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Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable

Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable

Gwyneth Paltrow keeps cool in a pair of denim cut-offs (with pockets showing!) on Tuesday, August 11, in The Hamptons, NY.

The 36-year-old actress has been posting videos of herself cooking on her website but Bethenny Frankel finds it pretty unappetizing.

“The idea of Gwyneth being the next Julia Child is unthinkable and probably unwatchable,” says the 38-year-old Real Housewives of NY star. “I once watched her show [Spain…on the Road Again] with chef Mario Batali. It was like watching delicious paint dry.”

Adds Bethenny, “I’m just not feeling her as the next Rachael Ray, who’s fun and goofy and a wing-it kind of girl. Wasn’t Gwyneth macrobiotic, then vegan, then into juice fasting? You need to be willing to dive in and taste it all and not always be on some cleansing fad diet… Who can afford holistic doctors, meals at Babbo, cupping sessions and healers? If I buy my food at Costco and get my hair done for 30 bucks, what’s the average viewer able to afford?”

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# 1

Neither are watchable.

# 2

Paltrow has a nice body but she’s not a very attractive woman.

# 3

Gwyn is very butch looking without the styling and makeup.

# 4

Agree, Gwyneth needs to work on her presentation, but this is hardly newsworthy.

# 5

She’s right.

# 6

She is thin but I don’t find her figure all that great — she’s just very tall.

# 7
I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 08/12/2009 at 8:41 pm

i know who gwyneth paltrow is, but who’s bethenny frankel?!?

# 8
just sayin' @ 08/12/2009 at 8:45 pm

Bethenny Frankel has actually been in the food industry for years and has written a NY Times best seller. But less people know her because she doesn’t come from a famous family like Paltrow.

# 9

@scarlett and @faith:
I agree with you both.
@I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
I was wondering the same thing

Gwyneth is a good actress but her face is average to me.

What is wrong with Bethenney’s neck and head? It doesn’t fit or something.

It looks like someone photoshopped her bobble head to another body.

I think Gwyn looks like Claire Danes’ mother which is not necessarily a bad thing.

These chicks both have really square faces and kind of resemble men.

i love goop and enjoy her videos. it’s not like she’s trying to become a cook. people are just so mean.

I’m not a huge fan of Frankel’s but she has a valid point. If this is something Gwyneth is serious about pursuing, she really needs to work on her technique…

…Her first video was very dull and she seemed uncomfortable in front of the camera.


It looks like her partoid glands are swollen (sometimes a sign of bulemia) which gives her the appearance of having a head that’s too big for her neck. I hope she’s not doing that, though.

Well, she’s passing herself off as a chef in her cookbook recipe, so I don’t find it mean that people are questioning her credentials. If she weren’t already famous, she probably never would have landed a book deal.

Paltrow has the body of a goddess and the face of a bulldog.

I kind of do agree with Bethenny, even though I don’t like any of them.

Bethenny could have been more tactful but she has a point. Most of Gwyneth’s site seems geared toward the upper class, which is fine, but she is probably going to need more middle class consumers if she wants her cookbook to be successful

Gwyneth is one of the few celebs who I think looks better with more makeup. Usually it’s the opposite, but she’s quite homely off the red carpet. Agree, she does have fabulous legs though.

I think they’re both unwatchable although my understanding is Frankel is an actual chef.

GP looks like a dude and BF a transvestite.
Can GP cook?

Her face looks like a fug owl.
but Gwyn usually looks cute in most of her outfits though.

Gotta agree with BF, which frankly disturbs the hell out of me.

Paltrow looks stunning in these photos, casual but cool, her body is perfection.And as for this, clearly stupid, her video was cute and nothing major so chill, its not like you can critisaze anyone in the first place!

Paltrow looks like a man there. It’s amazing how much she resembles her cousin Katherine Moannig who is not really known for her beauty but has a certain sex appeal that Gwyneth is lacking.
Wrt the video, it needs work and it was sort of like watching paint dry. Maybe she was nervous…I dunno…

Gweneth has a great body but she sacrifices a lot. I don’t think I could eat what she does and exercise the way she does. Regarding the video, I haven’t seen it there for I’m not going to comment about that.

who is this ugly lady? jealousy much? Gwyneth is an Oscar winner actress, classy, educated and beautiful.

there are so many jealous people.

Neither of these plain Janes have much class. Frankel has a big mouth and Gwyneth tends to put her foot in hers.
I don’t see why Frankel would be jealous though. She is a best-selling author and her Skinny Girl food line is sold in supermarkets throughout the U.S. Gwyneth has not established herself in the culinary world yet and is coasting off her acting fame and famous friends.
Also, Gwyneth is starting to look like Jan Brady.

