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Ben Barnes: 'Dorian Gray' Movie Poster!

Ben Barnes: 'Dorian Gray' Movie Poster!

Check out these hot new images of Ben Barnes in the upcoming movie, Dorian Gray.

The 27-year-old British actor plays the lead, a corrupt young man who somehow keeps his youthful beauty eternally. But somehow, a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.

If you haven’t already, check out the behind-the-scenes shots of Ben as Dorian while the movie was still in production in September 2008.

Can’t wait to see this!

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ben barnes dorian gray movie poster 01
ben barnes dorian gray movie poster 02
ben barnes dorian gray movie poster 03
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  • rpatzfan

    hot! cant wait

  • Tiara

    He’s GORGEOUS. Him with blue lenses reminds me of that young boy playing young Voldemort in the last Harry Potter, lol, very, very handsome XDD What a sexy look HA. I almost fell off my chair.

  • toni

    Lovin that poster, can’t wait to see the film.

  • jo

    can’t wait!

  • jesus juice.

    i loved him in narnia. he’s hott

  • lily

    oooh, i hope he does this justice, it’s one of my favourite books and Dorian is one of my favourite characters in fiction pretty much ever. Also, yes, Ben looks hot…I like…

  • Diane

    OMG He is hot as hell. The trailer and teaser poster looks awesome, very sexy,dark and creepy … I like it.

  • Amanda

    he’s not what I had in mind when I was reading Dorian Gray

  • faith

    Wow. This actually looks like a watchable movie

  • princess perfect

    cnt wait to watch this flim
    gonna be so cooool
    cuz ben barnes is totally gorgeous and what wicked poster
    i loved him in narnia totally sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    cnt wait to watch ben barnes in dorian gray

  • BB is hot!

    The trailer looks good. Finally a movie that I’m actually looking foreward to seeing..!

  • Jen

    he was great in Narnia.. looks good, i’ll see it

  • Shantea

    What is wrong with that mans face? Half of it looks ok, the other half is peeling or something.

  • rpatzfan

    @Shantea: one half he’s beautiful but in reality he’s getting uglier like a monster in a painting ,in the poster they show us this two parts.

  • samantha

    Ben looks like a hot vampire in new Dorian Gray poster. I love it but i hope they dont sell the movie as teen movie…you know as crapy twilight.
    Anyway, I m going to watch this movie because he looks very very doable LOL

  • Dance Teacher

    He’s not good looking enough to be Dorian Gray!

  • coraline

    WOOOW Ben Barnes….What a Hottie!!

  • kell

    Love this poster and the blue eyes. Wish this movie will come to the U.S. Halloween time will be fine or any time the earlier the better. Really want to see this movie.

  • coraline

    I cant wait to see this. He looks stunning!! Thanks sooo much, Just Jared.

  • karmakey

    Wow! Love him. This movie is going to be amazing. Does it have a US release date yet? We’ve got to get this film here. Ben Barnes just gets better and hotter every day.

  • Jaye

    I love this story. Hope they don’t mess up a classic. The guy who paints to picture of Dorian Gray becomes infatuated with him ( i.e. he has the hots for him lol). Dorian sold his soul to maintain his beauty while he lived a life of debauchery even engaging in homosexual activities in pursuit of all the pleasures of the senses. He committed some pretty sordid and illegal acts, but maintain his youthful appearance; it was the picture that became more and more horrific after each sin he committed.
    Oscar Wilde, who wrote the story, was a flagrant homosexual and that’s what landed him in jail. Society of that time turned a blind eye to homosexuality to some extent, but Wilde was a LOUD proponent of homosexuality and pushed their noses in it by his speech and his dress. Even so, he was a terrific writer.

  • anna

    I read the book for school and HATED IT! the author is considered a good writer though, Oscar Wilde, who was known for being homosexual and such, maybe I should read it again someday..

  • Noticias de famosos

    Ben is very handsome and attractive and goes well in the photos are very well done.

  • ashley

    i love it truly seems to depict dorian gray very well excellent;] so im heading to theaters to see it …. wow ben barnes you bring a strange curosity to dorian i love it im excited ;] and bonus he quite sexy english guy im calling him the rest of you can have rob pattinson ;]

  • kiwi

    i loved stuart townsend as dorian gray. ben barnes seems like a good pick too!

  • Sandy

    I’m with Ashley….you all can have R-Patz….I WANT Ben Barnes!! He is way more handsome than Rob in my opinion!! You all need to see the Dorian Gray movie trailer on youtube (I recommend Grace MarieKelly’s) , the movie looks awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jared!!! Ben Barnes is the love of my life!!! And the poster is amazing….he looks soooo freaking sexy!!!!

