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Justin Timberlake Cast In Bryan Singer's Battlestar Galactica?

Justin Timberlake Cast In Bryan Singer's Battlestar Galactica?

Director Bryan Singer heads home after meeting with Justin Timberlake at West Hollywood’s Cafe Med on Thursday afternoon (August 13).

Yesterday, it was announced that Singer will direct and produce the silver screen reboot of Battlestar Galactica.

Is it possible that Singer met with Timberlake to hire him for Battlestar? Or perhaps they’re working on another film together?

DO YOU THINK Mr. J.T. would be a good casting choice for Battlestar???

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • asha

    NO NO NO! He is not an actor. I refuse to take any film seriously that he is in.

  • m

    He can’t act.

    Are they not capable to find real actors?

  • emma
  • n.o.l.a

    I LOVE JT as a musical entertainer. I think comedy would be more his forte. Having said that, he looks like a total DOUCHE in that outfit. Some people look cool on bikes in in the biker attire. HE is NOT one of them.

  • natalie

    Dear Mr. Singer:
    Please PLEASE do not ruin BSG by putting JT in it.
    Thank you.

  • nikomilinko
  • PPPP

    Just like Katie Holmes you think she is really doing Sex and the
    city>>did you?? The answer is the same as Justin’s NO!

  • give me a break!!!

    JT as cute and desirable as he is should stick to music

  • Anakin

    He would be perfect to play Muffit!

  • marissa

    yea he is hot when it comes to singing and dancing, but please leave the film business to the actors.

    I only ike him in black snake moan but the others was just not good

  • justme24

    This is why Hollywood sucks big time; they do not care about finding talent, they just want someone with the name.




  • me


    They need to keep the cast from the television show.

  • kel

    Definitely NO. Don’t ruin BSG, pls.

  • silentsophi

    No not BSG why oh why 2.0 version of the TV had the best actors and direction.

  • TJ

    You can’t be serious? Timberlake being involved in any way with a Battlestar Galactica project is an insult to its legacy.

  • silentsophi

    2.0 version of the tv show I mean. Goodness the music was even epic. I am very skeptical about this movie.

  • camillus

    No he can’t act. Don’t waste the money. Stop putting him in movies.

  • whythis


    He should stick to SNL or something else I don’t watch.

  • Charlie

    agreed about JT being a bad choice. but WTF w/ Bryan Singer?? What’s he done lately that’s any good? Doesn’t anyone remember the abomination that “Superman” was?

  • jaseone

    I refuse to take anyone who left the rest of these comments seriously, Justin Timberlake is a Badass and anyone who thinks that he won’t be good in fagglestar Galactica is redicioulous, and should have the right of free speech taken away. I WOULD PUT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IN ANY MOVIE!


    Well i think most of u are haters.. he is a great entertainer, many directors of stated how he is not only a great music artist and entertainer, but that he is a good actor. easy to work with, great at getting concepts and taking them to the next level. I think he would be a good fit, greatness is found when least expected.. stop hating.

  • ctsf

    Please cast JT!!! Anything to ruin this crapulous idea is a-okay!

  • jaye


  • sharifa>>kuwait

    noooooooooooooo 4 me 2 i think he should keep the cast as it is they were the best don’t go ruining the show and i’m particulary fond of the music i think they should keep it 2

  • lee

    Remember, Rick Springfield was Zak Adama in the original show…

  • Bruce Wayne

    The remade series sucked….and the movie will suck….JT is not an actor…but none of this will matter. Hollywood does what it wants, not what the public wants.
    That’s why I left the biz. But, not before holding Boxy, in his tighty whities, in my arms! Hey…he was over 21 at the time! 1991, when he still looked so fine!!
    I do have my memories!

  • scisan

    Any movie that has singers, dancers, TV personalities etc is bound to fail because these people cannot act. No one wants to see a mousekateer in a movie…are you listening Britney? Didnt anyone learn from Madonna’s catastrophic abyss?

  • http://n/a michael wills

    edward james olmos galactica was cool but if singer thinks people will fall in love with a remake of the original tv show then think again it wont work if he makes it serious like the recent remake then i am in

  • yeah

    Well Apollo was kind of a girly weiner, and so is JT, so maybe it works…

  • robert

    Hell no! He can’t act. There are any number of good young actors out there who would be great. Jamie Bamber from the TV series-Josh Hartnett ,Tomah Pinkett from the show,Tom Welling ,Jensen Ackles, Tobias Mehler the list goes on. I wouldn’t mind if he was even remotely good looking-but he looks like a weasel!

  • Seánnie71

    I don’t dislike JT, but he’s no Katee Sackhoff – or Dirk Benedict, I guess. If the new BSG movie is a remake of the original series, some 26-year-old uinknown might be a better choice. I don’t think Singer will resort to stunt-casting, though.

  • bailey

    haha, no offense but if Singer and Universal are moving away from the very successful and very compelling, amazing RDM version of BSG then casting JT serves them right. Without the cast of the Sci-Fi series returning in a reprise of THEIR roles this is a most disasterous idea.
    If you want it to be successful, hire RDM and Mike Angeli to write it and the series cast to resume their roles. Anyone else cast should be gravy, sort of like Michelle Forbes in Razor.

  • evilone


    If someone wants to give him a five-minute part that end with him being incinerated in a ball of fire, I’m sure all the little fan-girls will cry and everyone else who had to sit through those five minutes will be relieved.

  • suppress your appetite

    @asha: :)

  • Mark

    Anyone who falls for this article deserves to be strapped to a table and forced to read the Enquirer for a year.

  • murerstillads

    Thank you for this webpage. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many corners.see you

  • D. Slaughter II

    I read where someone reminded the older fans that singer Rick Springfield had a cameo in the original series as Zak Adama (it was actually just Zac as none of the characters had last names and Zac’s name was spelled different from his re-imagined counterpart). If Justin Timberlake were to have any role, I could see him taking on the role of Zac and would be glad of it for two reasons. One, it would pay homage to the annoying, short-lived acting cameo of Rick Springfield. And, two, if Timerlake is involved, the sooner the fracking/frakking better he’s knocked off by the Cylons. So, yeah, let Timberlake have his 2 seconds in BSG.