Gwyneth is educated? She barely graduated HS and has maybe a semester of college.
I don’t see why Bethenny cares what she does though.

blah blah blah @ 08/12/2009 at 10:03 pm

I love Bethenny Frankel but she sounds like an idiot here.
Why trash GP for trying to let people into her world?
As for GP, she looks awful.

Bethenny is fugly. I can’t stand Gwyneth either but at least she doesn’t go around trying to pick fights with famous people to get press like the desperate hag Bethenny.

Excuse me? @ 08/12/2009 at 10:31 pm

just sayin’ @ 08/12/2009 at 8:45 pm Bethenny Frankel has actually been in the food industry for years and has written a NY Times best seller. But less people know her because she doesn’t come from a famous family like Paltrow., ***********************

In actuality, less people know Frankel because Paltrow is an OSCAR-WINNING actress who worked for years perfecting her craft, while Frankel’s claim to fame is two seasons on a BASIC CABLE reality show. Frankel has been “famous” for five minutes, yet acts as if she is a mega star. The only thing “mega” about her is that Mega-big Quagmire jaw. I’m sure Paltrow doesn’t even know what a Bethenny is.

s and acts like she is part of the golhree minutehe has been famius fior Read more:

I think GP is very inspirational. She writes some very uplifting newsletters at She is very positive. All of you should give it a try, from goop:
Police your thoughts and deal with your feelings constructively. Most of the background chatter in our mind is worrying, judging, criticizing, defending and complaining. Catch yourself and create a distraction by redirecting your thoughts toward the things that you are grateful for and optimistic about.
-Thank you GP for this kind of of newsletter.

supertaster! @ 08/12/2009 at 10:45 pm

when I think Gwyneth, boiled unsalted potatoes and cabbage pop in my head: unsavory, bland and pale. not a very appetizing dish, not a very interesting person. i caught her show once and if it wasn’t for the dude who knows about food and how to cook, she would get lost in the background. honestly, i rather stare at a bowl of fruit inside a padded cell for 24 hours than engage in a 30 minute anything that involves the goopster, her hoity-toity attitude and her privileged advice.. i also can’t stand the frankel-lady (her big joker mouth gives me the creeps) and the rayster (her scratchy voice and shouting are like nails to a blackboard, torture!).

@Excuse me?: In actually, these two are not unattractive women but they both have variations of the mega square jaw. People know Paltrow because she’s married to a famous singer, has famous parents and is still coasting off that Oscar from 10 years ago. As for working years at perfecting her craft, that’s highly subjective. Imho, she is not a bad actress but definitely not in the range of Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett. She does not appear to be on the to-go list for scripts either and that’s probably why she’s playing ingenue roles at nearly 37.

As for Frankel, according to Wikipedia she’s done more than just The Real Houswives:

Since Frankel’s passion always been in health and healing, she attended the Natural Gourmet Cooking Institute in New York. After she graduated, she formed a company which provides wheat-, egg-, and dairy-free baked goods, meals for private clients, and a custom-meal delivery service. Her clients include Michael J. Fox, Brooke Hogan, Alicia Silverstone, and Paris Hilton. Frankel also cooked for Survivor winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca when they rapidly gained unwanted weight after the show and she had to get them on the right track.

Frankel was one of 16 candidates in The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. She made it to the series finale before losing to Dawna Stone.
Frankel also writes a column on health in Health Magazine and has been featured in several other magazines, such as Social Life Magazine, Life & Style, Gotham, OK!, Us Weekly. In Style, Star, People and TMZ website. She has been featured in the The New York Times and New York Post.

On March 10, 2009, Frankel published ‘Naturally Thin – Unleash Your Skinnygirl & Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting’ on Simon & Schuster’s Touchstone Fireside Imprint. The book has peaked at 2 on the New York Times Best Seller List and has been on the list for the thirteen weeks since the book’s release.

Frankel does seems to have better food credentials than Gwyneth and I agree that watching Gwyneth cook was boring.

Actually, Betheny is unwatchable, with the worst voice and presentation ever. She is just a ***** on tv. Gwyneth’s GOOP site is fabulous – and her chicken dinner was as good as anything Giada has done. Who would ever like to be like Rachel Ray? My god, what a trainwreck she is! And her food is gross. No, I’ll take Gwyneth any day over these women. They are money-grubbers. I don’t think Gwyneth is like that. She offers her lifstyle tips for free.

I agree with Bethenny. I can’t stomach Paltrow. I wish they would kick her out of Iron man. She bring the movie down.

