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Rachel Bilson is Right On Target

Rachel Bilson is Right On Target

Rachel Bilson is simply chic in a Rogan for Target jumpsuit as she grabs breakfast with mom Janice at Square One Dining on Tuesday (August 11) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Check out the trailer below for Rachel and fiance Hayden Christensen‘s new anthology movie, New York, I Love You. Rachel‘s around the 30-second mark!

And here are some pictures of the couple shooting the movie back in April 2008.

“New York, I Love You” Trailer

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson right on Target

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 01
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 02
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 03
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 04
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 05
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 06
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 07
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 08
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 09
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 10
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 11
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 12
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 13
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 14
rachel bilson rogan for target jumpsuit 15

Photos: Limelightpics
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  • liz

    wow jared, Rachel again? which are the pictures of tomorrow? she at shopping?

  • bella

    Wow breakfast!!!! . . .what about lunch snacks and dinner posts??? I am so impressed by the lack of talent she has yet she gets posted for these reasons. I agree with liz xomment what will it be tomorrow shopping???
    Jared, really, when she does something signficant then post her.

  • bella

    sorry I meant to type comment not xomment . . .LOL . .typing to fast.

  • Lily

    that mug is from target too ~ i have the same one :D

  • anonymous

    What is with her and black all of a in almost everything she wears. Guess lover boy will show up soon b/c her birthday is like in 2 weeks god forbide he doesn’t press out for that event. And I saw the promo to this she has nothing note worthy about her in this. As the critics state Andy and HC are good and Bilson is one you wish to forget is in the movie. Well hearing that I won’t waste time going out to see them. I do like the other actors in it Bloom, Cann, Portman, Johansson etc those are the ones to watch.

  • kat

    like her outfit :)

  • nat

    Can’t wait for this movie. It looks so interesting.

  • funkey

    Damn just checked out the outfit looks like PE clothes kids used to wear in High School back in like the 80′s when uniforms were required. Well she claims to be into vintage clothing that would be considered vintage old PE clothes. Stacy and Clinton need to help this woman out if they even would touch the idea of helping a desperate celebrity.

  • ct

    so many people are in this movie, i cnt wait either!

  • funkey

    Actually that mug is universal you can get it at wal-mart, Target, K-Mart or even Bed bath and beyond. Who knows where she got it we seldom see her shop at Target unless they have one on Rodeo Drive we haven’t seen before.

    The only reason I would even go to see that movie is not because of him it would be for the better actress’s in it Ricci, Johansson, Portman etc. But, I can wait for DVD on this it won’t take long for it to go DVD figure by February if not sooner.

  • Ceci

    thank you jared for post pictures of Rachel, i love her outfits. and dont listen to anoying comments.
    This girl has style!!!

    by the way… for liz and bella… if she doesnt anything, so kim kardashian and lindsay lohan do??? cuz i see daily posts of that kind of woman here

  • selena


    Then that would mean she’s in the same category as them, minus all the bad things they’ve done. This post isn’t about them it’s about her. And she doesn’t really do anything, just like them.


    Johansson isn’t in the movie. She directed a segment and her segment was dropped. And who cares where Rachel got her mug from? Don’t you have better things to do then to take things people say about Rachel Bilson and pick them apart so that she sounds like the worst person on earth? Wow, the person said they have the same mug as her, and that they got it from Target. Big deal. Get a life. You’re constantly in these threads saying nothing really constructive. All the while looking like you’re extremely jealous. It’s one thing to say you don’t like a person. But to go on and on about it every time the person shows up? Don’t you ever get tired of doing that? You probably make yourself feel real good bashing on her. but to me, you just look unbelievably jealous. Quit hating. And don’t sit there and try to explain how you’re not a hater, because all it will be is you insulting her, and that doesn’t help you at all. And posting under multiple names doesn’t either. It’s clear you’re also “anonymous”. You seriously need to get some help for your Rachel bilson obsession.

  • lexie

    Good classic casual style. Perfect for So Cal. Can’t wait to see New York I Love You and Waiting For Forever and whatever her next project is.

  • Sally

    Rachel is such a cute. She’s beautiful as always. Her face is gorgeous and so sweet.

