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David Beckham: Beating Roger Federer is Incredible

David Beckham: Beating Roger Federer is Incredible

David Beckham and son Brooklyn, 10, board a flight at London’s Heathrow Airport headed to Los Angeles on Thursday (August 13).

The 34-year-old soccer stud recently blogged, “I was honored to be voted Best Male Athlete for the second year in a row at the Teen Choice Awards. To have beaten the likes of Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant to win is incredible and I’d like to thank all those who voted for me.”

10+ pictures inside of David Beckham headed back to the states…

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  • HockeygurL

    His son is a cutie looks just like him.

  • no

    that kid is gonna be fine in his teenage years!

  • marissa

    He is too hot

  • LMAO

    teens voted you because you’re hot, not because you’re a good athlete

  • Jen

    Im happy for him. He’s a nice guy

  • pALOMA


    That’s not true! Have you seen him play?? He is incredible!!!

  • fangbanger


  • Wendy

    He is just insanely attractive, loved him on Kelly & Regis, such a gentelman.And he has a wicked style, the kid looks like him.

  • caro

    He is a GREAT athlete.
    He has to work and train just as hard as any other player ( or even harder) for his place in the team.
    He is now competing with players who are 14 years his junior (or more) for his club(s) and country (England) and he manages to get through the training alongside them and still earn a starting place.

    If he starts for England or AC Milan, this has nothing to do with celebrity, but has to do with his athletic ability and skills.

  • pALOMA



  • pALOMA



  • kaos

    Who knows who did the voting? NOBODY KNOWS WHO THESE VOTERS ARE. It is his publicist and agent who paid Teen Choice Awards and all these cockamamie awards and tabloids to put his name out because he and his stick wife are so DESPERATE to make it in the US and sell their BRAND. THat is what it is all about – Sell his Brand. This guy is not a football player anymore – his priority is to sell his brand and this means getting the record as England player with the most caps, even if he is sent out for two seconds as subs and he is no longer a regular starter for the England. What a joke!

    To #6 who says he was incredible, that goes to show how much he or she knows about soccer. Beckham is a has-been and it is all about marketing for him and his stick wife, even to the point of “selling” and “marketing” their sons to make them family-friendly.

    Please go away these two. Just vanish already!

  • Buckley

    Roger Federer is a class act.
    You, David are a fame

  • Buckley

    Roger Federer is a class act, and an authentic athlete.
    You, David are a fame whore.
    Can you even imaging Federer in armani ads?

  • Chau

    This guy needs to learn humility. And winning a TCA is not a big honor. LOL. He was voted by a bunch of teens! Big whoop.

    P.S. He talks like Mickey Mouse! Hahahaha.

  • ck_always

    @Chau: You have some terrible comprehension. It’s not like he went on broadway and sang his achievement to the world. Get over yourself, lol.

    @ #2: I agree, all of his kids look just like him and they are going to be hotties all throughout their teenage years, I can only imagine.

    David himself is ridiculously good looking, great style as well.

  • pALOMA


    Obviously, we have different opinions on David Beckham. I think he’s talented and you don’t. But you have no right to trash my opinion and say that i know nothing about football/soccer.


    Money is what drives this person.
    Not the sport.

  • pALOMA


    I know a teen choice award is not a big deal. However, it means a lot to him because he knows that his fans were the ones that picked him as the winner. And heck, if i was famous i would feel really good to know that i have enough fans that are wiling to vote for me in order to make me the winner.

    Besides, a teen choice award basically honors stupid untalented actors but they do a pretty good job honoring the athletes.

  • Paloma


    How would you know that? You don’t know him.

    I don’t know him either and i’m not saying you’re wrong but you don’t know him. Therefore, you have no idea whether the money or the sport drives him.

    Personally, i think the sport has always driven him; but, i do admit that maybe money has become a part of it.

    I might be wrong though.

