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Brad Pitt: Mayor Of New Orleans?

Brad Pitt: Mayor Of New Orleans?

Several citizens have banded together to get Brad Pitt elected mayor of New Orleans since the actor’s Make It Right foundation has provided green and affordable housing for displaced residents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Brad was asked if he would serve as Mayor of New Orleans and jokingly told the Today Show on Thursday morning, “Yeah, yeah. I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform.”

When pressed some more about running, he said tersely, “I don’t have a chance. It’s not what I do best.”

WOULD YOU VOTE for Brad Pitt as Mayor of NOLA?

Brad Pitt: Mayor Of New Orleans?
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  • an oldie

    Getty doesn’t have a picture of Frank Gehry at the Premiere, but I am pretty sure he was there. He just probably didn’t pose for the photographers. I’ll have to look at my pictures to see if I got one of him.

  • nikomilinko

    no, he has to mke movies.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb

    Larry King’s comment on his Twitter account:

    Inglorious Basterds opens on August 21, but I’ve already seen it. It was sensational!

  • spongebob :)

    Sometimes it’s really frustrating to the fans not to hear from Brad’s own mouth how he really feels about Angie. I’t s not that he’s ashamed of his feelings with Angie but for him it’s just between him and Angie. If ever these two will separate (hope not). Angie can still move on, maybe the ex is still calling and trying hard to get this man back. But time will tell, in very relationship there will always be trials and temptations but true love will prevail. If Brad truly love Angie and the kids, he will be there for them no matter what. Angie seems to be honest all the time with her feelings, she has no shame or denial. She shows how she feels and you can really tell that Angie is in love with Brad (the way she looks at him). Brad on the other hand, is very private. Whatever happens to these two, Angie will always come out with her head high. She has nothing to hide, she’s a great woman. She has the love of her children and the people she helps. ANGIE, YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • after party photos
  • love them

    # 50- agree. Am only on the 2nd page and the same idiot/ tardo that is always on B/A post is here again posting same old crap over and over. Changing names….. what a pathetic human being you are! It really gets old. I am a huge fan, so it’s really hard for me to understand what is wrong with this person, and I believe it is one person. ‘
    What a sad, miserable, lonely life this twit must have.
    Love that Brad and Angie are so happy and in love. Love seeing them and watching their movies, they are so talented and can’t wait to se IB!!
    Sorry so long, I just don’t get it….. makes you wonder what kind of day to day existence this person has…. obviously they have no life.
    Great to be a JP fan!!!!

  • E!

    Diane Kruger was interviewed by E! at the premiere of Inglorious ******** in LA. She spoke highly of her co-star Brad Pitt : “Brad Pitt is one of the best actors in the world.”

  • Passing Through

    # 55 he looks 60 @ 08/13/2009 at 5:24 pm
    Reverse the digits, divide by 6 and you have the troll’s IQ.

  • missy

    I think you found your mantra
    where Brad’s meeting Jen
    Keep saying it and when your brain explodes that’s the time Brad will meet with X

  • mariam

    @spongebob :): @after party photos:

    give it up jen he’s not coming back

  • http://justjared mary

    Many guys are uncomfortable speaking about emotions and relationships publicly, specially brad’s generation.

    He is doing well saying what little he has about Angie and kids.

  • love them

    wth- you and your split personalities have taken up 3/4 of this thread and I can’t believe I’m wasting my time on a brain- dead idiot like you but here goes….
    When you get a little older you start to worry about life and death, IMO and you think more and more of you own mortality and the people that are dear to you. Brad is 45 which is still young but I’m around that age too and you really start to put things in perspective and realize what and who is important to you and want to make everyday count .You realize life is short and we need to appreciate everyday we have with our loved ones.
    JMO, and don’t know why I’m trying to explain to a moron, but Brad is a loving man to Angie and his children and I think him and the rest of us realize we are here for a short time and don’t know what tomorrow brings. Sorry for preaching….. that’s it for me…
    Love Brad…..