@Bixbyluv: Gwyneth doesn’t write those newsletters but she should follow her own advice and stop taking pot shots at other actresses and thinly veiled frenemies.

Every thing GP do is hype up by the big pr team she is with. GP bombs at every thing now like Jessica Simpson here she is trying to get into something else. If they are so rich why don’t they just go sit their a$$ on the Riviera and never come back.

victoria #1 @ 08/12/2009 at 11:00 pm

@HUNTER–Agree with you on that, but as the Housewife show goes on, she has become more and more ” older looking ” and ” unappealing.” I can’t figure out if it’s the long hair dragging her down, and she just can’t part with it, or what.
Maybe she thinks it makes her look younger, but sometime’s long hair actually ages you. Like Ramona for instance, her co-housewife on the show. Ramona brags that she ” has no wrinkles and has perfect skin, ” but have you really SEEN her skin close up? LOL.LOL
NO WAY !!!!!!!!!! Just looking at it in the dermatologists office while undergoing her ” procedure’s “, it was rough looking, and she looked her age, just like the others.
Good Lord, the money they waste on skin procedure’s, and they STILL look just the same. How sad can you feel for them. When they all are 60 or 70 they all WILL look 60 and 70, and not ONE person on God’s green earth will care one flip. And look at all the money wasted, that could have gone to their charity’s.
Oh, well, it is their money and their waste. Bethenny needs a new look, with her squarish face and big mouth and jaw. Maybe the next $30.00 haircut will be better.

Most of your remarks are so irrelevant. Bethenny needs to shut her pie hole. No one asked her or cares what she thinks about Gwyneth. Gwyneth has the right to do whatever she wants on HER blog! Gwyneth is also a Hollywood actress, not some washed-up reality show babe.

And now it’s my turn to be irrelevent:

I met Gwyneth once and she is really nice. I mean, very sweet and charming. I can’t imagine Bethenny being nice and charming; she seems like a stuck up snob. And we see her first hand on her crappy show. Gwyneth was kind of shy but at the same time down to earth when I met her (at an EL event )

I see the same obsessed fan is here changing names.
I don’t think a New York Times best selling author is washed up, but agree she could have been a tad more tactful in her remarks. However, she does have a point. Paltrow may be camera ready as an actress but she lacks the requisite charisma and expertise to make a compelling food show host. She needs to work on establishing herself some credentials instead of trying to fast track herself into a lifestyle guru position. The way she’s going about it rings hollow and perhaps that’s why she hasn’t been more successful so far.

@andrea: That’s very nice that you met her and she was nice to you but that means absolutely nothing. Spending time with a celebrity at a promotional event is not a solid indication of character. You are seeing the celebrity for a limited period of time promoting a product that they financially benefit from. They are expected to be charming and gracious to their fans. I know people who’ve worked with GP over extended periods of time and found her rather unpleasant. I’m sure the reality is someone in between but trying to apply your personal experience as fact is just silly.

supertaster! @ 08/12/2009 at 11:47 pm

the same blandness in the cooking advice section goes her acting.. gwyneth is so yawnn! i got the major zzzz’s every time she was on scene.. her mom has more class and talent and her dad was super distinguished. their daughter on the other hand just has a talent for knowing how to cruise through life on her privilege and name alone.

Farmer Ted @ 08/12/2009 at 11:49 pm

The horsey-faced blonde and big-jawed ***** should both stay off camera.

oh please im sure gwyneth is DEVASTATED that that ugly skeletal ***** insulted her . . .
she probably doesnt even know who the ***** is!!!
(and to add insult to injury, she sure as hell probably knows and is friends with kelly)
ahahahahaha hilarious!!!

at least gwyneth doesnt look like some deranged reanimated corpse!!

canthelpit @ 08/13/2009 at 12:54 am

No one likes Paltrow. She’s a pretentious dog. I wouldn’t take cooking tips off her at any time, she knows nothing.

She basically covered it all. Exactly how I feel. Gwyneth is really obsessed with money imo – or perhaps the lack of it. I know she wants to build an empire otherwise she’d just disappear between films.

Celebritywatcher @ 08/13/2009 at 6:45 am

Frankel should sit her patootie down. We have rich and poor and everything in between on this planet. Food does not have to be from costco for it to taste good and appeal to the masses (whoever they are).


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That kind of Gwyneth-hatred/criticism should’s getting boring.

I like Gwyn. I like alot of her recipes and the advice she shares and I enjoy goop. As for this Bethenny, haven’t you heard, if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better not to say anything… It just reflects poorly on the person saying it.

