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Kate Gosselin: Live with Regis & Kelly!

Kate Gosselin: Live with Regis & Kelly!

Kate Gosselin leaves her hotel and heads to ABC studios to tape an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly on Tuesday morning (August 11).

The 34-year-old reality TV mama’s appearance did not air today nor has it been added to the week’s line-up. No word on when Kate‘s interview will air. Stay tuned!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of yesterday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8?

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin taping an appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly

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  • Nick

    i feel bad for her

  • Puddin

    I feel bad for Nick

  • mailey

    kate is scary.

  • ?

    For what reason this THING is on national TV!

  • Doreen

    I hurt for her. I know how she feels. I am a mother of twins whose husband did what Jon did. Her situation is going to be even harder.

  • Myra

    She needs to stay home and care for the children.
    She ran husband off with her being so bossy.

  • Kae

    Kate is not a saint. See this Sun-Times article about her appearance on TODAY….,kate-gosselin-jon-plus-8-zwecker-081009.article

  • kelly

    Drama Queen Kate ; the show was so boring; I had to turn the channel the constant sound of Kate’s voice was annoying.

  • just saying

    i have not watched there show and will not watch it the only ones that i feel sorry for is the children both parents are only thinking about money not whats best for the children

  • PAT

    These appearances are damage control. She dumped Jon over a year ago. Check out the interviews the Today staffers gave about her “off screen” behavior. Refuse to watch a show that exploits tiny children.
    This woman came out of a trailor park and she will do anything to keep from returning to her “roots.”

  • Dawn9476

    Her appearance is on Thursday. Kelly talked about it last week on the show.

  • LolaSvelt

    She is a hag.

  • Dawn9476

    It will air on Thursday. Kelly talked about it last week.

  • bella

    Sorry but this woman and family annoys me.
    if she loved those kids she would stop doing the show. She admitted in an interview that they have money set aside for school for all the kids, and I am sorry but I am sure they have more than enough money to survive on if they stopped doing the show. She just loves the attention, and herself.

  • Preesi



  • madi

    Cute shirt!! I gotta say.. J+K being separated makes for a pretty boring show. Oh well!! ..

  • jj

    90′S LEZBO SAYS WHAT?!?!?!

  • Rhonda

    Trying hard to raise those rating, they are down, down, down! I watched a few times, after all the talk about it I caught a good portion of a marathon, Kate treated Jon terrible, she gives orders and others do the work. No one can treat a partner, lover, friend, child like Kate treated Jon and expect they will take it forever. Now the show is just a sham, I don’t it will last much longer. Kate is out there though fighting for every minute and every dime!

  • barb

    Oh yay, now she’s going on regis to be fake as hell,
    “Go ho it up” you spotlight hungry man hater.

  • hawker

    If either she or Jon “truly” were concerned for the welfare of their kids they would cease airing their marriage problems nationally and constantly and focus on the mental well-being of their kids. I swear, this “he said – she said” is so immature on their part – just stop already. It’s very apparent that both of the adults are wallowing in the gravytrain their kids have provided and don’t want to lose that money-connection! They apparently don’t give two hoots for their kids – they’re both selfish, immature idiots. Personally, I hope they fall flat on their face and, at some point in time, have to BEG their kids for an allowance!

  • barb


  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP SUPPORTING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    What a shame. She’s a has been before she became anything. She’s famous for being a narcissitic, breeder with a bad attitude. The kids will either end up like her or a lazy bum like daddy-O. What a waste, all of them.

  • Kay

    Kelly said last week that Kate will be there on Thursday so I’m guessing that’s when it will air.

  • olivia

    please please keep that hairstyle in the usa dont let it migrate to the uk

  • Reality bites

    Drama Mama Kate tapes a segment two days before an appearance on a LIVE talk show? Guess Kate wants to make sure she actually squeezed out a real tear this time.

  • Reality bites

    Kate’s eyebrows look like they got a lift and her forehead looks like it’s been botoxed. The girls are riding high too. What’s next? Fish lips?

  • Denise

    Regis and Kelly’s site shows her on Thursday with Jon Hamm.

    Why watch? She lies constantly!

  • Reality bites

    Kelly Ripa has a new reality show on TLC. Need I say more?

