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Sienna Miller & George Barker: Kissing Couple

Sienna Miller & George Barker: Kissing Couple

Sienna Miller gets wrapped in the arms of her new boyfriend George Barker, aka DJ Slinky Wizard, while taking a boat ride in Ibiza, Spain on Thursday (August 13).

A source tells UK’s The Mirror, “Sienna and George are really quite besotted. They haven’t been dating for long but decided to just go for it and get away for a sunshine break. Sienna and her sister Natasha had organized a surprise 50th birthday for [her step-mom Kelly Hoppen], and Si invited George along too so they could meet informally over a glass of bubbly or three.”

Apparently Kelly has a Ibizan villa that Sienna and George are staying at.

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jami

    this chick wastes absolutely NO time at all getting it on with another guy. Last summer she was on a boat naked with Balty & was caught kissing his ear just a few weeks ago, now she is all over this guy. she likes her men & public displays of affection, hmmmm, so much for being “private” Ms. Miller….hope he’s not married with children.


  • Spencer P

    Who cares about Sienna Miller. GI JOke sucked anyways. I just saw a ton of high-def pictures of Heidi Montag in Playboy over at

  • omg

    WTF . . .did she not help just break up a marriage with that Getty guy. . . now she has moved on to him. . .wow she is a bit of a s lu t.

  • xx

    wow, she wastes no time. Is this guy also married?

  • justbecause

    Is funny how people keep bashing only Sienna, I mean, Getty is cheating too. But he’s the guy right? *rolleyes*
    For the record I’m not a Sienna fan anyway. I’m just saying.

  • Amy

    People need to just leave her alone.

  • liz

    my god! she destroyed a family and now she is with another man! The funniest thing is she says that she is not a prostitute LOL

  • liz

    but let’s look at the positive side, she is wearing a bikini. LOL

  • Jess

    Well, at least this time she kept her top on!

    Wow, she really doesn’t waste any time, does she. Wasn’t she just sucking Getty’s ear in June and now she’s getting it on with another man already.

    I also thought she had said she had “no time” for a boyfriend, but I guess that was a load of crap, too.

  • Whatever

    I don’t agree with her dating a married man, but other than that…why does a woman have to be the SLU@ just because she is having boyfriends? Big deal. As long as she is being monogamous during the relationships, why does it matter how many men there are? It’s not like she’s just having one night stands…she’s being intimate with guys she is dating. Jeez! By the way, I think she is absolutely beautiful and has a gorgeous body. She is very tiny & fit without looking anorexic.

  • Liz

    I agree with @Whatever. She’s a beautiful woman, it’s normal to have a few boyfriends. Plus, I think Sienna is great.Basically all her boys are not really good looking, not like probably the other 99% of the girls in hollywood, trying to date hot guys.I think she’s really in love with her bfs.

  • drea

    Well, atleast he is better looking than that douche Balthazar. Sienna and Rossetta were too good looking for him.

  • surfing

    Agree with Whatever. If a guy is with lot of women is cool but then if it’s a woman then she’s the slut. Talk about double morality.
    However I DON’T think it was fine that she dated a married man but for God’s sake, what about him??? HE was the one with the wife and children.
    Surely femme fatal Sienna seduced him, poor Balti

  • lisa

    HOW does she stay so dang skinny?!!!! Her body is perfect.

    I think Sienna and Kate Hudson are like the real life SATC. Two independent women enjoying men :)

  • amy

    He probably has a wife and kids we don’t know about.

  • h

    has a sluttier woman ever existed? i think not.

  • Eric D. Midget


  • ericap

    Look at her teenie weenie little boobies! No wonder she had to have pads for her Baroness boobs!
    What a joke.
    She’s nasty.

  • Karma

    She’ll sling this guy aside quicker than spit for any man better off than him and leave him lying in the dirt wondering what happened. Destroying men boosts her shallow ego.

  • ct

    thts so true. if she was a guy no one would care. hell, george clooney does it & no one seems to mind.

  • Celie

    I think he’s being paid$$ to try and convince people she’s not still having an affair with that married guy. You know she still is. HO. She can’t stand to be without a guy. It’s how she re-affirms herself.

    Can’t wait to see this no-talent brat bomb down in flames on Broadway. No way is she disciplined enough for that type of work. I will laff my azz off!!

  • Celie

    @lisa: Would you say so if she were having sex with your husband on a beach in front of everyone?

    Thought not.

