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Scarlett Johansson: 'Relator' Music Video!

Scarlett Johansson: 'Relator' Music Video!

Check out the new “Relator” music video from singer/songwriter Pete Yorn and singer/actress Scarlett Johansson.

Relator” is the first single from their upcoming album Break Up, which is is a deeply emotive yet hook-filled duets album about a tempestuous relationship.

Break Up, which includes eight original compositions by Pete, is slated for a September 15 release.

Scarlett Johansson: ‘Relator’ Music Video!
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74 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson: 'Relator' Music Video!”

  1. 1
    hadis Says:


  2. 2
    YES! Says:

    She can’t sing. Horrible voice and she acts so passive!
    How annoying.

  3. 3
    YES! Says:

    It’s like a parody.
    Is this a joke or an SNL sketch in which she is trying to make fun of people who try to sing?

  4. 4
    fresh Says:

    i kinda liked it. surprising.

  5. 5
    liz Says:

    scarlett has as horrible voice, but she is great actress

  6. 6
    Grid Says:

    In my opinion it’s a really cute song! I like Pete Yorn style!

  7. 7
    natalia Says:

    I just love Scarlett. She is not just a Gorgeous woman, she is a Great acrtess and now she is proving to be a fine singer asd well. And she is so cute! Loved the video!

  8. 8
    mojor.girl Says:

    I liked h\this song and how her voice sounds. It is just different…

  9. 9
    Pining for Chris Says:

    She can’t sing. She can’t act. But she has big boobs, so she’s sorted!
    I do like the video though.

  10. 10
    marissa Says:

    i have no problems with scarjo but that voice is …sucky

  11. 11
    sheigh Says:

    Her nasal voice brings my head down. Please stop her!
    Anyway, even if she’s with all the good musical production stuff , a woman can’t sing, doesn’t sing. Singer isn’t for everybody, she is the big proof!

  12. 12
    Toya Says:

    interesting Video and Song I liked her voice she reminds me of an old time singer but very sweet.

    Not bad Pete and Scarlette.

  13. 13
    kim Says:

    can’t act. can’t sing. ugh.

  14. 14
    elay Says:

    her voice is so annoynig but i LOVE her husband.

  15. 15
    Chatty kathy Says:

    Unfortunately, Scarlett can’t sing. She needs to come to terms with that and stop putting out crappy songs. The only reason she sounds semi-ok in this video is because it was clearly altered by studio technicians.

  16. 16
    VL Says:

    I don’t get it…Scarlet! You cannot sing. I love Pete Yorn and am kinda disappointed he let you ruin a song…It is a most irritating noise that comes out of your mouth….sorry

  17. 17
    Keith Says:

    I kind of like Scarlett’s voice, it’s not THAT bad people. it’s just different, I mean come on, were you honestly expecting whitney houston-type vocals?

  18. 18
    Jennifer Says:

    all those who say she can’t sing, get your ears checked. she has a raspy, soul-y voice which may not be everyone’s taste, but ‘cannot sing’ is simply untrue.

  19. 19
    Keith Says:

    .. and she “can’t act” …… is that why she’s been nominated for 4 Golden Globes? ..just sayin’

  20. 20
    stella Says:

    Her voice reminds me a lot of Zooey Deschanel’s… I don’t think it is bad per se, but I also don’t think it melds well with Pete Yorn’s voice or style. Zooey’s collaboration with M. Ward (as She & Him) is much more successful.

  21. 21
    Fred Smithson Says:

    I guess I’m in the minority but I thought she was really good in this – far better than her dismal solo release last year. She hit just the right tone and mood too in the video – it was casual cool. And to say Scarlett can’t act? Well, that’s just being silly.

  22. 22
    sillyme Says:

    I like it. True, she doesn’t have a great voice….but, neither does Amy Winehouse. Neither does Stevie Nicks. Neither did Bob Dylan. Lots of successful “singers” don’t have great voices.

  23. 23
    ginny Says:

    they play this song in hollister..had no idea it was scarlett!

    i like it.

  24. 24
    Luckyone Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised and actually loved it! Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley don’t have “great” voices … but I could listen to them all day! Their songs are “great”! Their voices have soul and so does Scarlett’s!

  25. 25
    Pan Says:

    I think she’s trying too hard with the old-style-singing-voice. It doesn’t seem to fit the music for some reason. Maybe she should go into blues? Or jazz?

