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Abbie Cornish: My Love For Ryan Phillippe Brought Me To Los Angeles

Abbie Cornish: My Love For Ryan Phillippe Brought Me To Los Angeles

Abbie Cornish opens up about her relationship with Ryan Phillippe in the latest issue of W Magazine. The 27-year-old Australian-born actress was interviewed at Chateau Marmont, not far from the house she shares with Ryan. Check out some interview snippets:

On what brought her to Los Angeles: “I guess I was lucky because it was love that brought me here, not work. I think the city feels and looks a little bit different because of that.”

On if she’s engaged to Ryan: “No. I don’t know [if we have plans in that direction]. I think I’m nearly ready to go on to another part of the conversation.”

On tabloid accusations that she broke up Ryan and Reese Witherspoon’s marriage: “It was a really difficult time for me. It was just this world of tabloid magazines that I’d never been exposed to. In a normal successful career, someone usually learns these things bit by bit. For me, it was like night and day. I woke up one day and there was this whole new thing I had to process and deal with.”

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Abbie‘s new movie, Bright Star, opens in limited release on September 18.

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  • Ha

    So she’s not exactly denying that she and Ryan hooked up during the time that Ryan was still married to Reese.

  • meh

    she just totaly avoided the question about breaking up there marriage. i think if she did officialy say she never reese would come out and say she did

  • marissa

    I agree with the two comments above me. so that means yes she fuc** ryan while he was still married with reese.

    what a great role model!!!

    anyway, what goes around comes around. it always do

  • Wendy

    Oh STFU!!!

    Are you that thick? I guess her subtle reply got lost on you guys on here, that are after dirt constantly!!Get over it!!!

    Anyway she is a great talent, and will be the next big thing, she has it all to follow in the steps of Cate and Nicole.

  • dani

    People crucify (still after four or five years) Brad and Angelina who have been nothing but graceful during it all–for Jennifer Aniston. The hate is amazing for these two.
    Yet Ryan and Abbie-nary a bleep.

  • Isabella

    Ah well, guess what, reese and the very insecure Ryan Philippe did break up during the time Abbie and he were filimg a movie togetehr. Coincidence? I think not! Let’s just hope she doesn’t start picking up awards and gets more famous than him or else, his little sorry arse will start whining again and then break up. What was it he said about feeling like crap cuz his wife then, Reese, was the highest paid actress? What a LOSER! It sure was a blessing that he cheated on Reese cuz now she’s with a real man! I sued to have a major crush on himuntil he started whining like a little girl; What a turnoff!

  • Bliss

    I think if she answered the question she would be not only telling her own business, but telling on Ryan and to a lesser extent, Reese. So I think she did the right thing. There’s kids involved and I don’t think anyone involved wants to cause unpleasant publicity on account of the kids and also their families. Abbie, Ryan, Reese all have parents, aunts uncles, etc. and they go to stores adn see the tabloids too. I don’t blame her for “breaking up” that marriage. Everything points to the fact it was broken up before she ever came along and Ryan had his own place to live for a full year before we ever knew a thing. I think everyone looks more relaxed and ha[pier now that they have all got on with life.


    Why deny they fell in love they clearly really wanted to be together the price was pretty high but it seems all has worked out for the best.

  • Isabella

    Ryan has a HUGE ego. he had no problem staying married with Reese when he was the one making more money but the moment Reese hit it big with “Legally Blonde” and won an Academy Award for Best Actress “Walk The Line”, he couldn’t stand it. He talked all he could about feeling emascualted when he reads that his wife is the highest paid actress. Damn, he should be supportive instead of whining.

    And oh Wendy, wait until she gets mroe famous than him and stars making mroe money, it will be bye bye time time cuz he won;’t be able to stand it. Let’s just hope she’s not holding herself back just for the sake of his ego!




  • Lucy

    So, it`s ok to sleep with a married man? Hey, it`s holywood, I guess they can do anything, right? bla

  • dabu


    Jen, Brad and Angelina all say that nothing occurred until the marriage irrevocably had broken down. And you hate Brad for this? Yet you excuse Abbie and Ryan even tho he was married to Reese and didn’t have the courtesy to go home and tell her there was someone else and he wanted a divorce. At least Brad had the balls to tell Jen he wanted an divorce before he advanced his relationship with Angelina.

  • miapocca

    Another one who is avoiding the issue…At least Tori spelling is upfront about her situation

    They all need to have a convention with Tori…Sienna Miller, Jolie Skeletor, Abby Cornish and Liz Taylor can be thier fair god mother…

  • Buck

    I find her really beautiful and classy.
    Ryan could use some stickuphisass removal.

  • Pattycake

    Calm down, haters. I think what some of you have already said has been enough. You worship St. Reese. Ryan is scum and Abbie his scum’ess. In reality, as has also been already said, Ryan and Reese were unofficially separated before he met Abbie. It’s an open secret that he lived in his own apartment and not with Reese. If you bother to read the interview, and others Abbie has given, she is frequently described as a soft spoken, private, even shy person. She won’t talk about Ryan because it’s not her place and will assurdedly be taken out of context. Afterall, Ryan was pretty explicit about everything over a year ago and it makes no difference to most people who have already made up their minds. To those who want to accuse me of being an apologist, let it rip. I like Abbie. And I love her acting. She is a rare talent. I also like the way Ryan and Abbie try to remain private. Yet the few candid looks at them show them being tender and sweet to each other.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I don’t really think I’ve seen her in anything. Meh.