  • A
    where have I seen that^? oh yeah right there-
    that’s what happens when girls grow up without proper father.

  • A
    life is fun, when booze keep flowing.

  • meathead

    ugh….just throw her overboard when you see some sharks around. lol

  • Jess

    Are you serious? LMAO why she could go through all that problem.

    Also, if my husband were having sex with anyone on a beach, I ‘ll drop his dumb ass like asap.

  • jenny

    @A point well taken, i guess you know what you are talking about, let’s face it, the girl is a ho. proof have been provided. can’t argue with that.

  • Shakirakitten

    Now, why on earth did Sienna have sex with a man that was married with four children and put the entire family through all that to go with someone else? She has absolutely no idea of what children mean and how important they are. Selfish and narcissistic. Awful.

  • Liza

    Disgusting woman.

  • mery

    Other summer, other board, other man. Well, Sienna you are single, but you keep your privacy.

    I’m not fan of Sienna, but I think Getty as father know his responsabilities.

  • wow

    she’s young and single. people should leave her alone.

  • meh

    LOL! Slinky Wizard? Really?!

  • c

    SM staged this photo-op with another man:
    a) to make BG jealous. Is that the same bikini that she wore when she vacationed with BG in Italy?Prepare for photo-ops of SM and BG publicly engaging in pda.

    b) she is using the “new boyfriend” angle to whitewash her image/career and cover up for her affair with the married man. Since the “I’m single” revelation did nothing to help her career/image, they put out stories about how she is seeing another man. When no one didn’t believe these stories, they decided to show us by leaking photos of her engaging in pda with her new boyfriend on a boat. How is publicly kissing another man supposed to convince us that she isn’t sleeping with the married man?

    Does SM have the worst PR team in the world? What we learn from these photo-ops is that SM or someone from her PR team tips off the paps. A day after SM “sources” say that she is planning on vacationing with her “new boyfriend”in Ibiza, the public is treated with a photo-op of her publicly engaging in pda with another man on a boat in Ibzia. It also makes her a liar. In the GQ interview didn’t she say that she was happy being single and that she was good on her own? And yet here she is all over another man after sticking her tongue in the married man’s ear a month ago. And she wonders why she doesn’t have any credibility.

  • kristin

    Now thats a good move, ditch the married guy and get yourself a single man with no strings attached.
    sienna looks great!

  • Pooh

    I don’t see a gun to his head or a knife to his penis. I don’t like her but I still don’t understand y people call her a HO! If she’s a HO then George Clooney is the biggest man HO!

  • Lekili

    Guess Getty is yesterday’s news!

    This woman moves fast when it comes to men. What ever happened to taking a long hard look in the mirror when a relationship ends and figuring out what went wrong……………Oh yeah, she steals men away from their wives. She is nothing more than a common,everyday whore

  • c

    Prior to the vacation in Italy, which of the two declared that they were single and had learned their lesson? After the vacation in Italy which of the two declared that the public has an vendetta against them? Which of the two declared that there is no sisterhood and then was spotted kissing someone else’s spouse outside an airport. This is the major difference between SM and BG. Getty knows when to shut up and lay low, SM on the other hand keeps milking the “woe is me” angle as she throws someone else under the bus. SM gets criticized because she won’t leave well enough alone (ie-lay low, shut up, stop tipping off the paps, stop trying to depict RG and her 4 kids as a villian)

    Since SM knew that BG had a wife and kids and continued to stage photo-op after photo-op anyway, she does not get a free pass. She even went so far as to try to justify the affair with the “but I was in love” excuse, as if love erases all of those photos of her sticking her breast in BG mouth or tongue in BG ear.

    The not the married one excuse is a double standard. BG is not responsible for SM actions and being single or not the married one does not justify her decision to sleep with another sister’s husband. If she had conducted herself in a different manner and hadn’t been so eager to upstage a mother and her 4 kids, then things would have been different. The affair didn’t just happen. She made a conscious decision to sleep with the married man and play it out in the public
    s eye, just like she has now made a conscious decision to play out her “new relationship”.

    The problem isn’t that she is dating a lot of guys, it’s the lack of respect that she has for women and their relationships. She can’t whine about having no respect when she won’t even respect the married man’s wife and kids.

  • sunseeker

    This is a bogus affair, he is either paid or he is being used, before long she will be with Getty again. Wait till she goes to NYC they will be hiding out somewhere like at the start of the affair. And some people are right Getty is mostly at fault but she has to take some blame, I don’t think sleeping with anybody who is single is a problem, but sleeping with married men is.