    I feel like her “singing” is just an excuse to be filmed in music videos.

  26. 26
    Anonymous Says:

    Okay I’m shocked. I actually liked it. It’s kinda campy and catchy. I like Scarlett’s vocals. Very laid back and bluesy. And I can’t believe I just said that.

  27. 27
    susu Says:

    This b!tch bugs the **** outta me, I don’t know why. There’s just something about her. I actually think she sings better than she acts which is real sad.

  28. 28
    martin Says:

    they have zero chemistry, but i love the song

  29. 29
    martin Says:

    they have zero chemistry, but i love the song

  30. 30
    diego Says:

    Sing with pete yprn is too easy, i wanna see her singing alone!!

  31. 31
    rebecca Says:

    i really don’t like that song and i really don’t like her voice. can’t pinpoint why exactly but, it sounds like dull adult contemporary music that comes free in a cd from borders or something. generic coffeshop music.

  32. 32
    Léa Says:

    I used to really love Scarjo.
    But i hated her last album soooo bad.
    And now it’s cute and I love the rythm of this song… anyway it’s no way similar or comparable to Gainsbourg/bardot as Peter York wanted. NO WAY

    Scarlett is a good actress, maybe a bit overestimated but she is only what ??? 24 ??? she has time. And she has a voice which is cute but not … not so singerish lol
    she’s no Christina Aguilera !

  33. 33
    Jennifer Says:

    It’s like watching an actress perform in a music video. We dontsee any passion for the music in her eyes (or voice for that matter)…which is funny because you can see the passion in the fellow, and he’s wearing shades! Very few people can really emote when the sing. Its the difference between karaoke and great music.

  34. 34
    lola Says:

    I like it. I think her voice sounds unique and the song is very catchy.

  35. 35
    carrienae Says:

    I like the song and the classic sound of Scarlett’s voice. I think their voices blended so well in this song.

  36. 36
    leigha Says:

    i love this song! its so catchy and fun..i think she has a great voice i dont know what you are all talking about! they both sound great together.

  37. 37
    me Says:

    Kind of Amy Winehouse-ish, Duffy-ish. I liked it. It’s catchy.

  38. 38
    EMSH Says:

    I LOVE THIS!! totally didn;t expect it to come out like this!!

  39. 39
    MarieMJS Says:

    I love this song, and I love her voice… I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much as an actress, as an artist and everything. I actually enjoyed some songs from her previous album, and so far, what I heard from this new project is actually quite great…
    Haters to the left, I’ll be buying the cd, hoping I’m not the only one, the vendetta against her has to stop >_<

  40. 40
    Justin Says:

    i like her voice here.. it’s just hoarse. kinda sexy.

  41. 41
    tara Says:

    ohh gush She can’t sing. Horrible voice

  42. 42
    Fabio Says:

    Very boring!

  43. 43
    Marcel Says:

    Vc ja tinha ouvido ela cantando? Bom ate q gostei, mas pela galera que comentou ai em cima, não gostaram muito, mas ouve e depois me fala. Bjs
    P.S: Te entupi de emails hj, rss

  44. 44
    meh Says:

    her voice isn’t bad here, but have u heard her sing live? terrible.

  45. 45
    lala Says:

    her voice is suitable for indie scene…not for those who like disney star

  46. 46
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    honestly im surprised, this is my 1st time listening to her sing
    and ive heard her get a lot of negativity because she sung, i thought she actually song horribly
    but it’s not that bad, it’s definitely not grammy material but better than most hollywood actresses gone singers
    i agree her voice is a bit off, but like i said, it’s not bad overall imo

  47. 47
    gag Says:

    I read this album was actually recorded a year BEFORE that Tom Waits cover album

  48. 48
    Marti Says:

    scarlett,scarlett,the singer career is not for you,maybe is better that you continues to acting..

  49. 49
    Suzette Says:

    Come onnnnnnnnnnnn, would anybody listen to her sing this herself? She needed Pete for the music and vocals and he needed her publicity. Can you imagine this song if she was sing the whole thing herself? Someone tell the emperor she’s butt naked…and that her tone sucks.

  50. 50
    reba Says:

    Scarlett. Please close your f**king mouth for once in your life.

  51. 51
    ashley Says:

    what a song!


