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Brad Pitt: Mayor Of New Orleans?

Brad Pitt: Mayor Of New Orleans?

Several citizens have banded together to get Brad Pitt elected mayor of New Orleans since the actor’s Make It Right foundation has provided green and affordable housing for displaced residents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Brad was asked if he would serve as Mayor of New Orleans and jokingly told the Today Show on Thursday morning, “Yeah, yeah. I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform.”

When pressed some more about running, he said tersely, “I don’t have a chance. It’s not what I do best.”

WOULD YOU VOTE for Brad Pitt as Mayor of NOLA?

Brad Pitt: Mayor Of New Orleans?
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  • OMG

    Damn this barren troll never sleeps,lol,honey look up how much mgmt did and then lets compare,lol

  • NAN

    Correction :people around the world starting to don’t like her when they found out the truth .

  • may

    Angie and Viggo! He is hot, smart and available…

  • Part of the world.

    lickers @ 08/14/2009 at 5:49 am @huh:

    People magazine and Anne Curry are brangelooonies ass lickers. No one cares for those fake staged Q&A.

    How arrogant of you. I am part of the world and I CARE about those questions Jencr*tin .

  • mariam


    BP lost a lot of fans when he hook up with JA !!!!!!!
    When BP hook up with AJ he ‘d fans all over the world come back to support him again


    i’m one of those

    i was a big fan till the day i was watching the cast of friends on oprah and she said that maniston is brad pitt wife ………….that was the shock…

    that day he lost me as a fan and all my girlfriends… we were teenagers at that time ….we always tought he was single and one day
    he’ll meet angelina to hook up with ……….we were fans of both of them even before getting together and creating this big beautiful family

    brad and angie were and still the most popular movie star in my country and maniston was known as rachel of friends , in 2005 brad pitt ex wife and now no one remember her

  • pga

    LoL the over bearing x fans have been here trying to
    attach the ugly promiscuous lard face to Brad,with
    her fake nipples and butt crack always trying to
    attract attention to her ugly ass face.He ran from
    this hag to another country as far as he could.
    He is done with this staging queen since 2004.

  • angie’s old nose

    Hell no! He can’t even run a marriage successfully, let alone a city.

  • fillerfacebrad

    He’s always drunk anymore. This interview I saw the other day , he was drinking out of a coffee cup (in the evening) and you could tell it wasn’t coffee. His remarks were rally weird too….about how he’s a Wh*re” and all. Turn off major. He’s getting uglier and uglier, inside and out.

  • jenny Shimizu

    He has obviously had a mini face lift recently. Guess that explains the sun glasses 24/7 the last 3 weeks.

  • ohreally?

    @pga: What and see who he’s dating now. You’re going to flip you lid. It’s been over with them for 4 months and everyone in Hollywood knows it. As Brad has stated many,many times…” I don’t believe people aren’t meant to stay together forever” .

  • jen the hag

    hmmm why does the FF cretins suddenly appear all over ??? heheheh JENHAGS still posting the break-up version 2009 LMAOOOO!!!! Poor pitiful lonely emblem for dumped cougars i think it’s time for all of you to take your PROZAC hehehehehe.

  • Question


    So you know that they are over and you know who he is dating?

  • sh_kandar

    @angie’s old nose: @fillerfacebrad: @jenny Shimizu: @ohreally?:

    really?? come on jen stop posting here

  • Part of the world.

    equal marriage @ 08/14/2009 at 5:25 am @COOPER:

    Bradley likes boys. Maybe he and Brad can have some fun together.
    Uum, since it is now proven that Maniston has a micro p.een and has never conceived, i will say that she is even more masculine than the two Brad reunited. I bet, that’s the reason why this hermaphrodite keeps on getting dumped.

  • love brad n Ange

    @reply | Flag This
    # 6
    mailey @ 08/13/2009 at 3:35 pm

    ew, he’s so not cute anymore.

