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Sienna Miller: Ibiza Bikini Babe

Sienna Miller: Ibiza Bikini Babe

Bikini-clad Sienna Miller soaks in the sun and downs a few drinks with her rumored boyfriend, DJ George Barker, while vacationing in Ibiza, Spain on Thursday (August 13).

If you missed it, below is the video of the 27-year-old British actress on Live with Jimmy Kimmel!, getting lifted by a crane and flying over hundreds of screaming fans and paparazzi on Hollywood Blvd. to the premiere of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, in theaters now.

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Credit: Cooper Photographers; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Karma

    Why, it’s the slut again, posing for the paps. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • Team Maniston

    She’s disgusting.

  • jami

    She has done nothing special in her “career”, nothing worth remembering, her new movie stinks, and she is the ultimate famewhore- move over Paris Hilton welcome Sienna Miller.

  • Chili Pepper

    LMAO, Transformers did more on a Wednesday opening night than GI Joe did over an entire weekend. Bomb much? What a piece of crap!

  • Jessi

    What a lot of hate !!
    You guys get a life and stop bitching, it’s not her fault she’s followed by paps, but it’s yours you’re bitter!

  • Rachelle

    (YAWN). It’s the homewrecking skunk again, nothing to see here.

  • Me

    Chili Pepper – I don’t know where in the world you’re getting your stats from, but you’re completely wrong. Transformers did $70.5 million in it’s first weekend. It did about $30 million on Wednesday. Do your homework.

  • sunseeker

    She is followed by the paps because her PR’s let the press know where she is. A ll this rubbish about a new boyfriend, just a smokescreen to keep the Getty affair out of the papers. Why did we not get any photos of her holiday in the Turks and Caicos.We only get photos’s of what they want us to see. They are still together and will reappear when she comes to NYC in a couple of month.

    Jessi Her PR’s are known for tipping of the Mirror, it is a well known fact.

  • jj

    Poor George sitting at a table with SM and she is not sticking her tongue is HIS ear. No smirk on her face, this bogus love affair is just no fun. Don’t worry world, our two favorite morons should be reconciling soon. But poor little Sienna, she may get Balti, but his WIFE will get his money.
    She is a pathological liar. Karma is inching closer……

  • Chili Pepper

    @Me: Do YOUR homework, moron…go to Box Office Mojo. Better yet, here’s the link showing Transformers daily totals for U.S. alone. Read it and weep, doof.
    Here’s GI Joe, Rise of the Crappy Movie totals:

  • Chili Pepper

    @Me: There’s this thing called a scrollbar on the right side of the screen. If you click on it, hold, and pull it down, you can see the daily totals. I wasn’t sure if you knew what a scrollbar was or how it worked, just trying to help. No need to thank me.

  • A

    So it’s a crappy film, so was Transformers – only reason it was more popular at the box office was because a whole bunch of melon-headed dweebs went to see it!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, sienna looks so hot
    glad to hear she moved on from balthazar, she’s getting to much criticism from that relationship anyways
    if only she removed that little skirt to see her ass =[

  • Fourplay

    @lakers fan in boston: Too much criticism? She earned every bit and more.

  • richellerichelle

    Look! There’s Balty under the table! Her foot is in his mouth. Oh, no worries; he has a canker sore and Sienna to nurse it with her big toe. I tell you, that girl should have been a nurse!

  • Fourplay

    Megan Fox is way hotter.

  • Sally

    I don’t know much on Sienna, but I can deny she is gorgeous. Beautiful pics!

  • flower

    Balthazar is back with his wife.Everyone is happy now. As for Sienna’s p.r. people calling the paparazzi that is crazy.If that were the case and was proven she never would have won a landmark lawsuit in London banning them from being anywhere near her. Sunseeker, you spend way too munch time commenting on other peoples lives. Perhaps you need to focus on your own life and surely if it were that great you wouldn’t be on here and other websites spreading negativity and ill will.

  • jazz

    The woman can not even last a week without a guy. Let’s see how long this one lasts. Two years ago, it was Rhys Ifans with her in Ibiza who she couldn’t dump fast enough for Balty.

    She is going to NY in a month and will be staying there for 4 months.
    So, I would guess this guy is one of her 3-month dalliances what she mentioned in her lates interview.

    With the parade of men in her life, I wonder she does not get STDs.

  • shes 35 at least
  • shes 35 at least

    Starving children in Congo keep being amazed by the way she spends her “hard earned” millions. She didn’t spend a dime for those poor starving kids.

  • Doby

    She’s still a ho, and she’s still hooked up with a very married man. Don’t believe this PR smoke screen, it a red herring so that people forget Sienna Miller is the biggest homerecker of all time!!!!

  • S

    Yeah, that’s how human is she. And then she wonders why she doesn’t have a career in the movie industry anymore.
    The public pays you the salary, not producers. You serve for the public, stupid.

  • c

    If everyone is happy, then why is SM going through the trouble to try to convince people that she has a new boyfriend and isn’s sleeping with the married man? Perhaps someone (ie-HB or the directors of the play) told her to shape up or ship out.

    SM PR doesn’t tip off the paps? So immediately following the report that she is planning on spending the holiday with her “new boyfriend” in Ibzia, the public is treated with photos of her vacationing where? And people say that she doesn’t court attention or tip off the paps. This just makes it even more obvious that it is SM/her PR team who tips off the paps.

    If the paps are not allowed to be near SM, then that means that she gave them permission to take these photos and thus proves that she tips them off/courts attention. If the paps are not allowed to be near her than she would have sued them by now, right? Keep in mind that there are several pictures of her coming and going from her house; so if the paps are not allowed to be there, then that means that SM invited them.

    People talk about her personal life because she just doesn’t know how to keep it private. A week after whining about how she wants to be like JD, she leaks photos of her out with a man who isn’t attached to another woman. Just like she calimed that she was single, that must have been a lie as well. Just because she is spotted with her new boyfriend doesn’t mean that she has ended her affair with the married man. It’s all PR. She didn’t convince anyone with the “I’m single” story and she still couldn’t convince anyone with the stories about her new boyfriend, so they decided that showing the public that she has a new boyfriend will do the trick. All they proved is that SM courts attention.

  • kristin

    say whatever you want but sienna looks beautiful and happy, her acting in g.i. joe was great, the girl is clearly enjoying herself and i hope she stays away from BG for good this time.

  • c

    Why is that the celebs who always whine about not having privacy are always the one’s courting attention? When JD says that he wants privacy, you know he means; however, when celebs like SM say that they want privacy, you know that it is a farce.

  • Devon

    What a skank!

  • lauren

    she looks gorgeous.

  • c

    That’s the same bikini she wore when she vacationed in Italy with the married man. PR STUNT. So does her mother only vacation with her when she is playing mistress and humilating a mother and her 4 kids? Or is that the next step in this pr game? It looks like SM is trying to make the married man jealous by kissing all over another man while wearing the same bikini she wore when she vacationed with him around Father’s Day and true to form she is rubbing her affair in the married man’s wife’s face. She is her own worst enemy.

  • suppress your appetite

    jimmy kimmel is the funniest man in the world.