  • deee

    his son will be so good when he gets older .. he’s looks just like daddy :) both of them are really cute (:

  • Fan


    If money is what drives Beckham, then he will be long gone to Manchester City right now! Did you know that Man City has offered him twice of what he is getting from Galaxy right now, but he refused it? Obviously you don’t know. And I bet you know nothing of what Man City is either in the first place!

    And all you people who criticizing his game and his total, absolute love for the sport obviously NOT the fans of the sport at all! Coz if you will know who David Beckham is and what the sport means to him AND what he himself means to the sport. Just to make it easier for you guys to understand the important of football and David Beckham, I’ll just say this..when he retires from this sport, the world WILL MISS HIM because they can no longer see the greatest or the best passer and crosser of the ball that the game has ever had playing, not to mention that he is one of the intelligent players ever playing the game and still is. Just look at his recent performance in Amsterdam – he was one of the best players for England in the match! And when he dies, he certainly will be mourning in all over the world, because he IS one of the legends of the sport, and they will be talking about his greatness in the game, probably as long as the game still existed. Nuff said!

  • scout

    he signed on to the galaxy for money or for love of the sport?
    Last I heard american soccer is vastly inferior to european football, so again, it was not for the money?
    And like Buckley said above, can you imagine someone like Federer doing Armani ads?

  • scout

    oh and Fan:

    Man United, who. Yes I’m familiar, I’ve lived in Europe and the catty remarks are not really warranted are they?
    move along child…

  • caro

    For the last six/seven months he has not even been paid by anyone……….He chose top football above fame and money and it paid off…… He started 18 Serie A games and kept his England place. .

    I believe he would play tomorrow for Manchester United for little or nothing and he would give his all…..and guess what……he would definitely earn a starting place

  • Paloma


    So what if he does Armani ads? The man has style, he actually gives a damn about how he looks. Which is a really good quality:)

  • scout

    @ Paloma

    Agreed I don’t know him. But kudos to you for disagreeing with me in a mature way and forgoing the insults.
    It’s a rare thing these days.

  • scout

    ok never mind

  • Jen

    some people on here are so paranoid lol. You seriously think he paid people to vote for him? obviously you are not aware of his popularity. I remember that I voted for him because I am a fan and some of my other friends voted for him as well, just because they like him too and knew him better than the other athletes.

    I really dont get all the Becks hate, Ive seen him in several interviews and he doesnt seem as pompous as people want to play him out to be. He also is a great soccer player, yea they overhype him or whatever, but they tend to do that with anyone who gains a lot of celebrity, but the man does train extensively and is a very skilled player no matter how people want to downplay him. He may not be the best, but nevertheless, he is really good.

  • Jen

    @Paloma: amen to that! I love that about him.

  • ivanka

    @no: ikr, btw roger and david rock!

  • JSmith

    Anyone who says he doesn’t start and earns his caps through cameo appearances…

    1.He started yesterday against Holland.
    2. He wouldn’t be selected for no reason just to equal Shiltons’ record, that is a ridiculous notion. Unless you think the whole FA is a conspiracy.
    3. He is a huge influence on the squad and is an absolute legend!

  • daring

    Buckley, Chau:
    You are so envy, your eyes are so green that you can’t see clearly. He is humble, Chau, which you are not.. Jared purposely / intentionally scripted the title that way, because he loves to stir up those haters ( who are very ignorant ) to negative emotions, with wrong, false, bashing , stupid comments.

  • Buckley


    please try again in english?
    my eyes are brown, and to this day they’ve never gone green for any reason.
    One thing I may be “envy” about is his wad of cash.