    He’s a fourty-something year old man he doesnt care if he’s cute or not. He’s not a baby. Don’t expect him to be cute…

  • jen the aging porn star

    @angie’s old nose: @fillerfacebrad: @jenny Shimizu: @ohreally?:
    Stop Changing your name, Jen !

  • love brad n Ange

    Brad changed so much since he met Angie. She converted him into someone more caring. If someone can’t do something good for someone else in need then they should just STFU n stop criticizing ppls who are trying to do their parts.


    Good morning Jolie-Pitt fans. Did any of you guys see Showbiz Tonight on HLN last night? It was about Brad media blitz this week. Their question of the day was ” Brad and Angelina are they still the hottest couple in Hollywood?”. Please go to their website and vote or call their hotline and leave a message at 1-888-728-2899.

  • fan

    Just got two copies of people magazine,one to read and the other to frame,the picture of brad and angie is so beautiful,a little story the cashier was a guy in his 20′s with a bo. Marley tshirt and he said brad was a lucky man to snag angie and I said they both were lucky and he shook his head up and down,TGIF

  • jill stinks

    Jill @ 08/14/2009 at 1:00 am # 240 groundcontrol @ 08/14/2009 at 12:32 am
    It could not be more clear that Brad is discussing his own mortality.

    How many times do I hafta tell ya — these hags aren’t every bright. They aren’t even bright enough to qualify as stupid. They’re toopid


    lil b2tch jill learn how to type and spell b4 u say anything to someone else……………………………………………..every bright? .hafta? toopid?

  • jill stinks

    please dont reply back.i dislike you, like spinach

  • Hermafraudiston

    I wanted to tell you guys, so you will be the first to know before i go to Twitter, I intend to give for free my micro p.een to my dear friend Chaz Bono.

    That will be my humanitarian act of the year and since i am accustomed to surgeries, i won’t freak out….
    I needed to get rid of that shameful appendix anyway cause the Brads keep on dumping me because of this. I can’t hide my true nature anymore, Mayer knows the truth and is blackmailing me to give the info to his ex, the Cuban with pimples. Since i am a little bit slow with schemes, i went to Huvane for advice and because he think thoughts better than me. I don’t have anything left to reinforce my fake good girl image (sorry Sally, Betand Ellie, i know you guys were counting on me…sorry to disapoint you), i must tell the truth before it explodes at Perez’s nasty blog where he constantly make fun of me cause i dare to homerwecked his former couple with my beloved urinator, the one i took twice in a row..
    Chaz, my dear friend, your honesty and public bravery has made me realise that i needed to come clean too. Thank you so much for showing me the light. This is for you my friend, a present for free : my micro p.een, the one i couldn’t hide on that shameful bikini picture and that you may need.
    With Love and Tears.
    Jennifer Fraudiston the Whiner who will come out of the closet anytime soon…
    PS : Hey, Brangelina fans, you guys are the sh*t, well organized, intelligent, numerous, perfect thought thinkers. I envy your idols so much to have such supporters. You have given good karma to the Brange, please i am begging you to pray for me too during these terrible moments of humiliation i will soon endure…. don’t tell my fan base that i trust you more than them when it comes to karma : look at “management”, those idiots didn’t even cOme to the theaters eventhough i rocked that perfect body they so adore in a sexy aluminium mini dress on the red carpet. All this for nothing. Where were they when i needed them most ? I can’t count on them, ….(keep it to yourself though, those loons make my skin crawl and give me a nasty rep).
    God Bless the Brange and their fantastic fans. keep up the good work guys. I hope one day i can trade my mediocre fan base to yours.

  • love brad n Ange

    Sally, you seem like a nasty B I T C H! does it make you happy when seeing people fails? Even if that movie doesn’t get good reviews or make much money it still got nothing to do with you and these celebs are still a thousand times richer than you. Get off your fat A S S and get a life.


