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Renee Zellweger: Elle Magazine Cover Shoot!

Renee Zellweger: Elle Magazine Cover Shoot!

Renee Zellweger wraps herself up in an over-sized robe as she makes her way to a cover shoot for Elle Magazine at The Griffin in New York City’s Meatpacking District on Thursday, August 13.

The Oscar-winning actress has been making headlines lately for her PDA with her boyfriend, fellow actor Bradley Cooper while in Spain over the weekend.

Renee, 40, and Bradley, 34, have a new movie coming out later this year called Case 39. This sexy new cover photo shoot will definitely help promote the film!

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Photos: Doug Meszler/WENN
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  • me!

    She is one of the ugliest actresses around!
    That sour face—-ughhhhh!

  • Becca

    What an ugly dress.

    She has a great body but a jacked up face.

  • Not impressed by JA

    It’s not a dress, it’s a ROBE ! she is probably half nekkid and on her way changing dresses

  • ivanka

    ew she is ugly

  • ihavenolife

    she’s cute!

  • lakers fan in boston

    @me!: i totally agree!!!

    i think SHE IS the ugliest actress in all of hollywood
    her ugly ass lemon face, how the hell can any1 like looking at that
    i didnt even no she was 40, not wonder she looks old

  • Safi

    Looks attractive with the soft curls. She looks really, really good for 40! Much better than a lot of fake looking celebs. She’s also talented. She is far, far from the ugliest in HW. I could name one but I won’t

  • Sam

    The Botox Queen ,her big frozen forehead can’t lie,so awful

  • Sally

    I like Renee since “Jerry Maguire”. And I think she’s so funny as Bridget Jones. She’s a really versatile actress. But I don’t like these pics. The hair, the make-up… it’s to heavy. Maybe these was just some bad pics and she’ll be better in others. Let’s see. Anyway, she is a cute.

  • Sally

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see “Case 39″!

  • Wendy

    She looks beautiful here.

  • Lonely Emblem

    Very beautiful!
    BTW, did an idjit upthread comment on Rene’s “dress” that she didnt like the “dress”? Ya dumbfcuk. She’s actually hiding her dress cos its for the shoot. Or she’s prolly naked or just in something itsy bitsy for the shoot. Thats a robe she’s wearing.
    Youre so blinded by jealousy cos you know she looks waaaay better than the ugly Emblem for Lonely Cougars. You know who that is, so dont lie. LOL

  • Taylo

    She looks so much better with hair. Keep the hair Rene!!

  • Nan C

    She look very beautiful and a great actress. Love her. We all know who is really complaining. Bradley chose to be with Renee except it-get over it and leave Renee alone.

  • Jake

    She is gorgeous

  • Camille

    Love the hair, make up and shoes, can’t wait to see how the pics turn out, bet they will look great. TEAM RENEE!

  • Catalina

    I take it the ones saying Renee is ugly are Maniston fans. Man, you guys are pathetic.

  • Frank

    What an UGLY UGLY dress.

  • Hoooooot

    shes obsessed with christin loubutins (sp?)

  • wtfcuk

    Frank @ 08/13/2009 at 6:16 pm
    And youre toopid! Thats not a dress, dumbazz.

  • ladams

    She’s one of the better actresses of our times and we don’t have many. I don’t think she is exceptionally attractive. She does look pretty here with all the makeup and hair done.
    I watched Mystic Pizza the other day and thought wow we don’t have actresses like Julia Roberts anymore. The new ones can read lines but not many of them can act.

  • Daniel@@@@@

    This is the first time I see a few people praising Renee’s looks. LOL Well, in general, she is talented but NOT pretty. I am wondering if those praising Renee are doing it only because of their sick hatred towards Aniston. Seriously, the woman wasn’t even dating the Cooper but you guys are soooooo desperate to put her down that you will even think Renee is a world class beauty. LMAO!!!!! Renee seems like a smart lady and her and Bradley make a cute couple, maybe not forever but they seem to be having fun right now, which is great. As for Aniston, I highly doubt she is loosing sleep over any of this but you haters must live a really sad life constantly wishing someone to fail.

  • Jossie

    Well Renee might not be that pretty but she is far more talented than the top celebs on JJ website put together. I think the reason she is underrated is because hollywood only cares about outer beauty instead of good acting. She has an oscar and all but she doesn’t get that many roles.

  • ladams

    I am a Jennifer fan. But I don’t give a hoot about who this sissy boy is dating. I think and hope Jennifer is ready to take a break from the typical hollywood male. I can see her with a gorgious business man.
    I think Renee is a one of our better female actresses. I loved her in Cold Mountain and Appaloosa.

