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Orlando Bloom & Eric Bana: Black Hawk BFFs

Orlando Bloom & Eric Bana: Black Hawk BFFs

A solo Orlando Bloom makes his way through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (August 10).

The 32-year-old British actor was recently named as one of Aussie actor Eric Bana‘s best friends. Eric said, “Most of my friends date back to my pre-teens. When I’m not working, I have a few actors who are very close friends, but again, the things we have in common are shared experiences or shared interests. I have four really close friends, including Orlando Bloom from [2001's]Black Hawk Down.” (They later starred together in 2004′s Troy.)

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orlando bloom eric bana bffs 01
orlando bloom eric bana bffs 02
orlando bloom eric bana bffs 03
orlando bloom eric bana bffs 04

Credit: Matingas; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • bella

    Is it me or as of late is he looking older . . .and not in a good way

  • Ellie

    If these boys were gay, they would totally be boyfriends.

  • Me

    He’s hot!!

  • Sara

    He looks great!
    And of course he doesn’t look 22 anymore. The man is 32, and looking hotter than ever.
    Love that he and Eric are such good friends. I want to see them in another movie. Preferably playing brothers, again.

  • Yes!

    He looks really good!
    And I love that the curls are making a comeback.
    Any ideas on where he was going?

  • black

    Aged alot those last two years.

  • philipa

    He is looking great as always! : ))

  • hot

    He looks so much better these days, a few years ago he looked like a young boy, now at least he looks more masculine and manly.

  • baby Gone

    In the first pic it seems his friend Kris in the background…maybe they went to another race or something like that!

  • Savvy

    I love to see more and more pics of Orly without Mirandingo intact. He looks happy. Thats great that he’s pals with Bana I love both these actors. Keep rocken orly.

  • FroFro

    I’m glad he has a best friend in the business. Someone older and a great mentor as well. Eric Bana is definitely one to look up to and one you would not be ashamed to claim as your friend in Hollywood.

  • Sighs4l

    I’m so glad to see him. I was missing new pictures of him.

    PS: Hi Fro!

  • Baby face still evident

    He looks ‘older’ cuz he’s 32, not 22 as he was when he was filming LOTR. Although looking a bit more mature, he still has definite signs of his signature ‘baby’ face. He’ll probably never lose that completely and I suspect he’ll still look young when he’s 40 because of it..

  • tsk tsk

    “I love to see more and more pics of Orly without Mirandingo intact”
    Me too!

  • Where’s Kris

    @9 I don’t see Kris, where is he?
    Orlando looks great, i must admit I have gotten rather spoiled with all the pics lately and it seemed like forever since we had a spotting, like at least a week.
    His curls have grown in such a short time.
    I miss pics of him and Miranda together. They are the best!

  • @Where’s Kris

    I don’t see Kris either. But maybe I can’t see Kris because Orlando looks so good…is there anybody else in the picture????

  • lol!

    He looks good! But he also looks tired and a bit put out.
    But since Miranda isn’t there, that frown makes him “look happy”.

  • bob’s your uncle

    That is one prime nuzzle zone.

  • baby Gone

    @Where’s Kris:

    Kris, or at least a guy that seems him to me, is in tha background of the first pic just under the banner ‘pale Vs tan’…

  • yes

    Such a handsome man!
    Love him!

  • sasha

    He’s so gorgeous.
    Any ideas on where he was flying in from?

  • wowza….

    that’s a hunka hunka burnin’ love

  • aw

    the curls are back, he is so cute – especially when he’s looking grumpy

  • sigh

    Such a beautiful man.

  • sara2

    So handsome!

  • …he looks…

    …better in his frumpy clothes than most guys look in their fancy duds.

  • stillfine

    He’s looking good, although I do see some age on him…like around his jawline it’s lost the smoothness, but no matter. He’s still ORLY!

  • No more pretty boy

    You’re right – that beautiful ‘clean’ jawline has disappeared. His face doesn’t have that ‘sculpted’ look anymore and there’s a bit of flab around the chin and under the eyes (puffy eye bags). He was always quite lean but still nicely toned. Now he just looks dumpy and dowdy to me. I thought he’d have the sort of looks that would keep him youthful looking well into his 40′s. But it turns out he’s not aging very well – unlike his co-star Johnny Depp. (Well, in my opinion anyway.)

  • IMO

    The little bump around his jawline is just that he’s contracting his masseter, not flab. He’s no more a pretty boy but a handsome man. In these pictures he looks tired that’s all.

  • FroFro

    I dont think he looks tired or old. I think he looks like he’s stoic to whomever is snapping the pictures. I think with all celebs, there are paps they like (that are respectful and engage decent conversation with whomever they are snapping) and paps they dont (disrespectful, intrusive, and hurl out insults to get a reaction from the target). This guy could be one of the latter.

    I like the curls too. Older or not, he still is handsome. Johnny Depp seems to be timeless, but he has a different face. He may look the same when he is 60 too. That’s all genetics and can only be changed with plastic surgery. If Bloom starts doing that, I will lose respect.

  • apples or oranges?

    Don’t think Depp would ever allow a surgeon’s knife (plastic surgeon) near his face. He’s always hated being labeled a ‘pretty boy’ and in fact usually does his best to downplay his natural good looks. I think he’s just now beginning to show a few obvious signs of ‘aging’ around the mouth and eyes – but he’s what, 46-47? All through his 30′s he looked amazingly youthful – almost like he’d actually discovered that mythical fountain of youth! The man had (has) beautiful cheekbones. Bloom always had a ‘baby face’ but unfortunately he tends more to flabbiness around the eyes and chin – and that will age him.

  • FroFro

    Even if he does start showing signs of aging early, plastic surgery is not the way to go. Its scary to see what people do to their faces with that. And you cant ever get back what you nipped and tucked in the case that you dont like the outcome. Imagine (and I know this is the ultimate extreme) what Michael Jackson would have looked like at his death had he never touched his face with a knife? Actually, had he never started that self destruction in the first place, he would still most likely be alive. Vanity is never worth sanity. Can I coin that phrase?

  • .

    Orlando is quite careless with his appearance, with a few exceptions he seems to wear the first clean clothes he finds so I don’t see him going through plastic surgery.
    I don’t see that so called flabbiness, he looks fantastic. Now Brad Pitt, that’s an example of fast ageing, he looked good in Troy and suddenly very old in Mr and Mrs Smith, and he admits the use of botox.
    These pics are not Orlando’s best, the new ones coming out from the Chinese Theatre do him more justice.

  • ELVENEss

    @bella: In all fairness, one has to consider that stress affects of air flight on people. Weird pressure changes and air pockets ! Especially the JET LAG associated with international travel (England to Australia then back to L.A.,California) when moving back and forth between different time zones. When ever I’ve flowen I always felt drained and that’s just local flights within America.Flying is STRESSFUL !!! A person needs some rest/relaxation to recover.

  • suppress your appetite