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Jake Takes Reese's Kids To Race

Jake Takes Reese's Kids To Race

Jake Gyllenhaal takes his girlfriend Reese Witherspoon‘s kids — Ava, 9, and Deacon, 5 — to run in the 5K Chilmark Road Race on Saturday (August 8) on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Jake finished in 53rd place in a field of over 1,500 runners. His finish time was 20 minutes and 43 seconds (he was 26th for his age group). Jake‘s mother, screenwriter, Naomi Foner, was seen running alongside Deacon.

Jake was also seen saying hello to fellow runner Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity.

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jake gyllenhaal race reese witherspoon kids 01
jake gyllenhaal race reese witherspoon kids 02
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jake gyllenhaal race reese witherspoon kids 05

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  • C.

    Ava looks a lot like her mom ! They look cute !

  • Abc

    Jake, Reese and her kids seem very close. I wonder when Jake and Reese will marry?

  • whortensia

    @Abc: when the contract says to do it

  • Wendy

    They are soo cute, i love this couple.Jake is just so handsome, and i love that he spends tons of time with her kids.

  • Joanne

    It’s not like Jake has anything else to do. All he does is follow his beard around and wait to make dinner appearances with her and now he has become the kids best gay uncle. Thought he wanted to beard so he could be the worlds straightest movie star. Guess the acting gig isn’t working out so he changed to his back up plan.

  • lol

    Poor, stupid Jake

  • gay as a goose

    Sorry Jake,
    using beard’s kids for photo op does NOT make you look STRAIGHT.

  • donna

    He always looks like such an old man these days, with his tucked in t-shirts. he lloks like the cheesy, embarrassing dad. While Ryan is the douche, selfish dad.

  • ****

    Ryan Phillipe must be browning his underpants right about now.

  • Devon

    Here comes the “Jake is gay” posts…

  • calling you out Jared

    Jared you totally photoshopped that picture of Jake taking the picture. You are pathetic. Check out popsugar and you can see the same picture of him with the camera and no little girl looking like Ava. How low can you go?

  • M

    how adorable they are! i really love Jake and Reese =)

  • Rocky


    You’re an a.s.s!!

  • mememe

    am sorry but am i the only one who thinks jake is still a big kid?

  • Delilah


  • Rocky


    ITA! Lots of love there for those kids. Ryan must be very happy that his kids are happy.

  • Rocky


    Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy life to the fullest!

  • Photoshopped

    First picture – Jake with the camera – is photoshopped, they added Reese’s kid.

  • justalark

    First of all, I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with labeling certain actors as “gay” and why they get so nasty and insistent about it. It’s weird…It’s not like we know these people personally!
    Second, who cares if he is gay? People’s personal lives are none of our business. All we should care about is that he’s a good actor and he seems like a nice guy. Anyway, why the heck would he hide being gay and go to such great lengths to pretend he’s straight? It’s not like there’s a huge stigma these days against people who are gay and work in the arts.
    The facts are these: Jake is an actor. He played a gay character i a well-known movie. As far as I can tell, these two facts do not mean that he is gay. Unless someone has a hidden camera in Jake’s bedroom, how can he/she claim with such certainty that Jake is gay and Reese is his beard?! And really, why do people care so much who these actors select as lovers?

  • liz

    so cute (ang gay)! LOL

  • life


  • Tom Cruise

    “Anyway, why the heck would he hide being gay and go to such great lengths to pretend he’s straight?”
    Because of his career and millions of dollars.
    There are no openly gay actors on the A-list.

  • me

    “First picture – Jake with the camera – is photoshopped, they added Reese’s kid.


  • fresh


  • PeePee

    The pic Jared has posted is a completely different pic to the one on popsugar, different angle. Look properly before you write such crap.

    I see the deluded idiot is here got here already. Just waiting for Dedodedodedodedo to turn up.

  • Sam

    Jake is gay. I don’t care about that. What I dislike is that he is bearding, which is homophobic and it also means he is trying to manipulate the public. He also has no qualms about using his beard’s kids to further his image. I don’t think he’s cute, he looks like an effeminate monkey. One of the most over rated idiots in HW. If not for his beard, there is nothing to talk about him.

  • Pattycake

    Aww, cute kids. Now if Reese would just spend a tiny amount of her money to buy these kids proper running shoes before they run in a race, that would be nice. Looks like this might have been a last minute entry. Go Ava and Deacon!

