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Pierce Brosnan Has Family Fun

Pierce Brosnan Has Family Fun

Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith takes their sons Dylan, 12, and Paris, 8, to Greek restaurant Taverna Tony on Sunday (August 9) in Malibu, Calif.

The couple recently blogged about a new investigative documentary film about a cove off the Japanese coast where over 20,000 dolphins and porpoises have been slaughtered. The documentary, The Cove, has won over 12 major international awards.

“Without this kind of investigative journalism, the plight of dolphins and the safety of some of Japan’s seafood may not have been adequately reported,” the couple said. “This powerful and moving film is an urgent cry for help – and now that the public finally knows the truth, we must demand change.

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  • susi

    they seems like a nice family.

  • Dance Teacher

    His wife don’t need no big fat Greek dinner! She’s FAT enough!

  • NativeNYker

    He sure has humbled out in recent years. Funny that.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    It speaks volumes that a hottie like Pierce chooses a beautiful big woman for a wife and loves her. He does not care what society thinks. Kudos! His wife is beautiful.

  • nanny gate

    @Dance Teacher:
    That’s real nice “Teacher.” I’m sure Mrs Bronson wasn’t aware of her girth until you pointed it out. I hope karma bit es you in the a ss. Sometimes weight issues can be attributed to something other than overeating. Lets hope you a role model for children so you can poison their minds like yours.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    They lived through losing a child a child and a lot of heartache. Great couple. I like them and she is pretty.

  • Denise

    He didn’t choose a larger woman, she was actually very thin when he met her. She is still beautiful, just a lot bigger than when she was on Unsolved Mysteries. You can see photos of her on the IMDB.

    They seem very happy.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    but he CHOSE to stay with her. he is one of the most dashing men in hollywood and he stayed with the woman who has been thru the dark and good times with him. gotta give him credit for being a real man.

  • EvilLynn

    I think Mrs. James Bond is really pretty. You see, this is what is meant by “beautiful at any size.” This lady has a pretty face, great skin, and gorgeous, long shiny dark hair: not a fried, bleached out haystack of cheap-looking, rat’s nest weave… PLUS she chooses great clothes for her shape: nice textures, great cut, great material. She doesn’t walk around in a muu-muu, but she doesn’t let her boobs spill out all over the place. She doesn’t look the fool by wearing dominatrix shoes, orange oompa-loompa spray tan, and cakes of makeup for a casual afternoon with her kids, like some tabloid “regulars” we’re all familiar with.

    She has class, she has a good sense of style, she looks more natural than the majority of plastic drooling idiots who populate Hollywood. So, yeah, I think this broad is classier and more naturally good looking than, like, Heidi Montag.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    correction: he lost his 1st wife not child.

  • desy

    this is no disrespect to Keely… I struggle daily with weight. My curiosity is why she hasn’t made more efforts in losing. She seems like she’d have every option at weight loss…trainers, chef’s, etc…I always think if I had a bazillion dollars, I’d get those same things and I’d be skinny.

  • Shawna

    She has a thyroid problem which pretty much makes it impossible to lose weight. So don’t judge her and ask why she hasn’t made efforts – she has, but she has a health condition.

  • jessilei

    he is handsome… I just found him on
    —=====L o v i n g R i c h —C O M—-===== —. seems he is quite popular there.


  • Whale Watcher

    Couldn’t agree more No. 7. I actually saw Mrs Blobby in Sydney about 10 years ago and everyone was looking at his model-like slim wife. Seems she has now morphed into this huge fat blob who doesn’t seem to care about herself now she has her man. Bet he is getting a bit on the side – and who could blame him. Having those things popping out to wallop you in the face every night would be enough to give one nightmares. He would defnitely have to be on the top too as he would have been squashed by now. Oh and his older son seems to be heading down the same path and the whale. A few gym memberships might be the order of the day in that house.

