honestly, this is not that bad. wow she danced with a pole. i think everyone her age does that with friends just having fun. she probably just had the pole up there to hold her balance so she wouldnt fall. cause if you notice she was holding on to it pretty tightly. so give her a break. she growing up. i love miley cyrus and i thought she did amazing. and her outfit is ute and its age appropriate. at least shes not showing her stomach or her chest area like her back up dancers so leave her alone.
    love you miley. congrats on all the awards you won

  • listenuuuppp

    She did it because she knew it would bring her alot of attention. Look this thread has over 200 posts! That’s what she wants. She isn’t that talented and she needs to do something to keep getting attention. She is doing what Madonna did for years and that’s “shock” people into paying attention to her. Only difference is that Madonna had TALENT to back it up. Billy Ray Cyrus should be ashamed of himself.

  • Laura Jade

    why am i not surprised? she’s meant to be a role model for little girls and when they see this, they’re gonna think it’s alright to do that. it’s obvious that she’s gonna end up like britney or lindsay (no matter how much she says she won’t).

  • casey

    good for you miley. all the press a star could ask for. that’ s what its all about. Parents don’t seem to mind if their young impressionable kids following in the footsteps of a 16 year old that lives with a 20 year old, who takes semi naked photos and now dances on a “ice cream cart pole” at a kids show. the more she does, the more famous she becomes.
    keep it up miley. you will continue to be the best and most famous role model on earth . keep shakin your money maker, exposing your money maker and keep on crankin out that cash. yeaaaaaaa miley1!!!!

  • Marieme

    I can’t stand how Miley is being raised and this is such an embarassment, but why is she getting so much hate and a skaaank like Vanessa with all her trashy photos gets all the love? This is a bizarre thing.

  • lol

    this is redonkulous. you’d think that out of all the children in america, the disney channel could find starlets that won’t go off and embarrass them. i’m not a fan of either demi or selena, but at least they’re not going around POLE DANCING on t.v. i just wish disney could find more role models for kids – just some plain (but talented) girl/boy from a good family, with good morals. no bullshit promise ring shit, just some normal, down-to-earth kids.

    i don’t really understand the appeal of cyrus anyway. maybe that’s just me.

  • Kitt

    She’s getting worse and worse. Soon enough her contract with Disney will be over, and we’ll see her doing more slutty things. I see a playboy cover and sex tape in the future!

  • Leslie

    Really people I wouldn’t even consider what she did pole dancing. all she did was stand on that ice cream stand and hold onto the pole. Seriously I think all ya’ll need to get a life because honsetly she didnt do anything. All she did was stand there and sing

  • Amelia

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I thought she was my role model im 11 now this is to sexy for her! SEXYNESS IS FOR LINSAY LOHANS AND BRITNEYS SPEARS AGES OLDER ONLY WTF I ALMOST FELT SO CLOSE TO HATE HER NOW WHAT KIND OF CELEBRITY STAR IS SHE? I BET ONLY ADULTS CAN WATCH HER THANKS TO HER guess what??? my parents didnt let me go to a jonas brother’s concert near me and they think just because their boys!!!!! wow great discrimintion and miley cyrus-tca awards she wore a above knee skirt which my parents think is sooo wayyy beyond my limit to wear short shirts !! jb ar ebetter than miley GO JB DEMI AND SELENA!!!!!! HOW COULD U MILEY??? ALOT OF KIDS WATCHED THAT AND POLE DANCING IS ONLY FOR 18+ audience and 18+ to do that! CURSE U MILEy Ur just a super short skirt wearer and cleavage bearer the trashier star i like u so much i really wanted to meet u but guess what? I think the jb’s selena gomez and demi lovato are better 16+ year olds than u u just treat uself like ur older u maynot be a kid and celebs can do what they do but this is way beyong including posing in seductive photos!!!!!!! ur 4th on my list now! yes i agree to everyone and im am very furious *hisses* ( this is what i do now when im super furious) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE MILES U SUPER SHORTSKIRT WEARER AND CLEAVGE BEARER AND ROLE MODEL-NOT! USED TO BE NOOW NOW HAHAHAH ;( :( :O I WISH SHE NEVER DONE THIS!

