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Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable

Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable

Gwyneth Paltrow keeps cool in a pair of denim cut-offs (with pockets showing!) on Tuesday, August 11, in The Hamptons, NY.

The 36-year-old actress has been posting videos of herself cooking on her website but Bethenny Frankel finds it pretty unappetizing.

“The idea of Gwyneth being the next Julia Child is unthinkable and probably unwatchable,” says the 38-year-old Real Housewives of NY star. “I once watched her show [Spain…on the Road Again] with chef Mario Batali. It was like watching delicious paint dry.”

Adds Bethenny, “I’m just not feeling her as the next Rachael Ray, who’s fun and goofy and a wing-it kind of girl. Wasn’t Gwyneth macrobiotic, then vegan, then into juice fasting? You need to be willing to dive in and taste it all and not always be on some cleansing fad diet… Who can afford holistic doctors, meals at Babbo, cupping sessions and healers? If I buy my food at Costco and get my hair done for 30 bucks, what’s the average viewer able to afford?”

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97 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel: Gwyneth Paltrow is Unwatchable”

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  1. 51
    caroline Says:

    oh please im sure gwyneth is DEVASTATED that that ugly skeletal ***** insulted her . . .
    she probably doesnt even know who the ***** is!!!
    (and to add insult to injury, she sure as hell probably knows and is friends with kelly)
    ahahahahaha hilarious!!!

  2. 52
    david Says:

    at least gwyneth doesnt look like some deranged reanimated corpse!!

  3. 53
    canthelpit Says:

    No one likes Paltrow. She’s a pretentious dog. I wouldn’t take cooking tips off her at any time, she knows nothing.

  4. 54
    Marieme Says:

    She basically covered it all. Exactly how I feel. Gwyneth is really obsessed with money imo – or perhaps the lack of it. I know she wants to build an empire otherwise she’d just disappear between films.

  5. 55
    Celebritywatcher Says:

    Frankel should sit her patootie down. We have rich and poor and everything in between on this planet. Food does not have to be from costco for it to taste good and appeal to the masses (whoever they are).


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  6. 56
    elle Says:

    she’s 100% right

  7. 57
    ma74 Says:

    That kind of Gwyneth-hatred/criticism should’s getting boring.

  8. 58
    amy Says:

    I like Gwyn. I like alot of her recipes and the advice she shares and I enjoy goop. As for this Bethenny, haven’t you heard, if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better not to say anything… It just reflects poorly on the person saying it.

  9. 59
    Beans Says:

    Bethenny your so petty! Who cares what you think! Being Holistic does not require millions! It’s actually pretty cheap. You were on the real housewives and not even married. Passing judgement on personality? Really? Have you watched yourself

  10. 60
    Dan Says:

    Frankel is right. Paltrow is boring to watch and it’s not like she has a reputation for being Miss Nice herself.

    Paltrow’s never had any problem weighing in on other actresses careers including Reese Witherspoon’s and Halle Berry’s. She certainly wasn’t shy about indicating she didn’t like Berry’s performance in Cat Woman.

    She’s just using her celebrity to try to parlay herself into a cooking career because she’s pushing 40 and the script choices have dried up. At least Frankel’s been working in her field for years and actually went to a culinary school.

  11. 61
    nicole Says:

    Bethenny is my favorite NY housewife. She’s honest (perhaps to a fault), and she doesn’t apologize for her opinions. And she WAS asked for her opinion here. I agree that Gwyneth has endorsed too many different diets. Its hard to put faith in her words when she turned her back on macrobiotic/vegan nutrition (after HIGHLY endorsing it) and now waxes poetic about chicken and cheese. Not everyone likes Bethenny, but she is wicked smart and quick. I wish both women success. To each, her own.

  12. 62
    GABY Says:

    Is she parked in a HANDICAPPED parking space?!?!?! That is soooooo SELFISH ! ! ! !

  13. 63
    Eva Says:

    She’s right! Paltrow has zero on-screen charisma and projected the same look and emotion in every role I have ever seen her play. As a TV cook, she is bland and boring. No entertainment value at all!

  14. 64
    Cherry Says:

    G. Paltrow is the guru of anorexic!! She must be bored in his life for out all the crap. She remains in her home with his false modesty. she’s a two-faced *****.

  15. 65
    jane Says:

    While I don’t think Gwyneth necessarily deserved the attack– it’s true. Most of us aren’t watching food shows for the recipes. We just like watching it. But if we WERE going to follow the recipes, we’d want it to be something practical and good. Not overly healthy and expensive. What is so great about a “chef” that basically starves herself? No thank you. To each his own but nobody in their right minds would take cooking advice from someone that was on a macrobiotic diet!

  16. 66
    jenny Says:

    Gwyneth is super cute and a lady! Bethanny is trashy she can eat a carrot and choke on it!

  17. 67
    meray Says:

    @david: Lol, she does look weird but Gwyn doesn’t look so good either. Nice from the waist down, but pretty butch in the face these days.

    My friend met Bethenny at an event and said she was very funny and sweet and that her muffins were delicious. At least she’s a trained chef.

  18. 68
    mickey Says:

    They’re both unwatchable.

  19. 69
    bulimic bethenny Says:

    Bethenny does have bulimia. She’s addicted to laxatives. Her Naturally This book is all lies, it’s not how she stays thin. It’s the laxatives! Gwyneth is famous because she’s an actress. I actually thought her cooking video was cute.

  20. 70
    Sarah Says:

    Bethenny only became known to the general public once she was on that TV show. She is just another fame craving attention *****. As far as her book goes, it’s basically a how to guide for anorexia. She eats fewer than 1000 calories a day, and on top of that, there have been many blind items about her purging those calories. People need to lay off Gwyneth, if you don’t like GOOP, don’t subscribe to it. Personally, I find it interesting, and I enjoy reading her recipes. Then again, i’m interested in many of the things she posts about. She can come off as pretentious, but it’s not like Bethenny doesn’t as well.

  21. 71
    Jenny Says:

    BF looks like a trannie and her snide quips are tired. She is neither newsworthy nor attractive. She wishes she were in GP’s league but she’s just a z list celeb/media *****. Go away.

  22. 72
    half blood Says:

    Bethenny looks like a she-male. Paltrow looks like a tranny.
    Both of their snide quips are tired and both are rumored to have eating issues — Frankel with her rumored laxative use and Paltrow with her detoxes and fasting despite claiming she exercises two hours a day so she can eat whatever she wants.

    But at least Bethenny has some culinary cred unlike Gwyneth. She could show Gwyneth how to cook. They should team up together for a show.

  23. 73
    lYNDA ANN Says:


  24. 74
    Erin Says:

    I can’t believe BF is only 38. Wow.

  25. 75
    speedmonkey Says:

    ohh the irony.

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