    Good morning Jolie-Pitt fans. Did any of you guys see Showbiz Tonight on HLN last night? It was about Brad media blitz this week. Their question of the day was ” Brad and Angelina are they still the hottest couple in Hollywood?”. I thought it was a trick question. Can’ you name another couple hotter. You can’t.

    Please go to their website and vote or call their hotline and leave a message at 1-888-728-2899.

  • jen the aging porn star

    Sally @ 08/14/2009 at 6:12 am Well add USA TODAY to that list, ouch,lets hope IB does better,i doubt it,bye

    Wait till your buddy idol next bomb coming this September before blabbing your big mouth. and I’m sure even a movie as bad as TTW as you said will make more money than filler face Mismanagement and her september flop Traveling ? eh Love again ?or Rachel fall in love again ?or whatevah, Gosh never seen a movie kept changing it’s titte. can’t kept track of it . She strip her cloth and go totally nude at 40 for that dog movie, I told ya, She’s gonna call and beg Hugh Hefner for a chance to be the cover girl of Playboy , this time I’m sure she’s gonna pose with her wide leg open showing her aging vajenjen. inorder to sell her movie . if she didn’t do it this time, believed me, she’s gonna do it when those subsequent silly, flop movies keep coming out next year and the coming year. that’s what you faniston loons called classy woman.

  • NAN

    @ mariam ! So do I ,since BP hook up with Ho , I ‘d never watch his movies any more !
    We can see Ho’s fans they come here ,They showed us how low lives ,low class ,They writing all idiot and shi*,We can see at they don’t have much education ,They cannot write the fact that people can prove,They barking like the dogs barking at the dead leaves !
    Ho’s fan showed us that they have problem whit their psychos,They can writes all the lies ,but cannot write the truth,That’s why they come here barking and biting and left and come again with their new names,They are the coward,They not dare to writing their real names b/c they scare at people can see at they are ga ga not normal !

  • lol at ff

    LOVE AND MARRIAGE Jennifer Aniston says the first year of her marriage to Brad Pitt has been the ”hardest year of my life.” In the May issue of Vanity Fair, Aniston talks about how introspective her life has become since she and Pitt tied the knot last July. Aniston also mentions Pitt’s former relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow: ”Gwyneth is a lovely person. But I didn’t worry about their past relationship, it was never something that was an interference.”

    The famous ”Friend” even confessed that she and her husband have different ideas about kids: ”I always thought two or three children, but Brad’s definitely seven. He loves the idea of a huge family.”
    stop telling us it was a perfect marriage l thought the first year is the best in a marriage oh well.

  • briseis

    Love brad and Ange: Sally is a recent but now major player in the fugly threads. She is best buds with bet, ellie, jade and jenfan and all those other denizens of darkness. She occasionally infiltrates the JP threads to try to wreak havoc while pretending to be meek and mild-mannered, chastising the JP fans for our “meanness” to FF. She is also trying to ruin Brad’s project TTW by posting the negative reviews. As if we cared. I know I don’t … will be trying to watch TTW as soon as I can.
    She needs to hope and pray that Shite Happens, Traveling or Brand New Day, whatever is the title of FF’s movie with poor pre-The Dark Knight Aaron Eckhart will get good reviews and earn more than the pitiful amount misManagement made in its local and international run.


    Good morning Jolie-Pitt fans. Did any of you guys see Showbiz Tonight on HLN last night? It was about Brad media blitz this week. Their question of the day was ” Brad and Angelina are they still the hottest couple in Hollywood?”. I thought it was a trick question. Can you name another couple hotter Brangelina . You can’t.

    Please go to their website and vote or call their hotline and leave a message at 1-888-728-2899.

  • lulu

    jen the aging porn star


    LOL. ITA. I won’t be surprise if she posed for Playboy, afterall, this aging middle age 40 y.o hag was always parading half naked or almost nude showing those almost bare wax coohie to the razzie, going completely naked in those explicit orgy position is not that big deal for that 40 y.o. hag. and her unabashly publicly parading those erect nipple for more than a decade is another prove this hag will do anything for MONEY and FAME .

