Zachary Quinto is Mr. Bubble

Zachary Quinto is Mr. Bubble

Zachary Quinto dons a Mr. Bubble t-shirt as he runs a few errands with a female friend on Monday (August 10) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 32-year-old Star Trek actor visited the Steve Alan Outpost store, an Albertsons supermarket and the Alcove Cafe & Bakery.

Zach reprises his role as the prowling villain Sylar in the upcoming fourth season of Heroes, which returns with a two-hour season premiere on Monday, September 21 @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

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Credit: Leigh Green; Photos: INFdaily
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  • hao

    He’s cute. luv him

  • Zapina

    I’m in love with Zachary Quinto !!!

  • Z_ON_

    awwwww,he is sooo cute,love him!!!

  • nicole

    i loved him in star trek!

  • Mary

    LOL shirt!

  • S

    I don’t know what it is. He is the cutest thing, yet he can be so shiverly sexy. He gives me the thrills. And it breaks my heart to have the strong impression he is into men… *sighs*

  • http://www.twitter/arciegonzalez arciegonzalez

    Yeahhh,, Chrissy Thinkks He’s Hawt Shit! Haha

  • NativeNYker
  • Zapina

    People, he’s not gay – he’s a Catholic, believe me, he’s not into men. He’s just the most fashonable man ever, the sexiest and still most normal from them all. Can’t you see that he can’t be gay

  • who?

    mr bubble! so cute :D

  • elle

    I love his Spock. Totally.

  • T

    Yes!! I love ZQ!!!!

  • Spockfan

    Luv him – don’t care who he sleeps with – he is damn sexy and a good actor.

  • confetti

    This man doesn’t know when to stop….I need him to keep coming out and continue to do ordinary things so we can continue to get to see him. I don’t care who he sleeps w/ either but my golly I sure as hell wish it was me!!

  • katelyn

    love him!!

  • baby mama

    He’s a cool dude!

  • yung_gyurl

    @Zapina: THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oooo

    Is that his gf??????? she’s cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • Dassie

    I hope that is his girlfriend..and that he’s not gay….hahaha….just kidding, I don’t mind if he is or isn’t, it’s his life, ‘m completely in love with the dude either way… :)

  • angeles


    You can be Catholic and be into men as well. Not that I believe all this gay nonsense about Quinto, I think it’s a lot of talk from a lot of gay queens who just want to sleep with him as there is no proof to it. They are just as bad as the straight agenda fangirls who want to sleep with him.

    Good for him for being himself.

  • @angeles

    omg u are so rite. he iz not gay. he iz happy omg! thatz hiz gf!! they look so in luv!

  • All Women Stalker

    I want that shirt! Wait, I want Zachary more. But him in that shirt would be yumm.


  • Marianne

    Saw him and this girl AA going to LAX from Vegas. V. cuddly.

  • M.e.
  • angeles


    Really huh?

  • Hhmm… Really?

    @Marianne do you have any pics of that ?

  • SAN

    Zach Quinto is really cool, i´m a big fan.

  • sweetness

    He’s simply the hottest guy in and smart and he’s gentleman…all crop of boytoy young actors in LA should take some lesson from this man.

  • Meg

    I think that is one of his best friends from college, she is married to Corey Moosa if it is.

  • anon

    @ meg:
    I believe you are right.

  • stacie

    I’m so mad at myself I didn’t even see this post unti now. Oh , I do love Zach so . Thanks Jared. I do love that shirt also, well with Zach in it .

  • Zapina

    @angeles: R u Catholic? Cuz if u r u might know that they hate gays ;/ Wich is weird cuz we should respect everybody, right?… I don’t know much about everything but I know a lot about everything I know, which is people and that’s why I say he is not gay !!!

  • jenna

    Funny! Those t-shirts are even still available – He wears it well…

  • angeles


    I am Catholic and I happen to love gays.

    Guess that makes me rare to you at least, you ignorant bint.

  • Zapina

    I was NOT goin’ to be mean to you.

  • Zapina

    BTW, I’m Catholic too. Or everybody thinks I am. I don’t think I want to be Catholic anymore, cuz of things priests say about gays (for example!) and other things. First, they say that we need to respect others, cuz that’s what God says to us, but from the other side they hate gays. I’m sick of this! I’m so sorry if you felt touched after what I said – I didn’t mean to and I don’t even understand why it happend.

  • Missy

    Corey Moosa is married to Trixze Smith. This girl must be with Zach.

  • Meg

    He has been friends with Corey and Neal for a long time, I am still pretty sure that is one of his friends from CMU, It doesn’t necessarily have to be a date :)

  • m.e.

    @Meg: if it is, he ought to think up something more romantic than Albertson’s!!

  • redherring


    Guessing who “the mystery girl” is fun.

    She isn’t Corey’s wife, and I don’t see any ID on her that she is a CMU alum, so I am guessing she is either:

    a. His girlfriend or a random f”buddy he picked up at a club (I’m looking at YOU Riley).
    b. A friend he likes to go to Albertson’s with.
    c. All of the above because he is just so into having friends with benefits.

    Assumptions are fun.

  • ummm…what?

    why would she have to have an ID on her? Could just be one of his random friends like Meg said.

    Meg, how do you know this? Does she look familiar?

  • Meg

    Redherring, it could be a friend. I don’t know that it is Bridget, but she was at the Star Trek party in LA I believe and he had mentioned his friends from CMU where there.

    I find it funny,now because she is cute, all of a sudden some are like “yes, hetero and has an f buddy” LOL…

  • anon

    Bridget has red hair. However, the body language in these photos say that they’re just friends.

  • redherring


    I was joking about the ID thing, god you fangirls are so delusional and know not the funny. My entire post was meant as a laugh against the fangirls who think they have a chance with him, he’s gorgeous, ie: he doesn’t want you and he is not going to date you regardless of whatever his sexual orientation happens to be.

    SO WHO CARES WHO THAT WOMAN IS. Geez, you fangirls are so obsessive,

  • redherring


    I mean first you thought she was one person, then another and now she is just a random friend. Maybe you should quit trying to guess who she is before you embarrass yourself further.


  • ummm…what?

    It sounds like you’re one of the obsessive fangirls. Don’t get all bent out of shape.

  • redherring


    Why? Because I called you out on your bulls**t? You guys are so obsessed with trying to ID that woman, it’s pathetic and it’s sad and I laugh at all of you.

  • ummm…what?

    Wow red, it seems like any time someone sends a comment your alarm goes off. Since you have nothing better to do than to laugh at people who are fans of Zachary Quinto, than damn, get a life.

  • ummm…what?

    Wow red, it seems like any time someone sends a comment your alarm goes off. Since you have nothing better to do than to laugh at people who are fans of Zachary Quinto, then damn, get a life.

  • redherring


    You were actually douchey enough to post that comment twice…heh heh fail.

    I’m not out to laugh at fans of the man, just the obsessive fangirls on here who deserve to be laughed at. You guys are way too obsessed with that woman in the pictures with him, almost stalkerish really. Stalkerish to a point of knowing what the wives of his friends and his friends from college look like and what parties they go too.

    Scary. If I were him I would be afraid, very afraid.