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Rachel Bilson: Dry Cleaning Cutie

Rachel Bilson: Dry Cleaning Cutie

Rachel Bilson carries a couple of dry-cleaned items into a Hollywood studio on Monday morning (August 10).

The 27-year-old actress will next star in New York, I Love You, which opens theatrically on October 16. In the city that never sleeps, love is always on the mind. Those passions come to life in New York I Love You – a collaboration of storytelling from some of today’s most imaginative filmmakers and featuring an all-star cast. Together they create a kaleidoscope of the spontaneous, surprising, electrifying human connections that pump the city’s heartbeat. Sexy, funny, haunting and revealing encounters unfold beneath the Manhattan skyline. From Tribeca to Central Park to Brooklyn the story weaves a tale of love as diverse as the very fabric of New York itself.

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rachel bilson dry cleaning 01
rachel bilson dry cleaning 02
rachel bilson dry cleaning 03
rachel bilson dry cleaning 04
rachel bilson dry cleaning 05
rachel bilson dry cleaning 06

Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Janey

    she’s super cute!

  • Sally


  • Nick


  • Anon

    Yay, Love Rachel. She’s gorgeous!

  • nat

    I can’t wait for this movie!

  • http://justjared always the truth

    she looks like she is in her mid teens.

  • lauren

    rachel’s so pretty! she needs to improve on her acting though.

  • Kelly

    Oh, thank you, I hadn’t seen new Rachel photos for a whole day, I was getting worried there for a minute. She’s sooo cute!.
    That was heavy in sarcasm in case the tweens here didn’t know, go ask mommy what that means.

  • lexy

    @kelly – I too was beginning to worry we wouldn’t see Rachel today either!

    I’m convinced JJ is run by her publicist. With all the “stars” in that NY movie and considering it’s a Wood Allen movie the idea that they would even mention Rachel in it is hysterical.

  • Kelly


    Oh yeah, I am sure there is some deal going on between the 2, as far as I can tell there is no other website that religiously posts about Rachel like Jared does and considering the amount of comments on here of dislike for her and her antics he must have some agreement or he just really hates his readers!!.

  • x

    Hold up ! She was at a studio ! Did someone employ her ? Are they THAT hard up for actresses ?

  • voice of reason

    @ lexy Woody Allen is not mentioned because it’s not his movie, nor is he part of the production team.

    @Kelly this website posts daily pictures of her, so everytime people come here and post multiple times and rack up 100 posts they get money from it. The smart business is to get people to hit the site they don’t care if the comments are negative/positive all they know is pictures of her make money, so they will keep doing it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least she finally got something 2 do
    i dont mind her as long as she’s doing something for work
    not much 2 say about her outfit, it’s regular rachel
    just something simple she’s wearing on a normal day

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    1. It’s not a Woody Allen movie
    2. Could it simply be possible that Jared likes RB and thus posts about her everytime a new batch of pics is available?
    3. In my personal opinion, the reason there are so many RB “haters” on JJ is the reason why RB is featured so much on this site. Why? Because it generates comments, hits, traffic and thus visibility to his site. Take Mandy Moore, whenever he posts about her, there are never more than 20 comments, so he only posts about her from time to time. Thus by commenting as much as you do about how much you hate Bilson, you’re only enticing Jared to post about her more (same goes for Aniston and every other overexposed JJ celeb).

  • lexy

    Hmmm…I thought it was Woody Allen but I was wrong. There are bigger celebs than her in the movie – you know actual working actors and actresses.

    I think this site is perfect for her – she fits right in with Kate and Jon and Jon’s girlfriend.

    I love Jennifer Aniston and I’m sure she WISHES JJ and the other sites would leave her alone. Unlike RB she doesn’t have to call them to tell them where she is.

    It could be that JJ just likes her – maybe he’s an old high school boyfriend – who knows.

    If we “haters” are helping JJ pay the bills and employees salaries by coming to the board – well then we’lre doing our part to stimulate the economy. I’d say we’re patriots :-)

  • bob

    fugly as usual

  • factisious

    midget with short legs in old woman’s clothes

  • anonymous

    Funny how all press try to avoid mentioning Hayden Christensen along with her.. She is doing dry cleaning like we haven’t seen this before. Please when she becomes a real actress, designer then alert us to her well being. Until that time why the hell do we have to hear or read about a woman who can barely stand on her own two feet w/o help from the family or friends. At last this time she wasn’t dragging one of her pregnant friends or kid sister around.

