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Jaime Pressly: It Wasn't Pee

Jaime Pressly: It Wasn't Pee

Jaime Pressly was recently photographed squatting down and what looks like urinating outside a West Hollywood bar.

Apparently the 32-year-old former My Name Is Earl actress was in on the joke too!

“Yes….that is me doing Dare #8 at my bridal shower,” Jaime tweeted. “Things are NOT always what they seem. Notice my hand in the back –its pouring a bottle of water!!! C’mon guys! Do you think I would really pee in the entry way to the Abbey in broad DAYLIGHT!!!”

About two weeks ago, Jaime announced her engagement to entertainment lawyer Simran Singh.

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  • nick

    ahahah yeah she’s smarter than that. No one would’ve let her pee in public (her friends etc). The pic was pretty funny though.

  • donna

    She’s totally lying cause she got caught- her hand is holding back her skirt so she doesn’t pee on it. Clearly she was bursting and very drunk.

  • laura

    Don’t believe her for a second. She was drunk did something stupid and is now trying to cover. The video is pretty incriminiating.

  • dabu

    like anyone believes this? Just look at the video. Right, she is in her designer shoes and dress practically sitting in water.

  • sillyme

    Nice try, Jaime. There were witnesses, none of whom mentioned a bottle of water.

    What exactly was the dare? Go squat down and then pour a bottle of water BEHIND YOU so that it looks like you’re peeing? Yeah, right.

  • dee cee

    You need to go home and take care of the kiddies! Give up the brain and body killing let yourself go party girl image for maturity you silly woman.

  • Realme2008

    I think it was pee, and she’s trying to cover. It’s okay, though we all make mistakes you just gotta own up to them when make them.

  • she’s peeing

    Just look at the video. There’s no bottle in her hand- she’s holding her undies to the side under her dress. Besides, what grown women do dares like this, even the trashiest women?

  • Denise

    It will be interesting to see if this effects her marriage plans – pretty gross!

  • xoxo

    i want 2 see it do u guys knoe how i can see it ???

  • Jennifer

    theres no water bottle in the slew of pics they have of this.. and pics of her at all angles too. Im not bashing her. I like Jamie, I think she is hilarious.. but I definitly think she peed. One, the water is yellow like pee, two she is holding her underwear down under her dress, and three theres no water bottle at all, the other hand is holding her phone! haha.. i think she is just embarrased she got caught doing a crazy dare or she really peed because she was drunk! haha

  • A Mother

    How old is this woman? Really do people act this way today?
    Is western culture so imbecilic?

  • zk

    Sorry to burst your bubble Jared, but you should know better than to believe the publicist spin!!!

    There are eyewitnesses and video proving otherwise.

    She was stinkin drunk……….Nice mother and role model.

  • hotlikeme

    I was AT the abbey that day — It was a prank
    The screaming queens fell for it hook line & sinker
    There was a water bottle behind her when she got up
    The gays are all dramatic me being one I would know ha ha
    Jaime was wasted yes & this prank probably seemed like a good idea at the time
    We have all been there but this was 100% a prank

  • acapella

    I just can’t believe we’re still talking about this. Does it really matter matter whether or not she peed in public?

    likely retort: “If it’s not worth discussing then why are you continuing the dialog?”

    my retort to that: “Shut up”

    retort: “Make me.”

    and so on…

  • sTEVE

    I vote pee. the lines for the bathrooms are always out of control at the abbey

  • ?

    It’s embarrassing to think that a woman my age would be so stoopid, I cringe, damn, I cringe, it makes me so ashamed. Think she could do with a few maturity lessons whatever the reason.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im not sure what 2 believe
    i find it really unbelieveable that she would pee like that in public
    judging from the video, it was like 4 or 5
    if she did pee, thats really disgusting

  • missy

    that’s her story and she is sticking to it!

  • Deeznutz

    Guess Joy wasn’t much of a stretch. She was also hanging all over some guy that wasn’t Sanjaya or whatever her fiances name is.

  • hotlikeme

    are you all out of your minds?
    she would not no one would pee in that busy street
    everyone that was not being pranked knew what she was doing
    PRANK! it was a prank
    the water bottle was seen & hell these screaming queens dont like to be made fools of – also she asked for privacy no photos with people as she was with her friends
    why ask for privacy to then go pee in full view of people
    use your heads for christ sake

  • mac

    yeah, right Jaime! I dont know which is more outrageous, this story or the fact that she’s 32. I’m 35 and I remember a time when she was older than me!

  • hotlikeme

    Deeznutz :

    again wrong the guy she was with was her fiance Simran

  • hotlikeme

    None of you were there
    I was
    it was quite obvious to me what was going on as it was to the table she was sitting at with all her friends
    She had been asked for photos a few times by these people she had said no she was having a day with her friends
    They called her rude
    next thing this is all happening to her
    I wish I took photos now but as I could see clearly what was going on I did not see much point at the time

  • Upskrt Celebs

    Well it’s been so long but I’d still bleach her asshole.


    Nice try whatever your name is.

    A prank? hahaha We gays saw how you stumbled afterwards.

    Too late. The whole world now knows you are the PEEING QUEEN!


  • Urmensch

    It certainly tasted like pee to me.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks AWESOME!

  • John

    Being from Eastern North Carolina it is possible someone from there would do that. But NOT at the entrance of The Abbey!!! I love Jamie she is a true original!!!! Kudos to her and her water bottle!!! I miss carolina bbq, coleslaw and hush puppies!!!!!