  52. 52
    Dawn Says:

    I thought it was a great video. I loved both their voices. Her’s is very raspy, love it. She is being passive in the video, because of what the song is saying. She is being indifferent too him, just like his words said. Not only was she singing good, she was acting. I will be buying the cd too.

  53. 53
    Karrie Says:

    I don’t think Scarlett’s voice is terrible, it’s not great but she’s probably given a harder time because she’s already known as an actress.

    But “now I’m away, I write home everyday”, sung by Scarlett in the first verse and duplicated again and again throughout the song with varying though similar lyrics, really bothers me because I think it’s a (possibly unintentional) case of plagiarism. Listen to ‘All My Loving’ by The Beatles, by no means an unknown song. The line: “when I’m away, I’ll write home everyday,” is its melodic and lyrical predecessor by GENERATIONS and is also probably the hook of the song. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the song, would know it. I think someone should call Sir Paul McCartney!!!

  54. 54
    ellen Says:

    i wish it were zooey (deschanel) singing. zooey would have been SO much better…hands down.

  55. 55
    olivia Says:

    i liked it

  56. 56
    Marc Says:

    Loved it, it has such a retro, hip feeling to it with a touch of modernism.

  57. 57
    Noticias de famosos Says:

    Scarlett has a voice .. let him in different ..

  58. 58
    Pemesse Says:

    It is amazing to see comments against the Scarlett voice. I think that people are addicted by ‘American Idol’ participants, where everybody prefers to cry. Scarlett has a different and sensual voice, well applied to the music, in a pleasant rithm and interesting lyrics. Congratulations for both, Scarlett and Pete. Forget the ‘experts’ and bad comments here. Could it be jealousy ?!

  59. 59
    Nice Says:

    Ameei o Video com eles. Parabeens Tomare que ela siga a carreira de cantora, pois ela é uma Otima atriz. Sou sua Fã! Parabens

  60. 60
    valance Says:


  61. 61
    Marc Says:

    Very BoBo, I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 62
    hypocrite Says:

    marin – they have zero chemistry in the video because they are talking about ending their relationship. Moron. The friggin album is called “BREAK UP”.

    She rocks and all those that don’t like her are just jealous women or gay guys that want her husband…

  63. 63
    renato diego Says:

    I think she´s amazing, anjd her voice is great is not like this stupids american singers, is diferent! Is Original! With Peter? Great Idea!

  64. 64
    Atticus Says:

    yes! i knew it scarlett can sing!

    I’m a true fan and I’have to say that the first album was horrable,
    but this song sounds much better¨!

    keep it up scarjo!

  65. 65
    samco Says:

    I think everyone is so used to hip hop, rap, and pop music, which makes them think this song sucks. this style is jazz/blues and it sounds good.

  66. 66
    Status quo Says:

    Hmm, different and cool. Wouldn’t blast it on my radio but its cool.

  67. 67
    cogswca2 Says:

    dude her voice is hot, kinda retro; think janis. sure its not the norm, but who digs cookie cutter anyway. rock it out girl, totally loving it.

  68. 68
    snotly Says:

    in the confused world of hollywood values, how is one to distinguish talent from beauty? I’m suspicious of the structural integrity in choosing Johannson, it just makes someone like Janis Joplin shine ever the brighter in comparison, it’s not that Johansson is awful, it just makes one wonder, how hard does she really have to try?

  69. 69
    jENNY Says:

    I can’t believe all of the negative comments. When lately every song that comes across the radio sounds the same as the last, I think this one is a breath of fresh air.

  70. 70
    T Says:

    I like Pete Yorn…but that could have been any girl or actress. How cliché! Actress turned model turned singer…fashion designer…she looks like she is play a role in the vidoe. She’s not a bad actress just not my favorite either.
    I would have liked the song more if she wasn’t singing.

  71. 71
    Lizard Says:

    I agree that Scarlett Johansson’s voice is different but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s bad. It’s just different. It’s not your typical main-stream music voice and it’s definitely a different genre of music that most people don’t listen to on the radio.

  72. 72
    cricket Says:

    I love her voice. It is very different and not like all the other chicks that are singing today. She has class and I think they sound great together!

  73. 73
    Sobersson Says:

    Yes, their voices fit greatly together.

    Keep on going with your singing dear Scarlett.
    And do it your way being a different and distinctive
    yourself on your Scarlett-stream. Just let that
    instinctive intensity also flow into your performing.

    I’m related.

  74. 74
    suppress your appetite Says:

    nice song!!!

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