  • Haha

    Ouch, that second shot’s gotta hurt her…

  • Faith Lynette

    JON/KATE = deserve what they get…they CHOSE to put their fame/fortune “hunting”…FIRST…before their marriage/children/homelife

    THE GOSSELIN CHILDREN = innocent ‘victims’ in all of this…I hope/pray that they have the fortitude to deal with all they are dealing with (both NOW and in the FUTURE).

  • Wendyfactory

    So, we all have an opinion. We have so many in the nation losing their jobs and we expect this one person to just give up hers. I know many parents who would slap their kids on tv day and night to bring home a paycheck.
    They keep running the show because we keep watching. Why not? we feel like we know them…anyone remember Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show’.

  • Where is Kate hiding?

    TLC shut down Jon’s E! online interview per radar on line. Whats up with running old shows TLC like the umm wedding vows you sham network.

    Disney owns NBC and discovery and discovery owns TLC. Chain corporate promotion.

    Meredith Vieira said this morning on cross talk NBC Chicago this morning the sun-times article on the NBC interview yesterday the 10th was all false, Kate was not irrate.

    Regis and Kelly’s site shows her on Thursday with Jon Hamm and Kelly has a new TLC show. Cross TLC promotion.

    ratings were down 60 percent last week.

    This show is not any reality most of the viewing public experiences.

    How are these appearances considered “work” for the show? I didn’t hear her talk about the show, just about HERSELF. How tacky to go on a “poor me” talk circuit. The show has always been about KATE and everybody else is a liar, umm if she gives “them the necessary truth”

    Not talking sides they don’t need the help their adults. TLC though is not being a responsible corporation.

  • angel

    I’d like to know how Jon and Kate will handle the mean things that other kids will say to their daughters when they return to school shortly. All this cr@p came down while the girls weren’t in school. Kate took them out of school two weeks early because they were remodeling their kitchen, which was just a cover-up to get the kids away while the sh#t hit the fan in the tabloids!

  • She is fame hungry

    she should be home taking care of her children instead of trying so hard to be a celeb. she more concern about people watching her show now that the rating is droping. I am not going to watch that show, it should be cut. I do not feel sorry for her.

  • Joanne

    She is NOT a celebrity. She had a litter of kids. BIG DEAL! Many people have 8 plus children. She is going to get every last dime she can make off those kids. Truly vile and disgusting she is.

  • Joanne

    Shame on Kelly and Regis for having her on. I wont be watching them anymore either. Are all these people THAT STUPID?

  • Lillianne

    I wonder if people in NYC laughed out loud at that hair. Does she pay half price for the bleach job since they only do the top and sides?

  • Reality bites

    Kate reminds me a lot of Jackie Warner and not just looks wise.

  • seen it all

    Sorry, but Kate did grow up in a trailer park. That is a fact and the exact trailer was shown on a recent documentary. Her parents now run a camp ground. As to the show. I’m too smart to watch these two but heard it was boring and more gimmie gimmie gimmie which is all these two are good for. More making money off the backs of their children. But then again neither have the talent to do it on otheir own. If it were not for people who love to watch trash TV, these two would be gone. But to each his own.

  • Whattagal

    She makes me gag. She continues to milk this whole drama for all the money she rakes in.
    She’s a mess. Her poor kids. or shall I say, her rich kids, if she doesn’t spend all their money first.

  • lakers fan in boston

    stop feeling sorry for her, u act like if she hasnt done anything wrong in her marriage
    she emasculated jon and she’s all had a pissy attitude
    both of them are to blame. there shouldnt be any team anything in this divorce
    and exactly as i had predicted after seeing yesterday’s interview
    it’s her turn to be a mediawhore