  • Lola

    Exactly the point Ceci the fact that they dont do anything other than shop and eat. Paris, Rachel, Kim, lindsay……… they dont do anything at all, and all they are known for is their fashion if i was a celeb i would never want to be known for my fashion i would want to be known for the work i do. Okay cool if they have enough money that they can shop and stuff but when all you do in life is shop seriously get a life or when you just go to the street for no reason thats ridiculous and thats basically all they do. Its like stay at home do something read a book. It gets annoying when “celebs” are always posted about and all they are known is for their fashion and nobody can remember what work they have done. I like Natalie, Scarlett, Keira, Kate, Cate…….. who we barely see why because they are working or because they stay out of the public eye or EVEN BETTER because they have a life and have better things to do than shop. Dont get me wrong shopping is nice okay cool but seriously all they do is shop and you just have this nagging question to ” Where the heck are they getting that much money, when they are not working”????????

  • ivanka

    thanks for the post! gorgeouus, btw good movie, lots of good actors

  • steph

    rachel rocks! and u too Jared :D
    she looks gorgeous as always!

  • fugster

    To everyone out there…
    Its me AGAIN… Rachel Bilson…
    So stop what you’re all doing and look at me…. look at me…
    Looook Aaattt Meeeeeeee…
    Everybody….. Anyone….
    Damn it…
    Looooooooook Aaaaaattt Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  • factisious

    Stupid midget with ugly short legs.

  • whodie

    Nice to see a starlet who’s “more” apt to wear short skirts and actually busy “working”…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • Molly M.

    At least her hair looks half-way decent today.

  • Heather

    She looks like Kate Beckinsale

  • funkey

    Selena or should we call you Voice of Reason I wasn’t BASHING the mug comment I just made a point to say it was universal if Bilson got it at Target where we never see her shop it’s odd that Target is even mentioned.

    As for posting I seldom post count the number of times I have been on any of the past picture of her of last few days you won’t see it as many.. And since I was out on vacation I didn’t have time to give a ratsass about Batshit bilson. Jealous please you sound like your mentor Spider aka voice of reason when you have nothing to defend this woman about you pull out the jealous act..Get the picture she does nothing note worthy to be considered exceptional but if there was an award for pimping out yourself I certainly would nominated her.

  • jess

    looks like Kate Beckinsale? LOL
    Are you kidding?
    kate has a natural beauty and is much more beautiful than rachel.
    Please do not make stupid comments like these, I can not stop laughing

  • oh really

    OMG here’s our daily post of stupid Bilson calling the papparazzi to take pictures of her hanging around LA doing nothing but shopping/eating/doing errands/walking the dog. WHY????????????????

    Unless we are to think her daily life is SO fascinating and she’s just so anxious to have every possible moment spent outside her house documented for posterity. And I see she and Hayden are once again pimping out their personal life to promote something and this time its another dog of an ‘art’ film. How low can they go?

    How this ordinary looking hairy unemployed midget with horrible taste in clothes makes it on JJ and the glossips every effing day doing nothing beats the hell out of me. Must be that she’s related to half of Hollywood God knows it isn’t talent taste or looks.

  • kamilah

    wow this movie is filled with big name celebs. it should do well because of that but like someone already said, ill wait until it comes out on dvd or online.

  • Gasol_fan16

    KATE BECKINSALE???!!! No way in hells green earth does Ratchel come close to having the beauty or talent of Kate Beckinsale. Kate Beckinsale is normal height 5’7″ and Ratchel is a homely midget relying on media pressing it out.

  • trevise

    @ #20

    Right on! Even her ex OC co-star & self admitted druggie MB is actually working. But the Trollie Girl still NOT getting any… poor thing!

  • ali

    i think rachael is very pretty when i see her in movies or the oc but these pics she looks not so great. i guess if she dosen’t have makeup or have her hair done she dosen’t look as pretty that sucks, but anyway that movie looks like it has a lot of famous people in it i love shia and bradley cooper! rachel is ok i kind of feel bad for her because everyone hates her on this site i guess once your t.v. show is cancelled you lose all your fans

  • Shiva diva

    @selena: If u read u’ll find ppl praise the worthy, Dan Radcliffe for one, n criticize them not so worthy. Difficult to praise sum1 who has done nothing of note yet courts much recognition. When she do sumthin’ worthy maybe then ppl start 2 like her. But she need 2 ‘pull her finger out’ ’cause ppl see her as lazy waste n maybe they not be wrong in these so they free 2 comment. Do not like it, do not read it. Simple.