  • irene1234

    She is amazing!!!! Love her!!! She is a performer guys grow up a little bit and stop hating! She is a person not a role model and she is having fun singing her song for her fans!!!! Come ON!!!

  • jj

    ew ew eww
    i understand she wants to look hot, but wearing immodest clothes is not the way to go! especially for the uh, self proclaimed “Christian” girl who says the only reason she’s in hollywood is because of God
    would God be happy looking at her pole dance and shit? iunno :S

  • tracee

    yeah, 16 year olds might pole dance, but not in front of the stage in front of millions of kids!
    can’t believe her mom and dad actually let her do this. have a little class!
    srsly, this thing is too much for television.
    why do people actually like her?? her voice is raspy and she can’t sing. she isn’t a good role model either. her songs sound the same, and her acting is horrible compared to demi and selena
    F U C K you miley :)

  • gabbielovesyoux3

    she is a SKANK.
    great rolemodel. *note sarcasm*

  • i’myerpersonalstalker! ja-kay

    okay i’m not hating on miley but she shouldn’t being doing this!I’ mean seriously miley!What are you doing with your life!I know she growing and 16 but she doing a kids show!Kids are watching this i ‘m a kid and i seem very disappointed now vanessa hudgens hater should rethink this! yea she 16 but most pole dancers are 20 or something

  • kat

    i just watched her perform like a minute ago.
    i guess the pictures were taken at the worst times but she still sorta looked like a hooker up there (booty shorts, high heeled boots, black bra showing, chains)
    & it was kinda weird how after a performance like that she thanked “god her father”.

  • pshhhhhh

    that wasnt even pole dancing! she was on an ice cream thingy and the pole was obviously there so she wouldnt lose her balance and fall. she definitely shoulda thought about that though, and realized people would think things, but in her defense its amazing how people see one picture and jump to conclusions.

  • BELLA‚ô•


  • i’myerpersonalstalker! ja-kay

    and the thing is i am giving miley a break but think about the kids!and if you have a little girl and she wants to be like her and end up doing um this!that would be awkward!little kids sneak ends and watch these i’m not hating on her or bashing on her! but i’m not sure that this fits for her!i don’t even want to be rude!She has little kids supporting her! AGAIN I”M NOT BASHING HATING OR WATEVER YOUR GONNA SAY!I DIDN’T CALLED HER A SLUT AND SOME OF THESE PEOPLE AREN’T PROBABLY BASHING ON HER THEY’RE JUST SAYING WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?!OR WHY DID SHE DO THIS?!AND SOME FAN DOESN’T SEEM TO APPROVED!!IAND PLUS DON’T BOTHER REPLY BACK TO ME !CAUSE I DON’T WANNA GET IN A HISSING FIGHT!

  • cawk

    haha she thought a unbrella pole was a stripper pole. i guess she just assumes your supposed to dance on every and any kind of pole

  • chelsey

    Im shocked she looks at Britney Spears as a role model. Really shocked. LMAO! Pole dancing, REALLLLLY?


  • selena

    it really wasnt a pole dance i just got done watching it and i was there to help her stay on there and i did like her preformance but i think it was wrong because of her being a star on disney channel for kidds! and they were watching and little kids do not need to see that.

  • Gen

    her parents must be so PROUD of her.
    I’d like to see her fans stick up with her now. SHES ONLY 16. SHE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT.

  • tyratlc213

    how come her dad allows her to wear those kind of clothes.she is so gross, cause who would wear something soooooooooooooooo grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wierdo..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diva

    It was obvious that the entire Miley performance was a tribute to Britney Spears. The video tribute to Britney showed Britney dancing on the pole and having red hair in her music video. Mileys back up dancer, which miley ripped the hat off of, had red Britney hair. And miley doesn’t get to chose what she wears and does on stage, people do that for her. It’s all about publicity. This performance was meant to raise heads but also have an excuse to use later. And disney doesn’t care what she does, her tv show, movies, and concerts have racked in millions. Thats all disney cares about.

  • DemiFan

    For the ones saying being a role model is her job, Is being a role model is what’s getting her 5 #1 albums. the highest grossing tour with the Jonas Brothers, The number One Kid Series? NO! MILEY IS GETTING THAT! HER JOB IS TO BE HERSELF SO LET HER DO THAT ! AND WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO BEFORE YOU LOOK AT THE FRICKEN PICTUERS and if you want TRAILER TRASH, check out that B!TCH who was around the arm of an 21 year OLD NAMED ZAC EFRON and THEN TALK. Have YOU SEEN HER LATEST SCANDAL? And yet TEENS LOOK UP TO HER NAKED ASZ!