  • pokeman

    Passing Through @ 08/13/2009 at 9:27 pm # 55 he looks 60 @ 08/13/2009 at 5:24 pm
    Reverse the digits, divide by 6 and you have the troll’s IQ.

    Good one PT. LMAO

  • citi

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    Many, many and many blessings to Brad, Angie and the children.

    Will be seeing

    Inglorious Basterrrrds

    Time Traveler’s wife.

  • mariam

    love this video from 0:17to0:28

    credit : berg123 @ jjb

  • update

    from Make it Right

    Dear Friend, August 2009

    Thank you for your support of Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation.

    With your help, we are on track to build 150 houses for residents of New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward; families who lost their homes and their community to Hurricane Katrina.

    Now, 18 months since our launch, we have 14 families living in Make It Right homes, 19 homes under construction and 49 families in the process of buying one of our green, affordable, storm resistant homes.

    With all of this new activity, we wanted to let you know that we are stepping up our outreach and communications efforts. We will be launching a revamped website in early fall 2009 with new communication capabilities. One of our newest innovations will be a trio of e-newsletters to help keep you better informed about our progress.

    Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you.

    The Make It Right Staff

  • an oldie

    # 158
    E! @ 08/13/2009 at 9:21 pm

    Diane Kruger was interviewed by E! at the premiere of Inglorious ******** in LA. She spoke highly of her co-star Brad Pitt : “Brad Pitt is one of the best actors in the world.”

    I like DK, and I am among the few who think her dress was glamorous. Here a picture I took of her, seen from the back and far away, but she looked so elegant nonetheless.

  • Passing Through

    # 104 jp fan @ 08/13/2009 at 6:32 pm
    Fans at jjb speculate Brad is growing beard for the role in The Lost City of Z.
    Uh…that makes ZERO sense. The man has a scraggly ass goatee. The rest of his face is clean-shaven, ergo, he is NOT growing a beard for The Lost City of Z. Frankly I just think Brad likes the damned thing and since he’s still got it I’m guessing Angie thinks it has its uses, too.
    Then there’s also the fact that Brad has NOT announced that he would star in the project. I like Brad as an actor…but British accents ain’t his forte. Or is he going to do a Tiny Tom and play the character with an American accent even though he’s supposed to be a German (British in Brad’s case) soldier?
    And last but not least – JAMES GRAY HASN’T FINISHED THE SCRIPT YET. They need a script before they can shoot. And do they know how many first drafts of scripts ever get shot? Let me rephrase that – Brad’s a picky btich when it comes to the script. Just ask Darren Aronofsky, Universal, the producers of Almost Famous and a whole slew of other movies that Brad turned down because he felt the screenplay needed more work.
    My best guess is that the earliest they could probably shoot LCoZ is Spring 2010. By then Brad’s beard would be almost as long as Tiny Tom’s is tall.

  • wow

    He really set himself up for the end of his relationship with Jolie – he said it won’t last. Even though he was joking about what he would run on for Mayor he seemed reluctant to come right out and say no he wouldn’t want that – instead he joked around. I think his sights are set.

  • lmao

    @Passing Through:
    Hey PT on the FF board they have a entire thread dedicated to your ska nkelina obcession. It’s pretty funny.

  • Passing Through

    # 118 debra77 @ 08/13/2009 at 6:57 pm
    I am sure for Brad it is a bit scary to have everything in the world you wanted. The fear of losing itr can be a bit overwhelming.. he had two really serious relationships; engagement and marriage that he thought were going to last end..
    Correction – Brad had ONE serious relationship that he thought was going to last. That would be Putrid. You’re forgetting that he said often in past interviews that his marriage to X was “a merger” and they were “in it for as far as this thing takes us…” Brad DID NOT go into his marriage to X thinking it was for forever. He went into it thinking, “If it works, fine. If not, I’ll chalk it up to experience and move on with my life.” It didn’t work so moved on with his life. What’s cracking me up is the number of people (ie, hens) who seem to have been more invested in Brad’s marriage than he and X were. I may rag on The Faux Nipped One for not having moved on, but at least she hasn’t been stalking Brad and Angie online for 4 1/2 years like the hens and trolls have. Er…or at least the trolls always swear they aren’t her..