  • oceane

    I don’t see what her appeal is. She has squinty eyes and puffed up lips. It looks strange and abnormal

  • Susie q

    She looks like she’s doing the “walk of shame” in the middle of the day!!!!!! A haggard mess with that hair!

  • Casey

    Jennifer Aniston has some nasty bitter fans. Why would Jen fans think Renee don’t have have fans?
    Most of Renee fans have been with her many years. I have been a fan since Jerry Maguire days. I love Renee in Bridget Jones. Jen bitter fans make me sick.
    I think Renee is a beautiful lady eyes and all. Jennifer Aniston is no prize. You can lie to your self all you want but Renee has loads of fans.

  • Kevin

    @Susie q what about when Jen was shooting her movie with messy hair. RZ is working just like JA was working. How many times JA has look a hot mess. Don’t get me started with the fake nips she put on to run all over town in front of paps.


    why would Jen fans think that if we think Renee is cute, (which she is) would have something to do with how fug chin is? Renee looks cute here, admit it, chin fans are just like filler face, thinking everything revolves around bed hopping chin, no one but her few fans give a hoot about that non talent joke of Hollywood. Renee is the real deal, a great respected actress, unlike someone else.

  • Mary

    Jen didn’t date him so why would her fans care one way or
    another. I am a Jen fan but I also like Renee. Just because
    you have dinner with someone doesn’t mean that it is anything
    else. Rachel McAdams had dinner with him too. What does
    that mean. The media wrote it, not the fans. Quite getting
    carried away over every little thing. Grow up. If Brad and
    Renee are happy good for them.

  • Tess

    Renee is an awesome actress so talented. I loved her in Cold Mountain. .
    I love-love-love Renee in Down with love with Ewan McGregor.

  • angie’s old nose

    Everyone knows she’s a professional beard…Brad is gay. When Jen Aniston found out he was only looking for a beard, SHE’s the one who declined.

  • Shanny

    ewww, agree with all the neg comments she is fug, puffy head squinty eyes, and the fake blonde curls look ridiculous.
    Never been a RZ fan.

  • Shanny

    Hey! i am 40 and no rene does not look good for 40!!!!

  • Shanny

    I am sure the end pic will be totally photoshopped, they can’t put her real face out, it would scare people.

  • Devon

    She looks like raisin face Rachel Zoe here.

  • M

    her hair is real one? or extension?

  • Yayi

    “Jennifer Aniston has some nasty bitter fans. ”

    After seeing those immature comments about

  • Yayi

    “Jennifer Aniston has some nasty bitter fans. ”

    After seeing those immature comments about Jen Aniston here, it is obvious that she has the most nasty bitter HATERS, most of which are Jolie psycho fans. It actually make me feel sorry for Jolie and Brad. LOL

  • jen’s micro p.een

    B*tch you stole my man ! I may have a massive chin but you have a sour expression.

  • anon_amos


    i agree with you. i’m a fan of angelina, but some JP fans and Aniston fans do deserve each other. they troll any thread that is related to JP or Aniston and started their war regardless of whose thread it is.

    anyway, back to the topic, i don’t mind renee, she is a good actress, i like her in Bridget Jones…

  • Bend

    I love this Oscar Winner.Renee is Gorgeous A Lister.

  • mary lou

    Wow Jen fans are so Jealous of Renee.You big bullies leave her alone.Go back and fight with Branges where they kick your butts.

  • Jen

    I like Renee, great actress but she is ugly and no she doesnt look good for 40

  • just me

    She must have a very good personality for having a young man like Bradley Cooper dating her and kissing her and what else you do on a date. Bradley Cooper shouting and making it known to everyone that he is not into JA. Must hurt to be dumped again Jen.

  • Hallie

    I’m a Jen fan and wish the other Jen fans would stop this stupid war. Renee is an awesome actress there is no reason to bash her over this Cooper matter. You are blowing it out of proportion.

  • elaine

    I am a fan of both Aniston and Zellwegger. I think that they are both beautiful women and they have the bodies of 20 year olds. I wish I had any of these women’s bodies.

    And Renee is wearing a BLANKET cause she just came from a photo shoot naked.

  • Sally


    Is she wearing anything underneath? Renée Zellweger – who recently got cozy in Barcelona with Code 39 costar Bradley Cooper – seems to be channeling her iconic Chicago character, Roxie Hart, in a fashion shoot Thursday for Elle magazine at the Griffin in New York’s Meatpacking District.”


    A better pic here:,,20297748,00.html#20657800

  • suppress your appetite

    She is really pretty