  • pgm

    I’ve never seen her in movies I just heard from her here I’m not a fan but, como all you people that are bashing her here, don’t act like your saints, people are what they are, if they put your personal life in display like hers people would be talking crap about you all, cause nobody’s perfect, we are humansss she is human, make mistakes!!!! everybody does, everyone want what they want and do what they fell like is right or like. people do what they need to do to feel happy or confortable or feel that somebody likes you. that’s how people are everybody everyone of u that is tlking shit about her, if you don’t have something nice to say better keep your mouth shut. you don’t even really know her. go and do something more productive with your life. stop feeling angry because of what somebody else is doing that, come on doenst really affects you

  • A
  • cat

    Savannah. Not natasha.

  • kristin

    i agree with #39. You cant hate someone forever just because she made a mistake, she has apologized and is trying to move on.
    Rosetta is better without Getty anyway, he cheated on her once and will keep doing it with someone else. Im sure sienna will be much more careful in the future in terms of who she is dating

  • A

    I think I’d give more credit to this “story” if she was topless.
    nice try.

  • solid

    what a slut oMFG

  • c

    That’s just it, no one(EXCEPT FOR SM) is putting SM personal life on display. She made the conscious decision to put every detail of her personal life out there(including this trip with her “new man”) and she has to deal with the consequences of these actions. By the same logic, stop feeling angry because people see through this 27yo ADULT’s PR stunts. She can’t have it both ways. If she wants privacy, then she needs to stop tipping off the paps. If she isn’t going to stop tipping off the paps, then she can’t cry wolf when things don’t go her way. She wants to be like JD, yet she just won’t stop courting attention. SM PR team and her family have failed her, not the people who comment on her PR stunts. Who in their right mind would think that engaging in pda with another man after she was spotted doing the same thing with the married man a month ago was a great idea, considering that she was whining about not having credibility and wanting to be like JD who by the way is rarely seen engaging in pda with his significant other?

    We don’t need to know SM to draw a conclusion about her. Because she was so eager to upstage a mother and her 4 kids, the public learned what type of person she is/was through her photo-ops with the married man. BTW, SM didn’t know BG’s wife that well and that didn’t stop her from bashing/spreading lies about her. She didn’t even know JL nanny that well and that didn’t stop her from publicly threatening her. If SM wants respect, then she needs to learn how to give it.

    The “I didn’t know any better because I was naive or in love” mentality doesn’t hold true because she knew that what she was doing was wrong. This is evidenced by the fact that she kept trying to justify the affair/deflect from her bad behavior by playing the victim, having her sources say that the married man was separated/having problems before she entered the picture, depict RG as the villian, and using the “but i was in love’ excuse to sugarcoat the affair. So the “I didn’t know any better because I was naive and in love” excuse doesn’t hold true.

  • julie

    I’m not a Sienna fan and I couldn’t care less about her but I do believe that if you wanna break up a family it better be for a damn good reason. Yes, Getty cheated too, but she had a choice of walking away and letting the family work it out. AS IF she ever stayed with any of these for longer than a few months. She said in an interview, she’s only had four long term relationships. And a few ones for a few months. Whoa, no thanks.

  • sunseeker

    Everybody is aware that Getty cheated too, but he at least keeps out of the limelight and keeps his mouth shut which is more than Miller has done, she has talked a lot of rubbish and all the ” I should have been more aware ” is only because she had her GI Joe Tour and needed to keep the focus on the Tour. I asm not a fan either way but lets be honest we woman are accountable as well. Getty is a scumbag and always will be. And don’t be duped by these photo’s Miller and Getty are not finished yet.

  • memei

    How many bloody bf has this woman had. she needs to give me some tips been signle for too long

  • Denise

    She isn’t exactly doing it “publicly”, she’s on a boat probably in the middle of the water – being followed by photographers.

  • KVON

    SHe is a whore, real talk from a real nigga. You cant make a ho a house wife. This trick has slept with half of hollywood and london. Women on here saying men sleep around so its okay are wrong, because men and women are different. Women are recievers and men are pitchers. The more dicks and cum that you have in your vagina the less attractive you become. There is a point that if y ou have slept with enough men you become a walking STD case, which is loathsome.

    Thus, is the problem, when you sleep with enough men your pussy becomes sewage to most males and any male will tell you that your stock goes down.