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Megan Fox: Peer Pressure PSA!

Megan Fox: Peer Pressure PSA!

Megan Fox takes a moment to record an uncensored Peer Pressure PSA to promote her upcoming horror flick Jennifer’s Body, in theaters September 18.

Here’s what she says in her public service announcement: “Every year, thousands of kids entering our high schools, succumbing to terrible peer pressure. Let’s face it, high school can be tough and kids can be cruel. Picking on others for just being different.”

Megan continues, “Well, I say f— ‘em cuz they don’t show s—. What really matters is being yourself and if that includes slowly killing and then eating every boy at your school, then I say do it. Because nothing’s more important than just being who you are.” (Her character in Jennifer’s Body eats boys.)

I love Megan Fox.

Megan Fox: Peer Pressure PSA!
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  • jjj

    awesome!!! hahah so funny!

  • holly

    i see her face more and more fake everytime i see her

  • lexy

    I can’t believe JJ put her on here – she’s an actual celebrity!!

  • suzette

    i love her so much she’s a badass

  • who?

    see kids? Cannibalism is cool …

  • Luvd80s2

    Girl can’t do drama but she can sure do comedy! That was funny as hell! Let’s eat the boys!

  • me

    She cracks me up!

  • Anakin

    Her beauty is only surpassed by the size of her ego

  • Halli

    She looks like a p0rn star.
    People say she’s trying to be like Angelina Jolie.
    I don’t think so. Whenever I see per pouting and that half pouty-half toothy mouth gesture, she’s trying to pull a Marilyn. She’s obsessed with her, so it makes sense.



  • Halli

    She looks like a p0rn star.
    People say she’s trying to be like Angelina Jolie.
    I don’t think so. Whenever I see per pouting and that half pouty-half toothy mouth gesture, she’s trying to pull a Marilyn. She’s obsessed with her, so it makes sense.



  • Jen

    funny.. love it

  • definetelynotfan

    my god she really isn’t much of an actress….I really tried to like her, because this is for a good casue…but I can’t help myself she is just so so stupid…and annoying!

  • ashley

    That’s cool!!!

    I luv Megan!

  • ashley


    She’s not gonna be anyone else.

    She’s Megan Fox.

  • yea

    well l was panicking for a moment there…cause you all know that cliché of celeb promo. But………..this actually works for me. Megan did a nice thing for kids who are under pressure and in her way not watering down her image. l am happy for her and hope her film gets major box office appeal.

  • ivanka

    i thought it was her mugshot

  • me

    @who?: LOL . . .Megan is so pretty and then she speaks and you realize she is just a pretty face.

  • Lucas


    uh, you do get that it was a joke right. that it’s totally fake. she wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t an ad for her film.

    although I don’t care for him and don’t get the hype (she’s not that pretty and she can’t act as well as folks claim), this was actually funny. in fact the fact that she can’t really act is part of what makes it work

  • Not impressed by JA

    She is stupid as hell but she is funny actually.
    I think she has a real shot at comedy

  • anonymous

    hahahaha i love megan fox!

  • Chit CHIT


  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao, that was funny
    i really found it funny when she said, ‘hi im actress megan fox’, actress??lmao
    @Halli: besides ur dumbass, no1 on this thread has said anything about angie, go back to ur cave u angie obsessed no life

  • LaLa

    Totally OVER DOING the lip injections!!!!!

  • jenny

    you can really see all that plastic surgery, she’s not pretty, she plastic. her lips really shows, what a fake.

  • Lol

    Wow, this just shows how bad of an actress she is.

  • yea

    @Lucas: l dont think so, yes she is promoting her film but she is also doing something nice for kids. Believe whatever you wish:)

  • Paris h

    is that the Trailer of her new movie


  • ttyl

    That was the weakest attempt at humor I have ever seen! Good God it’s like she couldnt even read let alone know how to talk. And declaring herself an actress is stretching it very far.

    Had it been anybody else making the announcement, I’d know it was a joke. But Fox is by far the worst, this is the same girl who said she believed the war on drugs was propaganda! And that was her being serious.

  • princess

    omg love it!!!

  • H

    Her face is horrible in this video

  • danelle.

    love megan.

  • LKJ

    She is an actress. That is her job, idiots. Did she say she was good at it? No. She has said shes not a good actress.

    What is she supposed to say im director Megan Fox? Come on.

  • Jane

    Stupid PSA.

  • plastic

    omg her face is scary.Looks like a plastic doll.For the life of me i cant understand the hype.Angelina must be mortified that people compare them.This girl looks like ever other stripper out there.The only thing good about this chick is her publicist.

  • nick

    wow i sent you this… thanks a lot of the link back

  • MJ

    I agree with you.she looks weird

  • Sally

    Great sense of humor. I loved “Juno”, so I suppose I’ll like this too. The screenwriter is provocative, smart and funny. And Megan was gorgeous in the Peer Pressure PSA. In fact, when she isn’t gorgeous? She’s stunning.


    I like Megan because she is authentic. Of course she is such a beauty and so hot, but the great thing about her, what makes Megan really different, is that she doesn’t care for the others opinion and she is so spontaneous. Beautiful woman we lnow a lot, but not like her. She’s unique.


  • she looks 40

    can she get any dumber?

  • rarh

    this reminds me of one of the special features in the “mean girls” DVD when the plastics talks about how many kids are being kill or whatever in africa.

  • Sally

    @she looks 40: She looks 40? Are you kidding, right? She is in great shape, so pretty and youth.

  • dee


  • T Pain

    That Voice….

    So unfortunate…

  • Mythical Creature

    I’ll be honest. I don’t care for “boys r icky” t-shirts or themes. I think it’s wrong. I don’t appreicate males saying nasty things about females and so it would be hypocritical to accept females saying nasty things about males. I don’t like that sort of thing at all. Even though it’s tongue in cheek. People are people, it’s never okay to bash one another.

  • Isbaeli

    she did this PSA like Kristen Stewart did,
    then she goes on letterman and says the same thing
    as kristen stewart about authority
    i think the girl has a girlcrush on K stew

  • jj

    Haha, I love her too :) She rocks!

  • jkj

    she’s hot, she’s funny … but she can’t act …

  • anne

    @me: yeah and her voice grates like meg tilly. but she’ll win that oscar yet!! winky winky

  • elizabeth

    i lovelovelove her!!!
    she looks beautiful, she has great bone structure
    cant wait to see the movie!!!!

  • surrealintinseltown

    “If i get plastic surgery that would make me as good-looking as Megan…………..I just know it”

  • James

    Megan Fox= Win!