  • Where’s Thurmen?

    @oh really: Please tell me when you last saw her walking her cutie..would like to know?

  • thank you

    @Shiva diva: Luv the descrip of RB as ‘LAZY WASTE’, how suberbly apt, thanks – - -

  • tonie

    Is she carrying the mug just to show that she is wearing the ring? That’s what it looks like to me.

  • jamie

    If she doesn’t have any film or TV projects, she can do what other actors do. Appear in a play to try to improve her acting skills. She can also do more charity work.

    Instead of shopping shopping shopping. You don’t become a better actor by shopping and wearing nice clothes. That’s what a reality star does.

  • voice of reason

    @funkey did your feelings get hurt? I’m tired of explaining that if I wish to talk to people I have the manners to do it under one name here. This has been a fall back position for you and your “friend” blame anyone who does not agree with either of you on me.
    Sorry to burst your bubble this is my first post on this thread. As always I post so everyone knows it is me(except for the fake VOR posts I’m sure someone was foaming at the mouth when they did it on other threads, complete with a 6 year old laugh).

    As for the photo’s, Rachel does not look bad it’s an outfit she has worn before-as for flashing the ring? nope just looks like she is walking and doing what most do–flashing would be if she stuck it in front of her face and waved like the Queen of England.

    Please post more everyone JJ wants your help with the cheque.

  • funkey

    Gee Voice of reason/Spider HOW CONVENT that you pop up the minute your name is mentioned proves my fact is correct. Feelings hurt never, I leave the cyberbulling to you since you live to stalk, and follow people around. Even most of the posters here sadly enough know your full of yourself and this self indulged princess of yours. But, do feel free to post as you always tell everyone who never agree’s with you seems that is all you know how to say when it comes to Your Pilar of sainthood and his shopaholic mouse.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ VONR,
    Awwww!!!! I see someone has had their feelings hurt! LOL! Your truly a piece of work. You obviously have no life or no guy to please and what for an occasional comeback 24/7?? Just waiting for your attack! You are tuly sick waiting to stomp and pounce on someone you don’t agree with or shares your same opinions. Damn stalkers!

    Most are not argeering with you and your stupidity to be posting on two d-lister acters 24/7. I think you obssessed with the fools and living your pathetic existence through them.

    Rachel is no way near Kate Beckinsale by talent. Kate has a thing called and education and talent. She is normal in height and does not look like some mutt just rolling out of bed with a bad case of poor hair streaking and making her hips look bigger then ever and more pear shaped! LOL! Rachel looks like a common house dog or mutt. If, that is your porm queen? So be it you crazed psycho! Your prom queen is a joke and it is showing more and more she wh*7es herself out in the spotlight! She is batsh*t next to Kate Beckinsale! Your so idiotic to know the difference is all.

  • jen

    all she does is get groceries and go out for meals. she is photographed eating out like every single day, why does she even need groceries?

  • http://deleted lisa

    adam recently mentioned in a interview that he prefers megan foxs in your face personalith than something pale and vanila ,well after being with someone whois always cute and in news for her style and shopping,i understant what he meant.i am so happy for adam , good luck hayden.

  • voice of reason

    @funkey lets make this clear shall we:
    Your post accusing me being someone else: 8/11/09 10.32PM
    My reply to you: 8/12/09 12.23 AM

    I was not waiting around for your reply, others posted way after your first post, I am so sorry that I read this post hours later and wished to comment to you one on one to let you know that yet again it was not me, most of the posters here are alter ego’s of 2 people so my feelings are not hurt.

    @Gasol I’m sorry your post does not make sense at all-are you saying you are stupid because afterall you spend 24/7 typing about 2 people you dislike? Or are you on the start of another meltdown? I’m sure”someone” will help you drink to that LOL.

  • THe cynic said

    Be that as it may! What we have is another non newsworthy item from Team JJ, Rachel’s only known support source. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dry-cleaning, balloon-buying, shopping, popping into people’s houses, popping out of people’s houses, pushing a grocery cart, walking, sitting, making gurning faces and smirking at her ring in her car etc. Can her life really get any more mundane and pointless!

