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Oksana: Mel Gibson's Got Great Timbre

Oksana: Mel Gibson's Got Great Timbre

Russian model-turned-singer Oksana Grigorieva sat down with Extra to talk about expecting a baby with boyfriend Mel Gibson and working together on her new album Beautiful Heartache.

On this being her second child and the 8th child for Mel: “I think he’s a great dad. It will be easy for him, I think.”

On the sex of the baby: “We don’t wanna know. I’m already buying clothes, but just gender neutral right now.”

On Mel writing two songs for the album and directing four videos: “He’s a visionary, an artist truly. He’s got an amazing timbre. Great voice.”

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  • marissa


  • vanessa

    Mel Gibson weirds me out.

  • jinx

    He’s making a complete fool out of himself, yet again. She will take him for everything he has, and he deserves it. But I hope Robin gets it all first!!!

  • laurie

    She is weird looking & he’s a drunken looser.

  • Aren

    What, she’s famous now? For sleeping with a married man? Way to go!

    These two make me sick! Mel should be ashamed of himself, he betrayed everything he claimed to believe in.

  • Peach

    Does anyone else think she must have had her lips done at the same plastic surgeon – as the Octomom?

    They look eerily alike. Not attractive at all.

    I hope Robyn gets everything she can.

  • Camille

    He disgusts me.

  • QueenOftrashin

    I never realized until now how unwell Mel looked in that photo, literally “green around the gills”!

  • twpumpkin

    I love Mel Gibson. His movies are the best. Everyone is human and deserves to be happy.

  • yessiriCANBOOGIE

    She is a really talanted COMPOSER. And now it will be twice harder for her to reach people’s hearts after we all’ ve known about their relationship with a famous person.
    Just give it a try and listen to her music. IT’S NOT POP! In case you are looking for “shake that ass” sounds.
    And Mel have met a million of women in his life.
    If he chose HER, believe me, there was a reason and that’s called: “not our business”.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s ugly
    i dont understand her appeal
    but at least she’s a smart gold digger, got a kid, but she should marry him if she wants more =p

  • Jane

    Uugghhh! Ugly home wreaker

  • lisa

    her 2nd child? I thought this was her 1st. I ahve heard her music, and i like it though (maybe because i’m into euro pop)

  • Team Robin

    I like the title of her cd.It is a good and honest title.
    I am sure Robin Gibson loves the title too.
    It decribes Robin Gibson.How thoughtful of this wh ore ,Oksana , to do this for Robin Gibson.
    Yes Beautiful Heartache.

    ROBIN GIBSON was heartbroken,HEARTACHE, her husband took off with this tramp,but man,it is sure BEAUTIFUL having about $450-500million from Mel and Robin does not have to be with him,a old,ugly,dumb fart.

    Robin,you win. Enjoy your Beautiful Heartache$$$$$$$$ 450-500 million ways!!

  • Raichill

    Robyn had Mel in his prime. He has aged a lot in the past few years and he doesn’t look well. She is well rid of him.

  • JK

    see His wife Robyn left the country today for Fiji with her youngest son.
    Can’t stand this woman and all the publicity she is garnering now shes got Mel

  • clay

    I couldn’t put my finger on it before, but there is something about an “unknown talent” in a relationship with an already established star that just sort of, somehow, take the respectibility away from the “unknown talent”.

    It is unfortunate, but they seem to have a harder hill to climb than someone who makes it on their own without the advantage of being with a star.

    She is probably talented, but the situation does not strike you right. On the one hand, she is now know because of Mel. But on the other hand, everthing about her is now scrutinized.

    This is tough. I wish her the best. I would want the same if I was in her shoes. Though I would prefer to make my own way.

  • clay

    I mean – take the respectability away from the “unknown talent”.

    Read more:

  • NativeNYker

    I hope she can carry a note – for her own sake.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • alex murdoch

    The whole thing is quite sad really!!!

    He had a family with Robyn and at his stage in life starts a new one??

    He’s dosen’t look that good??

    Still who’s to say it wasen’t Robyn that had enough?

  • Terri

    Men. Whatwas he thinking? he has eight kids and grandkids as well. I guess this skank was after he money. We know how she got it, on her kness.

  • Lee

    This ho bag sings like she has peanut butter in her mouth. Mel went around using God as his personal media tool and now he is proven the hypocrite…. like most of us. We are all sinners.. but we shouldn’t try to act like we are not ’cause our deeds will come to light.

  • julie

    Her first child was with Timothy Dalton. She’s made a habit of having babies with very rich men.

  • Linda Stevens

    Being a fellow Traditional Catholic, Mel truly has betrayed God, his Church and his beliefs – for what? To commit adultery with a woman who makes a habit of dating and sleeping with actors? What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?

  • dana

    OMG mel’s gotten so old n wrinkly!! He was beautiful…once

  • ecko_x

    @Peach: LOL, for a hot sec when I first saw this pic, I thought she WAS Octomom!

  • Janet thompson deaver

    Before Timothy Dalton or Mel Gibson came into Oksana Grigorieva’s life, she was a virtuoso performer and child prodigy trained in the classics. The ability to merge Joni Mitchell into Rachmaninoff with finesse proves her genius. No man possesses Oksana; therefore, when the press states’ “Gibson’s girlfriend” they incorrectly state Oksana Grigorieva’s destined place in history. She uses no man; however, others used her! Before condemning, listen to her songs. Oksana, the world is yours to conquer! Oksana is a gifted pianist

  • laughing

    Hi Oksana/Janet!!! Nice to see you posting about yourself.

  • JJ

    @Janet thompson deaver:

    Janet and Clay.

    We HAVE heard her sing her own compositions and that IS what we’re basing our opinions on. Simply studying at an early age does not a prodigy guarentee. You’re assuming (incorrectly) none of us have heard classically trained musicians before.

    If you think this is virtuosity, you have a pleasant surprise in store for you. Just visit youtube to find singer/composers who are vastly superior. Merging Joni Mitchell into Rachmaninoff may sound poetic Janet, but alas, it’s not Oksana.

    As pointed out by a number of people, she certainly didn’t get pregnant by 2 famous men by accident. That’s what a cynic does when they think someone might not stick around. And if she were as gifted as you say, she’d not have met any of these people, before she had some measure of success on her own. Even just playing steadily at a piano bar.

  • Kristin

    You know, the author of “The Male Biological Clock” has suggested that advanced paternal age may be a cause of autism in children. Then too, the incidence of Down’s syndrome is 1 in 100 in women who become pregnant at Mel’s bimbo’s age, And while these kids are nevertheless loveable, they still require concentrated energy and attention for an extended period of years. Given that, a rational — or at least reasonable — person would think twice about having a kid at this stage of their lives.
    Mel is such a self-preoccupied fool.

  • meggi

    I respect mel gibson and appreciate his choice, however to me this woman looks like octo-mom and her song doesn’t go beyond her piono she plays.She can sing for Mel, hope he is happy with it.

  • Virginia Alfieri Greene

    “He that hath no sin, cast the first stone.”

    Spoken by the Lord Jesus

    P.S. My prayers are especially for Robyn and the Family

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