  • Nadia

    **Screams like crazy***** My heart just skipped a couple of beats!!!!!Ben Barnes is so dreamy. I love this poster and the movie looks good. Thanx Jared. I am definitely going to see it!!! When is it going to be released in the USA, anyone know?? It better come out in the US or I’ll just die!!!

  • tata


  • me

    Love it!!!! It gives me chills!! I can’t wait to go see this movie!!! I LOVE the book and this looks great!

  • me


    You’re right. He kind of does look like Frank Dillane (Teen Voldemort).

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    this movie comes out next month and it had no buzz. LOL.. they should of got someone else. stuart townsend would of did that role justice, again.
    they turned gray into a buttchinned-little-boy. ahahahaha..

  • rj


    Actually, Wilde was fairly closeted. He ended up in jail partially because he denied being a homosexual so fervently; his lover’s father accused him of being homosexual and his lover convinced him to sue for libel. He lost the libel case and was promptly tried for “gross indecency” in a criminal case.

    Victorian society very much did *not* turn a blind eye to homosexuality. It was punishable by the death penalty up until only a few years before Wilde was convicted.

  • DarkEmpress

    no one can touch the original. my favourite movie.

  • 98765432211

    honestly, when i was reading the book I had robert pattinson pictured in my head. the movie still looks interesting though
    but i dont think he lives up to dorian grey who’s suppose to be absolutely beautiful

  • trinka

    It’s a great poster…
    I wish the movie comes out in Germany…

  • haha

    Love Stuart as Dorian too :)

  • black


    He sells his soul in order to stay young—this just shows it.

  • Lily

    Stuart Townshend?!? Seriously? Ben Barnes is perfect for this part, just gorgeous!!! And to the one that said they had Robert Pattinson in mind, the character in the book is supposed to be gorgeous, Mr Pattinson looks like a CAVEMAN!!!

  • katt

    love the blue and white poster, he looked like a vampire!
    with all the vampire craze going on …


    OMGoshhhhhh!!! how can something be that creepy but so beautiful at the same time??? Only my beautiful Ben x3 x3 x3

  • Mandy

    I just have heard Ben was one of the final guys to running fot he role for Edward Cullen…..THANKS MY LORD, BEN DIDNT GET THAT ROLE IN THAT HORRIBLE MOVIE!!!!! !!!
    Twilight books are interesting but the movie was sooo meh…boring, bland and amateur.
    In my opinion Rpatt is only new hot teen idol but he cant act and when Twiligth saga ends, Pattinson will fade out .
    Ben is very handsome and bright actor, but i think he never will be a Rpatzz. ITS A GRRRREAT THING. I really hope he gets better as actor in this movie and doesnt become a pin up guy.

  • haha

    Stuart Townsend is great actor you should watch his earlier movies and i don’t mean Queen of damned. He used to have few brilliant Irish movies. It is so sad that people knows him only as someone who sleep with Charlize Theron although i love her too.
    His part as Dorian Gray in” League of extraordinary gentlemen” was small but he played her with style.

    And i do agree what you said about Robert Pattison :)

  • Linda

    He is attractive but not hot enough to be Dorian Gray. Sorry.

  • Laura

    I must admit, never read the book and don’t intend to, but I’ll definitely see the movie just to see Ben Barnes, he is just the cutest thing. :D

  • Maria Luz

    Ben Barnes is THE perfect Dorian Gray! Tall, dark and handsome, just the way I like them…yum yum. I’m having nasty thoughts about Ben..Gah!!!

  • Khyle_barnes

    WHAT CAN I SAY. . . THE HOTTEST ACTOR EVER! Ben Barnes so talented,handsome he almost can do everything! FOREVER PROUD FAN OF BEN BARNES!

  • Khyle_barnes


  • Eliana

    Ben Barnes <3 Also proud fan of Ben!!

  • Andres

    The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite books ever! this movie better be good. I agree with those who don’t think Barnes is good looking enough to play Dorian.

  • casey

    I agree with you. I read the Twilight series last year and enjoyed them.
    Ben was my personal Edward Cullen when i read them.
    I admit i thought he would be a great Edward . I know, he isnt blonde, but he has got blondes roles so why not Edward?? XD
    Then the movie came out with an obsessive, insane,creepy herd of teen-girls addicted it and now I HATE it very much.
    I’m incredibly glad Ben didn’t get the part because I probably would not like him anymore if he was Edward. I liked Rob when he was in HP, he was bright young actor but now I think he’s incredibly annoying and very concerned himself pretty twilight boy.
    Im a proud fan of Ben Barnes too.