  • an oldie

    Do they have a thread about their obsession with PT? That would be even funnier.

  • just the facts

    @Passing Through:

    Thank you. I don’t know why anyone would think he is growing a beard for a film. He likes the facial hair and Angie must as well. HeHe

    There is no script for the Lost City or funding in place yet. Brad is still talking about making Moneyball at some point, not the Lost City. Plan B has the film in development but who knows who will star in it.

    Just like some fans saying Angie will be in Wanted2. Nothing is definite yet, the director and studio want her desperately but she has not agreed to do it. Universal has had nothing but flops, will pay her a ton to do it, but who knows if she will.

    Just pure speculation.

  • ksj

    #170 Mind reader.

  • may

    He didn’t say it won’t last because he is leaving, he was talking about death. Don’t stretch the truth.

    Besides, it won’t be him that will be doing the leaving if they split. I think Angie will get sick of the drinking, the foot-in-mouth comments and his inability to demonstrate his feelings toward her. She needs more than he can give. WAKE UP ANGIE!! COOLER FISH IN THE SEA. Plus, the alcohol is starting to wank out his face.

  • missy

    A thread dedicated to PT by the hens?
    Only in the worlds of trolls . . rotflmao!

  • angie fan

    Brad is in love. I think he really worries that his happiness won’tlast. Sometimes I think Brad has that Missouri tmeperment. Angie is a strong support er of hermand nd he of her. They are working it out which is all any couple with children can do.

  • lmao

    He never mentioned Death. That’s her obsession not his. She’s the one that wanted to be a mortician.

  • Passing Through

    # 156 after party photos @ 08/13/2009 at 9:17 pm
    Phone in hand, smile on his face leaving the party. I wonder where he’s meeting Jen?
    Working on next week’s OuttaTouch story, huh? Gotta work it doubly hard since the Peeps came out the same day this week and torpedoed this week’s cover. There they sit on the newsstand side by side – OuttaTouch claiming Brad is pissed at Angie…Peeps feature a smiling Brad and Angie and proudly annoucing that Brad himself would be answering fans’ questions. Then you open the mag and guess what? Yep…there’s Angie in the suit with Brad while he’s doing his Peeps interview and guess what? Yep, you got it – Peeps never makes one single comment on any tension between and in fact declares them happy as a troll rolling around in a vat of feces from an X colon cleanse. What? Surely you didn’t think X dealt with her own poop? Hell, no. She hires “workers” for that. Their pay is they get to sleep with her. Before she dated Johnny Pee Poop it was AFTER the colon cleanse…now it’s during. It’s X’s version of “going away and getting dirty.” Cuz…ya know…she has to do something to remind the world that she’s on equal celebrity status footing as Brad and Angie…

  • briseis

    PT: wow, an entire thread dedicated to you? You have reached an “iconicness” of sorts. And you have the fugly one to thank ….

  • an oldie

    Oh boy, the bait didn’t work with the fans, so now the troll is pretending to be a Brad fan fighting with an Angie fan, its alter ego. It’s going to be a long nite, y’all.

  • Passing Through

    # 171 lmao @ 08/13/2009 at 9:57 pm
    Why are you talking to me about FF, trollette? Wait a sec…let me correct myself – Why are you talking to me at all, trollette? If you want me to make fun of you, I’ll be more than happy to do so…as I proved earlier with your “He looks 60″ alias. Scurry on back to your little rat hole. If you’re lucky, when you get back there’ll be some cockroaches and maybe a few ants for your dinner.

  • hag

    i will be seeing the TTW this weekend and IB with my boyfriend next weekend!! can’t wait! i always support brad and angie’s movies.

  • ksj

    The grandstand player fans think Brad wants to take the ugly
    Narcissist to bed.Dream on ,the x granstand player is ugly as

  • an oldie

    Briseis, I was going to say the same thing. PT has reached an iconic stature. She has a thread dedicated to her. I am jealous, PT.. We need to celebrate.