  • f’ing stupid ass

    he’s as retarded as Brad Pitt this beck is from the projects equivalent in Britian, you can tell by his accent….he’s an inbred

  • lakers fan in boston

    the only reason u won is because stupid little 12 yr old girls voted for u
    all those loser obessed twilight chicks probably
    although i hate using the words, tweens, are the ones who voted for u
    from that list id pick kobe bryant because he led the lakers to the championships, yah baby!!
    but im biased, federer would have been my 2nd pick
    tiger hasnt impressed me a lot this yr, honestly

  • x

    @ scout

    not Man U offered him the money but Manchester City. It’s best not to mix those two clubs up if you ever go to Manchester, for your own safety ;)

    people who say he has no passion for the game actually know nothing about David Beckham and football/soccer! He gives his all every single game and his right foot is just magic. I haven’t seen any player that has such a precise pass as David. He is a talented and great footballer. And he’s a TOP pro!!! Most people don’t see that because of all the media hype around him. Which he created with his wife and manager. But honestly I can’t blame him. It’s quiet a risk to be an football/soccer player one wrong tackle and your career is over. atleast he will be able to do other things if his career is ever over.

    He had a good match against The Netherlands which he started.

    I’ve to agree with J Smith Fabio Capello doesn’t select players just so they can get a record. If David won’t play for an european (top) club this winter he won’t get selected for the WC.

  • Paloma

    @lakers fan in boston:

    You don’t know why he won…Stop acting like you know everything. And if it’s true that 12 year olds voted for him, that’s great…that means he has young fans as well as older fans…

  • Flo

    Who knows what watch david wears?

  • Ali

    What difference does it make, winning the teen choice award is no big deal, Roger Federer has 4 Laureus world player of the year awards Beckham will never win 1 of those. Another thing Roger Federer is an icon and a great great player, same isn’t true about Beckham, he is over hyped and overrated.

  • Paloma


    It’s your opinion and i won’t criticize you for it. But you can’t say he will never win one of those awards…you never know

  • lol

    he and his wife moved to america because of their ambition – to be famous in USA. he knew soccer / football isn’t famous in america but he left his old team just to pursue their too high ambition. their supposed to be reality tv show flopped and they weren’t welcomed the way they were expecting it so now he’s just gonna finish his $50 million contract with galaxy and leave them. too bad he’s more known as just the guy who poses in his underwear than an athlete.

  • goofy

    Chose by a bunch of teenagers….yeah go figure. When do teenagers know how to differentiate REAL talents to look, anyway.

  • Phoenixbai


    You are just biased. I guess you play tennis or watch tennis only but not football.
    I myself play tennis and I know how great FED is, but still, BACKHEM got what he got not by his handsome but his incredible hard-work. And one deniable thing is, he also got pretty look you can`t resist.

  • beckham-supporter

    For those people who were bashing Beckham like he did not deserve it just show how shallow they really are. Because you just showed us here that you really know nothing about Beckham.
    He is the way he is now because of his hard work, talent and he is an incredible player. I do not think none of you can evenly match him in one of this category.

  • Christian Louboutin

    He’s got a great pass, but there were always better foortball players then him, and def not the best athlete (he won because he’s the most famous, because he like publicity, the hollywood buzz)

  • rus

    He was playing TOP football in Manchester when the celebrity went out of their way to find him at the football matches and NOT the other way around.

    He has never needed celebrity showbiz to establish his name! …..It is the celebrity entertainment world who needed him in the first place and obviously need him now. (It is not like he even wanted to appear on the stupid Ali G in the first place)

    It is the celebwatchers and showbiz lot who needed him more.

    And they are still an ingrateful and spiteful lot……..Anywhere he is now – whether Italy or England or wherever, they follow him around to harass him. They cannot even stand it when he has success on the pitch and devotes himself to his football….like when he was in Milan……yet they need him so much.


  • atrium


  • ser

    He will always be popular and famous ( to teens and others) because of the movie “Bend it like Beckham”. Holly/Bollywood used his name and made a lot out of it and he still demonstrates his skills on the pitch anywhere in the world … stop hating.
    He acquired his fame because of his footballing ability.

  • Paloma


    Amen. God Bless You.