  • mariam


    pikho pikho pikh pikh pookh pakh pikh pakh poukh pakh

    an article from 2007 …..wake up it’s 2009 pikh pokha

  • Oh dear

    @Question: oh no you didn’t. Passing Through is NEVER just passing through. She is a 500 pound shut in. Loser!

  • x’mas morning

    This is the link to Ocean 12 interview with Diane - There are six parts in all and in part 6 is where Brad said “…. thinking of family”. I don’t know how to save it and I just kept it my favourite. Hope this is relevant .

  • JP suxs

    Question, It is been OVER for 4 months. Are you trying to cause a mass Loonie suicide here? HarHar, who would everyone make fun of then?

  • Passing Through

    # 273 groundcontrol @ 08/14/2009 at 1:37 am
    Hypnosis to remember more of the Friends dirt my e-mail buddies discussed? That would be kind of hard because in general I tried not to pay attention unless TXF was being discussed in the same message. After all, there were 5 other people on that show and although the hens think it was X’s show, most of my buddies liked other characters better and followed those actors.
    I’ll tell you the 4 biggest pieces of dirt I remember from those days. Most of them are fairly common knowledge these days, but it wasn’t 7-9 years ago -
    1. Schwimmer and Kudrow were not all that fond of X even though they got along with her. Notice you never see pix of them with her now…yet I’ve seen pix of them with almost all the others since the show ended. X was a wee bit too shallow for their taste…and by a “wee bit” I mean they thought she was a superficial, needy fameho who used her relationship with Brad and the media’s interest in their “golden” coupleness to push the idea that she was “THE STAR” of Friends and the rest of them the supporting cast. And remember – because he was the on/off boyfriend, that meant Schwimmer was getting almost as much face time as X…he just didn’t like HOW his character was getting that airtime.
    2. Courteney’s extremely skinny/anorexic period was fueled by coke and her nickname of “Cokey Cox”…and she and X did a lot of it together, hence X getting really skinny, too.
    3. Matthew Perry’s drug problem. They talked about it for a good year before he announed he was going to rehab. This was before the advent of blogs, tweets and all that stuff. There were only a handful of places I ever saw the info before his rehab announcement.
    4. The X fake pregnancy/pregnancy kit story.

  • Question

    Friday, August 14, 2009
    By Tubby Tim Turner

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have re-taken the red carpet in order to promote Brad’s newest movie Inglorious Basterds. Although the couple is all smiles in front of the cameras, tabloid reporters are taking a closer look under the surface and are finding that Pitt and Jolie’s relationship is a rotting carcass running on the smallest of fumes.

    The speculation about Pitt and Jolie having major relationship problems is not new. In fact, In Touch has been reporting on this very subject since nearly the birth of the couple’s twins, Knox and Vivienne. In their latest cover story, entitled “Angelina Humiliates Brad”, the tabloid takes an in-depth look at Brad and Jolie’s night in front of Hollywood’s glitterati.

    The scene is a red carpet setting outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on August 10. Jolie accompanies Pitt to his premier, but does all she can to steal the show. Jolie turned on the million dollar smile as soon as she saw the adoring public.

    “As soon as Angelina stepped out of their car, she left Brad behind her.” an witness said. “She signed autographs for fans by herself and didn’t seem to care where she was.”

    The flamboyant behavior was not lost on her mate, Pitt, who glared at her on several occasions. According to most who witnessed the event, Angelina Jolie totally upstaged Brad Pitt in her little sexy black dress and her outgoing attitude.

    “The crowd went wild for Angelina,” said the LA Times. “Brad was hot, too. But you know, Angie just steals the show.”

    Brad Pitt has been taking a bit of heat lately because he’s starting to show his age. At 46, being a “boy toy” isn’t as easy as it used to be. He really tried to look his best for this opening night.