  • mailey

    she’s not that pretty, but neither is reese really. if this girl would turn up the blonde, she’d be hot.

  • Seriously??

    First off all, the whole b.s. of Brad NOT being involved with Angie before his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was over is complete bunk. Do the math. Take the day that St. Angie gave birth to Shiloh and go back 9-1/2 months. Guess what? Someone is a liar, as they were obviously sleeping together even before the “last vacation” photos of Brad and Jen were out and their marriage was kaput. I don’t trust Angie. Hell, she married Billy Bob when he was already engaged to Laura Dern. That poor woman was simply away for a weekend and BLAM. Angie hits.

    Moving on to Ryan and Reese and Abbie. It’s been documented that Ryan was screwin around on Reese for quite some time. I don’t know how Abbie got “lucky” and got Ryan to stick around, but again, Reese and Ryan were NOT separated yet, only due to his shooting up in Cananda while she was in the states.

    People will twist these and other hollywood stories to their hearts’ content. You just need to stop and look at the real story, and NOT how it’s been spun by the PR/tabloids.

    Bottomine? I could give two sh#ts about any of these people. Its fun to gossip about them, but I personally don’t care one way or another. At least Brad seems happier with St. Angie and their orphanage. Ryan? Meh, who cares!

  • Pattycake

    @Seriously??: For some who “could give two sh#ts about any of thise people” and “personally don’t care one way or another” you have a lot to say and with such authority too.

  • Lonely Emblem

    Seriously?? @ 08/13/2009 at 2:37 pm
    “Who cares”, you ask. have you looked int he mirror lately? On second thought, dont. Cos, being as delusional as you are, you look inthe mirror and see a svelte, successful, beautiful woman when in reality, you are a big fat slob scarfing down twinkies and kool aid in your dank nasty basement, all the while believing that youre at chateau marmont mingling with these people………..LMFAO.

  • PAT

    Ugly slutty homewrecker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared always the truth

    I really love this woman. She is one of my favorite up and coming actress’.
    Go out and do something good. Just a thought.

  • Cora

    They are cheating scum.

  • reality

    Ryan has a woman that he feel superior to you. I hope she doesn’t have a breakout movie. It will be over quick.

  • Cozy

    I hate both of them…they are untalented asses. Ryan more thu, cause he had two kids to think off and talked shit when Resse was first linked to Jake. Like Dude you cheated, so you have no right at all to talk about her life now.

  • ivermom

    Ryan is a cheatin pig just like Brad Pitt.

  • Pattycake

    @ivermom: Thank you, Jennifer. Now put down the spoon, put the gallon of ice cream back in the freezer, and leave the pantry.

  • jen

    I like Ryan still and Abbie looks really pretty in that W picture. I can’t believe people have such strong opinions on the cheating thing. I have respect for them for not going into the details and keeping it civilized for their kids and having good relationships now. People grow apart.

  • Los Angeles Local

    The reason why Ryan and Abbie weren’t drug through the mud is because they were respectful to Reese in that they didn’t gallivant around. No W spread a couple months after the separation. No carrying around like a bunch of fools in public, etc. No tipping off the tabs about their sexual exploits. No getting knocked up before the divorce was final. They way Brad and Angelina handled things was uncouth.

  • foafoal

    Ryan and Reese were apart for a good year before the announcement so all the people crying about the cheating need to stop. They may have gone on like that forever if he hadn’t met Abbie but there was no home to wreck trust me.

  • h stern

    Ryan never said anything bad about Reese being with Jake in fact he said Jake was cool and he was glad Reese was happy. LOL at the stupid people on this forum.

  • Aren

    Ryan is the main ass for cheating on his wife with Abbie. She might be a talented actress, but it’s wrong to get between husband and wife, though Ryan is definitely a douchebag for doing this to Reese and his kids.

    I can’t respect any man who cheats on his wife. I also cannot respect a woman who willingly sleeps with a man who is married with children. It’s just wrong!

  • Camille

    I am so suprised that these two don’t cop more flak for this, Ryan disgusts me. Afterall a FAMILY was broken up, not just a couple. There were *children* involved.

    And Reese showed how to handle a divorce with grace and dignity, unlike a certain other HW actress…

    As for Abbie, she is pretty and talented, but she should have stayed away from a married man that had CHILDREN!

    At least Reese has hooked up with someone much better looking and more talented than Ryan lol.

  • come on you know it

    too bad Jakey G is gay.

  • y

    she is homewrecker, in difficult time for him too. there are many family have difficult time, though woman must not hook up any husband from neighbor’s husband. It’s so bad.

