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Blake Lively: Million Dollar Maker

Blake Lively: Million Dollar Maker

Blake Lively dons the Suzanna Dai “Antwerp” necklace as she starts a glamorous new day shooting scenes for Gossip Girl in New York City on Tuesday (August 11).

On-screen love interests Chace Crawford and Joanna Garcia were also spotted filming flirty scenes together. (Jo is toting around the George Gina & Lucy “Emosion Oceanica” handbag.)

TV Guide recently released their list of top earners on TV, and only two actors under 30 made the cut — Chace and Blake. Each of them make $50,000 per episode, which adds up to $1.2 million each annually.

FYI: Chace is wearing an IWC watch.

15+ pictures inside of million dollar makers Blake Lively and Chace Crawford

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70 Responses to “Blake Lively: Million Dollar Maker”

  1. 1
    Nick Says:

    She’s gorgeous. Dan’s a lucky dude

  2. 2
    Torrzz Says:

    she’s sooo pretty! [no homo] But seriously, she is! :]

  3. 3
    WOW Says:

    Not even Sophia Bush from OTH made $50K an episode? If anything, Leighton should make more than Blake.

  4. 4
    I Says:


    Agreed. Chace has very little storyline on the show nowadays, and Blake…ehhh, Leighton definitely deserves getting paid more than Blake.

  5. 5
    Wendy Says:

    She is simply stunning, great photos.And i think she is clearly the star of the show, Leighton is just a supporting in my eyes, someone funny, the resident ***** like every show has.But its Blake who gets the viewers to tune in, specially all those horny teenage boys so i think good for her, that is a lot of money for someone that young.

  6. 6
    joliefemme Says:

    you can get her necklace at

  7. 7
    diva Says:

    Excuse me Gossip girl wouldn’t be anything without Blair and Chuck! If anyone Leighton and Ed should be making more money I like Blake and Chace but thier storylines aren’t the best IMO

  8. 8
    kathybxoxo Says:

    Blake’s body is like, WAOH!…the girl looks fabulous!!!

  9. 9
    mary Says:

    i hate this kind of american girl

  10. 10
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    great tiits

  11. 11
    JAime Says:

    You guys, this is probbaly season 2′s salary. It depends on air time really.

  12. 12
    Diana Says:

    Blake is the sweetest, nicest, most charming person. I have nothing but love for her. Go Blake!

  13. 13
    S Says:

    Wow, people get so opinionated when considering whose better, give them a break, its up to the producers to decide and they don’t get paid for their talent – it’s common knowledge the bigger you are as a star- the more you get paid, blake had the sisterhood movies, they’ll probably get paid the same amount in the future but honestly no need to bash one over the other, they’re both irreplacable

  14. 14
    S Says:

    but personally i do agree with wendy, blake is the star of the show, and she has unmeasurable talent as does leighton :D

  15. 15
    anna Says:

    Chace get paid the most? LMFAO!!!

  16. 16
    ivanka Says:

    @I: agreed

  17. 17
    Rob Redstone Says:

    She is so hot, I would make-out with her elbow!

    TheRobRedstoneShow. com

  18. 18
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    bunch of blair-riders. hahaha.. sorry to type this to you but blake is the star of the show. she has been since the very first episode. LOL.. dan’s a bigger character than nate, but chace has a bigger following because of his looks. you must be out your mind to think blairs the star of the show. LOL

  19. 19
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    im honestly surprised they dont get all paid the same, id thought at least leighton would be in the list with them
    from like the dozen episodes ive seen it looks like leighton, dan(dont no his real name), and blake are the main characters

    blake looks leggy as always with her boobs actually looking nice
    cute outfit as well

  20. 20
    lexy Says:

    Great dress – she looks great! I love her!!!

  21. 21
    Cheriep Says:

    I love her outfit, handbag and necklace here, gorgeous as usual, I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL, they deserve all that money for the show cause they are such great actors : )

  22. 22
    blah Says:

    cute dress

  23. 23
    Nathalie Says:

    thought the same as #19
    tooked by surprice that leighton didnt get as much as blake and chase(!)

  24. 24
    Courtney Says:

    I thought they were all paid the same! If anything, I would’ve thought Leighton and Ed were paid more.

  25. 25
    Salli Says:

    She’s very beautiful in this dress.

  26. 26
    josefin Says:

    It’s ridiculous if Chace and Blake make more than the others. All the main characters should earn the same amount.

  27. 27
    vmars111 Says:

    Joanna Garcia is guest starring on Gossip Girl???

    Why??? It’s bad enough that Kristen Bell is narrating after The CW canned Veronica Mars, but now Joanna is on after The CW canned her own show, Privileged!

  28. 28
    guest Says:

    Leighton and Ed can act much better. Chace has a forgettable storyline. Blake is always annoying and whining.

  29. 29
    guest Says:

    She paid for the body/boobs. She shows them off a lot.