    “He even went to the dermatologist and dentist this month,” said an insider.

    If Brad looked like a million bucks, though, Angelina looked like ten million!

    “She had the dress delivered that day and wore the hottest shoes from Christian Dior. She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she was sexy again.”

    Further adding to the rift was that Jolie was talking to reporters while Brad looked as if he was waiting for the first opportunity to get away.

    “But Brad liiked so mad he kept pulling Angie away from interviews, he seemed annoyed that she talking so much,” said an onlooker.

    Jolie was even asked if she and Pitt would be working together in a movie any time soon. She answered a bit tartly, “I would love to but we’ve got a lot of kids to raise.”

    Pitt and Jolie didn’t even stick around to watch the movie. They snuck out and jumped into a private car at the first opportunity to get away.

    Pitt and Jolie have been making the rounds lately calling each other “soulmates”, but In Touch insists these two are heading to Splitsville faster than a Florida home going into foreclosure during the credit crisis.

    According to a friend of Pitt’s, his life has become a domestic nightmare.

    “Brad’s life is changing diapers, feeding babies, running errands with the kids and working,” he said. “The passion he once had with Angelina seems to be all gone – it’s been replaced with nearly nonstop bickering.”

    Pitt is even questioning the hurry he was in to have so many kids with Jolie in such a short period of time.

    “Of course, the wonderful moments with the kids outweigh any bad, but sometimes Brad worries if maybe it was mistake rushing into things the way he did with Angelina,” the friend said. “They were so in love, but he realizes now it was irresponsible having six kids in such a short time.”

    In Touch then finishes their feature with an accusation that seems easy to believe. That is Brad Pitt is drinking heavily these days, which is adding considerable stress to his relationship with Jolie and the kids. They cite Pitt’s haggardly and drunken appearance in many photos lately, as well as some choice quotes.

    Pitt and Quentin Tarantino, director of Inglorius Basterds have been drinking together.

    “We worked hard, but we played hard,” said Tarantino. “So basically at the end of a given week, we would go out and party and cut loose.”

    Since the director and lead actor admit to being drunk while making the movie, does that mean the audience is going to need to be drunk to watch this 2 and 1/2 hour clunker?

    I leave that question for you to answer.

    As usual, it looks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have gone on the offensive for his latest movie, yet just behind the scenes the tensions are flaring and the bickering is hitting a high-pitch.

    It now seems to be only a matter of time until Brangelina goes the way of the dinosaur.

  • Passing Through

    # 274 guli @ 08/14/2009 at 2:08 am
    PT and Jill…..just wait a second…I am shocked the whole world is shocked this troll doesn’t ring a bell with you guys…Wasn’t it over two years ago a genious troll concluded that PT/Jill/guli were actually the same person changing names!! Duhhhh we laughed our arses offf and called each other the “cyber TRIPLET sisters” ROTFLMAO
    As if we give a flying fcuk what this ding dong moron thinks! LOL
    Oh yeah…I forgot about that. We were dubbed the three-headed hydra. I suspect that besides the J-Ps, and being old enough not to care what people think of us, the main thing the 3 of us have in common is that we don’t suffer fools gladly. And “fools” is a polite word for these idiot trolls…

  • briseis

    #332: Too funny, that “article” is at least two years old. Goes to show that this shite about their “break-up” is a nonstop attempt by fanistons, jenhens, haters and Huvane’s PR people to besmirch and smear this lovely couple. Too much jealousy in behalf of a 40-year-old cougar. Can’t figure out what hold this btich has on people … can’t be just because she’s “cute”, “has a banging bod”, “looks like the girl next door”.

  • ana

    Good morning to all the JP fans!

