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Jerry O'Connell: Law School Student!

Jerry O'Connell: Law School Student!

Jerry O’Connell has enrolled at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, reveals Leslie Steinberg, the school’s Assistant Dean of Public Affairs.

“He is very excited to be starting his law school education here at Southwestern,” Steinberg tells Us Weekly. “He just had orientation last week, and he started classes this week. [He was] very impressed with the faculty and the vibe here. This is brand new to him as well. He’s very much looking forward to his education.”

Earlier this week, a fellow student event tweeted that Jerry was “at orientation @ Southwestern Law School. He is an entering night student, mingling @ mixer.”

Earlier this year, Jerry, 35, and wife Rebecca Romijn, 36, welcomed twin daughtersDolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.

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  • ihavenolife

    how odd.

  • ihavenolife

    all the best to him.

  • good for him

    Jerry is a smart guy. He knows that most celebs need a backup plan these days.

  • christine

    Congrats Jerry! I use to have a crush on him when he was on some television series a long time ago… (AFTER he was fat, and got thinner). He should do more film. But I am very happy for him, doing law. I don’t think it was very polite of the school to announce it tho. Did he want to promote the school or something? Very wrong, if he didn’t. Just b/c starz dont TELL u that they dont want things announced doesnt mean u have the “ok” to do so. No one likes that. Even if starz say otherwise. Actors have to be polite to make a living sometimes.

  • Go Jerry Go

    Good for him! Have loved him ever since he played the fat kid (LOL) in Stand By Me. I wish him the best.

  • i’m impressed

    i must say – but I love the tom cruise bit he did on funny or die…that was perhaps the best i’ve seen!!!

    good for him, he’ll be a GREAT entertainment lawyer – VERY successful indeed

  • maybe after the tom cruise..

    …bit, he was black listed in hollywood???

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Good for him! Education is very important.
    Glad to see he has depth and want to better himself.

  • Ed Ramirez


    Do you remember “My Secret Identity” He was kind of a SUPER HERO!

  • lisa

    I guess with 4 mouths to feed he gave up on that acting thing..

    Was he considered for that dumb Grenn Lantern thing Ryan R. got?

    I don’t remember what he is been in anyway.. but hey a mind is a terrible thing to waste.. He might be really smart.. Good for him getting a Plan B. Most actors don’t have one.

  • better life

    Jerry looks like a lawyer anyway so he should do fine.

  • H.

    He’s a really good actor. Hopefully he’s not hanging it up.

    WTF would possess them to announce that to the world? I’m sure he really appreciates it. Dummies.

  • GHJKL:

    good for .i wonder how long will it be before rebecca divorces him.i give them 5-6 yrs.

  • Erica

    That’s the best thing he can do. I don’t know why more of these celebs don’t go to school. Most of them drop out of high school and are dumb as dirt.

  • meh

    hey, fellow law student!

  • becca

    Good for him! I think that’s very smart and admirable!

  • dani

    Hope he has researched his options. This is not accredited by one of the major accrediting bodies which could be a problem down the line. Only ABA accredited since 1970.

  • ??

    Does he have an undergraduate degree in something already? Don’t think you can just sign up for law school w/o it.

  • maddyme

    Unless it isn’t on the internet somewhere, he doesn’t seem to posses a bachelor’s degree in anything, so how could he enroll in law school? Also, why would he pick an unaccredited school? I second the poor choice on that decision.

  • heretofor

    @maddyme: SW is a fully accredited law school, my friends. I believe it is also the only aba accredited law school to offer an LLM in entertainment law. Very foolish for them to announce his admission, tho.


    Southwestern Law School IS an ABA accredited law school. Do your research.

  • to heretofor

    No, it is not “fully” accredited. It is ABA accredited. The major accrediting bodies have not accredited the school. It falls under the Western Assn and they have not accredited it. Basically this means if it doesn’t work out and he wants to transfer to another college – his credits may not transfer since the major bodies aren’t accrediting the school. I don’t think they turned the college down, I think the college didn’t go for accreditation because it probably knows that it wouldnt meet all of their major accrediting bodies rules and guidelines. That is neither good nor bad. Just a statement.

  • Dani

    to THE SCHOOL.

    Right it is ABA accredited, but IT IS NOT accredited by one of the major accrediting bodies which include Western Assn, North Central Assn, Southern Assn., Northwest Commission, Middle States Assn, etc.

    ABA accreditation is recognized by the Dept of Ed which means they are eligible for Financial Aid

    By not being accredited by one of the major accrediting bodies it basically means whoever goes there may not be able to transfer credits to another university/college’s program that is accredited by one of the major bodies.

    Do your research.

  • Brett

    When it comes to law school accreditation, it is the ABA’s imprimatur that matters. Most states (not sure about California) require a person to have graduated from an ABA accredited law school before they will let them sit for the bar exam. Some states do have state-specific accreditation, but if the school is only accredited by the state, then that likely won’t pass muster in other states.


    to DANI

    Southwestern is a LAW SCHOOL, not a college. It does not require, nor need accreditation by WASC. By being fully accredited by the American Bar Association, he can actually transfer to any other ABA approved school in the United States if any law school accepts his transfer request and will honor his credits earned at SW Law.

    Brett is correct on most accounts. If a student attends a school accredited by the ABA, they will be allowed to sit for the bar in any state. There are law schools not accredited by the ABA, but it is unwise to attend any of those because being on accredited by CA and the ABA only allows you to sit for the CA bar.

    Furthermore, many law firms won’t even hire an associate if they did not graduate from an ABA law school.

    I suggest you keep ‘knowledge’ to yourself rather than speak on matter of which you have no expertise on.