  • Sally

    Oh, how sweet! It’s so cute to see how Jake and Reese’s kids are friends. Jake is great with them.

  • Trish

    Adorable, cute family. Jake is a great dad to Reese’s children.

  • ********

    That is so cute…the look on his face is priceless as he takes a pic of Reese’s kids running in.

  • Jake Gaylenhaal

    I have bearded for 3 years and always make it a point to suck up to all the HW Directors but no one will give me a good project. *cries*

  • Jen


  • Dee dee

    Well-said Sam.

    And “Jake”, you have no one to blame but yourself. Jake’s career is just an asterik to his fauxmance, as illustrated by the fact he’d rather sell his beard and her children than say the fact he was seen with Liman, who is supposedly working on a project that will have Jake in it.

  • mailey

    i kind of agree that jake is gayish. i wouldnt go out with him either.
    the kids really look like their parents.

  • Jack McCoy


    Photo was not photo shopped. There are several shots of Jake holding camera with nobody else in the frame one of them happens to be of Ava running towards him/finish line.

  • Jack

    There was no photoshopping. There are several shots of Jake holding camera with nobody else in the picture. The shot of Ava in the foreground just happened to be lucky I guess…I say that since I took the photos.

  • Eil

    Oh, just stop with this “Oh, he’s gay and Reese is a beard”. Lucky you if you know him so well, are you a friend of his?
    Enough now.
    And I don’t think it’s photoshopped btw, I mean…if he’s not taking a picture of Ava…he’s taking a picture of the people behind, and why would he :P? It has no sense lol

  • madmax

    I’m not sure what the situation is about their relationship. Jake and the blonde have known each other a long time. Jake was friends with his ex (I have to wonder how awkward things went when Ryan and reeke broke up) There are pics of Ryan and Jake jogging on a track in LA in 2006 just a few months before reeke and Ryan started divorce procedures.

    Jake and reeke were seen together at a democratic campaign back in 2004. And I remember seeing a special on E News about her and Jake was interviewed asking how he felt about his friends having a baby and he said he and Ryan had been friends and he thought it was nice that they were having a baby.

    That explained to me how two people who were in the same movie but NEVER had any scenes together (he was in Morocco she was in LA) could become so cozy so quickly.

    I am happy that they are very good friends, that their kids have someone they can hang out with and who is himself a BIG kid. But as to whether Jake is gay? I’m not sure, all I know is he’s happy.

    How many of us can say we’re happy with our lives and are financially secure?

    Jake is going to be working on Love and other drugs soon, shooting will be in Pittsburgh. (maybe reeke will visit him on the otherside of the state if she’s still in philly)

    I’d like to know why they registered themselves as being from NY?

  • PeePee

    HURRAY Dedodedodedodedo is here, now the truth will be told becasuse DeeDee is a celestial being and knows everything about Jake she watches him from above, Well she wishes anyway LOL

  • whortensia

    I see dee dee doo doo poo poo pee pee is here spitting spitting lies

  • BeardBeard

    where’s the beard?

  • SockSock

    @PeePee: Totally agree with with you PeePee oe is that you wartinea

  • fauxmance
  • philipa


    So, Jake is screwing his friend’s ex wife. What is so incredible about it??
    C’mon, it’s not like this is the first time something like this happens in History!!!

    Although, I do believe JG is gay and he is using RW to get rags covers,

    but it doesn’t mean they aren’t a real couple. HW is full of coupling of convenience. They are not an eccentricity if you think about it

  • Dee dee

    @PeePee: I am a celestial being and JG likes Uranus

  • PeePee

    Dedodedodedodedo, Yea not only that but my you know what as well, you know a hole is a hole. But of course you know that because you are a a**hole.

  • Dee dee

    @PeePee: oh hai wartinea

  • Bliss

    FYI to all you ignorant asses, Jack McCoy TOOK the photo, so he would know,OK? Plz do not pretend you are all knowing about their relationship. You know nothing. Period. BTW: Ryan Phillippe has said about this relationship, that he cares for Reese and wants her to be happy and she seems really happy, and Jake “…is a good dude.” If he was so worried about other men in his kids’ lives, he should been there for them. Jake cannot “take away” his kids. He is their father.
    I really think the fans create more drama with this than the people involved. Ryan and Reese were apart long before we heard about it. Ryan had his own apartment. 2005.

  • no wonder you’re single

    so adorable!

  • Rocky