Bethenny your so petty! Who cares what you think! Being Holistic does not require millions! It’s actually pretty cheap. You were on the real housewives and not even married. Passing judgement on personality? Really? Have you watched yourself

Frankel is right. Paltrow is boring to watch and it’s not like she has a reputation for being Miss Nice herself.

Paltrow’s never had any problem weighing in on other actresses careers including Reese Witherspoon’s and Halle Berry’s. She certainly wasn’t shy about indicating she didn’t like Berry’s performance in Cat Woman.

She’s just using her celebrity to try to parlay herself into a cooking career because she’s pushing 40 and the script choices have dried up. At least Frankel’s been working in her field for years and actually went to a culinary school.

Bethenny is my favorite NY housewife. She’s honest (perhaps to a fault), and she doesn’t apologize for her opinions. And she WAS asked for her opinion here. I agree that Gwyneth has endorsed too many different diets. Its hard to put faith in her words when she turned her back on macrobiotic/vegan nutrition (after HIGHLY endorsing it) and now waxes poetic about chicken and cheese. Not everyone likes Bethenny, but she is wicked smart and quick. I wish both women success. To each, her own.

Is she parked in a HANDICAPPED parking space?!?!?! That is soooooo SELFISH ! ! ! !

She’s right! Paltrow has zero on-screen charisma and projected the same look and emotion in every role I have ever seen her play. As a TV cook, she is bland and boring. No entertainment value at all!

G. Paltrow is the guru of anorexic!! She must be bored in his life for out all the crap. She remains in her home with his false modesty. she’s a two-faced *****.

While I don’t think Gwyneth necessarily deserved the attack– it’s true. Most of us aren’t watching food shows for the recipes. We just like watching it. But if we WERE going to follow the recipes, we’d want it to be something practical and good. Not overly healthy and expensive. What is so great about a “chef” that basically starves herself? No thank you. To each his own but nobody in their right minds would take cooking advice from someone that was on a macrobiotic diet!

Gwyneth is super cute and a lady! Bethanny is trashy she can eat a carrot and choke on it!

@david: Lol, she does look weird but Gwyn doesn’t look so good either. Nice from the waist down, but pretty butch in the face these days.

My friend met Bethenny at an event and said she was very funny and sweet and that her muffins were delicious. At least she’s a trained chef.

They’re both unwatchable.

bulimic bethenny @ 08/13/2009 at 2:53 pm

Bethenny does have bulimia. She’s addicted to laxatives. Her Naturally This book is all lies, it’s not how she stays thin. It’s the laxatives! Gwyneth is famous because she’s an actress. I actually thought her cooking video was cute.

Bethenny only became known to the general public once she was on that TV show. She is just another fame craving attention *****. As far as her book goes, it’s basically a how to guide for anorexia. She eats fewer than 1000 calories a day, and on top of that, there have been many blind items about her purging those calories. People need to lay off Gwyneth, if you don’t like GOOP, don’t subscribe to it. Personally, I find it interesting, and I enjoy reading her recipes. Then again, i’m interested in many of the things she posts about. She can come off as pretentious, but it’s not like Bethenny doesn’t as well.

BF looks like a trannie and her snide quips are tired. She is neither newsworthy nor attractive. She wishes she were in GP’s league but she’s just a z list celeb/media *****. Go away.

half blood @ 08/13/2009 at 3:24 pm

Bethenny looks like a she-male. Paltrow looks like a tranny.
Both of their snide quips are tired and both are rumored to have eating issues — Frankel with her rumored laxative use and Paltrow with her detoxes and fasting despite claiming she exercises two hours a day so she can eat whatever she wants.

But at least Bethenny has some culinary cred unlike Gwyneth. She could show Gwyneth how to cook. They should team up together for a show.

I can’t believe BF is only 38. Wow.

Who is Bethenny Frankel anyway? GOOP is about sharing things with people. Simple as that. What can I say, GOOP is honest and sincere at least.

@Superboy: She’s a celebrity chef who also appears on The Real Housewives of New York. I think they’re about evenly matched on the sincere and honest factor. GOOP is simply a marketing ploy to sell overpriced gym memberships and celebrity cookbooks.

There’s nothing wrong with a macrobiotic diet. I had respect for Gwyneth when she wasn’t involved in the slaughter and torture of animals. She’s into whatever is convenient for her at the moment. She shouldn’t endorse EVERY current lifestyle because she loses credibility.

pootietang @ 08/13/2009 at 6:13 pm

there is no way Bethenny spends only $30 on her haircut.

westindya @ 08/13/2009 at 6:56 pm

Um, Bethenny, do you ever wonder why it is you don’t keep quiet when you have nothing nice to say? You are a grown woman. Grow up and mind your own business. Seriously.