  • dianad1968

    @Passing Through:


    LOL, PT, I think Brad is such a big and powerful movie star, that he just does what the h*ll he wants, and too bad what any one else thinks. And like you say, Angie probably loves it. In his Parade interview, he said that this time in his life, is the freest he has ever been. And I think I understand what he means. I read that when he was letting his beard grow for the Aronofsky (sp) film, his then wife was telling everyone who would listen, that she hated it. I am sure Angie loves and accepts Brad no matter what.

  • dianad1968

    @an oldie:


    an oldie, Diane seems like a nice and genuine person, but I thought she looked like she was wearing a porcupine.

  • me

    I’ve vote for you, BRAD!!!
    Apparently he and Pres. Obama are distant cousins so Brad might definitely have a chance! :D

  • Neil

    Passing Through @ 08/13/2009 at 10:32 pm

    I’m in the PT fan club because PT wields a mighty fan “club”.

  • briseis

    an oldie: three of the JP fans have become legendary: Rica due to her fantastic fanfics, Cliniqua because of her passionate, articulate posts in defense of the JPs, and now PT because of her witty, snarky putdowns of the jenhens. Wow! A toast to PT.

  • hag

    it is absolutely fascinating to watch the mad decent of JA fans…..not only do they stalk the JP’s but also set their crazed obsession onto JP fans!!!!

    how weird and freaky….

  • missy

    Hey guys!
    I think PT is blushing . . hehehe :-D

  • ididNOTsayshewasmysoulmate

    bwahahaha there’s the resident Passing Through holding court on JJ. Says she uses “X”cause she won’t waste her time spelling out her name but guess what folks….SHE TOOK 5 PARAGRAPHS TALKING ABOUT JENNIFER TO TELL YOU THIS is the last thread. bwahahaha. What an idiot.

    Now look at her posts in here. All she does is talk about Jennifer. Me thinks Passing OUT is all about Jennifer Aniston. LOL.

    Now watch, she’ll say something about Jennifer back to me and talk childish.

  • seriously

    I’d vote for BRAD. He is the most beautiful man on earth from inside and out.

  • dianad1968

    LOL ,PT I told you a few days ago, that I am glad you are on my “team”. I think the FFers are wishing that too. They are slowly losing their minds, because in addition to the JPs not following the script dictated by the idiots, they have to deal with you always slapping them down.

  • dianad1968

    BTW, the story of X’s father saying that Brad was reluctant to marry her, is it true, or is it just a rumour? I would like to believe it, but if it was a tab story, I prefer not to.

  • ididNOTsayshewasmysoulmate

    JP FANS BEWARE…..PT is NOT your friend. Look at what she’s done to this thread. She’s turned it into a Jennifer Aniston thread just like she always does.

    Maybe you chickadees are intimidated by her jr. high name calling but no real woman is. Look at some of you lining up behind her scared and hiding from the people who stand up. Your praising her childish tirades like she some hero and you weaklings can’t stand up for your idols yourself. Admitting that your scared of her and glad you’re a worshiper too. Got news for ya….people are laughing at her childishness NOT intimidated by it. You fraidy cats who let some blow hard do your talking for you cause you wub da jolie/Putz and others don’t.

    Most that come over here do it to “poke the Passing Through bear” so they can laugh at her rantings and watch her spit all over her computer screen. Trust, no one is put off by her at all. She’s a Cliniqua wanna be. tee hee.

  • missy

    Assly just checked in for the trolls evening shift!

  • manLESSton, I likely

    @dianad1968: IIRC the exact quote was “walked reluctantly down the aisle.” In a soap interview.

  • History lesson

    The rumor is crap and you know it. If it came from a real source it would have been quoted.
    Why would Bradley design matching wedding rings (and sue the designer when he tried to sell copies)and go all out on this wedding if he was reluctant.
    Again the bradgie loons pick and choose which gossip sites to believe. No one can post a legitamate source that claims Brad didn’t want to marry Jennifer.