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Rachel Bilson: Studded Denim Sweetheart

Rachel Bilson: Studded Denim Sweetheart

Rachel Bilson grabs breakfast with a female friend at Little Dom’s restaurant on Wednesday morning (August 12) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress goes there a lot.

Rachel and her pal wore matching cut-off denim shorts! Rachel‘s pair was studded though, just like her quilted Chanel handbag!

Last month, Rachel also rocked out studded denim — on her jacket!

10+ pictures inside of studded denim sweetheart Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson studded denim shorts 01
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 02
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 03
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 04
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 05
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 06
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 07
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 08
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 09
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 10
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 11
rachel bilson studded denim shorts 12

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  • nick

    i fn love her

  • liz

    My God! This girl is not normal, she has serious mental problems, she needs help urgently! Why she don’t invite her friend to a lunch at his home like a normal person? Why she needs to be photographed every day?

    I’m starting to get scared with she. When she has a baby she will show him every day for the paparazzi too? Poor child, I hope that Hayden knows what he is doing with his life…

  • chris 23

    Exactly how much is JJ getting paid to chronicle this loser’s life?????

  • lakers fan in boston

    @liz: try not to make a rant when u dont make much sense

    looking totally cute, better than the last post
    love her checkered shirt =]
    personally i dont think shorts look that good on short ppl, but i guess she looks alright

  • isabelnecessary

    what the hell does she do now? god she’s up there with lindsay lohan and rihanna.

  • Marieme

    @chris 23: I know. What the fcuk? He must get these images free. There is no other explanation for this unnecessary daily assault.

  • cute


    That was so funny!

  • Anakin

    I wonder if she’s getting restless waiting to be Mrs. HC?

  • stacy

    You know guys, if you’d stop posting 5 pages worth of the same crap on every RB article that Jared puts up, maybe he’d stop posting about her on a daily basis. Every comment, every hit she generates is just more attention and revenue for the site. If you really want her to go away, IGNORE HER. You’ve all made your opinions of her VERY well known. Why go on and on and on and on and on about it every day?

  • S

    Maybe it is JJs way to knock out Rachel haters?

  • steph

    Rachel looks so cute! Love the outfit. =)

  • Anakin


    Even Diprivan couldn’t knock out the Rachel haters!

  • Heather ♥

    im tired of her. she does NOTHING expect walk around town in cute outfits. thats basically it.

  • bella

    @Marieme: LOL . . .I like this site, but I am so sick of seeing this girl daily.

  • ivanka

    i love her, keep the posts coming pls:)
    nice fashion sense

  • clare

    her shorts r from topshop and liz it’s a lot nicer going out to a nice cafe than your home u r all critcizing her for having a life

  • Diana

    I love Rachel’s style,she has a great fashion sense;)

  • lexy

    You have a point – she calls the paps & her PR folks give away FREE pics of her to this site.

    It’s not like they are taking her pic at events or at popular places. This is some little place near her home where SHE hangs out – any other celebs there?? No.

    Why wait outside for this nobody who will earn you $50 a pic when you can wait outside Fred Segal or Beso and see a REAL celeb (who’s actually worked in the past few years and recognized) amd earm some REAL money.

    BTW, this shirt looks more HC than RB – perhaps it’s her way of telling us they are still together. There seem to be a lot of doubters!

  • wtf???

    why do the paps even follow this chick everyday? angelina jolie and brad pitt don’t even get papped this much and they are much more prominent than her. honestly, wtf??

  • lexy

    She pays them! Well HC is probably paying them since she doesn’t really work.

  • ariel

    Hayden is 6’1 any clothes that he has would be so long on her that it would make her look like a homeless bag lady. No chance in hell anything she puts on is his but hats, scarfs sunglasses. Lexy I totally agree with you.

  • hayley


  • Ceci

    I love her style!!! Put more pics of rachel’s outfits!

  • Ceci

    I love her style!!! Put more pics of rachel’s outfits!

  • @all

    Haha, she must be in LA bc Hayden is building her a house and does not want her to be exposed to dust, may be bc she is pregnant. That is true love. There is no question that he is an idiot to hook up with such an ugly ditz, but I think that is what it is, unless he dumped her.

  • Sally

    Jared, I’m so glad to see pics of Rachel here all the time. I love her style. Not only her sense of style on fashion, but her way to be so sweet and so sexy at the same time, with no efforts. She’s natural. And she’s such a beauty, with this gorgeous face. Always pretty, no matter what!

  • @Sally 28

    Your love Rachel is a stupid midget who is dressed by a stylist. Get a life.

  • ariel


    Fat chance he dumped her that would be the smart idea for him. Give it till her birthday then he either will show up or she will disappear.

  • screwed
  • voice of reason

    @ 31 congrats you posted a link to a blog that had no idea they are engaged and used photo’s from PR events.

  • Angie

    hey guys!… rachel is really cool…. I love her style too… I know life is more than be a fashion girl… but, look, maybe is not so bad to see Miss Bilson in this website…. I dont know, but, if a see some celebs that I dont like, I just try to ignore them… so… maybe you should do the same with her….. is just a comment…… she is not doing anything so bad!… maybe she is just doing what she thinks is right…..