  • Why this person?

    More pics of Bilson running errands, shopping, having lunch, doing nothing. Will it EVER end? How the hell is she worth it?! Can’t we have pics of wonderful actors like Ewan McGregor, Jake Gyllenhall, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson or on the female side Cate Blanchette, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Kira Knightly, Natalie Portman? We get pics of them from time to time on JJ but this stupid little f**ktard gets more coverage than God. We haven’t had one single picture for over a year of her actually doing work. Even her worthless husband-to-be has pictures of him doing work and he barely does anything at all, which means she is even more of a shiftless loser than he is. But thank God they’re getting married soon so as to take two thoroughly wothless people off the marriage mart and making only two people eternally miserable instead of four.

  • Realme2008

    Omg, she’s short as *ell. Wear some heels girl!!!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yeah running errands the day after she did not appear at the TCA or did not get invited. Boo Hoo!!! So sad. She looks like a 12 year old boy wearing jeans and jacket in LA in the middle of August?! Maybe, she is hoping to stroke out and be taken to the ER for more press attention. LOL!

  • ana

    @lexy: shut up, you Rachel bilson wannabe

  • lexy

    @ Ana – I go to bed at night and pray to God that he one day he makes me like Rachel Bilson. Sad to say I have some skills & talent that allow me to get a job and earning a living…but one day maybe I hope to wake up and be useless.

    I don’t really think this board is a big celeb board – they figure if you want to see real stars you’ll go to E! or People. com. LIke I said, Rachel fits well on this board – Jon, Kate, Jon’s GF, Octomom, and Rachel.

    And we’re helping keep jobs by yapping about Rachel.

  • Holy

    Wow, Rachel’s legs are really short. But her torso is really long. She almost looks like a midget:

    Her face is really pretty though. :)

  • again?????

    here we go again….another ugly pic of this worthless media whore!!!! Thought we saw the last of her since TCA was yesterday so she couldn’t possibly campaign for any more votes. Give us a break, JJ!!

  • anonymous

    The reason you don’t see people like Ryan, Hugh, Liam or Natalie, Kate or Keira on here endlessly b/c they don’t pimp out themselves to the press. and second they have something called J.O.B.S. these actors are constantly working and when they do end up on here it’s usually for a premier function or just casual once in awhile. Unlike Bilson who has to sadly pay for her exposure which is getting her the Press whore of the year award. Reason she has all the hits is b/c people can’t stand her. Monitor all those who actually like her against those who don’t and the negative wins over possitive.

    Bilson show that she is not fundementally a true talent she is a shopaholic with a sad pathedic life.

  • ash

    She spent two days filming that movie. TWO DAYS.
    Busy busy worker bee Rachel! And now Jared is going to plug it from now until October.

    Poor Rbils. I bet she wasn’t able to fit in any shopping during those TWO WHOLE DAYS of filming.

    And her Waiting for Forever movie- she shot that in what, two weeks? or less.

    Busy busy girl.

  • brad

    All this “love” that JJ constantly showers on Rachel may backfire on her in the long run.

    It’s not good for an actress to be overexposed by the paparazzi, and seen constantly wandering aimlessly doing nothing but shopping, picking up dry cleaning. Kim Kardashian does the same thing, the girls from The Hills are photographed doing the same thing. What makes Rachel so different?
    Oh right, she’s supposed to be an actress.

    But if you’re photographed day in day out basically doing nothing, casting directors, producers will also think the same thing- that you have nothing to do because you haven’t been landing any roles.

    Take Mila Kunis, who many say resemble Rachel. She’s HARDLY in Just Jared or the fashion photo sites. But she’s very busy working and has bagged one plum role after another. Do you see her on these pages? No. Is she begging for publicity? She doesn’t need it.

    So her fans can defend her all they want but being constantly photographed doing nothing is NOT a good sign at all. Her publicity team might want to ask Jared to go slow on the overexposure.

  • anonymous


    No it’s b/c she has a good agent that will call out the paparazzi and make her a public spectacle for the want to be rachel fans only. Real Celebrities don’t need to go to this extreme to be reconized. Press will find them if they are in the general area so the press can get the money shots.