  • dani

    Brett–you are absolutely correct about the ABA accreditation. The problem with a school not being accredited by one of the major accrediting bodies has to do with transfer of credit only. Since the Dept of Ed recognizes ABA as an accrediting body financial aid isn’t an issue. Most schools would most likely accept Southwestern’s credits in transfer, but some will not due to the lack of accreditation by a regional accrediting body. BUT that said, most law students don’t transfer out of their programs unless life circumstances force them to either by having to move or whatever. The loss of credits in a transfer on the graduate level is huge. So most likely Jerry won’t transfer!

  • pop86

    Good for him for having a back-up plan. I wonder why he didn’t go to better law-school(USC, UCLA) that would have respected his privacy and not release a press statement.

  • Maria


    Because his LSAT score or GPA is probably not stellar. It is hard to get into Tier 2 & 3 law school.

  • Maria


    Because his LSAT score or GPA is probably not stellar. It is hard to get into Tier 2 & 3 law school.

  • -W-

    I hope he doesn’t get thrown out of the nasty curve in law school :)

  • e

    He is such a great actor. i love when he plays a guy named Jason Batemen


    USC and UCLA don’t have part time law school programs. They only offer a full-time day program. USC also makes you sign an agreement that you will not work during your first year of law school. The only ABA accredited schools in the LA area that offer part-time programs that would be flexible to his schedule is southwestern and loyola.

  • computer robot

    I’m a graduate of Southwestern. It is fully accredited by the ABA. There is no problem with transferring credits. Some of my classmates transferred to UCLA, USC, Hastings, Pepperdine and other schools after their first year. Top people also get good jobs at firms like O’Melveny and the DAs office hires SW students (though not in this economy).

    I’m the first to admit that it isn’t the best school out there, but it’s also not the worst. Very diverse student body, and it’s not as cutthroat like other law schools. We all helped each other, and didn’t treat each other like competition.

    Bar pass rates could be better, but they’re working on it.

  • Walter Esq.

    Couldn’t he go to a real law school?

  • dani

    Dear Lawyer:
    I’m not quibbling with the transfer of credit to another law school. I’m just stating without regional accreditation the credit holder MAY have trouble transferring credit.
    And as to my expertise – I have over 25 years in education and accreditation regulation. Which is probably more than you have.

  • G

    Southwestern? I am surprised that he got accepted in law school at all. JK! He must at least know how to read and write!!!! :) what a breath of fresh air in hollyweird.


    It feels like ppl r making fun of him for going for a law degree….. especially ppl in the film industry…. listen,….the guy can b intelligent if he wants 2b… but he is certainly funny!


    well….. i agree with u as far as HOLLYWOOD goes… Hollywood is nothing but TRASH



    For the uneducated people who comment about law schools and know nothing:
    Southwestern is FULLY ACCREDITED and some of the most successful lawyers in the entertainment industry have graduated from this law school, which has been in existence since 1911. Additionally, of course Jerry O’Connell has his Bachelor’s degree. He attended my alma mater, NYU and made a great choice in Southwestern Law School, where I also received my law degree. Be informed people.

  • da

    Dear the School is Great

    If you have a law degree from there then they obviously erred in teaching you to read.
    I did not say the school wasn’t great.
    BUT the school is not fully accredited. It is accredited by the ABA and is NOT accredited by one of the major regional accrediting bodies. Same goes for Chicago’s John Marshall Law School.
    And if I may point out–whether a law school or any other university/college is good or not–successful people spring from all levels of institutions.
    Maybe you should learn to read and correctly interpret these posts. ABA accreditation is fine for a law school which is only a law school. But you better believe university attached law schools are accredited regionally which makes the transfer of credit easier if someone changes their mind and wants to go for a masters et al.
    Having worked with all of the regional accrediting bodies, the ABA among other of the specific accrediting bodies, state government and federal government on accreditation, financial aid and other issues–believe me I know what I’m talking about.
    You seem a tad bit defensive. Where did I slam Southwestern’s rep? Where did I say ABA isn’t a good accreditation?
    All I said was it wasn’t regionally accredited which could make the transfer of credit difficult.

  • VanM

    Sincerely….guys, I can get you off now with just a slap on the side of the head…….Sincerely…….

  • VanM

    I loved him in Stand by Me……..Sincerely…….

  • dubya

    You are in a room with two locked doors, and a pistol on top of a table in the center of the room. You pick up the pistol and find that it is loaded with two rounds.

    Suddenly, both doors open. Through one door comes a large lion. And through the other walks a lawyer. What do you do?

    Shoot the lawyer, twice. Make sure that he’s dead.

  • Daniel

    @dani: Only since 1970? Wow, that’s only been….what? Nearly 40 years! Yeah, you make a real solid point there skippy.

  • suppress your appetite

    thx JJ!

  • Christie

    Southwestern is ABA and AALS accredited and those are the two most important accreditations to have in terms of transferring credits. Sure, there can be always be regional issues, but Southwestern students shouldn’t have too much trouble transferring if that’s what they want to do. Cooley students, on the other hand…

    But I am here to slam Southwestern. Guys, this is not a good school, okay? Tier 3? Seriously? Stop trolling for your crappy law school. There are so many better programs in southern California. I understand why Jerry O’Connell is going there–he doesn’t need a job, nor does he need to pay back 200k in loans probably–but if you need to work sometime after law school as a lawyer, then this probably isn’t the school for you. Some people do graduate bad law schools and get jobs because they had connections or finished in the top 10%, but right now, in this economy, a Southwestern degree is NOT WORTH IT.