Short fuse @ 08/13/2009 at 7:11 pm

Bethenny Frankel = Rhoda Morganstern…

Short fuse @ 08/13/2009 at 8:15 pm

Gwyneth Paltrow = D.yke Jan Brady

Looking forward to GP’s comeback!!!!

I love and admire GP, and I did love Bethenny on Housewives and defended her in “my world” against Kelly. But after this snide remark she isn’t my fav. Jill Zarin is forever my fav.

Not the most flattering photo of Bethenny, but perfect for the snooty comment she made about GP.

Bethenny did try to retract her snide remark about GP but that doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lotta of media attention, HUH?

Neither looks good here. From the back, GP looks like a man.

What is there to retract? Everything she said is true and GP has made snider remarks herself.

lol@Rhoda and Jan comparisons. So True.

Gwyneth ROCKS and Beth is is just using her to get some press. People that hate hate Ms. Paltrow are simply jealous of her excellence!

@just sayin’:
and yet I find her to be someone that can’t really talk. she’s not attractive in the least herself and her nasty tone is very unappealing. she needs to just shut up and do her thing and not play ‘lets be the nasty beeyotch and talk smack about other folks”

I don’t find Bethenny’s comments nasty…at least not compared to some of the stuff Gwyneth’s said in her interviews Bethenny’s being critical, yes, but she has made some valid points, especially in light of the current U.S. economy. If Paltrow can talk smack and make ignorant generalizations about Americans, then I don’t see why Frankel, who actually works as a chef, can’t offer her viewpoint on Gwyneth’s tv show and hosting skills. Agree with the person who said she’s honest to a fault, but I don’t think she’s deliberately malicious. Saucy, yes, but she does seem to be the type of person that if you bring it to her attention, she’ll apologize if she realizes she’s hurt your feelings.
Btw, I’ve seen photos of her with Gwyneth’s brother, Jake, at events, so I doubt she has a dislike of Gwyneth.

I never cared for BF before, but she’s my new hero! GP is dullsville, and her GOOP is smug, boring, and contrived. The fact that she does these absurd juice fasts and was macrobiotic in the past only proves that she knows nothing about either food or health. She needs to STFU.

It is free press for both of them. Probably made an agreement during an event in the Hamptons this summer.

Now if Bethany could just start weighing in on Yawn and Khate, we’d all be really entertained.

These folks do take our minds off of the important things in life, now don’t they?

Who in the world is Bethenny Frankel anyway? If you think Gwyneth is “unwatchable”, then don’t WATCH her. Well, don’t even talk about her. You’re using her fame to get people attention! That’s really cheap.

At least, make yourself presentable before making this kind of comment!!! You look fugly, Bethenny Frankel. FUGLY!

Special K @ 08/15/2009 at 7:13 pm

I find neither of these two ladies attractive. If Frankel is FUG so is Paltrow who usually looks like a man in drag. Paltrow is in better shape though but she’s also taller and spends three hours a day working out. She should be fit but she’s proof a good body doesn’t always come with a pretty face. I suspect Frankel is older than her stated age of 38 and more likely 45.
I do agree with Frankel, Paltrow is no Julia Childs or Rachel Ray. I can’t picture her hosting any show right now. She’s very dull and lacks the requisite charisma.
This is probably the most press both have received in weeks so I give them both props in that respect. Well-played, ladies!

stephanie @ 08/16/2009 at 7:14 am

I completely agree. The last thing i want is some rich overprivilage person telling me how to eat. I’m a mother who works and goes to school and I certainly cant afford to be on a cleanser, work out for two hours everyday, and pay ridiculouse amounts of money to have someone shove a tube up my butt and clean me out. Gwen is dillusional, mediocore actress who needs to shut it. And she looks as attractive as a piece of boiled chicken

i think gwyneth is gorgeous and classy, though that outfit doesnt really represent how she dresses. shes not claiming to be this or that, she s just sharing some good recipes on her website – which is great – whats wrong with that?

This woman is rather plain without makeup and not classy — that’s why she makes ignorant generalizations about entire countries. Aside from Iron Man, she does not appear to be receiving many acting offers so she has to do something else to stay in the spotlight. Her cooking skills I’m not so sure of but I do agree, she was pretty dull in that chicken video. Abby Elliot of SNL does a wicked good spoof of Paltrow’s Goop. That girl should have her own show.

killakaty @ 06/12/2010 at 9:14 am

Bethenny is right

Wow, the two have so much in common – they both have square jaws.

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