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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Mommy and Me Time!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Mommy and Me Time!

Sarah Michelle Gellar shows off her growing baby bump while strolling down 3rd Street Promenade with her mother Rosellen on Wednesday (August 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Earlier this month, the 32-year-old former Buffy actress was thrown a baby shower by celebrity makeup artist Napoleon Perdis at The Rise in Hollywood. Celeb guests included Kristin Chenoweth, Madchen Amick, Michelle Trachtenberg, Shannen Doherty, and producer/director Adam Shankman, who officiated SMG and Freddie Prinze Jr.‘s wedding in 2002.

20+ pictures inside of Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s mommy and me time…

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sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 01
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 02
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 03
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 04
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 05
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 06
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 07
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 08
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 09
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 10
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 11
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 12
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 13
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 14
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 15
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 16
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 17
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 18
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 19
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 20
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 21
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 22
sarah michelle gellar mother rosellen 23

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  • samantha

    her mother is hideous!

  • Wendy

    She has her moms nose, and Samantha learn some manners!!!

    You sound VERY shallow judging an older woman like that!!

  • Lynn

    Samantha, maybe Sarah’s mother is sick. Did you ever think of that?

    I love SMG. She’s awesome. I can’t wait to see Baby Prinze.

  • oceane

    At lease we know what Michelle is going to look like when she gets older. They are the same shape and everything..

  • ladams

    Her mother looks just like an older version of SMG. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Benny Mars

    Samantha you are very a rude person.

  • Tammy

    like Mother like daughter. Freddy is so cute run, run away fast….b 4 is 2 late…

  • d9

    Same eyes, nose, mouth and shaped face. This will be SMG in 30 years for sure. Her mother is even wearing the same

  • amanda

    she looks fine, dont talk about someone elses mother, its not NICE

  • EvilLynn

    Dude, #9, can we do this WITHOUT the neo-Nazism? I mean, jeez……

  • Smg rocks

    Some of you guys are so rude. Her mother is a very strong woman who raised Sarah by herself. She deserves respect. Well, Sarah looks perfect, as always.

  • GHJKL:

    I knew someone was going to say something in poor taste about this elderly woman,an unfamous person,a private citizen.
    Samantha and Tammy, What does your mom or aunts look like?
    Thanks EveilLynn and Lynn.

  • bella

    @Smg rocks: agree.

  • sazzy

    I think her mum is lovely!! jesus christ get some respect people! and sarah is perfection.

  • lieza

    SMG looks cute. That pregnancy has been really good for her apparently. But her mom’s clothes are really unfavorable.

  • EvilLynn

    And, by the way? #9? If you can’t tell the difference between i.e. and e.g. DON’T TRY TO USE THEM, duh. You needed to use e.g. in that sentence, not i.e.

    Additionally, you rude anti-semite, there are many beautiful people of Jewish extraction: Bar Refaeli, Natalie Portman Rachel Bilson’s Dad is Jewish, Amanda Bynes has a Jewish Mom, Zac Efron is Jewish, Scarlett Johanssen’s mom is also Jewish, so is Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mother. Mila Kunis is Jewish too. So are Isla Fisher, Alicia Silverstone and Winona Ryder.

    You gonna tell me the very Christian Rush Limbaugh is hotter than any of them? Didn’t think so.

  • MAMA

    I think her moms is cute. She’s just a regular mom trying to dress all hip & fashionable cuz her daughter’s a big star. She’s sweet.

  • Pandora

    EvilLynn — so true. It’s typical on this site that whenever a Jewish person is featured the “Ahmed” types surface (thinly veiled under a benign sounding name like “Tom”). They tend to use the comment section as a forum to air their psychoses and their anti semitic sentiments.

    SMG looks radiant. I’m sure her and hubby will produce adorable little ones as they are both good looking people.

    I’ve never seen her w/ her Mom before. How rude to make such negative remarks about someone’s Mom. So many kiddies here whose Moms obviously didn’t do such a great job of raising them!

  • Shurly

    So on Just Jared it’s ok to say a kid is ugly but it’s not to say that a mom is ? I’m sorry but her mom is hideous…

  • dani

    Her mom is not that bad looking, she just needs to adjust her hair color and make up and clothing to a more age appropriate look. It looks like she is trying to be 32.

  • lydia

    to # 17 evilynn………

    All those you listed are not exactly good-looking.

    Bar is so-so. Scarlett is butt ugly with good boobs. Portman is plain unless photoshopped.

    Is that all you got?

  • lydia

    Pandora and evlynn must be Jews.

    Fine…… but those people you listed are not beautiful. Zac is really the only one who could be called very attractive.

    Jake and Scarlett have Frankenstein features. The others mediocre.

  • Wonder

    To the sad critics….wonder how you perceive your own mother and/or grandmother as they likely are mirrors for your own prospective future. Sarah Michelle Geller is a good actress and an equally good young woman who didn’t arrive there by chance, i.e. her mother likely emotionally supported her along the way. Can any of the critics say the same thing or were your own mothers too self-absorbed in their own lives to be there for you?

  • Vicki

    Her mother is ugly.