  30. 30
    lol Says:

    L8N/Ed stans relax when contracts renegoiate you know her and Ed will get the bump up. The CW seems to love this show despite the low ratings.

  31. 31
    lol Says:

    BTW Blake looks fantastic and gives off a nice vibe always.

  32. 32
    Lena Says:

    i’m a big fan of goosip girl and blake and chace, but … i think ever since blair&chuck started they are basiclly making this show go… storyline for blake is kinda borning – all the time drama with her and dan and all those other boys and blah blah. same chace – he’s cute, but ed i waaay more talented than him! and truth be told – leighton and ed owns the show !! most of my friends wach the show just beacuse of them , so i am really suprised that they don’t get $50K. and don’t forget – teenagers loves leighton – she jusr got Teen Choice, and Blake didn’t so maybe they will high leighton’s salary.

  33. 33
    lexy Says:

    Blake had her Sisterhood movie before this show so I could see her making a few dollars more. This show isn’t all that with the ratings so Blake and Leighton probably make more money with magazine covers and other side stuff.

  34. 34
    lol Says:

    Blake won that award the first year the show started. And now Leighton has also. Same difference since its rigged anyhow. I don’t know how much credence anyone should put into posts about teens watching for Chuck/Blair when the couples airtime has increased and the shows ratings still plumeted. I think its simple their salaries reflect where they started out at. Serena was clearly the catalyst for the show. Originally Chuck was going to just be reoccurring but Ed has impressed everyone so I’m sure when his time to renogiate contracts comes up he’ll get a big raise. If they eventually turn it into the Chuck/Blair show (and its time to negotiate contracts) then Ed/L8N may end up making the most.

  35. 35
    lol Says:

    Am I the only one that finds this a low salary amount? I could have sworn the charmed girls and even the BTVS kids made wayyyyyy more than just 50k an episode by season 3. I know the economy is in the toilet but isn’t the minimum they have pay full time players in hour long shows like 30k or 40k or something.

  36. 36
    Tess Says:

    I’m not surprised Blake makes more than Leighton even though I think they should make the same, but CHACE makes more than Leighton? How is that possible?

  37. 37
    meh Says:

    WTF? Chace gets paid the same as Blake? That should be Leighton’s salary

  38. 38
    jess Says:

    she is super gorgeous ,omg,why this chick always looks soooooooooooooooo beautiful

    she gets the most becaust josh asked her join to the show many times,it’s different
    and she’s the real star of the show

  39. 39
    jess Says:

    she is super gorgeous ,omg,why this chick always looks soooooooooooooooo beautiful

    she gets the most because JOSH asked her join to the show many times,it’s different
    and she’s the real star of the show

  40. 40
    C Says:

    You have to remember too these salaries are based on the intital hiring of the actors. They had no way of knowing that Leighton/Ed would outshine who they wanted to be the stars of the show, which was Blake Lively, she was the most well known. I do consider her ONE of the stars of the show but at this point people arent tuning in for her, at least the majority of people arent. I dont care what anyone says, Chuck and Blair are what has kept this show going.

  41. 41
    jess Says:

    i agree.
    we know most of people love chair,but out of Gossip Girl ,who cares them? people know them becaust Gossip Girl
    But BLAKE LIVELY isnot ,she has the movies ,she has excellent acting skill in the movie

    BTW, Blake is beautiful ,talented ,sexy ,gorgeous ,oh ,she is my goddess
    Penn is the lucky guy

  42. 42
    she is gorgeous but cannot act Says:

    Blake lively ,def is a damn gorgeous little girl ,chace and her are the eyes candies on the show ,they are not work

    this world is unfair ,you have good looking ,you have more money

  43. 43
    she is gorgeous but cannot act Says:

    blake is gorgeous ,but cant act ,also chace

    Gossip Girl only put the BARBIE AND KEN on the show,but BARBIE AND KEN not fall in love with each othe

  44. 44
    Krista Says:

    Chace gets the money for looks-part of the reason ppl tune in. Blake gets the money from the talent. Everyone can have all these arguments regarding Blake and Leighton, but no one can deny that B is talented. She has shown it in many films and in this show. But the prob is that her character isn’t given a great storyline. Leighton has the privilege of having a good story handed to her. She doesn’t neccessarily have to act it well. Kids are entranced by the Chair thing.

  45. 45
    blake and chace!??!!? Says:


  46. 46
    LALA Says:

    LOSERS! the friends cast made a million PER EPISODE! that’s what they make in 1 year!! also, its ridiculous that chace and blake make the most, they are clearly only there for their looks, can’t act and have forgettable storylines, I hope this will change soon! chair shoul DEFINETLY make the most! they keep it going!

  47. 47
    ken and barbie Says:

    oh yeah ,ken and barbie make the most

  48. 48
    SHAZ Says:

    Loving her entire outfit. She’s gorgeous~

  49. 49
    jen Says:

    if i were leighton id be asking for a pay rise.. shes who brings in the viewers and is clearly the star of the show

  50. 50
    Niagra Says:

    Well this salary was pre determined. And Serena started off with the best storyline….and then it went downhill with the Chuck and Blair thing. They cant lower her salary..that would be wrong.