    So you can know you are dealing with only ONE troll who is on this Site DAY & NIGHT -

    here is a list of some of Sally’s Aliases:


    USA Today
    New York Times
    New York Post Time Bomb

    equal marriage
    Kid machine
    Angie’s old nose
    Jill stinks
    Hi Sally
    The Funny Thing Is.
    and multiple others –

    This biyatch is sooo tired of talking to herself – with her multiple personalities – on the hag’s thread (bet, ellie, etc.,) – she comes to the JP thread regularly to get some intelligent conversation.

    She is the emblem of the lonely troll –

    The hag has no fans that are frequenting her thread – so Sally is over here trying to drum up business for the hag.

    She is trying to ride the coattails of the JP Fans – just like her idol!

    It won’t work Sally! Give it up!

    Sally, you have been EXPOSED!!!!!

  • the real lou

    Question @ 08/14/2009 at 9:33 am
    Question @ 08/14/2009 at 10:08 am

    Why in the hell is this moron troll posting tabloid stories?Both of these BS stories came from Life and Style and In Touch magazine.And the first story was from 2007,lol.

  • JP suxs

    Why in the hell is this moron troll posting tabloid stories?Both of these BS stories came from Life and Style and In Touch magazine.And the first story was from 2007,lol.

    Because it is funny to watch the loonies go Craaaaaazy

  • voe


    There are so many films with unfavorable reviews making big bucks. Yours, Jen, attest to this. So quit rejoicing when JP’s films don’t get good reviews.
    But more importantly, why do you spend so much time wishing for the man you will always love to suffer? Honey, my ex did not leave me with one penny, never paid child support, yet though I didn’t spend even a day wishing him ill. I simply did not care. There are millions, if not billions, women left penniless and with children in this world, and most don’t behave like you and your friends/fans. Your lot just probably don’t have to work much, and I even dare to speculate that you witches don’t want to commit to a new relationship for fear of losing the spouse support checks so you kept getting dumped and, pi.ssed, you blame your ex, therefore your time and energy is spent wishing misfortune on the ex and his new love and family.

  • the real lou

    JP suxs @ 08/14/2009 at 10:23 am ……That speaks volumes about your life and mental state.

  • OMG

    Lol,really you give yourself a little too much credit,lol,continue pulling the articles out of your as s ,that’s where they belong,lol,I guess sitting home and jacking off on friends repeats aint working for you,lol

  • credit:ggaaalleee

    yuku @ 09/10/2008 at 7:50 am
    gggaaallleee wrote

    I was searching a great speech about environmental awareness for our English class tomorrow, and then I came across at That site talks about many things, from celebrities to environment. And then I searched for Angie’s name. There are tons of articles about her, but I found an interesting article about Brad and Angie.


    Predicting the length of Angelina and Brad’s relationship
    I truly think that Brad and Angelina may just have a shot at making it through the test of time as a couple. And, I have no doubt they will remain committed to their growing brood of kids, no matter what the outcome of their coupling. While long-term relationships in Hollywood probably equate to about five to ten years, it just seems that Angelina and Brad have a bond that will defy the odds. For starters, they are equals in almost every way, whether comparing them in looks, star power, earnings, popularity, sex appeal, fame or acting abilities. They also seem a great match in terms of ambition. Neither comes across as exactly lazy.

    But, I think what really builds a strong foundation for this couple is true love, and their love appears to be built on mutual admiration and respect, shared values and dreams, and similar priorities and choices around family and lifestyle. While as a couple they make an incredible team, each party brought their own strong footing into the relationship. When they met, both were huge stars yet already moving on a path toward more balance and hopes of making an impact on this world. Instead of hitting the Hollywood hot spot of the moment and leaving her child with a nanny, Angelina had already clearly established herself as a philanthropist and as a humanitarian. She had shown great passion and dedication toward helping others, increasing awareness and learning more. She also strongly valued her child and wanted to be a huge part of his life. While Brad was perhaps not as hugely involved in humanitarian causes when he met Angelina, my guess is that Angelina served as an inspiration and spark for helping him jump start that new direction for his life. Brad had also always expressed a strong desire for children, and Angelina shared that view with him and already had one child.