  • Angelove

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this family. Dylan is really tall like his dad, he’s only 12 and as tall as his mom. Pierce is still hot and LOOOOOOVES his wife. :)

  • black

    His wife looks very nice and friendly. Wonder how many people here have the same luck (having such a relationship, that is).

  • office fan

    Beautiful family! Too bad there are such idiots that have to leave such childish comments all the time. You all know who you are…..

  • jenny Shimizu

    @EvilLynn: And now due directly to her obesity, she has a shorter life span.

  • liverwurst

    @brangelina fan 4 life: Unlike Brad Pitt.

  • angie’s old nose

    I don’t believe she looks ugly at this weight, just very unhealthy. If we saw a drug addict all strung out on the street we wouldn’t be “Oh, we all look beautiful at all levels of sobriety”! Just because this involves food, which is needed to sustain life, doesn’t mean that this addiction isn’t going to kill her (as it kills millions of other American’s every year) and affect her family’s future. Obesity is a selfish disease that in the end will depreciate the quality of her life.

  • eva

    maybe keeley shay is preggies. Did anyone think of that,

  • …………..

    hmmmm some ugly ,dimensional and bitter fans are posting right here. oh my the power of brangelina, they will always be mentioned regardless they are not included in the topic. personally, keely’s health is her and family’s own business, i think others should look at their own reflection and focus on your own ugliness. i would prefer a fat beautiful woman than an ugly ,insecure,bitter and nutty personality. these kind of people regardless how slender ,if you have some deep underlying issues – you will likely won’t live longer , maybe die of heart attack. keely is happy and loved by her family. the real issue is some so-called can’t let go about their delusion ,that made them more ugly than they are. i think you should focus towards your ugliness rather than finding fault or show your fake concern or trite opinion towards somebody who is ten times better than you. yes, i am talking to forever delusionally bitter fans of you know who you are.

  • mailey

    zomg she is truly massive. like whale proportions.
    yah, could look at it two ways – if had a bazillion dollars, can afford anything you need to lose weight.
    but then if you had bazillions, also could be like, uh, who cares – married, kids, do and go wherever – might as well eat whatever the hell I want..

  • mary

    His wife is beautiful. Doesn’t matter if she’s big or small…..His kids are going to be very handsome just like their pappa.

  • Jess

    i think she is beautiful even though she is heavier.

  • me


    Actually he did not choose a big, beautiful woman. When he first met her, she was very thin – not that it matters, but had she looked like that when they first met, I bet he would not have given her a second look.

  • Beautiful at any size

    Wow, bunch of hypocrites! Who cares what size she is…she is just as gorgeous now as when he married her, no matter her size. And who are we to sit in judgment and question how she gained weight, why he stays with her, and why she hasn’t lost any? How do YOU know what her problem is? And obviously he loves her no matter her size and he’s not a shallow guy like some of the idiots who posted here. Get an education before you post stupid comments/statements and get your facts straight before you post lies and rude comments! Please! Men and/or women of larger size usually tend to be the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet and more realistic. They’d do almost anything for you. Unlike SOME of the body building, anorexic snobs out there who feel they are too good to do anything for their fellow man.

    Probably half of you negative people are heavy and it must feel good to you to be able to pick on someone rather than deal with your own personal issues. Remember the old saying “those in live in glass houses…..”

  • Scott Summers

    Right, #12.

    What’s wrong with you, #14???

  • Speak the truth

    holy fck! His wife is a whale!!!! She doesn’t care about her appearance at all!

  • speak the truth speak bs

    @Speak the truth: Puh-leeze. I bet you’re either some tanning bed toad or you’re really full of it and can see what you had for dinner last night based on the stains all over your sweatpants. STFU.

