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Tom Cruise: 'Mission Impossible 4' Hires Writers

Tom Cruise: 'Mission Impossible 4' Hires Writers

Tom Cruise takes daughter Suri, 3, to visit her mom Katie Holmes on the set of her latest film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday (August 12).

Tom, fellow producer J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures have tapped Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec to write the screenplay for Mission Impossible 4 (The pair spent four seasons with J.J. as co-exec producers of Alias).

MI:4 is set for a 2011 release.

10+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and Suri down under…

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tom cruise mission impossible 4 01
tom cruise mission impossible 4 02
tom cruise mission impossible 4 03
tom cruise mission impossible 4 04
tom cruise mission impossible 4 05
tom cruise mission impossible 4 06
tom cruise mission impossible 4 07
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tom cruise mission impossible 4 09
tom cruise mission impossible 4 10

Credit: Big Australia; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Hannah

    Not a fan of Tom Cruise. Suri is so pretty.

  • shakara

    same here-i still dont think that she is his,if she is then man did she get lucky gene wise lol

  • Elodie

    Suri is such a strong girl. She is always wearing thin clothes while her parents wear long-sleeves. I hope they take care of Suri. Don’t catch cold, pretty baby!

  • Ella

    beautiful family


    I LOVE IT!

  • Lucy

    Cute family. Kate and Tom are so lovely together and Suri is such a sweetheart. Beautiful pics!

  • lily

    whatever u’re saying, the sexy looking are always in the focus!! know what, she really should be famous on the tall dating place__Tallloving*c0m__ for dating~ ,seems it’s such a waste being here!!lol…..

  • Sarah

    It looks like Mrs. Cruise is very annoyed at the papparoozie. I feel bad for them, I wish they could have some privacy every once in a while! I don’t understand why people think Suri is not their child? She looks like the both of them! Beautiful girl, and so blessed to have parents who love her so much.

  • Halli

    Mission Impossible 4: The Xenu Supremacy

  • coolio

    everyone that talks shi* about them needs to shut the fu** up! u r making fun of someone just because of their religion!!! they can beleive in whatever they want and they shouldn’t have to deal with all the criticism!! if you think about it properly u will know i am right and u r wrong!!!

  • Nanea

    You know that they often call the paps themselves, right? It’s the only way for Crazy Cruise to stay relevant, as the last movies tanked.

  • Morgan

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how Mom can have on a coat, Dad have a heavy sweater and the baby have a summer dress on…this is like this everytime we see photos of this is it possible nobody is looking into this….I don’t care if the child doesn’t like coats or warm clothing your the parents…take care of your baby :(


    Hamm i usualy don´t post here but was imposible for me not to see that the baby girl is wering a simple sleeveless dress, and K is wering a longneck blouse and a jacket, and he a longsleeve doble t-shirt.
    Im mean Heeelowwww…

    Isn´t this creepy?, is not the first time, and yes, a kid can cry and scream everyting they want about wering what they like, but the parents have the last word, and more if is about the health of the kid
    Don´t you think?.

  • hengameh

    i think katie was very tired

  • Jeannette

    I live in Melbourne, if I took my child out dressed like that i would expect a visit from childrens services in flash, that kid has got to be freezing.

  • nikomilinko
  • gene

    i love them! lovely family!

  • kelly


  • Xjumsterx

    sigh. another sequel?

  • Charles

    Katie looked a lot happier when gay boy wasnt around. And that kid doesnt look very healthy, pasty white with no expression.

  • emma

    the kid looks pretty cute and healthy to me.

  • tina

    Tom sure has aged a lot since he and Homely got together. He looks older than his years now. That’s what stress does to the body.

    I wonder why Scientology didn’t save Tom’s career? It cured his dyslexia…according to Tom anyway.

    lmao Tom is not very brighter. Katie is even dumber than Tom

    Mission Impossible #4 will BOMB.

  • tina

    Mission Impossible IV: The Curse of L. Ron Hubbard……lol

  • Al

    The brat has a face. And look at me i am so pretty Tommy is saying.

  • j

    Tom looks ridiculous with a full mop of brown hair at his age. MOST men have some gray and a receding hairline.

    Tommy is too insecure.

  • Ann

    That body guard must feel like a fool, carrying Suri’s purse and doll. He has GOT to be soooo sick of them. I hope the pay is worth it buddy, I feel for yah!

  • ????

    I thought Paramount cut ties with Cruise? is this MI4 just another rumor, like Katie doing Sex and the City? Either way, another movie I will not watch.

  • Misseden

    I live in the town right next to the mountain that the set is on, and I’m no fan of tomkat but to be fair, it was a pretty nice day today.

  • Jessica

    Misseden it sure was a nice day today, but sadly these were taken yesterday and it wasn’t so nice with a top of 12 degrees for about a second. And they were filming in Melbourne not out at the rock.

  • ?

    Haven’t seen Tom’s mother in a VERY long time…..

    Is she being imprisoned by the cult? Someone needs to check up on her.