  • Tina

    She is like a backyardagian, she is a money hungry, celebrity wanna be whore. I will laugh my butt of f if it ever comes out that she is doing the bodyguard. God, she uses those poor kids for everything. Guess that is why she had them IMO. She ran Jon off, I believe him much more than her. She is showing her true colors as usual. She pretty much said I want money over my family. Bitch Whore, and her children are going to follows mommies puppet lead. Wonder how much she has to pay these days for a good lay? Her appearances only make her look worse and they are starting to make the children look like they think they are better than others. Kate teaches them that IMO. Look at the ugly freako Kate, she is aging so fast. Surgery will not buy her happiness or money. One day it will end and she will be all alone or be used by others the way she uses others. How she can sleep at night I have no idea. I pitty her, not feel sorry for her but pitty her for the way she does her family, especially children. She is one sorry, sorry person. I don’t think people are jealous of her, I do think she has done this all to herself picking money and lifestyle over her childrens happiness. Her children probably hate it when she is home because they know she is acting when she is playing mommie. The rest of the time she is probably trying to get more money deals and no time for the kids like a normal mom would be. Of course most mommies love and want their children unlike Kate that wants them for her own selfish money needs. Kate, your no celebrity, your a freak of a person. I wait to see your children love another woman as their mother because they only are around you because they have to be and you buy them what they want but don’t give them the mom they need. You don’t want Jon, someone else will, guess they already do. Someone will want you for your money one day if not already but really will not give 2 shits about you or your feeelings. They will use your sorry ass.

  • e

    why on earth is she on national television talking about her marriage. I thought they didnot want any more airing of their dirty laundry. who is watching the kids!!! she makes me sick to my stomach. what a horrible human being. everyone should stp watching the show. I will boycott every show she is on now. this includes regis & kelly.

  • jesus

    @Doreen: Ha Ha Ha. The majority of women who “feel for her” are all divorced. You all screwed up so bad a guy dumped you hard and fast. The truth of the matter is that she was horrible to John. Complete b*tch all day. So if you ever want a real man in your life and not some high school bs relationship (yes people still have them at any age) then stop sympathizing with a woman who acts like a complete tart all the time. Figure out what she does wrong and what you did wrong so you do not ruin another guys life with your petty bs.

  •,kate-gosselin-jon-plus-8-zwecker-081009.article markus

    This is copied from Chicago Sun Times. It tells the real story of Kate on the today show. Most of you idiots still think she is great. You are wrong she is a complete CU*T!

    -start copy

    Long known for her nasty attitude — especially toward people she thinks can’t talk back — Kate Gosselin added to that hard-bitten reputation Monday while at NBC’s “Today” studios for an interview with Meredith Vieira.

    She was ‘‘a total b—-’’ to almost everyone, said a longtime NBC staffer. ‘‘We get virtually all of the world’s biggest egos coming through here,’’ added the source. ‘‘But Kate was one of the most unpleasant I’ve seen in working here for many years.’’

    Another staff member said that when Gosselin learned there was a chance the cameras might catch sight of the large entourage accompanying her (likely to illustrate how much her life has changed by becoming a celebrity on ‘‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’’), ‘‘she strongly hinted she would walk off the show” before the interview.

    †As Gosselin was departing the “Today” set at NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Center headquarters, she was overheard trashing Vieira — ‘‘which is even more crazy,’’ added the second source. ‘‘Meredith very clearly, and in a straightforward way, asked exactly the questions you’d expect. She asked about the alleged affair with her bodyguard — which really seemed to p— [Kate] off — her relationship with Jon [Gosselin], how her kids were doing and whether ‘if you could do it over again, would you?’ ’’

    ‘‘She was swearing like a drunken sailor as she stormed out,’’ added the insider.

    The “Today” spokeswoman, who was not with Gosselin after she left the studio, stressed that from her perspective, “Kate Gosselin was a gracious guest on ‘Today,’ and anyone within 1,000 feet of her at the show this morning could tell you that.”

    -end copy/paste

  • lynnanne

    I feel she is a big fat FAKE and a Child Exploiter. That’s what I think.

  • Doreen

    @jesus: Bitter much?

  • Meredith on NBC


    Meredith on NBC Chicago this morning said that the entire article was incorrect. Kate was pleasant. Old worthless news dude.

  • maryann

    There was a time when I was a big fan of the show. NO more. After everything they have put those kids through to keep doing the show i disapprove of. The show was very boring last night. Most of the fun of watching the show was watching J&K interacting TOGETHER with the kids. TLC will soon find out their ratings will drop. No one will care about these boring episodes. Sad, sad, sad….. They will then maybe have a chance to spend REAL QUALITY TIME WITH THE KIDS NOT STAGED OUTINGS!!!!! JUST MY OPINION. I hope the 6 have fun in kindergarten. It is hard to believe:)