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Hank Baskett IV: Kendra Wilkinson's New Son!

Hank Baskett IV: Kendra Wilkinson's New Son!

Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson and NFL player Hank Baskett decided on their son’s name already — Hank Baskett IV!

Kendra wrote on her official site, “Hank and I have soooo much to do to prepare for our baby’s arrival, but one thing we can already cross off our list is coming up with a name. We’ve already decided to name our son Hank Baskett IV!!!”

The 24-year-old cutie continued, “Hank‘s dad and his grandfather were both named Hank, so it was very important to us to carry on the family tradition. I can’t wait to meet my little Hank. :)”

Can’t wait to see the little guy!

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  • bonnie

    Can’t stand when people name their kids after themselves, it’s so vain.

  • me!

    So sick of these pseudo-celebrities who reveal intimate details of their lives every two seconds to keep themselves in the news!!
    Did I really need to know that Kourtney Kardasian’s boobs are sore due to her pregnancy.
    For God’s sake, keep some things to yourself slutty girl.

  • LuckyL

    WTF, was she six months pregnant when they got married?

  • Donna

    Hank is soo bomb!!! Wish I could get me a man like him :) *siiigh*

  • Holly

    aw, I actually really like Kendra and Hank, they seem (if slightly media-obsessed and publicity hungry) like nice people who are genuinely in love and are excited about having a kid.
    I normally despise all this fame-whoring business, but I don’t know, I just like these two :)

  • bam!

    Seriously?! I don’t know who these people are but really?! Hank?! I see it’s a family name & all that but it’s a terrible name, why saddle the poor kid with it too? Even some of the weird Hollywood names would be better.

    Plus I don’t get why people name their kids the same name as themselves…you know with the II or III or IV or whatever. Still it’s their kid so who am I to say anything really.

  • faith

    @me – ditto

  • faith

    @me – ditto

  • dee

    I believe Hank’s real name is Henry. So there son will be Henry “Hank” Baskett IV.

  • lakers fan in boston

    @bonnie: i totally agree with you, i find it very tacky and unorignal, there’s like hundreds of nice names out there and you name them after yourselves

    once again an unworthy thread, this is more link material
    and that picture of her proves how fugly she will get in the future, she’s in her early 20s and she already has some deep wrinkles
    imo, her laugh alone makes her undateable

  • Shantea

    Did you see she be wiggin?

  • Pining for Chris

    There really is NO need to go into so much detail about your private life;
    in HW it is sure to backfire…
    I can’t stand it when celebs look for publicity when it SUITS them, then when they want to be left alone they start moaning.
    Not that I think she will get THAT much publicity, but i’m speaking in general here; you don’t need to post pictures of your scans ect. online.

  • Tiara

    HAHA I TOTALLY AGRE WITH YOU #2!!!!! I wanna see what the baby looks like when it’s born but damn, what is it with those fame hoes revealing us every damn detail of their very private life. I mean, really? She already announced the whole world she was having a boy and now his name?!! Maybe it’s just me who prefers to keep some things to myself and private. I also agree with # 6, although it’s their kid and they can name him whatever they want to, I don’t understand why some people call their child the same over and over again, it’s so not original. And even if it is to maintain some kind of tradition or to pay tribute to someone dear who died or something, it would be better to put it as the second name of the baby but anyway, as I said, it is their baby so whatever.

  • Tiara

    We’ll know everything about the baby before it’s born. This leads to boredom if you see what I mean.

  • Patricia

    fame whores, this people make babies so they can get few more minutes of fame, get some money from seling pictures, poor baby, at least is a boy, if was a girl would became a playmate.

  • ella

    I wonder how Hank is gonna like playing football with Ron Mexico

  • Tera

    It’s SO lame when people (guys) have to make their son have the same name as them….it’s like give him his own name!!! shesh! its all about the ego I guess…..

  • Dani

    Of Course his name is “Hank Baskett the friggin IV” What in the world else would it be?? Hank seems like the type of guy that would HAVE to have his son named after him.
    Blah, stupid. now he can mold him into a the next football star and everything is peachy!!

  • marisa

    wow, is she that blonde she can’t come up with a different name to use other than her husbands’?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i truly cant believe people care about this smut, her baby, and the unknown she’s fcuking. seriously! if you cant wait to see this smuts baby.. you’re a lame.

  • youallneedjesus

    I don’t know why, but I like this broad and her dude. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a family tradition. At least he won’t have some weird ass name, like Apple, Zuma, Suri, etc

  • youallneedjesus

    How could I forget PilotInspektor, little man needs to sue his parents. And as much as I love Halle Berry Nahla is toeing the line between weird and cute.

  • UGLY


  • kenza

    I think the name is cute! It obviously runs in the family, so it’s cool they are keeping it going! That baby is going to be so cute!

  • sara

    God, must we have to hear all the minutae of this pregnancy? It’s going to be a loooong pregnancy. God, then the kid will come out and we’ll have to hear about each bowel movement!

  • me!


    Not so sure of that!
    The only thing white girl has going for her are her obscenely large watermelons.
    Nothing pretty about her face.
    Black boy is average at best.
    Just my humble opinion.

  • JB

    @Dani: You sound like an idiot. JSYK.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    Hank is hot and Kendra pretty but I a gree that it is incredibly lazy to name a kid after yourself and then #4 at that! Silly. Give him Hank as middle name but what is the point? The kid should have his own identity. This bugs me a great deal. Dunno why. But I agree it is better than Pilot Inspekter and Apple but in a way, at least Apple took some thinking…or maybe not. lol.

  • brangelina fan 4 life

    Hank is biracial by the way. His moms is white and dad black. People are so friggin’ misinformed, it is really pathetic. Anyway, at least he is not named “Moses”. Huh? But Juniors, thirds and fourths are self indulgent names.

  • Tatyannnnaaa

    Hank Baskett IV: Wow, how original. LMAO. Yeah right.

  • youallneedjesus

    Apple comes from that movie/book with Tom hanks, I can’t think of the name. At the end of the movie/book I had wanted to name my daughter ( if I had one) Apple.

  • vannie

    I like kendra and Hank but i hate when people name their kids after themselves and just add a junior to it or a 2nd or 3rd. it’s so annoying!!! how will you differentiate the two??!

  • p3rp3tu4

    They look happy! Cheers.

  • Heidi


  • BEBE

    their kid will be dumb and ugly like these 2 phuckwads!

  • **Jamie**





  • Benjamin

    this guy is an idiot – inside knowledge from his teammates.
    she is just a nasty s k a n k with STDs that the brat will get.

  • k

    the fact that these two are even famous and have a tv show only shows how f ucked up and superficial americans are.


    2 useless s c u m b a g s having a s k a n k.

  • patty

    @me!: Im so sick of people complaining about celebs posting there buisness every 2 seconds stop reading the shit you stuppid ass… you must not mind if you read it all the time…get a life…

  • suppress your appetite