  • liam

    The “Minority Report” stud and his “Dawson’s Creek” darling couldn’t seem to get on the same page as they left the “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” lot, with Tom stopping to chat with fans while Katie and Suri waited impatiently Finally, Tom pulled himself away from his fans and started to look annoyed at his wife, forcing Katie to put on a fake smile in an attempt to show that everything was fine.
    “From celebrity-g0ssip website ”

    What a freak.!!!

  • Devon

    It’s winter in Australia, why isn’t Suri wearing a jacket?

  • !

    i think Suri is very cute and i used to get excited when i see her photos, looking forward to what she is wearing and her hairstyle but lately, she is becoming uninteresting. i don’t know this family personally and i surely could be wrong but right now, all i see is Suri being a lifeless child and very empty. i know she’s got her parents and brothers and sister to play with but i hope they’d let her play and interact with kids her age.

    MI 4 will be a hit, no doubt about it, but Katie’s movie will surely bomb and go straight to dvd.

  • Sam

    Suri in summer sleeveless top but they all wrapped up in layers ,Does Suri never feel the cold?.

  • sciento logy f r e a k s

    -Katie looks more like a woman here than her usual haggard zombie look. Looks like she was prepared for today’s photo-op.
    -Why is Suri in a sleeveless and both of them are in long sleeves and one is in coat? Even the bodyguard is wearing long sleeves
    -Photo number 6 is funny. Tom’s inner gay is coming out.

  • capernuse

    Ha, that’s so lame, I can picture Tom with a dartboard with tags that say things like, “MI4″,” Top Gun 2″, “Police Academy 7″. It’s not like L Ron ever had an original thought though, he just plagiarized everyone
    else. I’ll believe this vaporware is underway when I see pics of the film crew being shuffled through the yellow Scientology tents that Tom will
    defintely set up, if the filming ever actually starts.

  • NativeNYker

    Lets face it – none of his films are as successful as the MI flicks!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • WOW!

    They both look ridden hard and put away wet.

  • Is it Me/

    Or does he look more and more gay as of late? Check out pic 6 of the faggy hair flip…good lord man, just come out of the closet already!!!! You would probably become more popular.

  • dian

    I don’t care what anyone else thinks of the Cruises but I think they are a beautiful family Tom Katie Bella Conner and sweet little Suri

  • Lekili

    Is it just me or do Katie and Suri look happier when they are alone together?
    Seldom do either one smile when around Tom.

    Something to make you go HUM!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Suri is so cute. She has so much personality.
    She is my favourite celeb child (o.k., maybe Shiloh too, due to her beauty).


    Poor baby. She will catch a cold. It’s winter in australia at the moment. Tom and Katie robot are BAD parents.

  • QueenOftrashin

    For a bomb that is going to go straight to DVD, this crap shot is taking a long time! Does Mimi Rogers have herpes, too?

  • Lydia

    DAMN!! They both look like they can’t stand each other again. Big difference from those staged pics they took at the park when Tom came into town! It was so obvious that those pics were a set up by Tom’s PR people. That’s why I can’t stand these two. They’re the biggest PR wh*res out there.

    I was wondering why Suri is dressed in a sleeveless summer outfit in the middle of the Australian winter while Katie is wearing a turtleneck and a raincoat and Tom is wearing a heavy sweater too! Back to their old tricks I see! I feel really sorry for that cute kid.

    Just a couple more things that make this “family” so weird!

  • its robo-bride

    Well, the pictures ‘seem’ to convey a lot of tension and unhappiness. And as usual Katie has no dress sense.
    Guess Tom is trying to buy back his popularity with MI4. Does he not get it? No one wants to see an aging movie star act like he is 30.


    That info about MI4 came out last week. You’re late to the party JJ. You must be slipping. LOL!

    Not only is the news about MI4 old but Tom and Katie are old news too. Tom is a has been and Katie is a never was. No one likes them anymore except for a few freakish obsessed fans. The only reason Cruise is doing MI4 is because he is desperate for work. He hasn’t worked since 2 summers ago when he filming Valkyrie. He claims to have projects in the works but nothing is happening and the parts are going to other actors. As for Katie, everything she does is a flop. This movie she’s working on will be a flop too. She’s just a bad actress who was on a TV show a long time ago. If she wasn’t married to Tom she would be on a reality show. Wait….didn’t she just do one? LOL!

    Suri is a cutie though. Not that I believe for one second that Tom is her father or their marriage is not a contract. Who leaves their wife alone in Australia for a month if it was a real marriage? NO ONE. Like another poster said, they look like they cant stand each other.

  • nurd

    Pic 7
    Yeah girl come on smile yeah thats a good girl,now make the kid smile,Yeah good job when we get home you get TWO cookies

  • Hand Prop

    they’ve got suri’s hands busy

  • sissy

    My sister is an elementary school teacher. The schools policy is when they see that a child is being inappropriately dressed for the season they must call child protective services as it is a sign of neglect. It baffles me that these parents continuously do this. There is no justification whatsoever. And if it is a matter of indulging the child on what she prefers to wear rather than what is more healthy in the cold weather, then overindulgence in this case would still equal a form of child abuse. Overly spoiled children are harmed just as much as children who are ignored by their parents. When Suri wants to smoke a cigarette are they going to let her do that too? Eat ice cream for breakfast? What I’m saying is, if they are dressing her like this because she demands it, then they are fools.