  • Kizzler87

    @Whale Watcher: You need to get a life…knocking a perfectly happy family who don’t care for the so-called ‘ideal’ body stereotypes…people come in all shapes and sizes and she is in no way unhealthy just for daring to be a curvier woman

  • annabanana

    @Whale Watcher: You’re a joke. People like you hide behind computer screens because you are compelled to hate and it’s easier to get away with it when it’s anonymous. You’re not fooling anyone. You have nothing of value to contribute with that idiotic rant.

  • Michelle

    Very sad that she would allow herself to get so horribly fat. I wouldn’t blame him if he left. She has put on at least 150 pounds and if she prefers food to sex then he should. Poor man. He keeps himself so hunky and has to accept that this is the body he has to sleep with for the rest of his life? If he loves her anyway, then he is quite the hero.

  • PJ

    @Michelle: Are you for real? What kind of celebrity obsessed fantasy world do you live in? And no way she’s 150 pounds overweight…you need glasses girl. Get your finger out of your throat and get a life!

  • dcisluv

    I think women who are thin and still don’t feel adequate really really hate it when big girls are happy and with attractive men.

    Get some therapy, skinnies! The barfing and smoking is just as bad for you as the extra pounds.

  • punjab

    I guess if she likes her size and her husband is okay with it then that is all that matters. It is her body.

  • Marilyn

    She’s still pretty but she gained weight since they first met. I think it was a gradual weight gain over several years.

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine

    Cosmopolitan Sept. 1996 Article illustrating how Keely Shaye Smith used the old woops I “accidentally” got pregnant and am so surprised! Doesn’t sound like he’s in love with her from this interview. Pierce Brosnan’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, was actually a Bond girl before he was Bond, an established actress herself, and made him the man and actor he is. She was not only beautiful but loved by everyone for her spirit and kindness. She was 10 yrs older than he though you could not tell. Photos from her 20s show why she was in famed photographer Lord Lichfield’s book, ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Women”. Many photos of her available online show how beautiful she must have been inside and out to be dying of cancer in her late 30s while still looking beautiful and sparkling with charisma and personality. Together they parented Pierce’s first son Sean Brosnan in 1983 (incredibly handsome). And he adopted her first two children, Christopher (also incredibly handsome from my memory of him during his New York nightlife appearances) and Charlotte, from whom she had with ex-husband Dermot Harris, great actor Richard Harris’ brother, upon Dermot’s death. So tragic for those children to lose both their mother and father. Tragic for Sean to lose his mother as a young child. And so tragic for Pierce to lose the love of his life. Perhaps he would have never moved on had Keely not forced it all upon him. Calling Keely fat is not nice nor does it say anything about who she is. However, it is said by many her “flaws” on the outside are a true reflection of her inner character and spirit, for those that think fat is a flaw. The article:
    Brosnan first met Keely Shaye-Smith, whom he sometimes absentmindedly refers to as Cassie, in Mexico in April 1994. Brosnan was sitting at the pool when she strode by. “When she walked back, she asked me for a few eco tips. Later on the beach, she was in a bathing costume – very lovely.”
    “I don’t want to be tied down to just one woman. I’ve been open in the relationship, as far as that’s concerned. I have no plans to get married.”
    Indeed, when Keely found out she was pregnant (the baby’s due in January), she and Pierce did intense soul-searching and came to two conclusions: no abortion, no marriage. “We talked about the matter long and hard, ” Brosnan says. “It was so unexpected – [I was] absolutely blown away. Abortion should be the woman’s right, but the thought of it just broke my heart – made me feel like an executioner. Besides, Keely wanted to have the baby.
    Besides impending fatherhood, what holds him to Keely is her allowing him the illusion that he’s a single man. “She’s thirty-one, and I’ m forty-two,” Brosnan says. “I have a wider breadth of experience in life. I don’t mean to sound grand or better, but there’s that element of being older.”

  • suppress your appetite

    @office fan: I agree

  • sima lester

    I can’t believe that some are supporting her being so fat! She is sick because she is fat but this is her falt, unlike other sickness, she could do something about it. It is not about her, anybody that fat is ugly and sick!

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