  • brunettefury

    Some of the people on this site are gigantic @$$holes, i.e. samantha, oceane, ladams, Tammy, d9 and Tom. Oh wait, no, Tom’s a nazi and an @$$hole.

    I wonder if you’re all the same person.

  • Pan

    How old is her mom?

  • lydia

    to brunettefury……..

    Maybe it’s you who’s the a##hole since you are intolerant of any opinions different from your own.

    I suppose you voted for Marxist Obama too. Figures!

  • brunettefury


    No, it’s not okay to call a child ugly either. You must lead a very sad life.

  • anna


  • brunettefury

    lydia – Having a differing opinion isn’t the same as being a disgusting trollish antisemitic jerk about someone’s family member. Maybe someone should direct you to a school where you can learn some respect and tact. While you’re at it, maybe they could also teach you not to be such a complete imbecile.

    Better yet, just die in a fire.

  • lydia

    to brunettefury…..

    You must be related to Obama or his medical advisor Dr. Zeke Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel…….because you think you can dictate to others what they can say or think.

    What an imperious fool you are.

  • anna

    @lydia: well, Obama can, because he’s the PRESIDENT!!!

  • lydia

    to anna…..

    Because Obama is the prsident he can tell people what to say or think????????

    WHOA!!!!! You need some serious mental health help or move to a dictatorship or a Communist country.

  • Jill

    @EvilLynn: I also agree that jewish features like the big crooked nose are ugly, I am in no way anti-semite as I also dislike the black nose, and no I won’t say african american because I mean all blacks not just the americans, and the asian eyes and many other feautures about white or hispanic people, why does everyone over react and think its prejudice? jesus,can’t people have their own taste anymore?

  • anna

    calm down sister! I didn’t mean it that way!! and what do u have against Obama?? do u prefer war nazi Bush’s kill everyone for oil because I don’t give a damn philosophy?

  • Nadia

    When the picture is little, she looks scary but if you really look at SMG’s mum, she is a very pretty woman! She just looks tired! She doesn’t need much to be beautiful!!!!

    SMG is as cute as usual!

    Some people on this site are weird or they’re just trying to get some attention! Why even talk about jewish people, moreover when what you say is bullsh*t ? I know a lot of very beautiful jewish people! And I’m not taking about famous people!!!

  • anna

    ps: I love Buffy and wish the best for her, Freddy and her baby! her mom really is ugly I hope she won’t look like that in30 years! and why the hell are people talking about jewish people?? is she jewish? what does that have to do with anything?!

  • abc

    hopefully the baby will look like freddie.
    if he/she looks like michelle it will grow up with serious issues.
    fingers crossed for the little one.

  • lydia

    Obama is a SOCIALST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He broke campaign promises to wind down the wars.

  • Baby

    @lydia: How old are you anyway? You sound like some little naive/immature thing that doesn’t even know what she’s talking about…yet you throw around semi-big words trying to portray that you actually have half a clue about what is going on in the world. Trust me honey, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t. So just shut u@, ok sweetie?

  • anna

    that’s great! wars suck! it isn’t your home being blown up, it’s the poor Iraqi’s!! omg I wanted to live in the 60s back when people HATED wars and fought for what was right!!!

  • Pandora

    @ Lydia # 23: Awww, sweetie — you are very simple in your thought processes. I can’t speak for EvilLynn, but I myself am not Jewish.

    Here’s something for you to process — when there are comments on here posted by the homophobic, I underscore their stupidity by replying to them. I’m not a gay man, nor am I a man. Get it? Yes? Oh, phew! I’m happy I could be of service!

    ‘nite now.

  • sistahc

    I think the show 10 years Younger would do her mother wonders. Sorry

  • amber

    Michelle needs to wax off her moustache or the baby will call her daddy too!

  • Uptown


    Sweetie…. Quit f^cking the pig….

  • FB

    Here mom just needs to loose that nasty neclace. Gisele couldnt even pull that off..

  • annab

    We all get old and loose some of our looks. Young people are so harsh on the older ones. It’s like they will never “grow old”??? They look like a natural mother and daughter together. So nice she still has her mother, mine passed away recently. Jewish people are not ugly. I see so many attractive ones, so that phrase is foolish. I wish Sarah the best with her baby.

  • EvilLynn

    @Jill, you mindless trogdlodyte, it’s FINE to be opinionated and call UGLY features UGLY when they are UGLY. No one is denying you your right to your preferences, simpleton.

    It’s when you ascribe the purported “ugliness” to an ENTIRE ethnic group, or decide that a particular facial feature is the facial feature belonging (only) to a particular race or ethnicity…THAT is what makes you a pathetic racist.

    Why so angry anyway? Is it because you and your dirty ilk are dying off in a world that’s becoming increasingly and beautifully mixed? Are they p*i*s*s*i*n*g in your inbred, Klan gene pool? Get used to it, the world is no longer divided the way it once was, the culture at large is more accepting of different races, cultures and ethnicities and your tired diatribe is virtually extinct, fool.

  • Nay

    I can imagine her Mum being one of those crazy bitches on Jerry Springer!

  • enna

    oh leave her mom alone, pathetic bitches. In any case, better to look ugly than be truly ugly inside, like you.