  • um,,

    @Los Angeles Local: Rayan has 2 kids with Reece . He almost admited he cheated if you recall his then people magazine interview. The girl can’t deny it. One thing true is Reece and Rayan has a bad marrige. They always fight even in public places there were a lot of reports of them. Reece and Rayan doesn’t have 8-9 month . The divorce is filied right away. They have two kids together they always will be connected with each other. Exes with no kdis can pretend they never met. It is different with children. As sonb she looks, Reece was not a whinner over her divorce she handled it with grace and resposbility. She never for once blamed him or his new girl for the failing down of her marriage.. How you handle your diovrce matter. Btw Rayan was rumoured to parying and chasing young girls right after the divorce but soon after he go back to abby.

  • Jerry

    @Pattycake: #15 well said. I also want to add that no one breaks up another couple’s happy marriage. For a third person to become involved, the marriage was cracked to begin with. People who want to blame Abbie for Reese’s famewhoring and controlling personality just don’t get it.

  • Alissa

    Excuse me, where do you get Reese was famewhoring or controlling? Sheesh, grow up. The woman was wronged and you’re blaming her? Sounds like a person who does the cheating, always blaming the person whom he wronged.

  • Naz2301

    What a loser and a home wrecker…. working around the question as if she broke a marriage- it doesn’t matter what comes around goes around.

  • Jess

    The point about you can’t wreck someone else’s marriage is moot. You still should not get involved with someone who is married, no matter in what state his or her marriage is. If people are having problems, don’t add to them! It’s not an excuse to say “you can’t wreck a happy marriage”… usually the people who say that are people helping to do the wrecking and that’s pathetic. You can’t excuse yourself from the wrong you’ve done to others.

    Ryan should have known better. He should have tried harder to work things out with Reese instead of hooking up with Abbie on a movie set. He put his wife and children through a lot of pain with his bad choices.

  • Pattycake

    What a bunch of santimonious commenters we have here. Since Reese never accused Ryan of cheating, and Ryan denied the rumors, I guess all of you know better from how ever many hundreds or thousands of miles away you live. But even if you lived next door, you wouldn’t know the inner workings of this marriage. One gossip site, which commonly accepts its readers anonymous word as a source, accused Ryan of cheating. It hit the internet like a virus. Reese and Ryan both ackowledged that they were unhappily married for years. You all sound like you’d rather they waved a magic wand and made it all go away instead of splitting up. He didn’t abandon his children, he lives within miles of them and is very involved in their lives. The harm done to children living with unhappy parents is immeasurable. Reese has moved on, Ryan has moved on. YOU FANS BOYS AND GIRLS NEED TO MOVE ON, TOO.

  • Anonymous

    What goes around comes around.

    It will be your turn one day, homewrecker.

  • anonymous

    I really think Reese wanted out of this marriage as much or more than Ryan did. I’m glad she moved on.

    Ryan is a double dumbass. Abbie was a willing party to the breakup. She states it was hard for to date ryan while he was still married.

  • Emma

    Hmm, they denied that they hooked up during the marriage….yet, as soon as Ryan and Reese divorced, they started prancing around as a couple. Did they immediately fall in love as soon as the papers were signed? She’s a homewrecker…..Ryan is an insecure loser…..they are perfect for each other. However, if she knows what’s good for her, she should try, at all costs, to not outshine Ryan. The minute that she’s successful he will dump her for someone else.

  • anonymous

    Ryan is an untalented ass. Why doesn’t he make movies in the US. Ryan’s got another woman to support him now.

    Do you remember all that garbage about how he was in a sad and dark place and even thought about suicide.

    Anyway I’m glad Reese moved on and now she has Jake who is a much better man for her and the kids.

  • Back away from the keyboard

    # 42-45, Reese and Ryan got a divorce for gosh sakes. There was no human sacrifice, or blood letting. No strangers were kidnapped or goverments overthrown. Yet I can practically feel the spittle flying out of your mouths. Calm down. You’d think this was the 19th century. And #43, just where did she say that? She said that she became a target of gossips overnight. She did not validate what they were gossiping about.

  • larry

    She is a nasty untalented hoe, Ryan a loser, they deserve each other!

  • .letty



    Avoiding the question out of respect for the privacy of Witherspoon, her children obviously wasn’t her motive.

    ““It was a really difficult time for ME” !!!

    Poor, lil’ Abby, feeling sorry for herself. Tsk, Tsk, having sex on set in Texas with another woman’s husband and the tabloids dared to lable her as “the other woman”? Do tell, Dearie. Would you like a Kleenex to dab those tears??

    Just in case of any denials, sorry, Abby, Reese didn’t know until much later when she saw your sexy text messages.

    You deserve much worse then you got. Lucky ffor you Reese gave no interviews and the rumours faded. Or do you regret that lack of exposure?

    You climbed on Ryan Phillipe exactly for the publicity and a free ride to Hollywood, unfortunately, the only part of Hollywood which you belong is Hollywood Blvd.

  • Phoenixbai

    Ryan doesn`t deserve Reese, Ryan is so unmature, at least look like this! and his current girl looks awtful too! Reese with Jake now, hope for the best!