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Ziyi Zhang Brings Sophie's Revenge To South Korea

Ziyi Zhang Brings Sophie's Revenge To South Korea

Ziyi Zhang joins costar So Jisub at the press conference for their latest romantic comedy, Sophie’s Revenge held at Shilla Hotel on Thursday (August 13) in Seoul, South Korea.

The 30-year-old Chinese actress plays a comic book artist who schemes to get her fiance back after losing him to an actress.

“I think the Sophie character is not difficult to understand,” Ziyi said, “So when I was acting, I felt that the style of talking and acting belonged to Sophie. But they are not mine, really. When I was playing Sophie’s character, I was totally immersed in it.”

You can watch the trailer here but it’s not in English!

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Photos: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage, WENN
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  • Um

    She’s SOOO pretty!!

  • sweetie

    beautiful :-)

  • coolio

    whats this got to do with south korea?? isn’t north the kinda bad end??

  • Jessica

    she’s becoming even prettier as she gets older!

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    a lot of people in her homeland dislike her – supposedly a diva and i think had some scandal. i like gong li better. i always thought this girl was not the greatest ambassador for her country. gong li is so much more beautiful. this girl is kinda watered down western idea. she’s just ok.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    a lot of people in her homeland dislike her – supposedly a diva and i think had some scandal. i like gong li better. i always thought this girl was not the greatest ambassador for her country. gong li is so much more beautiful. this girl is kinda watered down western idea. she’s just ok.

  • Natalie

    I love Gong Li too, Brangelina fan! I think what some Chinese people have trouble with is the fact she dated a rich old American…I guess it was a bit disappointing to have one of their own become famous in the States and go that way.

  • arealchinese

    Erm.. as a Chinese myself, hv to say tthat this girl cannot act at all.. She was born in good times, that’s why she got so much attention, but other than that she is nothing compared to a lot of Chinese actress, they are so much prettier and talented than she is but does not have her luck.. and the fact that she is such an attention seeker makes people dislike her. she really isnt that good, even compared to the other actress is this movie..

  • arealchinese

    plus she is fake, arrogant and those kind of person who would do anything just to be famous. And abt her love stories.. to be honest, who cares..

  • yes yes yes

    North and South Korea are, like, two separate countries for more than a half century.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    ^^^^^ yeah i read a chinese blog and boy is their controversy over her. btw, i am curious since you are chinese, what you think of gong li? i like her but have not heard much information on her life, etc. she seems really nice plus gong li is drop dead gorgeous. i am not a big fan of zhang. she is kinda boring.

  • ellie

    As a chinese and have followed entertainment news, she got her fame mainly by clinging to famous actor. In her 1st Hong Kong movie, she flirted with Jackie Chan, then suddenly she became a big shot (to herself), she acted like a million dollars actress and ordered the crews around eventhough she was a no body from the mainland.
    She tried to fish around many rich men or famous men. Vivo is not the only rich guy she has dated. If the guy doesn’t have millions, then she won’t date them..

    She is a cheap hooker, wanna be a star.



  • kc

    Yup, most Chinese publications don’t like her. She’s been rumored to sleep around to get movie roles in her early years. She’s comes off as fake and a diva.

    But for me, the worst was when she was complaining about people not caring about the earthquake victims in China while SHE was still partying in up in Cannes. She was in Cannes to mingle with the rich and famous even though she doesn’t have an official role nor have any movie to promote. Then she would make “charity” events for the earthquake victims where her dress would probably feed thousands of victims. I don’t think she even actively participated in a lot of charity fundraising in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China for the victims because she was either in Paris, Cannes or Beverly Hills.

  • Jimmy call

    I love Gong Li as well, cant’ wait to see her in Shangai

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @brangelina fan 4 life:

    I think Gong Li isn’t liked by the chinese that much these days. Something about cheating on her partner with a younger white dude.

  • Theresa Theresa

    I agree with ellie, she uses people to get into the top. She dated a HK tycoon’s son and break up with him once she found a richer one.

    My sister was in the same plane with her last year from HK to New York. Zhang Zhi’s English is not very good. She spoke Mandarin on the plane, but she uses English when swearing.. every sentence she say is with swearing.

  • skaur

    SORRY don’t see her appeal shu qi looks better

  • Matsyaaaaaaaa

    I’m definitely going to watch this film, and it’s definitely NOT for Zhang Zi Yi!

    Look out for Fan Bing Bing who plays Zi Yi’s rival in the film. She’s got poise. elegance and she’s actually talented! Best of all, she’s not arrogant like Zi Yi!

  • NativeNYker
  • Shar

    I will only watch this movie for So Jisub. I loved him in “I’m sorry I loved you”, and “Cain & Abel”.