    This woman attracts attention for being a moron most of the time she is a shopper, diner and does nothing 100% of the time she is well noted for only being in the company of Christensen who may or may not be really into her to him she is another assignement. The A-listers don’t need to be on the front page as much as this woman and why b/c they work, they do the contracted PR they are supposed to do. What makes them famous along with being well liked is that they are not seen so often in the supermarket tabloids.

    It’s not rachel or PR that cause multiple pictures everyday it’s celebuzz-they just supply to the demand and make money from it. Guess they can’t afford pictures of the true celeb idiots that love seeing names in print every 5 min, would cost more because everyone wants them on the front page and every report. Apart from celebuzz areas nobody knows/nobody cares about Rachel(unless it’s something to do with dress)

    Oh please that is a total crock she gets multiple pictures every day and in unlikely area’s where press do not hang out unless called out. No pap will refuse a job even if it is for very little money. They don’t get the top ones unless they are deemed the bad boys or girls then the pictures will pay off. Rachel is in the media now more then Lohan and Spears for doing nothing.

  • fugster

    To everyone out there…
    Its me again… Rachel Bilson
    So look at me…. look at me…
    Looook Aaattt Meeeeeeee…
    Everybody….. Anyone….
    Looooooooook Aaaaaattt Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  • shadowy

    @ #30 – But if you’re photographed day in day out basically doing nothing, casting directors, producers will also think the same thing- that you have nothing to do because you haven’t been landing any roles….

    Kudos to your post. It was ALL accurately true.
    I have ZERO sympathy for RB. She made her bed, now she has to lay in it. She just simply had it ALL coming as she utterrly deservingly them so.

  • anonymous


    This is nothing to do with HITS as you put it the other sites get very few hits on Rachel so by your assumption the only way these celebrities are received by the press and fans is for the number of hits they get. Sorry JJ is really the only place Rachel gets them. And FYI there are many photo’s that have RB JJ doesn’t print right away if at, The others are pressing her b/c she pays them if you pay someone to take your pictures they will advertise it. Again has nothing to do with hits on a comment board. Not to say it doesn’t hurt but by far this isn’t the only way the pictures are printed. She will still continue to get hits no matter if she has 80% of the comments or 8% again it’s all paid.

    She gets comments not that she is any major news is mainly b/c many can’t stand her. And if she isnt around it’s pre arranged for the hiatus we get and to many they love the fact we don’t see her.

    As for Spears she isn’t a saint btw and Lohan makes news now b/c of her family and her connections with Sam.

  • sharon

    Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female
    * Selena Gomez
    Eva Longoria Parker
    Miley Cyrus
    Rachel Bilson
    Demi Lovato
    Well poor Rachel missed out of another surf board….I guess the tweenies have another icon to look up too!!! A fashion icon at that for someone who is under 20 ,sure makes a bettrer fashion statement maybe Rachel should finely pass the torch and realize she isn’t 13 anymore.

  • comrade

    Frustrated Actress… Frustrated Designer… Frustrated Writer/Columnist BUT turn out to be Successful Tabloid Junkie!
    This Lil’ Moe was “rigidly trained” to take the media-whoring world by storm and that’s all there is & nothing more or nothing less.

  • Realitycheck

    New York, I Love You is already bein’ branded a TURKEY by those in the know. A mish-mash of a film that doesn’t gel and, in which, only a few shine..just don’t hold your breath waiting for a hit, ’cause this ain’t it! FYI you don’t need to look too far to know who sunk it. The class talent holds up as ever, the no talent drags it down.

  • Does anyone?

    I thought it was just another remake of a french film, think I’ll see if I can get the original first before rating this…but none of the film magazines seem that interested in this one, maybe coz it’s not a blockbuster, or maybe they know somethin’ we don’t.

  • ?????

    JJs favourite pet rat is out and about again. Certain “celebs” in Britian have agreements with the paps that if they supply them with “candits” that they (the celeb) will get a percentage of the fee if their photos are used. ie. published in mags, newspapers, internet etc.. Apparantly they do make quiet a good income from it.

    It is possible that the rat is generating her shopping income in this manner???

  • @Brad

    Yep, overexposure is not a good thing for any actress..especially one with so little work to recommend her. But saying that, JJ is probably the only site where she has any exposure at all. There was a peak with the ‘are they/aren’t they’ engagement, but even that has died down now. If she’s using the exposure to make herself appear more popular than she is, it’s not working and it doesn’t seem to be landing her roles. She should go back to the small screen where her tried and trusted routine of dumb but cute might stand her in better staid as she can’t cut the mustard as a genuine HW actress.