    When I think of true love in the sense of a partner, what comes to mind include the very things I have touched upon above: mutual respect and admiration to drive both the friendship and the romantic sides of the relationship, equal footing and shared passions to fuel the relationship, and similar lifestyles and priorities to move toward accomplishing those goals.

    Angelina and Brad seem incredibly lucky to have found such things in each other. I think what they do as a couple is often brave. They go places others do not dare to visit; they devote both money and time to humanitarian causes. They adore their children and place them first.
    If we were only all so lucky, we would be more likely to agree that Angelina and Brad really do have a good chance of making it. Their relationship seems to be built on a hugely solid foundation, and I wish them much happiness.

  • Loe

    OPRAH: Brad’s new movie is so fascinating. It’s call the CCBB and it opens Christmas day. If you haven’t seen the cover of the art issue of W magazine you did all these photographs. You’re quite the photographer Mr. man.

    BRAD: We have a lot of fun working together and doing these projects. When films come out, it’s customary to do a magazine do a photo shoot and help push the film. And we just thought ‘let’s do it together see what happens’ it was total experimental. But at the same time I thought, if we’re going to do this lets just do things around the house. When Angie is usually shot she’s seen as a femme fatale, she does that very well, but also she has the biggest heart and inexhaustible spirit and sweetness and goodness, and she’s the real glue of the family, and that’s what I wanted to portray in that. We just shot it very casually during the course of the week and it was really fun for us.

  • an oldie

    Oy, quoting OuttaTouch like it was the bible. Of course if you are a troll and rags are your bible, then by all means.

  • 5th avenue

    I want to post this again as ‘just a reminder’ to the pathetic trolls!!!

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie show up gorgeous as ever to the Tokyo premiere of his now Oscar-nominated film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and when asked by a reporter to describe Brad Pitt in a few words, Jolie replied with an endearing answer: “Brad can’t be described using words but to wake up and see him with our kids, taking care of us or to wake up in his arms and look in his eyes makes me the proudest woman in the world. He is the man that made all my dreams come true, and making him and my little kids happy everyday is my number one priority.” Jolie then added that the way Pitt portrayed Benjamin Button’s character “melted my heart”. The nomadic duo are reportedly settling in New Jersey for the next few months where Angelina will be filming Edwin A. Salt.

  • val

    Hello Fans,
    I have been lurking for a few days, just reading the craziness going on at JJ.
    For some reason, I cannot fathom why normal people who are fans of X want to see a couple who are together for five years now break up. With that said, I think all this hatred 24/7 has to be paid by X’s team. That is the only way I can reconcile the crazies that live here all the time. Personally, I feel that Brad and Angie are in this together and will do what it takes to keep their family and love going strong. With that said, Brad is an actor, and seems to be eccentric, with his film coming out he will say things that peek interest in even more than it already is. If the fans of X who cannot move on chose to disect everything he does and twist it around to make them feel better, that is just too bad for them.
    Since Brad is a drunk ,a bad father and a cheat then there is no reason to wish him back with X. If you care for X then you want the best for her, not a ‘terrible” man like Brad.
    And since Angie is a “homewrecker”, “maneater”, “s.k.a.n.k” and all of the vile name you call her than Brad is the perfect man for her. You should be jumping for joy that they are together in “misery”….
    Its such a shame that you can’t see the love between the two and leave it for what it really is, two people who love each other and are raising a family together, while holding crazy work schedules and somehow finding a way to make it work.
    I for one want X to find somebody just so her fans can find something else to do and leave the JPs alone. No one deserves the type of nastiness that is said about them, no one….espcecially people you do not know!

  • briseis

    Brad has said they don’t really fight … but InTouch says they bicker all the time. Hmmmm, whom to believe? The person involved, or a known lying, making-up-stories tabloid??? Decisions, decisions.