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Britney Spears is a Savvy Shopper

Britney Spears is a Savvy Shopper

Britney Spears spends her day shopping around with her assistant on Robertson Blvd, trying on clothes at Vionnet in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 11).

According to reports, the 27-year-old pop princess was too busy picking up her swag bags to notice her two sons cursing at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. But the person who was escorting Britney and her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston is stating those reports are completely false. “She never stopped at one sponsor station,” the escort told the LA Times. “It was all about the kids. She was devoted to them and was with them the whole time. They were even having a great time with Band Hero and they were all playing with Hasbro’s new Bop-It.”

“She never left the boys’ side,” our source said of Britney. “She could not have been sweeter, and portraying her as an inattentive mother is not true and so not fair.”

35+ pictures inside of Britney Spears as a savvy shopper…

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britney spears savvy shopper 01
britney spears savvy shopper 02
britney spears savvy shopper 03
britney spears savvy shopper 04
britney spears savvy shopper 05
britney spears savvy shopper 06
britney spears savvy shopper 07
britney spears savvy shopper 08
britney spears savvy shopper 09
britney spears savvy shopper 10
britney spears savvy shopper 11
britney spears savvy shopper 12
britney spears savvy shopper 13
britney spears savvy shopper 14
britney spears savvy shopper 15
britney spears savvy shopper 16
britney spears savvy shopper 17
britney spears savvy shopper 18
britney spears savvy shopper 19
britney spears savvy shopper 20
britney spears savvy shopper 21
britney spears savvy shopper 22
britney spears savvy shopper 23
britney spears savvy shopper 24
britney spears savvy shopper 25
britney spears savvy shopper 26
britney spears savvy shopper 27
britney spears savvy shopper 28
britney spears savvy shopper 29
britney spears savvy shopper 30
britney spears savvy shopper 31
britney spears savvy shopper 32
britney spears savvy shopper 33
britney spears savvy shopper 34
britney spears savvy shopper 35
britney spears savvy shopper 36
britney spears savvy shopper 37
britney spears savvy shopper 38

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  • Tom

    She looks amazing!

    And typical of people trying to make up stories about her…


    NO way – she’s a fat pig look at her her hair is orange

  • Annie

    Wow, she sure has the CRAZY eyes….Hope she’s stil on her meds!

  • How come?

    How come she looks good in the 1st shot, then turns into a chunky monkey in all the others!!!

  • How come?

    Mean the one with the red dress, not the big un, thats gross!



  • nore

    She looks great .. I Love her dress ..

    Ques : what kind of tat she has in hair foot I haven’t seen it before ? can we have a closer pic ?


  • mk

    Shut the hell up, your not her dumb fuk..
    You dont know what she does everyday do you, NO..hours of workouts, dancing, travels here & there, has to take care of her kids, interviews, touring non-stop, cameras in her face 24/7 & has rumours continously written about her & you expect her do give a crap about what ppl think about her hair just to the shops..pffftt..

  • S*

    She seems to be a very nice person. But how can someone soo successfull and rich….not know how to dress or have any appropriate stylist???
    Well..she doesnt look that bad, but she’s really pretty, she could look better

  • emmaa

    Did she really pose with those regular kids just shopping? She doesn’t usually do that. Im jealous
    And the media will concoct any bullshit possible to make Brit look bad.

  • bella

    @S*: I agree, but I also liked her better as a brunette

  • JAY-Z is illuminati

    look up MK ULTRA and you will find that beyonce, rihanna, mariah, whitney, christina, ESPECIALLY britney, madonna, jay-z…everyone in the industry is in on it. theyre all laughing at these fools who think the baphomet hand is the rockstar symbol. they sell their souls and prostituting their bodies in luciferian sex rituals for FAME!!

    pseudooccultmedia is great for knowledge on mk ultra illuminati celebs too

    and aprinceshouldneverflinch writes some truth too

    look up information about these people before you start idolizing them!!!!

    Read more:

  • Jessica Simpson

    She does seem like a really sweet person. She’s pretty, but makes herself look bad…like Jessica Simpson. They wear tacky stuff that isn’t right for their body type. They both look 100x more beautiful when they dress appropriately.

    I hope she’s ok. She really is starting to seem crazy again with those vacant eyes, colored hair, and strange clothes. Her girls are hanging out of that green dress for goodness sake! How in the world does she think that looks good? Look at pic # 3….one of them is all lopsided.

  • be real

    Ones that say she looks amazing (slightly vomits in the cornet of its mouth) are just as crazy as she is. In medical terms this is called losing the sense of reality.

    She is as crazy trailer trash and the only reason she don’t run naked in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. is the fact that her father shoves psycho meds in her throat every morning!

    Keep deluding yourself.

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida

    Britney is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida

    Britney is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida

    E online ,Perez are crap

  • laurie

    She looks like crap.

  • mailey

    i like brit, but wish she didnt look so trashy all the time. her hair is greasy and her makeup.. like it melted..

  • Candice

    She looks really nice, happy and smiling here!! Go Britney!!

  • blah

    I applaud Britney for her weight loss. She looks great. With that said britney will always be tralier trash

  • http://.. eve

    she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo uglyyyy, fattttt and look like frugally, camp, fancy woman ııggg ı hate her. Çokkk çirkin bir kadın hayatımda bukadar ucuzunu görmemiştim. Gerçekten rezalet bir görünüşü var üstelik bıyıkları var gibi duruyorrrrr

  • alison

    She look’s like a Beverly Hillbilly in the pictures with the rough looking floppy hat.
    I can’t understand why this gorgeous girl can’t grow her own hair?!
    Is it becuz she’s always dying it, etc., Brit, come clean and just start letting your own natural hair grow out cuz it looks like ur going a little bald………….that’s not good.

  • lida

    Britney is great!

  • preen

    God britney just rushed off the stage at the TCAs,…its like she wanted to pee so bad or something

  • preen

    for god sakes brit u were getting the ultimate choice award which is the highest honor..u could’ve been a little more sensitive to the crowd’s cheers!!

  • Eva

    It’s really a shame that she won’t wear her natural hair, she’d probable look really cute with a bob… plus she’d get rid of that crazy look…

  • jbo

    Girl is FUGLY! I can’t BELIEVE people think she’s attractive?!?! Her saggy utters are SO nasty for a 27 year old – I wish she would realize what a BRA is!

    Also, girl you’re arms are TOO FAT to wear an arm cuff – PLUS they are SO 2000 and LATE!

  • anna

    I love ger so much, she is such a normal american girl…but at the same time SHE IS POP PRINCESS of the world!!!

  • jbo

    More like the POOP princess of the world. People who idolize her or think she has talent are JUST as stupid and inbred as she is. Idolize someone who REALLY has talent and contributes (positively) to the world and is known for more than jirating and lipsynching!

  • diana

    Britney always looks like white trash.

  • Web Hosting Reviews

    She always looks great!..She always finds herself beautiful even if her past have never been that good,yet,she changed because of her sons.

    Thanks for the photos who have posted.

  • acapella

    Poor Britney, I hope she’s happier these days

  • lakers fan in boston

    god, she’s fugs
    i think she’s back 2 normal but she’s lost 99% of her appeal
    after all her parting she’s stuck with saggy boobs and nipples, rough ass face, and thunder thighs
    what a bad combination

  • Mary

    Love Britney! She is looking beautiful!

  • diva88
  • suppress your appetite

    Britney looks perfect !!