  • lisa

    i just don’t get it…..she can’t sing, dance or act and is ugly to boot. why is this girl famous?

  • shabalabadingdong

    wtf miley cyrus is such a whore
    she has so many younger fans that look up to her and she is teaching them to be slutty

    what a disapointment

  • Stephanie

    @Leslie: I agree!!!!!

  • gA skal

    Don’t judge others, before judging yourself. God will judge us. Not humans judging humans. Miley knows this. But do you? If you were famous and you made the slightest mistake and it was posted to the net. Would you want criticism blasting at you? Most definitely not. The final judgement will be upon men very soon. And Noah’s Ark will now, only be in Christ alone.

  • shania

    omg miley was so hawt! all you wenises sayin’ she belongs in a trailer park? back off and get a life shes just doin her thang ! awwwww yeaaahhH! shes just bein miley!!! <33 love ya miles!<3

  • shania

    omg miley was hawt!! all you wenises sayin’ she belongs in a trailer park? back off and get a life she’s just doin her thang! she’s just being miley!! love yaa milesss <3333!!!

  • http://MileysWorldcom Miley

    Please Leave Me Alon Thanks And Thanks

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    Please Leave Me Alon Thanks And Thanks

  • ohnoshedidnt

    This girl is on her way to posing in Playboy and being an all around mess. Pole dancing! That one just blew me away. She’s 16 and her parents were right there watching like it was no biggie. not good

  • HIHI

    wow miley…. great message for young kids…. it’s hosted by the jonas brothers and 6 year olds are watching this. your parents should be ashamed of you, and your dressed way to inappropriately for a role model for younger children.

  • annabelle

    I don’t get it. Why would someone let their daughter act like this, specially in public. Her father looks sleazy, maybe he has some pedophelia tendencies. Her mother is in it for the money. And her younger sister? It think she will be even worse. Both of them can’t sing. But now we know they can invest their money in to fancy strip club and Miley can be the pole queen.

  • wow.

    haha, so blown out of proportion. because she drops it low once beside a pole shes suddenly a pole dancer? haha yea okay people.

  • 4thelulz

    Hahaha, wow. Watch the video, that one of her crouching is the most sexual move she does. WATCH OUT! Hell, the pole is only as tall as her anyway.

  • annabelle

    Hey wow,if you consider how many very young girls look up to Miley and this was broadcasted all over, so yes it is out of proportion.Her parents should be ashamed.
    Yes they laugh all the way to the bank ,obviously nothing else matter to the. Only money.

  • Jade

    Ok. I do feel some of the things she did and wore in this performance was not right for the teen choice awards but come on. Miley Cyrus is groing up and you guyys cannot expect her to be a little Disney princess all her life. She is branching out to other age groups. Do you think 16 17 and 18 year old still watch Disney or dress/ dance like Disney characters do?? Come on everyyone give it a rest. Miley is fine. Let the girl live alittle..

  • Vendora77

    well wht do i expect her dad let her go out woth a 20 year old boy idot!



  • jasmin

    miley is slutee she is doing that because she think she 21

  • Regina

    I can not believe people think of her as a role model. There is no way in hell I’ll continue to let my little girl watch her on tv or buy anything Hannah related. This is so sad how fast this girl has turned from sweet to slutty in less then 2 years.

    Pole Dancing? Give me a break. I guess this is the way she will be making her money Post -Hannah Montana. Hmm, I knew it would be a matter of time before someone had her out on the stroll for that money. I guess it was sooner then I thought.

  • Britt

    jeez who knew that a lovely christian girl could dance on poles too. :O

    and her parents sat there and applouded this wow good for them clearly they should write a parenting book too just like britney spears’ mother happened to do :P

  • Ariels

    OK seriously..i am getting so freakin sick of ALL these teen stars!!!! They are all so dumb. lets go back to the old days when 16yr olds had class and kept their clothes on

  • CAroline pedrozza Oliveira

    Britney Spears?