    There are posts on this site that garner far more hits than this two-bit, sometime actress, posts about talented individuals working hard to make it and already established stars who have worked hard to make it. So the number of hits is totally and completely irrelevant to the amount of times she pops up hither and yon. If hits were what JJ wanted, then JJ should just stick to the Pitt-Jolies. Haters/supporters alike are not an issue in keeping her on this site, the issue is that most americans are so steeped now in the culture of dumb celebrity that, whether they hate or like, is immaterial. They do actually believe that this is news and, as long as they believe that, JJ’ll keep posting.

    If you’re dumb enough to believe in celebrities as being special, note-worhty individuals then, my friends, you are on the right site. Every d-lister, reality moron, shuckster, weeping media whore and abysmally talentless actress/actor turns up here eventually, along with the rare few who do deserve recognition for their works.

    This is your culture, you bought it, you pay for it, so learn to live with it or, alternatively, get a new hobby!

  • voice of reason

    @Selena wow that was “interesting” WW3 almost, totally forgot about aprilshowers(you have been around a long time), heck let’s not get deep here, but I have to admit I’d love details in Imdb in PM-you should know how to find me.

  • voice of reason

    @43 or should I call you Anonymous? and you finally agree when you post they will deliver………….geez at least try to be smart about it-you used my words from the other thread moron.

  • THe cynic said

    @voice of reason: The point being, you all own this, all this does,at the end of the day, is hold a mirror up to your true selves. It’s irrelevant whether you hate this mediocre actress or another or whether you admire this mediocre actress or another. What sells is not news but fixation, and, as long as people fall into the trap of being fixated, this is what you get. Zero, nothing, ordinary, banal individuals being seen as celebrities and hated or liked on the strength of it. The truth is that, in peoples lives, they have probably met a hundred such rachel types, pretty, shallow, not to bright who love to shop and have no particular talent yet they don’t admire them or hate them excessively. Stop buying into the idea that she is an important individual and she will, very rapidly, cease to be one. Along with all the others out there who are not special!

  • lexy

    I knew we couldn’t go a day without Rachel. Afterall, if she didn’t call the paps and alert them to what she was doing, they might actually NOT take her pics. Interesting they would KNOW her outfit is from Target – how would they know that unless they were alerted to this fact when she called them?

    And no one is jealous of Rachel – please stop with this lame excuse. There’s nothing to be jealous of. I shop at Target all the time. Rachel should be jealous of me – I have skills and talent that have gotten me a job!

    If people want to be jealous they’ll be jealous of celebs with actual talent – be jealous of the fact that Angelina Jolie’s got 6 kids, she’s a working actress and she manages to do a tone of charity work and shops too. She’s not using Brad Pitt to get work – she was getting work and taking care of her kids and doing chartiy and shopping before him!

  • @lexy

    Are you sure Jolies kids are happy having a mom who is too busy doing other things?

  • lexy

    both she & Brad seems to find plenty of time to do stuff with their kids while working and doing charity work. You can say what you want but her, Jen Garner & Reese Witherspoon seem like hands-on moms. I’m sure they have nanny’s but they still manage to make their kids a priority.

    BTW, I think it’s more likely that it’s a handful of fans posting all this “Rachel is a great actress & fashionista” under different names than the alleged “haters” – afterall, Rachel’s acting resume is slim, she hasn’t had a movie in theaters in several years and she wasn’t that big a movie star to begin with. She hasn’t been on TV in a few years – again and the OC wasn’t exactly Friends or Seinfeld. She doesn’t have any endorsement deals like say Jessica Alba – that keeps her in the spot light.

    Yet she has all these “fans” of her “work and style”….interesting!!!

  • @lexy

    Her energy and enthusiasm are admirable qualities rather than one that get up ppls noses. I don’t think she’s very happy tho, or easy to live with, not easy for her children who she loves very much

  • Debbie

    @lexy: I think many ppl r jealous of her…I think many ppl get so green eyed coz she has things like they dont have in their lives, like nice dresses… And a lot of money to take her friends out, a house she can call her own. Hey, maybe she isn’t like mega successful but she still getting more n most of us, right.
    Sheesh, we all have to work so real hard to get these things so it’s like normal to be jealous, sometime, when you see ppl who so dont work so hard n get them anyway. IMHO I get green’eyes too. I think, Hey B**** I had to work hard for that. God’s truth! It’s bad, but I do!