  • phoenixbai


    I don`t think you can talk on behalf of Chinese! ZiYi can act and act pretty well. Chinese people have problem with her for being herself. She is so open to sex or sth that in Chinese tradition, it sees it as immoral or conscienceless. And she also got lots of scandals which doesn`t help improving her impression on Chinese people. However, as time goes, and as the charity work she does for the Chinese, people become more acceptable and forgivable! Wish her for the best!

  • M

    she looks old in this pic. maybe her hairstyle?

  • josephine

    wish she’d fix her right eye – very distracting. nice earrings tho’

  • vinnyblue

    yay! miss So Jisub!!
    I also will watch the movie for So Jisub…
    Love him in “What Happened in Bali” and “I’m Sorry I Love You”.

    thanks Jared

  • OMG

    OMG that guy is so gorgeous!
    Who is he????
    Can anyone tell me pls

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    ooh, i think the guy is very feminine sorry. which is fine but not a hearthrob because of it.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    ooh, i think the guy is very feminine sorry. which is fine but not a hearthrob because of it.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    noo! i love gong li! i can’t believe she is disliked in her homeland too. fooey. i like her. oh well, i guess they don’t like actresses “mingling” with foreigners. gong li is a wonderful actress. except in bad boys and that was not her fault.

  • Wow

    She used to be SO PRETTY – what happened?

  • cosi

    overrated, over 30. largish bottom. next!

  • VIVIANlovevanessa

    I went to see Sophie’s Revenge yesterday,that was so funny,I couldn’t stop laughing,I love it!!!

  • dana

    the guy SUCKSSS…love Zhang though:)

  • Layson

    She is pretty! She is amazing! I,m a Chinese ,and I like her. So please don,t Hurt her.

  • Layson

    Gong Li is nothing! There are few foreigners knowing her!

  • silver

    beautiful zhang

  • www

    i have seen the film today. not that good that i am thinking befor ,but i like her ,everyone have rights to chose ,you may not like her .but please dont say some ignoble words .

  • Bea

    She is getting old and that’s why Vivi Nevo is so going to dump her ass. Used to be pretty and fresh face but now, meh, she is getting that aunty look. Next.

  • Another Chinese

    @brangelina fan 4 life:
    Gong Li is disliked by Chinese because:
    1. She had an affair with director Zhang Yimou some ten years ago and broke Zhang’s marriage. She’s been considered as a bitch ever since.
    2. She recently traded her Chinese citizenship for a Singapore one. Now she is offically Singapore actress. It’s viewed by Chinese as a betrayal.

  • rr

    gold digger she is

  • suppress your appetite

    Wow, she is so beautiful !

  • Yan

    Hi there, I’m a girl from China as well. I love this website as there a lot of nice pictures here. I think there is a rumor about Ziyi – It was thought in China most people don’t like Ziyi. I would like to explain that a little.

    Several years ago, many Chinese don’t like Ziyi as she’s not as traditional as other most Chinese women. But now her personality was regarded as brave and perseverence. This kind of personality was respected by Chinese as well though it takes longer time to be admitted by the public. I want to say I once was such a Chinese who doesn’t like Ziyi at all. But I changed my attitude to her as many Chinese people. We’re proud of her not just for her beauty also for her inside.

    Thanks to all for your love to Ziyi~

    Read more:

  • Where are the charity funds?

    After the Sichuan earthquake in May, 2008, Zhang Ziyi organized and hosted several overseas fundraising events in the name of Red Cross. She claimed to have collected millions of dollars. People in China believed her, showed their true respect and love regarding her activities, and honored her several top notch charity awards.

    But the Chinese people received nothing but a series of lies. The Red Cross did not show any records of receiving Zhang’s charity funds. Her fishy “Ziyi Zhang Foundation” expired in May 2009, which was only recently renewed on Feb 09, 2010.

    Where she has been keeping the donated money from those caring people around the world, and how much she has been keeping is a big mystery till now. We don’t know the answers, but one thing is for sure: not even one penny from the donated money has been given to the victims in Sichuan earthquake, after 21 months since the tragedy broke our hearts.

    The netizens found proofs of her suspicious wrong-doings through various channels. In lack of power and support, the netizens have to do what lawyers and policemen should do, to pursue the truth bit by bit. As their discoveries and discussions received wider and wider attention, Zhang made some quick cover-up, but there are too many inconsistencies and holes in her stories.

    So far, no answers, no apologies, she still refuses to give a clear explanation. She still tries to fool her people who gave her so many honors and awards. She is still using her power and money to shut the media off. Most of the newspaper and TV reports intentionally avoided her overseas fraud fundraising activities, and only focused on her mis-calculated personal donations, which is an easy fix and a decoy.

    Zhang has money and all kinds of connections to turn things around. She pictured herself as an innocent victim being envied and dogged by Chinese people. How shameless. We will not give up, we need the western media to pay attention to this and support us, for nothing but truth.