  • ali

    seriously if you hate her stop commenting or ignore her posts

  • video killed radio

    I see Rachel is posting on this site again talking about how cute she is and how sweet and gorgeous her natural beauty is together with every female friend she can convince to pump her up on this gossip site. I think the fact that she lost and lost badly at the TCA’s show this year on her supposed style that teens love (and the only ones who ever gaver her any recognition in anything she did) says a lot more. Her style is nothing we haven’t been seing many times on her for years, is not fresh and neither is she. Her fiance is in hiding and she can’t get a job in film or TV to save her life. Calling the papparazzi to take pictures of her doing nothing every single day just proves that no one is interested in hiring her to act and the world knows she’s a fraud and a cheat as a designer so this is all the celebrity she can get. She has to get a real life now and that won’t be easy because she has no idea what life would be like without people publishing her pictures and asking for autographs– and all because she used to be fresh young and pretty. Now she’s pushing 30, stale and nothing special in the looks department without a lot of makeup and airbrushing.

  • leimore

    So annoying… I hate La-la Valley celebritards. She should really feel like a fool for being endlessly promoted for nothing. But one wouldn’t even think about that when one’s having a malfunctioned brain.

  • glenn

    I don’t dislike Rachel or anything, but JJ needs to dial down the Rachel overexposure. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR HER AT ALL. It’s not only the people who post on this board who notice, but the ones who work in the industry, the directors, the producers. Everyone can see she’s not doing anything. When you’re a celebrity you have to give the appearance that you’re in demand, that you’re busy with work (even though you’re not)

    And actors who work a lot- they’re rarely seen on these pages (unless they’re abloid favorites like Brangelina) because they’re busy working. They don’t have time to be photographed walking around shopping.

    Overexposure is not a good thing for an actress when she’s not working.

  • voice of reason

    Tell that to R-Patt who is everywhere even when working-supply and demand you comment on it they will provide more pictures, don’t like it stop posting.

  • ali

    dosen’t rachel have a movie coming out with a lot of famous people in it and she dosen’t call the paparazzi they want to take her picture because her pictures sell for a lot of money she may not be a talented actress but she is a celebrity and if you people are innoyed with jj posting her every day why are you even on this site?

  • Whatever

    Like watching a dying person on a drip feed! Hey, maybe she can sue JJ for loss of career or somethin’

  • Jolietta

    Man, she shud stick to walking, for sure she cant run n look good. Is she running from the paps you think.

  • angie

    i’m more sick of haters saying the same thing than i am about seeing rachel everyday so haters you should really try to thing of different insults for her other than she is short has no style and she dosen’t work cause that’s starting to get old

  • sidony

    Douchel would have faded into the sunset soon enough if not for her media connections. She is a D-F list actress parading her sole remaining HW accessory in tow, the bling (2x) on the finger that is always (seeing to it) “aiming” at the pap’s camera.

  • mimilala

    I also love her style most of the time. Love the flats she’s wearing here!

  • tania

    why do u hate her? if u don’t wanna see her, just ignore her posts and VOILA mates! is that so hard?

    she’s cute and definitely her style is awesome. deal with that!

  • jaeger

    Arent these “tweenie-diddle-dumbs” supposed to be in bed right now?! LOL

  • luanna

    i hate when people say she’s a loser ou whatever
    c’mon people, she’s was on THE OC, the greatest tv show of my generation
    the oc can EASILY kick gossip girl, 90210 in the butt
    ARGH don’t hate on her

    jj where’s adam brody, i miss him so much

  • frenchy

    Hello, Je suis française et moi aussi j’apprécie particulièrement Rachel pour sa personnalité, son look, sa façon de vivre (ballade avec ses amies…). Elle est simple et fraîche, elle est proche de sa famille. C’est une anti-star, pas comme la plupart des actrices françaises. Elle a l’intelligence de ne pas accepter de rôle dans de nouvelles séries et semble gérer ses choix cinématographiques et elle a raison… Bonne chance à elle ! Pour ceux qui pensent qu’on la voit trop, qu’ils ne consultent plus de site people !!!

  • soo

    omg, shes too cute :)
    i love her style so much!!!!
    JJ thanks for rachel postings :) and haters go to another thread …

  • halo

    no she’s not paying paps. and she has some new movies!(ny i love you, waiting for forever etc.) if you’re a rachel fan you know that. but here are 95% haters. so wait and you will see here in a movie soon!!!
    love her outfit! her studded bag+pants :)

  • lexy

    To her fans who claim we haters should ignore her – right back at you!

    If you love her style and think she’s a great actress – what with her straight to DVD movie and the ONE other movie she’s in where she’s basically an unknown among REAL stars like Shia and Blake – why argue with us? Just ignore us Americans enjoying our right to free speech! If you want to talk about how great she is – go to a fan site.

    I posted in the Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway threads and there are haters there and guess what? I don’t care if they hate these beautiful, TALENTED and EMPLOYED ACTRESSES. I ignore them – figure it’s a bunch of Rachel fans hating on some REAL talent.