  • @?????

    Not sure if it would generate the amount needed, prolly gets a loada freebs from the designers n such is how she pulls it off..

  • Haha

    I see on the ad 4 20lbs in 2 weeks, they chose RB as the after shot ; )

  • voice of reason

    @anonymous–nope this is about Rachel as you pointed out she does not get hits anywhere but here, that’s the point, only on this board because numerous comments are made does she receive pictures almost everyday and that is where hits come into play.

    If Rachel did not score hits on this site, JJ(celebuzz the owners) would not post pictures everyday so you could say that everyone here that goes “yet again,shopping,having lunch,walking the dog etc I’m tired of seeing her” are just as bad as blaming JJ because the people who make multiple posts-which because of this conversation I am now one of-are the people who make JJ post the pictures.

    People have choices, keep posting and get more pictures of Rachel, support/bash another actor and get post count up to get more pictures of him or her, or just simply sit in front of a computer type away and complain that JJ gives you exactly what you want by the actions you do.

  • shanda

    I agree with you no.19 why didn’t they mnetion Hayden at all.It s not about her. Her PR people are doing this for her because are last week about the ring thing. She don’t deserve to have all cedit do to her. Threr alot are talented people in the movie beside her. Not her PR people trying to sell her an actress to cover what happen last week about her not wearing the ring, She need to stop wearing it anyway. She just doing it because Hayden ‘s not hanging with her no more.She can not change what happen about her not wearing the ring. You should have to made to wear. Hayden should have credit here to. If it wasn’t for her going his house all the time begging for the movie in the first place she wouldn’t have be in it. When they went to make it last year his name was everywhrer with hers Not you can’t get nobody to talk about him no more.What happen he find she was using him and left her alone.Something happen and no one wants to talk about it.The story about the her not wearing the ring is true. Thing s are not going well for these two. I don’t think he going to come back and see her again.And her PR team is taking advanage of this. WE all know that Rachel has another man and its not hayden. Because he would be with her right now.Bring up her being in New york Ilove you is not going to make things right. After all the mess she created for herself and hayden. Now its like she don’t want her name next to his for some reason. Need to come clean and say their over. And don’t need to see her here every week. Just using that for another lie Their done already.

  • factisious

    @ Shanda

    They are not done, he will be with her on her birthday, he is not capable of getting a worthy woman, as you know from his past history, this is all he can get. Adam dumped her and no self-respecting man would date her, but hayden will marry her bc he just is an insecure idiot.

  • oh really

    Hayden will marry her because he’s desperate to hide the fact that he’s gay. She will be his official cover for him and his boyfriends(s) and maybe she thinks its worth it because thanks to him she gets to be on JJ every day and gets far far more press than any unemployed untalented celebrity in Hollywood. I don’t say she’s an actress. If you’ve seen Jumper you know that. NYILY is going to be a turkey no question and FYI Bilson did a lot more than 2 or 3 days of work on her 8 minute segment. This was because she had to go back for 2 sets of reshoots because the editors could make nothing of her dismal performance. Waiting for Forever is going straight to DVD just like Hayden’s last film. He is almost as bad an actor but he does better than she does because h used to be a lot cuter and has been working on camera a long time. At least he has a resume. About half of it is garbage but he has at least done some work. And he doesn’t get papped every effing day around the streets of LA doing NOTHING!!!

  • sam

    she is very ugly, I took a magazine to school where he had a picture of her and all my colleagues said that she had a big head and small body. And the face full of mackerel, horrible.

  • factisious

    I don’t dispute the fact that Bilson is not an actress and will ruin NYILU but how do you know she had to go for reshoots?

  • liz

    my god, she is engaged for 8 months and still shows the ring to the paparazzi, I think she is desperate.

  • liz

    is horrible to see that many fans of Hayden were against he because he is with Rachel. but that was something that Rachel Bilson did, congratulations rachel, you is a perfect idiot!

  • tatum

    Time will tell whether these two are finished.If he doesn’t show up for her birthday then I think that pretty much says its done.

  • factisious

    they are together and they will get married. hayden can not afford another break up and neither can she. they are a mach made in heaven as it turns out, both losers as time has shown, both belong together. With his so called resume he is still making all his movies with her, tells you something. She is too short and can’t act, yet she is his best match.