    Blake Lively brought in a lot of viewers because GG fans were also Sisterhood fans.. Leighton was not famous before this show.. Chace did a movie or whatever, and the show is based on him and Blake.

    Blair’s character is much more interesting now.. like all bitchhy queen bee’s of highschool, ya know?

    Blake is so sweet and charismatic and friendly to fans. She is just amazing all around which does help bring in viewers.

  51. 51
    i love blake Says:

    everyone ,dont forget BLAKE LIVELY was ASKED to join to GG,i heard JOSH called her many time to play serena .She is the star of the show .Maybe Blair and Chuck are interesting,and many fans love them ,but only the GG fans know them
    but Blake has another movies ,and she always on the covers and interviews .Many blake fans never watch Gossip girl ,some people hate serena ,but love blake lively
    That ‘s the different

    BTW,i love blake ,she is soooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous

  52. 52
    lexy Says:

    OK this show is NOT pulling in “Friends” kind of ratings so the idea these people would make that much is stupid. Also they didn’t start making that kind of money until MUCH later.

    This show is on the CW and it’s low rated. Other than Blake these were a bunch of unknowns (love Blake but she wasn’t THAT known either). They are probably all locked into a contract that determined their pay long ago. The only time the network MIGHT renogiate is if the show takes off and gets better than expected ratings – like Grey’s or Will & Grace but seeing as this show doesn’t do that – chances of that are slim.

  53. 53
    apple_fruit Says:

    No matter what, I love Blake Lively! Good luck!

  54. 54
    satoo Says:

    Leighton meester should be paid the same as Blake or even highe !!!!
    leighotn is gorgeous as blake !!! and leighon is beatiful and everything !!!!! she is the real star of the show not blake !! if she is not in the GG i wouldn’t see the show !!!!!!!

  55. 55
    satoo Says:

    If you all here said that blake is the star !! I swear you have not watched the show in both season !!!!!!!! the actual star is leighton not blake !! I have not shown blake’s movie but that is different ! we are talking about GG not about the movie !!!!!! blake even don’t know how to act the same as chace !!! but leighon is amzing really really amzing !!!

  56. 56
    elly Says:

    i love blake ,she is gorgeous and amazing

    all the guys here watch GG because Blake lively ,me too ,but i am a girl

    she is the true star of Gossip Girl

    Blake livley ,I love you forever

  57. 57
    Jen Says:

    I started watching Gossip Girl because of Blake because I had no idea who the other cast members were. Blake is really gorgeous and she seems like a nice girl.

  58. 58
    jason Says:

    Gosh ,she is a temptress,gorgeous

  59. 59
    jason Says:

    i really want to make out her,she is a goddess ,so beautiful and damn hot

  60. 60
    nani Says:

    leighton meester deserves many as blake lively !!!!! leighton meester is the star of GG …………….. may be at first I thought blake but then I relize I am watching GG becase of Leighotn meester not blake !! things always change doesn’t have to be the same !!

  61. 61


    you think leighton is best ,but we dont think so ,ok?

    They have the reason to give the highest to blake and chace ,in my opinion ,blake and chace are the stars of gossip girl ,i watch gossip girl because of them .

    Blake and Chace ,you are the best ,go ahead ,haters are the losers too

  62. 62
    CANDY Says:

    my boyfriend says the good reason to watch gossip girl is blake lively.i totally agree

    she is stunning and beautiful

  63. 63
    nani Says:

    @CANDY: so beacasue your boyfried said that we have to bealive him !!! I know a lot ppl watching GG because of leighton !!!

  64. 64
    DemiFan Says:

    Blake and Chace are my favorite actors. I hate Chuck and Blair’s character Blair’s a b!tch and Chuck’s a manipulator! no wonder they make a great couple on the show. I also like Penn, he’s very handsome and Blake is so damn BEAUTIFUL!

  65. 65
    stephanie Says:

    chace and blake are definitely more high-profile and well-known in the media, and I can understand why Blake makes the most, but still, as for Chace, any true GG watcher knows that Ed has forty lines for Chace’s every one. Seriously. Nate has had almost no storyline this season, with the exception of hooking up with every single girl save for Lily Bass. well, tsk tsk…

  66. 66
    hi barbie doll Says:

    Blake is freaking gorgeous ,she is a real-life size barbie doll.But much more prettier than barbie doll

    i support blake forever,go ahead ,my babe

  67. 67
    GG lover Says:

    eh, how do you guys even beleive this stuff LOL. it could easily be BS.

  68. 68
    sophia Says:

    @diva: i agree but typically speaking blake and chace are the “hotter” ones and more famous so they need to get paid more to keep comin back

  69. 69
    suppress your appetite Says:

    She is adorable! -_&

  70. 70
    4MIN Says:

    She is very beautiful and it all goes to her looks and her figure.

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