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Eddie Cibrian: I'm Not Perfect

Eddie Cibrian: I'm Not Perfect

Eddie Cibrian hasn’t confessed to cheating on his wife with LeAnn Rimes but he is admitting that he’s full of faults.

“I don’t know how people perceive me,” Eddie tells ET. “What I do know is when you reach a certain point in your career you’re placed in this unfair fishbowl. Things unfortunately get magnified. We are all human, we are all not perfect. The fact is I love my family dearly, and I’m a great father. It just saddens me that this is hurtful and being played out publicly.”

Last month, Brandi Glanville dumped Eddie, who joins the cast of CSI: Miami in the show’s eighth season premiere on Monday, September 21 @ 10PM on CBS.

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  • Nick

    no f-n excuse to cheat on your wife and mother of your children.

  • assyhole

    nice manipulation

  • dd

    How about being a man and own up to your affairs. The “I love my family” statement is he in love with his wife or kids or both? Are they still seperated or working on their marriage? Is he still seeing the smirk girl, Leann? Is he really sorry for the pain he caused his wife and children? How soon before the next pics Leann leaks of them together? Actions do speak louder than words. Such a tool.

  • Wendy

    Oh cry me a river, i am so over him!!

  • sunseeker

    What an idiot, he is just mad because he got found out, he wanted Leann but didn’t want to have it all out in the press, Eddie has cheated on every girl he has dated and his wife is well rid. He will cheat on Rimes sooner or later as well. Might take a bit, once she is secure in the relationship he will be doing the same as he did to his wife. Rimes is no better, she was taking the high road because she knew she was in the wrong. Why people can’t wait till they have divorced. I feel sorry for the children, because he is not a good father, a good father does not cheat on their mother and spends time with them not chase other woman.

  • gary

    When does he plan on hitting that certain point in his career?

  • sunseeker

    Good one Gary

  • me

    Wow . . .with that released comment is it supposed to bring sympathy or does that make it ok. You both cheated, you both got caught . . .and its played out in public because you cheated in public.

  • Erin

    His wife was right. He and LeAnn deserve one another.

  • hawker

    Unfair fishbowl? Darlin’ – you are an actor, you put yourself into that “fishbowl” and are paid for it. Deal with all that comes with it now. You wanted fame – you have it. As the old saying goes: be careful what you wish for, you might just get it – and everything that comes with it!

  • jj

    How much you want to bet that Mrs. Cibrian DOES NOT file for divorce, he will sweet talk her out of it. Leann is just as despicable, no respect for a family’s pain she is participating in, yeah, two to tango but she loves the attention. She is gloating in every picture. She also is prancing about for the paps all the time. Yuck!

  • Confused

    He is not that famous so what is he talking abou t” getting your career up to a certain point and life in a fishbowl.”
    He is only known like he is now in the gossip pages because of his affair with Rimes.
    Brandi the wife is going to be fine.Dean Sheremt is going to be okay. Leann is going to gethers probably right about this time next year when Eddie dumps her.

  • Faith Lynette

    It’s always amazing to me how these “celebrities” whine about *being in a fish bowl*..and the *paparazzi following them*..and *everything they do being scrutinized*…HOW DO THEY THINK THEY GOT TO BE “so called” FAMOUS, IN THE FIRST PLACE. They wanted that attention…and they brought it on themselves, then – when it turns negatively towards them ~ SUDDENLY they cry foul and complain about it. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!

  • blah

    I just dont understand why he would ruin his family for her. She is not even cute

  • Tands

    He’s not even famous! He only got attention because he supposedly had an affair with LeAnn Rimes! He is not at a “point in his career.”

  • angelina fan

    sorry man EXCUSE on cheating only work for brad and angie. LOL

  • pat

    They look HOTT together, everyone deserves to be Happy, quit Hating!!~!

  • Deb

    from another site couldn’t have said it better

    The Cibrian dictionary:
    “I love my family dearly” really means:
    I disrespect my wife
    I have at least two affairs and allow pictures to be taken of my mistress in a bikini laying all over me (great for your sons to see).
    I have public make out sessions with my next mistress who notifies the paps of our whereabouts so the Mrs. finds out.
    I lie to my wife and tell her my mistress is stalking me and make her look like a fool when she gets angry.
    I refuse to move out of the family home.
    “I am a great father” means:
    I teach my sons to lie
    I cause pain and take no responsibility
    I break up my family for Leann Rimes????
    I let a has-been singer use me for publicity
    I teach my sons to sell your souls for sex
    Yep, look in the mirror Mr. Cibrian and tell the world what you see.

  • mel

    I love that pic of them. Leanne looks like a special needs kid. Both are so not important, they need to just go away.

  • haters

    Funny how people feel the need to comment on people they don’t want to read about anymore. Get a life! Everyday someone is cheating on their significant other-man or woman. It happens “OMG can you believe it?” Get off your high horses- leave these people alone.

  • Nadir

    well… it is kinda means we (people who know nothing about eddie and his family real life) can’t talk about it or worse,make the big mistake to judge without really knowing the cause. we do not know the reason, nor as eddie lived with his wife or if they were in crisis or something.
    I’m not leaving to see the whole situation, nor the suffering of the family.
    I can only put me as a person from outside who did not see anything and did not know them closely to make a critical comment about it.we shoud to respect the situation even more because of the lack of it.

    remember that not everything that is exposed by the press is really true.they know the family as much as us!

  • Bramonaj

    Is that true? Would Eddie kick his kids out of the only home they have ever known?

  • hollywood hoes

    if brandi has anykind of an lawer she will have is ass in the poor house real soon take everything let leho rimes take care of his broke ass it’s cheaper to keep her fool

  • suppress your appetite

    ah :)))

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